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yes. you had over. four hundred days between april and july in one nine hundred ninety four rwanda was ravaged by one of the most intensive campaigns of mass murder in history radical hutus killed an estimated one million people to seize and moderate hutus with the
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backing of a significant section of the population who were to leave actually when i walked through all the buildings there were bodies everywhere in every single building a person could peer in the courtyard as well you know there were bodies everywhere you looked on thirty five thousand dead people the ground was littered with bodies . one divide is addicted to shit pathetically traveling to come on my daddy's little farm. only my daddy i said about we have a bit of a shit about both of us we can reach a number of the various money to help my boss and i know i was about it was a rare case in which he's got a plan for to get to chicago and how to run it right under this. one issue room where she behaved which is for the mentally ill for i don't know what and your idea
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was a put up for who got to work on a not for side of a question you wanted to move which i'm with him on here before you are. welcome was a trade you get what we are going to do is exactly the reason you have been on the run they musta had since misled that other set of messiah sites and. called what should i sell my goods he should have had the right. to not apply to each. of. you will see so many want to develop the cars. on the first day the interim one way arrived a lot of residents hutus and tutsis were gathered on the market square. they initially assumed the intruders were ordinary bandits and tried to defend themselves but they didn't stand a chance the villagers hutus and tutsis alike were forced to strip and lie on the ground in the sun it was eleven am on april fifteenth one thousand nine hundred four and at eleven am in rwanda the sun beats down mercilessly. at three
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pm the interim way ordered the hutus to get up and then handed them spears machetes and clubs. there to see neighbors were not to get up ever panic broke out around and outside the village most of the tutsis fled into the church believing they would be safe there but this would not be the case a precious few managed to escape this man was one of them with a spear having pierced his chest he fled on foot twenty five kilometers to neighboring towns anea. to tutoring the seed to the people who were it it was the worst genocide ever seen all genocides are cruel but imagine that in rwanda there were even people who paid to be killed with a gunshot the methods used by the murderers were appalling. to cut off people's arms and heads and just leave the bodies there to be fitted for or killed children by throwing them against walls the ship the sea which i did atrocious things we
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counted fifty six different methods of killing it is operate. as the rwandan patriotic front or in katon you continue to advance dinny police tried to organize a semblance of administration jerry you see the first thing that hit me when i arrived was the stench it was awful. so. this is the approach then i went inside the buildings. and every one of the laws were covered in blood. it was really distressing yes. fifty thousand to its use were slaughtered in. the two massacres in year over year
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and then would together account for an eighth of the total death toll from the initial genocidal rampage by the start of may two thirds of that total were already did. it pure more primitive as i walked through the streets of. that someone told me that there were still children in the village who nobody was taking care of. all the buildings here were empty. i asked that they be taken to the school and there i sang songs with them. the r.p.s. advanced pushing back the government troops meanwhile the interim one way continued their spree of death and destruction killing any to teens who had survived or escaped the initial carnage. dummy's soldiers roam the villages over the dead bodies of to seize and killing any moderate hutus who crossed their path.
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the battle for kigali on may twenty first was devastating for both tanya and the government troops paul kagame a decided to have his troops advance gradually in stages he wanted to minimize casualties among his men he would need to rebuild the country after the war rather than sacrifice them in one of the final battles of a conflict where the outcome was already clear. the. time you took one town after another in early june one nine hundred ninety four they overthrew the government which then fled to. the west of the country close to the border with so you're. friends had to acknowledge that its side in the conflict was losing on june eighteenth one thousand nine hundred for president francois mitterrand issued
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orders to launch. as a humanitarian measure time is running out he explained at a point in time where seventy five percent of the tutsis were already dead what were france's true intentions in rwanda where the in katon you were on the verge of taking control. you french intention to do. it to. you too must. be. if they had been. was that the film. crew you have fear the time you were making threatening statements saying they would push the french back out of the country. it was very unsettling you're going to have to the french had been assigned the un mandate the immediately established contact with kagami be a political channels but it was right at the beginning of the operation he was
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informed that france did not intend to reconquer rwanda or oppose him or of the r.p.m. . some of the french soldiers had served in rwanda a number of years earlier and now they were back in the same country except this time they had to assume a very different stance that they had to be impartial. impartial in the face of an ongoing genocide france's neutrality was repeatedly called into question by the external observers and later even by some french officers. when the captain told me we have orders to stop the r.p.s. via an ambush in the woods of new york way. detail at six am when the helicopters were just taking off. a commanding officer came over crossed his arms and shouted
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stop stop stop it equipped helicopters that were already taking off had to land again the truth is full of people who were really annoyed because we prepared for the mission and of course everyone was feeling tense. what music i jumped off the helicopter went up to the officer and asked him what was going on. i wanted to know who the orders had come from walking is art. he explained to me calmly it was six am on july first. that the operation had been aborted but they'd reached an agreement with the r. p.f. and france would be setting up a safe humanitarian zone. in paris opinion was very much divided not only among the military chiefs of staff but also with the political level the council of senior cabinet ministers was split into two camps
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one headed by the president spokesman of a drain and foreign minister and pay and supported by hardliners from the army wanted to stop me. the other camp including prime minister edward ballard doer and defense minister francois leotard were more hesitant preferring a purely humanitarian operation certainly some of the elements of the military wanted war and there were some within the chirac camp who packed them because of the damage they knew it would cause prime minister barak do you know. edward balladeer ended up secretly dispatching two emissaries to rwanda to talk to polka gummi writer john christopher affair and historians your opinion only she got to look good we were sent to reason with khatami we said there are a couple of mad men and friends who would like to fight against you and your side
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also had a few mad men who would be willing to fight the french so let's be reasonable and avoid that if this room that's a meeting also saw the drawing up of the safe humanitarian zone read tensions between paris and konami were calmed at least temporarily nevertheless the in-car tiny refused to accept friends preventing them from winning the war they eventually resorted to action that has remained largely hidden from the public in mid july a few days before that final victory the in could turn you captured twenty three french troops attempting to cross their lines. twenty three. troops captured. we use it to almost two but again it was a lake look this is a tree and little to do whether you want it. so if you believe that. there was because this is
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a territory. these. and. it's not that. we want to write she finished this. so there was the turn it up to to get to later on the reserve was approved. mistakes and follies always come with a high price and transfer skill to have a whole range of followers motivated by a desire for friendship dominance in africa. from the point of view of france their position was threatened by anglo-saxon imperialism they claimed the r.p.o. for being backed by elements and british dominated uganda the british didn't give a damn about the r.p.o. . bit. after taking kigali on july fourth two weeks later the in katon you had gained control of the entire country with just over twelve thousand soldiers. at the time thirty six now had the responsibility of
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dealing with the consequences of an unprecedented wave of slaughter and destruction . the shocking toll after one hundred days up to a million tutsis murdered and a quarter of a million women raped two million moderate hutus were forcibly relocated to the border with so year to be exploited as human shields for the extremists. there was this smearing nevertheless just a little thing was it. even those who as we see in this case sees. it as if we. see because it annoys them where to start. with hopes
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that from someone. that would be doing this country wouldn't. it just get lost. for a wonder was desolated there was no gasoline no electricity no bank notes the tutsis who had escaped the genocide gradually started to return from exile to their country a country they would no longer recognize a country still littered with human corpses. the survivors found homes in the now abandoned and destroyed buildings the new government of national unity tried to exhibit the trappings of normality. it was named defense minister and vice president past year busy a moderate who two who had aligned himself with the r.p.s. was appointed president but the real power as everyone knew lay in the hands of the victorious military chief pollack a gummy. hard
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a lot of the sponsibility we had to do it in over the country there was no doubt it would do nothing there were almost two fronts. for nothing so a bit of it was in the tribal almost of a defeat. so. in the remote a lot of the concrete were still keeping people. so the other people was also responsible to stop about so it so they could then appeal was a bit. less christe. on the. of the locked. in could tell you struggled to impose discipline starting within their own ranks r.p.s. officers were committing atrocities against civilians well armed soldiers avenge their families a number of officers appeared to lose all restraint to mit's the deadly chaos. tried to put
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a stop to the cycle of retaliation having several hundred of his own men imprisoned and some executed as a deterrent. to gummi was now deploying a dubious and double edged political instrument a reign of terror. one question remains to this day whither he had a choice. his very complicated. you see there is nothing in it is a man can be here. and a new inevitably new human who we. such a strong sense of. something's up in and they up and we are human beings. to the invitations. on april twenty second one nine hundred ninety five interim way forces who had infiltrated the last existing displaced persons camp on rwandan territory attacked
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in katon you soldiers right under the eyes of un troops the encroach on your response was swift and devastating four thousand people in the camp were killed many of them trampled to death in the resulting mass panic. so there was repeated pressure from the government in kigali to dissolve the camp and have the people returned to their homes and villages. of the result was this terrible massacre. i think this was a combination of two factors spontaneous outbreaks of violence which are comprehensible in this kind of situation. and a strategy of terms that are such an orgy of violence there will inevitably be people settling scores such as soldiers taking personal revenge for their murdered families too. you know for the sick but i traveled with president khatami through various european countries to make our message clear people were still being killed
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in rwanda and the perpetrators were able to return unhindered to congo and what was europe doing nothing just the same old hot air and unrealistic promises nobody. did nothing and they knew they were. i was telling. you have comps across. you have weapons or nah. duty to me if e.g. come study these. when you take human teddy in assistance to these colleagues you have been if you team. is in militias and the. groups that has suggested it look it up cross the border. in those details beginning. mobile to please. either disarm this riffle.
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and will fold move them for the border no it would be to do nothing so. would look a bit a come see me visit. i don't have the room with a mobile to myself. so do you know it and if you but i know somebody was able to pull room with a mobile. and this is. less principle then the. known dizzier a company that would become a vital ally of paul kagame me as head of the alliance of democratic forces for the liberation of congo or a.d.f. l. . kagami himself took a backseat leaving the fighting to his right hand man lieutenant colonel james cutter a.b. . my first meeting with the night is that it. was just here. in this image that it came. on hollow how the photo was that just within the
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sixties together with the truth of what i had to hide under the hood of books to what i did a fool i saw this is that right i'm on your way museveni the ugandan president provided park a dummy with diplomatic support and arms. he had the u.s. on his side while the french backed the leader in dictator of zaire mobutu says. it was the beginning of the first congo war starting with the dismantling of the hutu refugee camps. when the in cotati attacked they left a corridor open in the town of goma providing access to the rwandan border. and of these to. open the border enabling those refugees who had the opportunity to enter. a view enough he saw some of the soldiers also returned to rwanda. but the majority of them withdrew into the
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interior of the congo to. the refugee camps were shut down after two years in exile almost ninety percent of the displaced hutus in congo then still there returned to rwanda. no country tolerate being attacked from its own borders and every leader would probably have reacted the way koga me did there was a real and genuine threat could have been us it's everywhere. all suit the closure of the refugee camps was followed by the large waves of returning refugees moving westward field beginning in one thousand nine hundred six. talk pointed there were retaliatory attacks and acts of revenge and a new series of massacres to the south does it say. the red cross and the u.n.h.c.r.
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had teams stationed on the ground. for us to see they took in refugees who came to them and sort of their needs by. the fools but they also had to dig mass graves from the dead. if it was for two or three. well this new humanitarian disaster continued to unfold the troops under the command of lower own does your way come in james cabaret they continued their advance into zaire just six months later they had arrived in the capital kinshasa the genesee dear those who had perpetrated the mass murder in rwanda were being pushed back or killed in some cases using civilians as human shields. just to do all good you know what the objective is to keep. it down you can look at this machine to ensure sake don't be too good at this salty to fossil took the fifth pacific and we left the city not only thoughtful men full enough to crystalise awful things to be all
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really. good at you know this sickening it is only fair to me because i thought even. if it is not what do you speak. the capture of kinshasa by lieutenant colonel james company they marked the end of mobutu thirty year dictatorship the new president would as had been agreed the long disarray. but a new disaster was soon to strike. they are now renamed the democratic republic of congo lay in ruins but was still full of material temptations in less than a year renewed tensions saw the political situation deteriorate. accuse the tonya of enriching themselves from the country's resources and made ominous threats toward the tutsis living in the d.r. see. james cover a return to rwanda where the final battles were being fought in early one nine
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hundred ninety eight in the lake kivu region between rwanda and the d.r. c. former asian o.c. there and armed hutu groups conducted renewed attacks on the tutsis now living there. they were led by general paul row aka b.j. . in the. summer one soldiers who had supported can be returned to their country to fight us from their. so that's why we began secretly sending our soldiers into. about fifty a week also when they left at night and reach rwanda while it was still dark. he said if you go. through as they grew a number the new government noticed them and the fighting intensified my keep. if you see i put it down.
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i. when it is whoops. see good this is. not at all sure the law shortly. we. knew some details. but. not all of it to the boss who would be deceived you probably markham even a seed. that is a big. one when you. can to use it. there were some men who wanted us to stand our ground and keep on fighting in rwanda. while others said we've already lost so many people let's go back to congo and reorganize. commander opted for the second solution.
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general rule book a b.j. withdrew his men from rwanda to eastern congo where he regrouped his rebel forces. soon there was a new wave of massacres long does he really supported the rebels in their fight against paul kagame in. the second congo war ensued which would involve seven countries more than twenty years later the violence had not ended as dozens of proxy militias fought over priceless mineral reserves in the un force looked on powerless to intervene. genocide destroys all hope no good can come of it a never ending cycle of violence and retaliation and terror one that here could only be broken by attempts at forgiveness in
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a historic reconciliation process made possible by the humanity and commitment of countless individuals. i don't think we find a solution in this sentence lists so many people over media. i don't think keeping those hokkien a. certain extent is going to put a label. because you would be a kid until you get it even you even if you didn't get it. you sent its name. which you know you won't simply meant to know. so why do you have it. to see every rwandan had a connection to the genocide on both sides. who to use who did not actively participate in the genocide but who had
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a cousin or other family members involved in the killing these are to see this if they do the same applied to the tootsies. even those who were not victims of the genocide themselves had lost someone from their family. the genocide affected everyone everywhere wonders. what. tito route to morrow was instrumental in the creation of the courts based on local conflict resolution traditions. two million cases were tried in total half of them resulting in convictions the judges were taken from the population. the fundamental principle no impunity but also no revenge those individuals who had killed others but were judged to be henchmen rather than commanders were handed jail sentences of around seven years. and some to get a sense of justice those. in
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a genocide. those who. must the minds. made sure. that. people were just groovin into doing it and they went ahead and did. but even for the look is that is some since zero accountability but equal to the response be it. yet now. it is there now yeah well i don't like getting. your shit out how no no. no no no no no no get out of. me they can't understand the victim saying. you people you're not enough for me
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even in terms of justice you haven't done enough to. keep my family and. i'm seeing. that. maybe to see the holes when they understand. what. the future. the future. must have a future. the good church or trials also proved controversial and could never resolve everything but they did help families come to terms with the genocide even if many survivors were unable to forgive well the perpetrators did not expect to be pardoned they. meanwhile the inc a tiny integrated former fighters from the old government forces that had served the previous well run didn't leaders even know how to your mana into the new national army in two thousand and three hutu rebel leader general paul rule
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capitulated a decisive turning point. myself and general who was chief of staff of the in katon you forces had a lengthy meeting. he said when we fight against each other it means rwandans dying on both sides what's the point. he explained his perspective while i asked him a range of questions. explained everything to me in detail. and the fact. many of those who had planned and coordinated the genocide however would end up being made accountable for their actions. some such as colonel to honest bagosora and former rwandan prime minister john come monday were tracked down abroad and put on trial. the extremist
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hutu ideologues comprised a minority in november one nine hundred ninety four the un established the international criminal tribunal for rwanda tens anea eighty six defendants were charged with organizing the genocide seventy were convicted most of them receiving life sentences. in france which now stood accused of having assisted the genesee their investigative judge john we are here was pursuing a case against the government of paul kagame me in connection with how the yairi man his death. had made a name for himself as a terrorist hunter. he has always worked for french state interests he developed a hypothesis and did all he could to substantiate it. that's true he published
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a report that made for some pretty astonishing reading and i've read that report and i have to say it's. how should i put it. i'm worthy of a mediocre ninth grader there's nothing in it. incriminated several rwandan leaders provoking a crisis between france and rwanda which was convenient for a number of people but. the genocidal killers had received military support from the french government. so this was a way of distracting attention could be that it means that two major democratic nations in europe instrumental lies their own justice systems. ridiculed them in fact as if they were banana republics. so in order to acquit themselves they
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made the victims of the genocide responsible for their own extermination it's tragic unbelievable. in two thousand and six arrest warrants were issued for nine individuals close to polk a gummi including james covering bay rwanda subsequently broke off diplomatic relations with france the crisis was now at its height. in two thousand and nine blue-green year was succeeded by mark twain who questioned a substantial part of his predecessor's report only now did rwanda resume diplomatic relations with friends. certainly if. you take any pretty don't you. that it does that all these sort of. days levy denials you wouldn't also as well separate army of the normal is a boutique a lot of business and says he has a list yet the. beginning you're going to. assume don't fall off also. as mrs explain as this is
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a ball and you have sort of full. ok we will get there we don't bear grudges but it's nothing we won e.s.p. and we're not angry with anyone that who should we be resentful towards who. has just finished as a series of events a system of domination that creates these things as the case fish was with the three rwandans also bear responsibility of course they have. known as we're primarily responsible for everything all of us. twenty two years after the massacre there remains of the victims are brought from
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a mass grave to the memorial site. the last visible traces of the genocide carried out a generation ago. the more time that passes the less people forget about the genocide the silence of the hills recalls the deafening silence of the dead. for. really. trying to define contemporary rwanda is a challenge many paradoxes and contradictions remain. since being sworn in as president in two thousand and polk
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a gummi has been reelected three times with a significant majority. his overwhelming victories at the polls raise questions while his manner of conducting state affairs pale considerably short of western standards. but he's enjoyed genuine popularity as a guarantor of security and stability now so desperately needed. oh. in december two thousand and fifteen the rwandan electorate voted on a referendum to remove limits on the potential tenure of the president the international community expressed its concern over this new develop. and. mr prince quite emmy's can it be right for the new times. wanted to be here today or wonder what took over whelming glitter move tom limits what's your message to
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them and to the critics brought what's your answer to them thank you for what. i was really doing i think was it. something that time magazine or something. written. that the image of the rwandan is. addicted to she. think that is giving the dictatorship a good name. road and they're making that mistake with knowing that this day. because. if addicted to ship we mean is one of the chase of people. to dictatorship. produces some of the things we. repeated. about security is just. it's about women in parliament and.
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people living together. where the past has been terrible different. progress is being made. feeding themselves food security. at home and abroad public a gummy presents his vision of africa's future renewing the idea of pan african ism the hope for cooperation and unity among all states on the continent and their independence in cultural political and energy issues. as many first did every last saturday of the month in rwanda when everyone takes part in compulsory community work. cooperation instead of conflict.
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no. doubt. if you look at. it you never see but it could socially so. and the question is what. for me now for the going is i'm a true going to be better to. except. predict these sins of the spirit it has been created to grow but that some people are superior to others. for these little is set to do. that radke. so but nothing.
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for me. mean that sits. in. the neat and unified entity. that one does tease. but enough for the case that. because. it's been restricted. money to. both. the. limit is the issues of the settlers and then be able to call for and. use. them when. we are not the in time you soldiers who risk their lives as twenty year olds in one
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thousand nine hundred we are not the rwandan leader guarantor of a national unity that was utterly shattered here in rwanda. all western filmmakers can do is uncover and observe the particular circumstances that define rwanda the contradictions and the common ground. resilience does not mean resolution and healing but it is a process on the path to healing and in today's rwanda it can only be hoped that its people will be able to find that strength to banish the demons of the past once and for all.
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benjamin hung well as a means to defend what he calls western civilization he's turning an old monastery the italy into a school for far right cultural warriors activists for a european the list movement. while has the backing of some powerful he posed opposition is mounting and not just locally. in thirty minutes on d.w. . fields no longer break in through the window at night
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more often than not we hand them our keys via the internet. cyber crime is a multi-billion dollar disaster. but some hackers use their skills to do good. made in germany in ninety minutes on d w. jenny which. any time any place. is a news. event. you have the benefit of. songs to sing along to you can download to come
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from soup. to music do good. and very kind of into active exercise is the hard thing about that d.w. dot com a stash documented on facebook and you still. in jenin for free thank. you . u.s. officials have charged weiqi leaks founder julian assange with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion just hours earlier british police arrested a song after ecuador revoked his seven year asylum ecuador allowed police to enter the country's embassy in london to take him into custody he now faces extradition to the u.s. . pro-democracy demonstrators in sudan's capital khartoum continue to protest after armed forces ousted president.


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