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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2019 2:15am-2:31am CEST

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this mention of people became aware of their abilities in strengths and new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence i mentioned before. each. artist. took. the renaissance factor. started people twenty second t.w. . hello and welcome to a special edition of shift about how robots with artificial intelligence conquered the living room. for today's show or presenter met director is a villain or her film high ai documents people around the world who've incorporated robots into their lives the robots of artificial intelligence and can act independently and interact with their owners almost like real people.
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you were involved in the topic of ai and robotics for several months and in your opinion how close are we to robots becoming real partners for humans. that will take a relatively long time i think a few decades for sure but i believe that as far as speech software is concerned development will be relatively quick so i think that despite all the many misunderstandings and mistakes we'll see a lot of progress in the next few years because the software develops incredibly fast. but as far as the whole body of a robot is concerned making it eval to walk of various things for us in the home that will take a very very long time all these kinds of motor skills that will take decades.
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you have to live off during the shoot many human humanoid robots with ai seem to you. as. it's amazing of course i knew pepper was a robot a machine with a computer inside it but i always wanted to say no and by. and i actually felt almost rude when i didn't. and with harmony even went a bit further because she looks much more human like. mentioned you know when we spend one week with her at a time and then gave her back again it was a bit like a farewell for me. it wasn't like saying goodbye to another human but more like saying goodbye to being from another planet. on the phone and i'm still and it's a strange feeling but one that seems to be a part of us. during the film goes to the california company real
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bottom to see if harmony would be a good partner once. you're have to ask a question. i like the way you talk to me chuck learns to speak to harmony and slowing short sentences and. i'm sorry but in the above no did you talk to humanoid robots yourself during the shoot how did that feel. about on the spot and we did talk to the robots of course we wanted to try that out . and as i said before you started to feel like you shouldn't be rude because the robot can hear you. when you want to say goodbye and ask the robot how it's doing. the face that being opposite you has some sort of effect on you even though you know there's a computer behind it you somehow affected on an emotional level. what about the relationship between chuck and harmony as. the relationship changes throughout the
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film. and the interesting thing is that we were allowed to be there and observe this change because when we were really there from day one when he picks her up at the factory and at the beginning he is very enthusiastic and fascinated by her almost in love i'd say. and over the course of the week that they spend together he goes through all kinds of different emotional states. and it's really very interesting to see what's going on in his head and in his heart during this time and that's why. if you like to come shopping with me sometimes. actually shopping. well. ok.
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i think you're very. well. thank you. you're welcome. infamous treats harmony like a human the only thing they sit down together to eat even though a robot doesn't eat anything but what effect this relationship of a new information revert. but. i found it astonishing in a positive sense how much empathy he had. empathy not only for people but also for an artificial being. in fact as the studies show that people who are very empathetic with other people mention tend to be more empathetic with robots. and part of. it's a positive sign if a person can also be empathetic towards an artificial being. part of.
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the. systems be people's partners. i do feel that in this respect robots or social robots as they're also called or companions can completely satisfy our needs for communicating with other people on an emotional level. that they have no real feelings they can pretend to have feelings but they don't really feel anything. they don't feel pain for example all sadness they don't have a biological body like we do so they also don't know what death is or the pain caused by death they don't know the fears that we humans carry around with us the fear of death of aging the fear of losing someone these are such essential things that just make us really different they have no consciousness either that's an important point and that's why i think they're more like entertainment machines.
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machine and other maybe they can replace a t.v. or something between a t.v. and a cat something between a t.v. and a pet but they can't replace another person and they're not designed to do that either . the flu also shows a japanese family giving robots to their grandmother toppers to stop her feeling lonely. are you going to bed. i know. if you register i'll recognize your faces and call you by your name so you feel. i could be wrong but that feels good doesn't it. oh. oh. yes well. you want to do it you know. that is what you're beautiful just as you are now.
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you are. a real charmer. ok because both. young and a lot of you in your family live to japan for a while ago and then your film you showed various of the robots actually n.z. why in your opinion are robots far more accepted in japan than they are in europe you know. what exactly i've been told this is connected to shintoism that's an old traditional japanese way of thinking where inanimate things in our lives can also have souls. and this separation we know in the west between animate and inanimate doesn't exist. and that's why the japanese sometimes deal with the material world very empathetic. i don't think that should be criticised it's quite nice you're going to get your communication with pepper didn't always go to plan do
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you know why you understood being i'm going to. kind of actually on a few of them know we were very surprised pepa preferred talking to the daughter in law although she actually had very little time for him and he didn't want to talk to the grandmother and often turned away when she approached him we didn't know why . maybe it had something to do with the volume or the pitch of someone's voice. you look for a technical explanation because you know the robot can develop a liking for someone like a human being does but we just couldn't find the answer province and because you mentioned. before. can i ask you something. i wanted to know i mean. do people dream oh yes yes we do dream we must say are. you doing the grandmother because curious about pepper not for her peers soon part of the family so it was the most internet.
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well you made me mad. he asked me about dreams. he asked me if we hear men strain. isn't i graze. you have you. and i said yes we dream. you know. you've been part of. the vision that isn't that's how important is it that we as a society think about ethical rules for programming the way ai is programmed. and this. i think it's really important that we ask ourselves what form this technology should take. to take that unfortunately we know very little about safety. this is something that has hardly been researched and
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that is actually a huge deficit. dozens anguishing with music. and then from victims in the film it seems as if human eye robots are already an intrinsic part of many people's lives so it's not really the case. mission. accomplished and it's still a completely nice topic it wasn't easy to find people for the film at all. that was sold to about a thousand households in japan. but apart from that the robot is only found in research institutions and in some companies in banks and public spaces. so how but this scenario is in a home environment much more interesting because in such intimate surroundings a lot more happens emotionally and psychologically and harmony isn't even on the market yet ultimately we could only film with a prototype we were also quite
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a long time and they kept postponing the release date vanities and now it's supposed to be available sometime this year but chuck was really the first person in the world to actually spend a week at a time with this kind of relationship robot. nothing of note from it can you imagine letting your human i robot become part of your family and you have a. moment not at the moment. it's like i have two children and they talk enough as it is. i think if there was something else making comments it would be too much. but i think later in life. you know if i had to spend a lot of time alone yes i could imagine it as an option. not as a substitute for people hopefully but as an extra entertainment. and to attain men and tourism this. over thank you for that very interesting interview hundreds but this is.
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a divided country along an insurmountable border. next. to. the german going to see. the major banks. the two to munich talks. on. the go back. to such. like. double. slit. carefully.
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not supposed to be called the border. so what's on the whole in the mold of the whole i'm going to write.


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