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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2019 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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group projects from europe and. eco india on g.w. . this is d.w. news live from berlin the sudan's protesters claim another victory the security chief steps down hours after the country's new military leader quits after less than one day pro-democracy activists say sixteen people are dead after today's of turmoil we'll get the latest from the parties also coming up thousands defy riot police in algeria suppress their demands for democratic change is the country's
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eighth consecutive mass protest. and punching down barriers any run this woman sadaf cut down will make history tonight as the first iranian woman to take part in an official boxing match. i'm called aspen thanks for joining us activists in sudan say sixteen people including a soldier have been killed in the two days since the army forced long time president omar al bashir from power demonstrators have been keeping up the pressure demanding a civilian rule sudan's military chief stepped down just a day after he was sworn in as the country's new leader and the head of the country's intelligence has now resigned as well. this is sudan's naval headquarters inside the military transition council is holed up outside. peaceful protests but
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with a clear message the sudanese people do not want to be ruled by the military chiefs who ended the thirty year regime of the veteran president omar al bashir but the army is still very much in charge last year's immediate successor i want him in over a general linked to the genocide in darfur lasted just one day in the top job before announcing his resignation he was replaced by another army commander on the plus side the new chief abdel fattah han is not wanted for war crimes but protesters want a clean break with the old many of the demonstrators are young and they're actively organizing including setting up their own security they say more than a dozen people have been killed by security forces in recent days and they have already intercepted one car with explosives. and we also. call from him in.
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a more importantly. civilian called we call comes. we call transports and. so they set up the tunnels so. watch this no one not even the old is immune from being searched emotions are high but mixed. so this i feel like overwhelming. joy and you feel like a friend yeah. i feel like i said the same time and believe me i know but i think. despite placing him under arrest the military says it won't hand over former president omar al bashir to the international criminal court for his role in the door for killings. but the protesters have vowed to stay on the streets until a civilian not a military transitional council is in place. let's head to sudan now
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joining us on the line is. she's a sudanese journalist in khartoum so it's of duns intelligence chief has now resigned how significant is that. well actually i think that this event that's silly assed to. think that this. team is not actually thinking as i. did that by designing them always taken away from. government. so they think the same. now those demonstrators they're still out in the streets they've scored some victories the president bashir and several other temporary leaders they step down what do they want now. they're waiting for that.
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because they don't know yet if you will. come with the money. if he would. make that up if he was calling me see them if they call me this myself with a simple committee is that definition of the government going to be exactly like me a has been going on with the people are demanding sehwag people are still there they are waiting for him sowing the sentiment to know what exactly is he said adding on the have the negotiations over the shotgun we just finished. them once or not that's why that helps even when you look at these images you can see them now of these demonstrators in the streets and so don there are so many young people there why is that why are there so many young people in the street. there was no one. for someone because they were born into this thing and they have been.
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driven from their. homes their rise from their whole lives. they want. they want to have the life they aspire for this thing i want to have the discussion they want healthcare system they want to. they never. close this whole life that's why they are the ones who are. suffering. all right l m a journalist in khartoum for us thank you very much thank you thank you father. now a similar story has been unfolding in algeria thousands of demonstrators have defied riot police to stage a mass protest in the capital algiers for the eighth friday in a row and interim government has announced elections in july to replace the ousted former president abilities beautifully opponents say the old regime is trying to cling to power just in
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a new guys i'm. earlier we spoke with journalist khatab in algiers and we asked her why people there are so concerned about those presidential elections that are planned for july perkins' there is that interview yesterday in companies that there was boycotted the election in july because they don't believe that there can be a new election and i'll tell you i don't know members of the nerves. were that the new production the election news on the a strike to the throat the political elite to maintain this. museum or streakers in detail mind to take the streets and give this event are often met and today their demands are clear that they want the help what they called the full glass appearing to enjoy yes the regime here to be pretty girls are not this creepy to believe if you leave this includes into recruited and i did it out then that they're. going to
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and i have tried we need more again and the head of the constitution can give the lady. that was journalist i mean the world can stop speaking to us earlier from algiers now to some of the other stories making news around the world north korean leader kim jong un says he's open to a third summit with u.s. president donald trump but kim says washington will have to be more flexible and come to the table with the quote right attitude he said the end of the year as a deadline to salvage the nuclear disarmament. india has been marking the hundredth anniversary of a massacre of civilians by british troops at a ceremony opposition leader babul gandhi paid homage to the hundreds of victims of the massacre and the british high commissioner to india called it a shameful event in british indian history. malta has announced it will allow more than sixty migrants to disembark a german charity rescue ship in the mediterranean sea the government says they will
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then be transferred to germany fran. portugal and luxembourg the migrants have been stuck on board since being rescued near the libyan shore ten days ago. to nollywood now that's the nigerian film industry it's the world's second largest in terms of the number of films that they produce in fact it's only just behind india's bollywood but for years nollywood has struggled to keep up with the cutting edge techniques that you often see in global cinema now one man is trying to change that. it may look like an operating theater but it's actually a movie set and a key is working his magic on an actor. who a special effects makeup artist creates zombies for nollywood and he's built a reputation as one of the best in the business. in the special effects hung. isn't how good apparently hollows fumigation have been
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to other world not only in nigeria but with luck the professionalism of the quality . quantity when i came i can be releasing the used me. to change to have a turnaround in spite of the facts of job in nigeria. with or without the hand of god nigerian film is booming talent techniques and production standards are improving all the time says. for him the glory are the better but sourcing quality materials to work with can be a challenge. so it's very it's even a problem that's the industry's freeze and now to getting that material because we don't have there are parts of the shops. while filmmakers around the world increasingly trying to animated characters nollywood still thrives on the hand crafted magic of artists like using low tech special effects to create zombies
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like this. sports now we had some late drama on friday nights in the buddhist league a game between nuremberg and shall go you young to bow puts norberg ahead in the eighty second minute all it's like we have i was not the best event he's boring into the masters he's actually in contention after what ten decades at the biggest golf tournament in the u.s. and you see him there avoiding a big slip up all right back to the bundesliga we'll give you the ball but you know what happened there it was a one one tie in the end between november and. one one. ok
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golf now let's go back to tiger woods we're seeing a resurgence from him he's put himself within striking distance of his first major turn in winning over a decade woods looked like a young tiger woods going six under par. and he is now within reach of perhaps his first major tournament win within a decade he's just one shot behind a group of five leaders it did nearly go wrong as i was mentioning a security guard slipped on the wet grass luckily for tiger he escaped uninjured. oh it's all good you know access happened. i've had galleries right over me just. you know when you're playing front of a lot of people. things happen also made you know some distance pots are nine fourteen fifteen. you know those were not were not nice to make and you know if i keep it in a place on my line they'll start dropping. for real one and. has claimed a pole position at the chinese grand prix it's
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a special one because it marks formula one's one thousand race of toss picks his teammate lewis hamilton to first place on the grid in the savings pair well ahead of their nearest challengers are already meanwhile alexander bone and didn't even make it to the qualifying after this big crash luckily the thai driver walked away unhurt there but they'll start tomorrow's race on the back of the grid. now twenty four year old saddam is preparing to make history as the first ever iranian woman to take part in an officially sanctioned boxing match khadem started out training in secret in tehran before moving to france and she steps into the ring this saturday for her first official bout she's hoping she can land a blow for equality all the way back home. women have been fighting for equality in iran on many fronts and saddam's condom is
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breaking new ground for a country that allowed women to attain a min soccer game for the first time last october. now the end of the day there are limitations that apply to each and every country you can't just say that about iran there are some good things about iran and there are some not so good things but at the end of the day you can achieve what he wants . to some iranian women do bucks but no woman has ever had an official belt. here in france that condoms training can't she already gets a champion's welcome without her family in bracing the idea of boxing condom might not have gotten to this point of her aspiring career. my parents were against that but then they accepted the idea and gave me support and what i have now is because of them. win lose or draw
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cottam is dedicating her fight to other women boxers in iraq. you're watching the news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's dot com or follow us on twitter at news thanks for watching. earth. home tunes of species. go home worth saving. here those are big changes and most start with small steps. to do is tell stories of creative people and innovative plan.


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