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the to this day nicole flew to explore the city's rough and ready chunk. sixty two w. . i'm not nothing out of the germans because sometimes i am but mostly i'm nothing with the time and i think deep into the german culture i. knew to repeat this drama there you go it's all about who am i right so join me for me because i'm going to be the host. breath taking acrobatics we will have more from the flying steps later in the show the first of all
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a very warm welcome to dissident and of your bags and here are some of the other topics we have lined up for you today. from austria club commodore and basically what winning the restaurant in vienna and six bells first looks like a searing welcome to spring like blue festival. one of the most popular t.v. serious evah game of thrones is kicking off its eighth and final season the fantasies are going to enjoy huge calls follow it and fans of the serious have the fantastic opportunity to visit do you original filming locations in iceland crazy and spain for example as well as northern ireland every year tens of thousands of people travel to the original settings but you don't have to be a fan of to serious to enjoy the beautiful views.
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welcome to west ross the land of game of thrones or in reality northern islands. large parts of the famous t.v. series for films here over the past ten years. one of the main reasons that its beyond game of thrones came to northern ireland was the wealth of our scenery every one of our six countries has a slightly different look to it it has a different geology has a different landscape for two seasons richard hodge and played one of the wild wings and game of thrones now he gives tours of the locations. fans can visit the original scenes for example the twelfth century in shabby south of belfast and if they like they can even become knights of western us for a brief moment. in every step that we took we took pictures of it it's amazing it's amazing it's i felt like i'm actually in with the
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foul it's amazing. you know and scapes gorgeous on its own it's quite impressive actually coming from australia you don't have anything like this. game of thrones is set in a fantasy world where families battle for control of the continent of western. they're coming. to me doesn't. stop. various peoples also have to defend themselves against common enemies. a number of northern ireland's many castles and runes served as settings for the series. such as the tower house of fifteenth century out of his castle. award became winterfell castle one of the principal scenes of action in game of thrones. the reality has little to do with the fiction. the eighteenth century
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estate was much too small for the series so it was digitally enlarged. but in the background you can see that the too much of wards of the television industry which is the green screen on the green screen is where the magic happens so using the green screen the industry real to project on not background whatever whatever backdrop that they need so what they did was they took the tar they changed a little bit and they choose the shot from this here as we go on to the next slide through this. area surrounding winterfell castle was in fact tali more forest like the computer and hans castles many spots are easily recognizable. such as the ultimate fighting bridge over the river shem.
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this is where the dire wolf pups were found they played in the porton parts in the later course of offense. the little puppies are no full grown northern india with dogs and ready for visits from game of thrones fans. the famous coastal route causeway leads north of belfast and past several interesting sights. but you don't have to be a game of thrones fun to enjoy the turf along the coast. it includes locations like the headland the fair head. the big miss and shoreline of morelock bay. and balance point harbor.
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for ryland is the dark hedges of a of beech trees. they appear in only one scene of game of thrones but long enough to make them a free for tourist destination. of three seasons the television fantasy saga is finally drawing to a close but the memorable scenes of game of thrones and the locations will remain. the game of thrones belfast in northern ireland will always be longed for ever more for as long as the name of the show exists and i'm incredibly proud of that as a northern irish person who's lived here all my life i'm incredibly proud that we have a different focus you are all of northern ireland there's been a lot of negative focus on this country over the past but it's good to get a very very positive. and who knows maybe some day west of us will return to northern ireland a series of the game of thrones back story is already in the planning stage. you
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can find more on game of thrones on our in here to tell and if she contraband or exactly what happened in seasons one two seven we have a fast paced salary which looks like this. man the eye and through his mind i rang the bell at the end keene robert's brother and the rightful heir excuse me i stan aspera the and your older brother i'm the king now but i'm way cooler but i have the red woman and she's going to kill you with a shadow demon out. well currently colliding here and ellen break dances coming together with the classical piece of music called pictures at an exhibition it was written by russian composer modest mazor ski more than one hundred years ago the flying steps dancers have often fused classical and urban that sounds like an interesting combination doesn't it we went along to the dress rehearsal and the premiere of flying steps late production to find out more.
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in the new show called flying pig to the flying steps present day interpretation of was on skis pictures at an exhibition. this fusion of duns and music is a spectacular one take a production. it was incredible the atmosphere here in the hall it was just incredible this came out of that everyone's happy we got good feedback we made it man shuffle we've got the i think now we've arrived the new international circles of fine arts and people can appreciate what we're doing bottom bassoon has been five years on this visual interpretation of the piano suite. russian composer mosel ski wrote the ten movements in eight hundred seventy four inspired by works by victor hartman many of
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the drawings and watercolors are now lost the flying steps bring them back to life . bringing the individual subjects to life by staging and dancing for them to follow in the music spotter. or their interpretation shows how we experience them how we see this picture and turn it into a performance and bring it to life bendish with. the dances have been rehearsing for the premiere in the lead for four months they all see breakdowns obed's going as a way of life they were combines different styles of urban and classical dance. poppy i do popping off the so-called robot dance model but you dance like a robot would you then they're starting with shapes like you'd see in the game tetris with different lines of game. you know with machine and then there's finger tanning where you work a lot with your fingers and the arms being the moment i come from the classical direction classical ballet mixed with jazz modern and contemporary that's my
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dancing style and what's unique here is that we actually merge classical with urban styles in. the us genuine twins complement the ten templars with a street they're famous for their gargantuan moving sculptures they've wicks are an integral part of the show at the hamburg up on hold museum. everybody here. really together. we find we find a way to be one somehow and screams because difficult because the music the dancing the role to become one thing it's very hard. classical musicians have adapted muscle ski's piece to urban dances particular sequences of movement. this of course if i will of class people. said daniel meant to the meat in his nando beatbox was a moment to thursday's moments when the music pauses blared something as
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a way of fusing the orchestra with my beat boxing skills. as i call it a custom atlanta big box chords. flying pitches have succeeded in blending different artistic styles and in parts harmoniously the audience at the berlin premiere was more than impressed by the show the different steps the flying steps have broken open all the categories. so many different styles from break dance to classical music ballet to beat box for us but it was an incredible evening i've never seen anything like it i really enjoyed it it's a mainstream really impressive especially the giant figures bonce and fantastic i thought was really amazing. the following steps are among the world's best urban dance combos their show flying pictures certainly bears testimony to the house. he has his own signature dishes he is extremely creative and a master of his craft and that's why critics decided to walt who are on our door
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tree mr stops he serves up his colon mary delights and has a mentor restaurant in vienna and that makes it australia's first and only pre star restaurant so we headed for the nation's capital to find out what makes amador stand out from the rest. here basque dishes meet a french cuisine combined with asian and austrian elements treefrog actually scallops parsley and sweet bread and the exclusive french media hound pigeon breasts are classic creations from one our mentors repertoire is viennese restaurant amador has just earned its third michelin star making at austria's only three star stablish mint. that was fantastic and. almost the whole team cried for joy that was pretty impressive and it was moving.
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the acclaim chefs approach is always to use the very best ingredients fish is a staple item on his menu does this fish come from brittany or where is it from and it's sampled by the chef himself. globalism nowadays much of what you get is from agriculture nothing against aquaculture it's good for sustainability but for the taste it's a very different story they're fed so they're relatively lazy they get fat in the taste is completely different. places great value on staying true to his direction and building his own profile instead of chasing trends. unlike many other chefs amador sticks with the tried and tested his miracle pigeon has been on the menu for years. it's imagine going to a rolling stones concert and they don't sing i can't get no satisfaction the classics are what people want. our guests come from around the world.
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recently and we didn't have a pigeon on the menu and one person said i came all the way from korea and you don't have the pigeon it's important this is from. the four commodore developed his unmistakable signature he tried out various directions he was encouraged to experiment when he met the star of molecular gastronomy. only a poor should never forget it it was in spain one thousand nine hundred six with around our video. i was already a chef with one star in seventeen points in the going to your guide. i ate and then stood up and said i can't cook. for amador creativity and originality are very important here experiments a lot but not everything works out that's what motivates him simply not interested you can only be satisfied if you just do what you enjoy. that's why i like the
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kitchen and i like the restaurant. because we get feedback within seconds one minute because. you want amador a german with spanish roots has brought his own distinct color narry style to austria but by no means has his journey come to an end. every country in every town has its own traditions to see out the winter and will come in the spring zurich in switzerland for example light a huge bonfire with a snowman on top packed full of fireworks but not just that man on horseback in historical costumes gallop around the ball fire until the snow man explodes so i guess you could say the good people of zorak start spring season with a big bang. once
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a year zurich burns the burke to drive out winter when there's over three metre tall snow man figure made out of paper and cardboard explodes spring has officially begun in zurich with a bang. a few hours earlier twenty six guilds are involved in organizing switzerland's biggest spring festival this next a lot to everyone from the hotting and guild turns up wearing early nineteenth century costumes and uniforms that's when the guild was founded and some things haven't changed much since. seeing the stand up the guilty members are all male you know it's always been that way but the women are invited once or twice a year and they have their own activities and i get up if you take all of the students about. the show they complain i know oddly enough they don't
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they don't mind the boys having their get togethers. and later on the boys will gallop around the fire on four hundred well trained horses the women are there to cheer them on. but first the guilds take part in a procession through the city center some of them were founded in the fourteenth century at one time they oversaw entire professions. today they uphold tradition and social events then are folks group of riders leave the whole thing in guild before the fire is lit the horses have time for a breather. see if this is a full time together at this accident and said this is an experience tolls. at six o'clock sharp the wood is set ablaze the boot is stuffed full of fireworks the faster they catch fire and go off the better the summer will be the ride around the bonfire is an impressive show.
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every guilty x. three laps around the fire when huntington's turn comes nothing's left even though it took nearly eighteen minutes to explode so what will this summer be like a practice that i took was relatively late to make splode. heads the import i pads and that would mean a measurable more to the good some of the film but it isn't always right it busted me now's the time it took twenty minutes almost an eternity under some i was reading hot guys much too hot in fact so high school so i'm not that worried about it so much. for the guilds the evening has only just begun later on the festival halls will resound with moving speeches. the fire will burn late into the night hundreds of locals will use the embers to kick off the open air barbecue season in
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style. our report of magdalene's usually a shuttle flight because she only ever has two days for her trips to the most beautiful cities in europe but every time she returns with a suitcase full of tips for the perfect weekend this time magen had to florence in italy to marvel at its fine arts and try her hand at preparing a local delicacy all don't magen at shit mitts doesn't really like cooking. a typical italian breakfast kicks off my visit to florence that means cabbage cino and pastries at the bar in the traditional cafes good deity next to florence is a famous cathedral. on giorno and lover to my perfect weekend in florence. the capital of tuscany lies on the river florence is considered the
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cradle of the renaissance and is famous for its architecture and museums which attract millions of tourists all year round. showing me the sights today is francesco giordano from the local or tour guide agency. they are very good but there are tour begins at the main cathedral the city's most famous building. you can see that so you don't have a sky scraper are so you know floor and it's because it's forbidden to be of the color of buildings that the drama which she is the tallest building in the city's south tower one hundred sixteen needs or. even the bell tower is not as tall as the cathedral the complex also includes the florence effect history with its golden doors. we continue our stroll through the city passing a very lifelike leonardo da vinci talk an awful. our next destination is
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the piazza della seniority the political heart of the city the town hall or pearl i'm so vicky oh a replica of michelangelo's famous david statue we have to remind that florence is a roman city where i probably want to go all soft on the wal-mart rest of the city council senior i want to be able to florence is one huge open air museum so my culture tip is just book a guided walking tour. the city is not only. known for its artistic treasures but also for its leather goods. i visit the school. a family run leather school and business located in a former monastery students can sign up for workshops to learn the trade. big outreach a party gordie's grandfather founded the school in one nine hundred fifty but their craftsmanship is a longstanding florentine tradition. probably
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because of the. because we are a cross by to river and if you went so a lot of time their wings were actually here in florence and that's how they started. so my shopping tip if you're looking for a souvenir go for original florentine leather in the late afternoon i decided to treat myself to something special on the terrace of the legendary grand hotel cover war which offers a bird's eye view of the cathedral. my second day in florence begins with a challenge of sorts i'm going to take a cooking class. and head to the sand market where i meet my teacher. in the impending tourist kind of cry because us with her. tell me what we're going to say that today we could. go out and playing games like their craft yeah. because my.
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wife and i'm used to making restaurant reservations but here i'm inspired to learn . not to chilean those nearly all the traders here with the shopping done we head to her home once there i put on an apron and things get started but i'm realizing what i've gotten myself into. and with and with for sixteen me fifteen min and yes making the scraps involves. a bit of reception and after a few tries i do finally get the hang of it. next i feel the crips with the spinach and were caught in make sure i ask question now and tomato sauce and leave them to bake in the oven. and this is my activity for a weekend in florence a private cooking class they said shyly is how my class barely are pretty delicious
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. all we need now are some desserts john terry of the valley is a family run business that's been a florentine institution since nineteen thirty nine. or florence from this guy called the bet and i would walk away think it was and i could. cut that you know they made the change. course. we'd be in the same city so we've tried to do you know that. they showed all these a frozen dessert could a mushroom tina is the gelato specific to florence made of milk eggs and sugar might call an airy tip for a weekend in the city. next up i head to the city's most famous bridge the pump to vacuum it dates back to the fourteenth century and is crammed full with small shops in keeping with centuries old tradition. my final destination is the piazza silo michelangelo offering one of the best views of florence my special tip
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for your weekend away come here to watch the sunset over this magnificent city and the last light fades over to keep growing and the centuries old architecture. and that brings us to the end of this edition of your max but don't forget to visit us on our facebook page and our website they can find out lots for about the program and all the details on how to enter our current draw get. andrea and perhaps you will be the lucky winner of this lab and looking stools in the back hall style so good luck with that and hope to see you again soon from all of us here in maryland thank you for watching and thought about.
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oh to. keep learning. wait a second for you want the whole picture facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from a measure to reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing
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digital world let's talk to devise a certain. shift. d.w. . decades don't want was an industrial powerhouse with the famous football team through some of us here. but the heyday of cold steel and heavy industry is long gone i want to find out how all of this month past and present shapes the city to this day. explores the city's rough and ready chunk by. thirty minutes w. . if you. find his want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan that didn't where you should. say nothing is kiss the children who have always been the only see you and those that will follow are part of a new kind of. they could be the future of.
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granting opportunity global news that matters d. w. made for minds. your reaction was grossly. around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution unfortunately enabled this mention see that people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence. architects . scientists. and artists. are going to meet invented completely new things and top of the ancient giants who had originally been its teacher who see the. culture of how the darkest leaders fit into a. large
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catholic church the second on g.w. . the good. place. to this is d w news i live up from tut tut he lands on the top and saddam as jubilation on the streets as an army chief linked to the genocide in darfur steps down after just one day in charge at another general has now taken a bath in the protest of the stepping up that's among the civilian world also coming out.


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