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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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w. . this is that every news lie from burleigh not taking no for an ounce or protesters in sudan demand democracy now oh leaders of the protest movement want a civilian government and they were ejected the military council's pledge to hold elections in two years time thousands to find a new curfew to keep up the pressure by gathering for friday prayers outside army headquarters also coming up the high tech spawning a growing number of homes we take a closer look at services like amazon alexa the smart speaker listening to your
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every word. on whether mark thank you so much for your company everyone pro-democracy demonstrators in sudan have flooded khartoum streets once again protesting against a military council that has taken over the country protest leaders say they're against the military state a plan to rule the country for two years before calling elections the army has taken over after arresting president bashir but the last thing most sudanese want is soldiers in charge of their country. the music of defiance these protesters refused to go home after the army declared a curfew some have been here through the night for many the moodies extatic yet.
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they also feel they've been cheated after three decades under president omar al bashir a new strongman takes his place defense minister i want it now if the head of the country's military turns ition council the council is planning talks with protest as. a book they will all attend and listen to what we want and we will listen to what they ought to prefer for dialogue and for the exchange between us so we accomplish what we aspire to. but mistrust is running high among the very people he's trying to win over many fear the army is replacing the old regime with a new one. that of the military is acting under which constitution. we don't know what this constitution is because the consulate they stopped all the government sectors will keep protesting and the regime will fall again. jobs the people have lost that trust in bush's national congress party
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we don't want anyone from the n.c.p. we want someone else who can represent the transition. we want a new system of governance and a new era we want to rebuild the country those people have no clear plan. the army has denied any greed for power it has retreated its promise of a new civilian government within the next two years but patients among sudanese protesters has already more and thin. are about like to welcome now are smart fun hosts he is a german a party member of the german parliament he is a leading member of the committee for economic cooperation and development with a special focus on african nations great to have you here with us mr holes just for the sake of clarity you're not talking on behalf of the german government you're here on a personal basis ok ok now i'm asking you yes i'm not talking about ok
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just to make sure you follow the events in sudan very closely how concerned are you about what's going on right now where at the moment i'm actually very concerned when i see this report because. the worst that could happen on saddam is when the people try it so the new government let's call it then the new government must do everything to try to get those people involved in what is going to happen in the future do you foresee that the e.u. or germany can play a role in facilitating what. is to say i'm not a part of the german government the member of the parliament asking the government what are you going to do get involved now that is what you want to because the. we always say don't cooperate with. but now the time the things have changed now we can stick to that story now we must force the government to get involved and to.
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put pressure on the sudanese military to take those people and get them being part of the change plans but the thing is though germany and the e.u. have cooperated with bashir answered i because they wanted to keep the migrants out so in twenty fourteen they established this whole heart to process to keep people from crossing into libya why was it ok then to get involved with somebody who is wanted by the i.c.c. for genocide. me as a member of the green party in parliament always criticize this the cooperation with russia just for the purpose of trying to close the migrant jutes because we say this is not the real their right way of dealing with the issues that we must strengthen the democratic forces in the civil society instead that money that has been used to close the borders just for the purpose of closing migrant groups could
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have been spent for much better. issues in sudan how worried are people here in germany and just in you at large that the current there's not unrest but there's a lot of you know demonstrators and a possibility that this could turn in the wrong direction that it could have repercussions for this continent well i don't think that there are a lot of what is there but what i think i must think the other way around we have a huge chance of the change in his g.o.p. that if we've got that change in sudan now this could have an impact on the whole region of east maybe even libya i don't think that's the perspective but having supposed countries change in sudan as we have the change in your no could be very good thing and we must work into that she writes mr othman for holtz member of the german bundestag for the green party certain queue for your time. and if i
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could say now about some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of algerians have again marched in the capital algiers to demand meaningful political change a protest leaders say last week's resignation of longtime president of the seas which if that is not enough they want the complete departure of the country's ruling elite and an overhaul of algeria as political system. in pakistan a bomb in a market in the south western city of greytown has killed at least sixteen people and injured fifty the attack appears to have targeted ethnic sorrows and shiite muslim minority no group has claimed responsibility for the bombing but these groups have often been targeted by sunni militants before. really complicated issue for the u.s. president donald trump's controversial ban on transgender troops in the military was into effect today the regulation bars openly transgender people from service and blocks them from health care if they transition to another gender the defense
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department says transgender people may serve it if they do so in the sex assigned at birth. tweaked about britain's opposition labor party is urged the government not to extradite wiki leaks founder julian assange to the united states a sign she was arrested on thursday in the ecuadorian embassy in london after ecuador were drew his right to asylum he's wanted in the u.s. for revealing state secrets but his supporters say he will not be given a fair trial. german shows on america has vowed to stand by ukraine in its effort to maintain territorial integrity america's pledge came during talks in berlin with ukrainian leader petro poroshenko but the meeting was overshadowed by another issue for shanker his bid to keep his job in a closely fought election back home. sometimes it's not about who gets. an invitation but who doesn't the head of ukraine's presidential election runoff
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german chancellor angela merkel drew criticism for welcoming ukrainian president petro poroshenko and then not his contender the comedian followed on mia still in ski added joint news conference deflected a question about her pairing to favor the incumbent government. and she'd and it was my decision to invite the president we maintained steady contact with plenty of exchange during the election campaign as well i think it's important to keep talking that part of why i don't understand. your stuff in the sleep lab ukrainian voters head to the polls in the runoff election on april twenty first some dismiss the candidacy of poroshenko as rival the comedian followed them yes alinsky a political novice as a joke the actus only relevant experience of far has been to play the role of a president in a t.v. show but recent polls suggest he leads by
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a wide margin. paro sankoh heads to paris often has been in visit french president in model ma cry set to receive both rivals in the elysee palace. a ceremony to present this year's for stage just world press for a war took place in amsterdam last night while the top prize went to veteran photographer john moore for this photo it shows undocumented migrants two year old you know a sanchez and her mother sandra as they were taken into custody after entering the u.s. from mexico while the picture fueled outrage about the trumpet ministrations policy of separating parents from their children it emerged later that in this case mother and daughter were not separated but ended up in a detention center before being released a few weeks later and allowed to apply for asylum. well this year's contest also presented a new order for photo story of the year on the winner in that category is dutch
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swedish photographer peter to help on his focus was also on migration he followed families and children trying to make their way from honduras to the u.s. as part of the migrant caravan that made headlines last year the judges said that his pictures show quote a high sense of dignity. now would you allow a stranger to listen to what you do in the privacy of your home while if you own one of amazon's smart speakers you could be doing just that and you go because my server is here to talk about the eavesdropper that millions of people have right in their living rooms creepy in my early going on well this was not plugged in so i think we're ok but you can never tell the of the day is it does turn out in fact that alexa is listening to you not only is alexa listening to you but that would mean that people across the world in offices for amazon all over the world are on
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the other end of the speakers listening to potentially anything that you're saying to it now the good news is it's anonymized so they don't have your name or your address but there are account numbers. associated with it and they are listening to you in the intimacy of your own home that if we look at these early ads for alexa they're really projecting this idea of it being this little helper in your home it's a member of your family it's part of your friends it's there to be this is a little assistant to you and this is really blown this whole image of amazon up now the reason why the it's this way it works this way is amazon says part of the kind of quality control and improvement of the the robot the mechanism there's teaching alexa how to be a better assistant but it's not some machine learning magic that's happening it's actual people on the other end of it who are teaching alexa how to be
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a better robot now we've seen a lot of reactions some people of course our age but a lot of users have just shrug this off saying well of course this is the way it is our phones work very much the same way it's just probably a good idea that if you're one of the people who bought one of these seventy eight million units that were sold last year you should assume that there is someone on the other end who is always listening to you recording you and you don't know where that recording is going to end up that's pretty scary i have to say laura. very scary can this voice recording be disabled so the good news is yes you can opt out of this if you are someone who owns an amazon echo you can tell amazon that you don't want to participate in this because it is for sort of customer service research but of course they're not publicizing this and this is a trend that we've seen in a lot of these media giants for instance facebook it was discovered that even when a user deletes their facebook page facebook continues to collect data on them for
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months after they deactivate their facebook and there are things you can do in your ad preferences in your privacy settings to mitigate this but even if you delete it they're still following you similar findings were found with google last year that even if you disable your location services on your phone google was still tracking you even if you told them not to so this is the the fallacy in bargain that we've made nordell of our lives this is a very orwellian my heart had taken so much to grow your vision to thank you. and your washington still to come. a new generation of tech savvy and environmentally aware africans tackle wings sent other problems making a platform. all that story a whole lot more coming up when ben fizzing meantime don't forget you can always get you to read news on the go just download our app for play for from the apple store they'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as some portion of acacias for any breaking news you can also use the data we opt
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