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blame. the british. charge temperatures the second. w. . the good. player playing. this is d w news alive and turbulence up the top and saddam as jubilation on the streets as an army chief linked to the genocide in darfur steps down off to just one day in charge at another general has now taken over and the protest is a stepping up that amongst the civilian world also coming out sawzall mystify riot
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police in algeria to the press that the moms the democratic change it's the country's eighty six consecutive mass protest. counts nigeria's film industry it is proving to go behind the scenes to meet someone making even the goriest and scariest seems to look believable to. time and if you've seen the kind of thanks so much for joining us. saddam's military chief has stepped down just a day off to he was sworn in as the country's new leader but demonstrators have again flooded the streets in protest at the interim military regime which took off to forcing president i modeled the shia from power. to sit in protests remain largely peaceful and their message is clear the sudanese people do not want to be
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ruled by the military chiefs who ended the thirty year regime of president. but the army is still very much in charge here even though bashir is the immediate successor to even a general link to the genocide in darfur lessa just one day in the top job another use i announce the time stepping down as phillida of the transitional military council i'm selecting instead of someone whose expertise incompetence i can trust. he will take the ship to the shores of safety i have chosen newton in general abdul fatah to raam and to succeed me as president of the military council. so one army commander has replaced himself with another on the plus side the new chief both is not wanted for war crimes. but the protesters want
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a clean break and reject out right to the military's plans to rule the country for two years before calling elections. because when a christmas is no change our revolution is continuing and that change is still coming it will be much better we don't have any supporters of the regime among us only the sidneys people in the job why lies in we don't want regime supporters at all we are free revolutionaries continuing on our course the regime must fall. the international community is calling on all sides to show restraint what is very important that now in the present very fluid situation that the human rights are observed and the right of assembly and we have to come to a credible and inclusive political process that will lead to the transition that we all all want despite placing him under arrest the military says it won't hand over former president omar al bashir to the international criminal court for his role in
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the darfur killings. the people are pleased to see the back of their old ruler but the protesters have filed to stay on the streets until a civilian not military transitional council is in place. joining me now in the studio to talk more more about this is the. thanks for joining us the defense minister abruptly stepped down as head of the interim military council but been replaced by another military man is this the the democracy the protesters have been calling full not really there was celebrating in the streets yesterday and her two men today also but the demonstrators are carrying their rattling rallying on they want to. see what this new man. will come up with i understand that's now there's a meeting underway with the new head of the military council and the leaders of the
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opposition groups and we don't really know what will come out and what's being spoken about now there should be a declaration after that meeting nobody knows when this will take place but most of the protesters say ok we'll see what happens but we still insist on what we want we want a civil good transitional government and we want it now or the next few weeks and not in two years as the former head of the military council said on thursday so the protesters are carrying on and i don't think that they will go easily go home easily or they know that they reached what they wanted a step in the right direction but the protests continue tell let's talk about the protesters tell me who they are what's you nice now that the shia is gone most of the protestors they took the streets in december last year basically
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because of the high rise in the process of bread and fuel and they these protesters quickly into holes for the ouster. is one now we have been seeing that. organization governmental organizations like the as. sudanese professional is he has been spearheading the protesters and now other parties parties and organizations civil society and society are taking part in these protests and the kind of leading the process as for done for them and we shouldn't forget also the demonstrate the demonstrations are taking part in other taking place in other parts of sudan as well and i were going to come back to you in in just a moment thanks for now we are going to talk about a similar story that has been unfolding in algeria and thousands of demonstrators have defied riot police to stage
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a mass processed in the capsule algy is and this is the eighth friday in a row an interim government has announced elections in july to replace the ousted president of jealousies but opponents say the old regime is trying to cling to power but just in a new guys. i spoke to journalist. in algiers and i asked her about concerns people have about the presidential elections that are planned for the july. perkins' gears i interviewed yesterday in companies that they will boycott the election in july because they don't believe that there can be a new election in that area i don't know members of the critics because you know it's all feeling. that the new protests aren't showing the election is only a strike to the thought the political elite to maintain this. and the demonstrators still don't mind to take the streets and give their men the lead and today their
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demands are clear that they want the. what they call to go are appearing to o.j. yes the ruling elite predictors are i've got this creepy to believe to leave this includes. i did it out they've got their. back proudly. and the head of the constitution is gone they give bill a you. are right jim in. in algiers thank you so much for speaking to us. ok we're going to go back to that. strong similarities between the protests in algeria that we've just been hearing about saddam that we were talking about earlier sounds very similar to the start of the arab spring living back in two thousand and eleven it really does and people say you know this is the kind of the arab spring to zero might be but we have to be these people say we have to be very cautious that it doesn't take the direction that it took in
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other our countries who. had this this are things like syria and like egypt mostly egypt is. you know kind of a bad example for what could happen in sudan they don't want the military to take over but. specially the young people are leading these protests and they're not aware of what could happen they are actually it's i would say normal that this is taking place people are very fed up with the dire economy situation there the bad education the corruption and they take the streets are going against all these. situations but. we should not forget that sudan especially is seen as a. african country as well arab and african country and this what's happening now in sudan can be a very strong signal to other sub-saharan african countries mainly
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where most of the young people are unemployed and they suffer from the bad economy situations and live under a theater or thirty and rules some of them not all of them but for a very long time so. i guess yes as we saw in two thousand and ten and two thousand and eleven the young people are now. leading those protests in sudan and of curia we will see in the next few months where will this go to. us thank you so much. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world north korean leader kim jong un says he's open to a third summit with the u.s. president double trouble but kim says washington will have to be more flexible and come to the table with the right attitude he set the end of the year as the deadline to salvage the nuclear disarmament talks. hundreds of people held
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a sit in protest in pakistan after a suicide bombing killed at least twenty people other protesters blocks roads and burns tie is the blast went off near a shiite community in the city of quetta there has been no claim of responsibility . has announced it will allow more than sixty migrants to disembark a german charity rescue ship in the mediterranean sea the government says they will then be transferred to germany france portugal and luxembourg the migrants were rescued near the libyan shore ten days ago. judges at the international criminal court have dropped that plan to investigate war crimes allegations in afghanistan they say the prospect of successful prosecution is quote extremely limited this comes just days after the u.s. revoke the visa for the chief prosecutor in the probe. to nollywood
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now that's the nigerian film industry it's the walls second largest in terms of the number of films they produced in fact is only just behind india's bollywood the few years nollywood has struggled to keep up with the cussing edge techniques often used in global cinema but now one man is trying to change that. it may look like an operating theater but it's actually a movie set and the key is working his magic on an actor. a special effects makeup artist create zombies for normally would and he's built a reputation as one of the best in the business. yes. in the special effects hung will isn't how good a plan they harlow's to make in control of the world not only in nigeria but with luck in the professionalism of the quality. quantity when i came i can we release the used me. to change to have
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a turnaround in spite of the feds of job in nigeria. with or without the hand of god nigerian film is booming talent techniques and production standards are improving all the time says. ahead in the green are the better but sourcing quality materials to work with can be a challenge to me. so it's very it's even a problem that the industry is friesen now to getting that material because we don't have there are parts of the shops. while filmmakers around the world increasingly trying to animated characters nollywood still thrives on the hand crafted magic of oxus hts like using low tech special effects to create zombies like this. terrifying some football news now and there was
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late drama in the friday night going to sleep again between euro bag and child care if you put nuremberg ahead in the eighty second minute the home side looked to be on course to pick up just the fourth one of the season to shake it back two minutes later to such diverse of the ball into the net one won the finals. in formula one belt area but as has claimed pole position of the chinese graeme prix is a special wash because it marks formula one one thousandth race but i was picked his team mate lewis hamilton to first place on the grid in the sadie's head were well ahead of the nearest challenges for rory meanwhile alexander album didn't even make it to qualifying off to this big crash luckily the tide driver walks away but he'll start tomorrow's race from the back of the grid. now buddhist new year's celebrations have kicked off and in some southeast asian cities
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that means epic street battles using water a lot of water thailand's capital bangkok sore running water fights with locals and tourists dousing anyone in sight and in the streets of mine must biggest city young dog even policeman have to put up with the good side of cake and there is a reason for all this good natured fun splashing water symbolizes washing away the sins of the media. you're watching the news from berlin thank you so much for watching. rearing to read. not everyone who writes books has to go insane. d.w. literature list hundred human history.


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