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repeat his drama. it's all that good ok. i might go join me and. post. and demand. language courses. video and audio. anytime anywhere. w. media sector. this is the news africa will be getting into the next fifteen minutes five years after they cannot think of the girls in nigeria one father on how his joy our union has turned to i'm. in was a long queues for doctors and medicine more than a month after cycling to die it's the country you take you to beirut where there's
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a cry of precinct medical needs. to go behind the scenes of. the make up artist bringing zombies to life. michael jr thanks for joining us five years ago extremists stormed the school in northeastern nigeria and more than two hundred ago half of the girls are still missing many of those who were reunited with their families are now studying on government scholarships at a university if you hours from home but not all parents are happy. to. talk to a father of one of the rescued students. is in high spirits and he can laugh again something he wasn't able to do for
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a long time. we first met a morse five years ago just a few months after the terror group boko haram abducted his daughter from her school in chibok. but i was totally devastated then i couldn't eat for three days and i cried and cried. like i thought i had failed as a father. but yes my most important duty as a father is to protect my daughter and i failed to do that. in my. two and a half years ago his daughter comfort was suddenly freed after the government's negotiations with boko haram. her family is finally recovering but a farmer is still not entirely at ease he lives in chibok and his daughter received a government scholarship to study at a university that
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a whole day's journey away. i am proud of her and happy that she can study again that's one problem no one is telling us exactly what the girls are doing there when will they finish what's the typical will they even receive school or university what exactly are they studying no one will tell us. more than one hundred freed girls from chip book housed at the american university in your to attend a kind of prep course reginald brock's the school director shows us around for the girls' protection filming it's only touring the school break he says the trauma has left its mark the clock stopped you know. captivity so we're very sensitive to. just feeling depressed. not want. to.
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live or. leg. back you know. brad says the girls need peace and quiet and time to concentrate on their studies. he says only a few parents have been as critical as. most of the people you know are supportive but you always have people who are not you know where you. need to be out here. wow she did. well the university is trying its best to support the education of the girls not all of their parents are happy after being separated with their daughters for a long time during captivity they can only see their daughters during their
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vacations. called his daughter comfort at least twice a week that's his only contact with her he says she'd like to come back to chip after her studies and work as adults so on and serve her community her father can hardly wait. joining me now is. founding member of bring back our girls in nigeria thanks for your time so it's been five years on and we had from the reports that it's still tough for the release scales what have you heard from the families. well what we have heard from the family. who. fall. here and during the holidays and all the parent able to go and meet them well i think one of the i never have been negligent if you back hello to god if they had on them i want that we i wanted that after with one
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of the go well one thing. went with it you know wait and you don't so traumatic the first moment of them you couldn't you know when you had to ensure that they don't pick look i'm not old but i think so much that needs to be gone then. before now it was very difficult for the parents or. the girl and then the men together with the you know made a lot of the math on that and that was. that. that's that's good to know now modern hundred girls still missing precisely one hundred and twelve girls what is being done to bring them back absolutely nothing right now. and then and you know government has forgotten that you had one hundred out twelve and got hit with the i know chorley i show you think you know wait and what people have moved on i think no nobody thinks that i think that mark i'm interested on ensuring
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that the members of the bring back what made you not continue we did then my what you call good done in ensuring that the girl i read you and you actually voted that and well protected that fight on within to have forgotten but you bugger all of the five yet to get an education but why it has a scene this way to why does it seem that government is not putting enough effort to bring them that's a bit interesting isn't it. yes why did the light weight because. well let's be i don't walk again not usually nigeria i'm not welcome and yet you know well you let your name let your wife let you know human being and so on and you know if the right people just let's all get out bob and let the lack of i mean if i may if there were a people who are children of the illegal well you know what it would have been while i was in captivity we have a nation with people who feel that because of the out well should also give up and
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. you have the right to watch you well go if not the preferred way it's not doing them of the of what you thought right that the shining because of the far right of public open and you know i will continue to have the money. to eat and each and every one of them a. founding member of bring back our girls nigeria thanks for your time thank you for having me now the port city of bear out in mozambique veteran he disappeared on their wall of water after being struck by cycling to die just over a month ago people are continuing to die from the consequences as medical facilities alva whelmed with patients officials and beneath agencies seeking a cure to chronic medical shortages. just over a month after mozambique the city of pira still in rubble local health clinics and
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hospitals were badly hit by the storm. every day people flock to get medical help. but doctors and medicine are in short supply many here i have lost everything to the site on including the livelihoods. now they can afford to buy medicine at private pharmacies. so they're turning to the national health service which is straining on the surgery patients. here at this health center sometimes they only give you profound but we thought i'm suffering from that just isn't enough but still they are only give me the profound when i went to the central hospital i didn't even get that just tests tests tests and i'm still in pain today we are seeing here i received a number then they sent me to another place to the tents but there are many queues in the tents there are a lot of people too i don't know if it's because the doctors are tired or i don't
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know that they ask us what we have and we explain it and then they give us another number to queue somewhere else so we have to go back to the health center. to portuguese red cross has pulled a field hospital in pirro to help out. a deal with a complex range of problems. that you know from his history see if you are doing external examinations adult examinations pediatric examinations checking on pregnant women and giving psychosocial support then there are medical emergencies we do surgery as well as accept more serious cases plus we have a maternal health nurse looking after patients but we also have several births a day and soon somebody is into the into the doctors of locals and foreigners way see more than three hundred patients every day. the red cross expects to stay at least six more months here in beirut as
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a city recovers. now to nollywood the nigerian film industry is number two in the world in terms of films made by four years its struggle to keep up with cuts and that's the techniques of global cinema we need the special effects. changing that the warning this report contains scenes of a graphic nature. that may look like an operating theater but it's actually a movie set and a key is working his magic on an actor. well the special effects makeup artists create zombies for nollywood and he's built a reputation as one of the best in the business. in the special effects hunger will is and how good apparently hollows to make it in . the world not only in nigeria but with a lot of the professionalism of the quality. haunted when i came i can
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be releasing the used me. to change to have a turnaround in spite of the facts of job in nigeria. with or without the hand of god nigerian film is booming talent techniques and production standards are improving all the time says. for him the green are the better but sourcing quality materials to work with can be a challenge. so it's very it's even a problem that the industry is freeze and now to getting that much out of those who do have their own patents in the shops. while filmmakers around the world increasingly trying to animated characters nollywood still thrives on the hand crafted magic of. using low tech special effect to create zombies like this. that's it some good news i forgot you go catch our
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news on our websites and facebook page leaving now with some of the best well press photo award shops in africa i saw. the for. decades it was an industrial powerhouse with the famous football team intrusive. but the heyday of cold steel and heavy industry is long gone i want to find out how all of this stuart months past and present shapes the city to this day. explores
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the city's rough and ready charm but. next d.w. . your roots as a chain reaction of breasts. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in fawcett being able to smell the people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way. there was an outpouring of self-confidence and mentions it's the first. architects. scientists. and artists. going to get invented completely new things and talk of the ancient giants who had
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originally been its teachers believe in a. culture of out of the darkest blue gers into a new place to place and probably no place anywhere in the world when things were invented in such quick succession one of. the renaissance. starts april twenty second d. w. .
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i'm in dortmund's the city in germany's war region isn't necessarily known for its beauty but it is for.


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