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this is d.w. news live from lynn fighting rages near libya's capital tripoli with schools already dead the united nations calls for thousands of refugees course in the crossfire to be evacuated we'll ask what options they have left also coming up thousands in sudan's press their demand for an immediate return to civilian rule to face a new military rulers pledge to hand over power within two years is not enough. time to dramatically from beneath the waves the president of the seychelles is
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warning his country could end up underwater if action isn't taken on climate change . time and you could as mackinnon thanks so much for joining us. the world health organization says fighting near tripoli has killed one hundred twenty one people and wounded nearly six hundred now that since strongman khalifa haftar launched an offensive earlier this month to take the libyan capital today was supposed to be the date for a united nations backed conference aimed at bringing peace to libya instead the u.n. is warning that the lives of thousands of civilians are at risk among the many refugees who previously escaped conflict in their own countries. these families fled as have tours troops advanced on tripoli from the south they've sought shelter in
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a school building with the capital in their sights have tars fighters are paying little heed to the safety of the civilians in their way. my children and i had to leave our hirees because i was afraid we'd get bombed yeah the. government fighters are trying to hold their positions but they are faced with tough tars heavily armed forces which can draw on tanks artillery and air support if they breach tripoli's defenses the fighting will soon spill over into the city the families huddled in the school would be in danger once again in the absence of help from the government they're relying on boy scouts volunteers for survival. support from the government or aid organisations whatever aid we distribute has come from neighbors. according to the un at least
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eight thousand people have fled the fighting for those who remain food and medicine are in increasingly short supply. to talk more about this i'm joined by i'm not saying he's the director of the father institute the first policy think tank in libya and as lives in tripoli he's joining us today from london welcome and us can we start with the humanitarian situation in libya what effect is this having on the people there. destruction i mean. ten thousand people already displaced and that the number isn't much it's a roy it's coming to or. looking to past and present. that might spread this month this would be the third war for five years since the beginning of the civil war. i didn't occur as part of that and it really does create a very very desperate situation the on that fuel supplies are working to ensure local services like water electricity work destruct and that's going to that's
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a cause you don't want that much but it's the humanitarian support a slow process that all the places that host displaced people also be targeted i'm going to this is for them to be targeted by actors and of course this is a psychology can we talk about general who is he backed by and where does he get his weapons from. well this is really this action has come for the last five years from the u.a.e. primarily and i think they've given him the confidence and the diplomatic immunity and political support so not only war launched this war he launched that the chief of the un that's on a terrorist and it's good it was very competent and the u.a.e. yes that equal to the minister to go in tripoli landed in. that massive supply of weapons and ammunition which not only gives him the fuel sustain the conflict further it's a question whether or not you know he are supporting the government or they've been saying that over five years that have been given this kind of the street assistance
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now after has the result continued the result so it's really not a question of whether or not the u.n. can get a deal you know a deal on the ground in tripoli it's about whether or not they can sell actors from the outside like the u.a.e. like egypt like france even like russia as well for himself in the sustained i mean issues of legends that make this kind of liquids out there he's not spending any money he's not spending is a lot of it's already left the country and people as a separate property so it's it's really that the answer lies of additional that. can i ask you briefly this unrest in libya push more migrants towards here at. well certainly the infrastructure the houses the refugees the moment it's really have. many of the schools of logic and infrastructure in tripoli that would house refugees and has displaced people has been talking to the two schools is that. until it was completely kind of choice. or so i think that's where there's a big i mean there's also this system that provides for these this is the refugees
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and migrants leave and it's this is the ministry of interior that this is the fence that has people that are working on this if you're the architecture that works on this they would not have been consumed by unnecessary war the way that what they would normally do which is too early for the refugees also working against isis so well i do not understand in the numbers we were lucky. given all of the security architecture and the structure as we consume our office on the story was that it's a very very dangerous zone and given that may and june it is logical migration season. and after al gore marty in london thanks so much. and you had a sit down the military council has promised a fresh start for the country following this week's can he vowed to quote operate to the old regime there tenet general abdel fattah says a civilian government will be formed after talks with the opposition with a maximum transition period of two years but demonstrators remain unimpressed
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boosted by the resignation of two top officials they've presented a list of demands to the military verbless among them civilian control now. outside the military headquarters in khartoum protesters are making their voices heard fed up with decades of autocratic rule they've been calling for democracy for almost four months. the. only accept a real change satisfying the revolutionary people who are looking for a good future. with. the sidneys people rejects the military chiefs who ended the thirty year regime of the veteran president omar bashir the army is still very much in charge but she has success i want a general link to the genocide in darfur lasted just one day in the top job before announcing his resignation many are unhappy that he was replaced by another army
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commander though abdel fattah han is not wanted for war crimes behind immediately sought to appease the crowds on the streets he announced the end of a curfew imposed by his predecessor and promised that a civilian government would be formed within two years but the demonstrators want to clean break who will never leave this place we will shout it out together who will shout it out to our freedom and liberty to do our good justice or this is the least we hold to give her word just as we all sit in for freedom wisit in for another new government representing by out by by out by our own. there is people protesters say the first step towards a new beginning is to replace the military transition council with a civilian one. and some of the other stories making news around the world freshly elected israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has convened the first meeting of
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his new cabinet who was narrowly awarded a record fifth term up for elections last week is likely to face continued allegations of corruption. finland is voting in parliamentary elections today which are expected to overturn the center right government the social democrats and greens are promising to alleviate the governing coalition as austerity policies and polls show the right wing populist true finns policy could emerge as the second largest political force in the country. new protests have been held in serbia against the government of president alexander who church thousands have been taking to the streets every weekend for months the demonstrators accuse the church of becoming increasingly autocratic intimidating the opposition and trying to silence the media. the president of the seychelles has made a dramatic plea for action on climate change he called for greater research into
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the world's oceans adding we know more about the surface of mars than about the seabed his country is threatened by rising sea levels and it's feared many of its islands could soon disappear below the waves which is where he chose to make his appeal. seychelles is on a mission a mission to save the ocean and thereby the very existence of this string of one hundred fifteen islands off africa's eastern coast the islands are among the places already feeling threatened by climate change and in march a team of scientists launched the nekton ocean mission to explore the secrets of the indian ocean. on sunday president danny for a drop down below the sea surface to make a plea for greater international conservation for more than one hundred twenty meters deep. the sea how's the special relationship with all of us. it keeps the planet alive it keeps us alive
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and it is clear to me that it is under threat like never before. the marine special plans are an initiative put forth by seychelles to promote long term management and create a sustainable economic zone around the islands if implemented it would be the first large scale marine management plant in the western indian ocean and the largest such plan in the world the indian ocean is the least known at least protected of all scientists estimate as much as ninety five percent of it has yet to be explored . scientists with the seychelles next on ocean missions say international help is needed to decrease the greatest threats to the region including global temperature increases coral bleaching overfishing and the widespread use of plastics choking out our ocean ecosystems worldwide. to major sports and lewis hamilton coasted to victory at the chinese grown pray with the sadie's dominating formula
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one's that one thousand race reigning world champion hamilton led home and the sadie's one to finish in clear of his teammate del terry but us ferrari sebastian fettle was a controversial third after benefiting from team or does. china have the honor of hosting growing pretty number one thousand miles stone race ready made for a man who's used to setting milestones of his own lewis hamilton on the left was beaten to pole by miss eighty's teammate valve three brought us by the first corner though normal order had been resumes. behind then things are a bit more messy deniel creates toro rosso getting tangled up with the two mclaren's. messi could also have described ferrari strategy by let us get. up go up particularly ten laps in charlotte order to the left of the statesman sebastian fassel three it was supposed to allow fettle to attack the
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mercedes pair but instead he came under pressure from red bulls max to stop and the grand plan appearing to backfire. but the front miss eighty's were running away with the race hamilton with air between him and both tass. one legend of the sport alan prost left away even other over the line. but it. was so i'm so proud of you so much i feel that you were. so moved. success for the brits hamilton seventy fifth race when it sees him replaced so the top of the tribe is standing. in gulf tiger woods remains on course to win his first major title in more than a decade as he heads into the final round of the u.s. masters woods fired six birdies in round three as he's just two shots behind leader francesco molinari the oft times for the final day have not been brought forward
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due to the threat of thunderstorms players will be grouped in threes instead of the usual to use some interesting the first obstacle. you know usually if the reward is for playing hard and do all things correctly you get an eyeful sleep them come sunday but that's not good because are we going to go up early and will get after. now a super plane with six engines two fuselages on the longest wing span ever created has completed its maiden flight the so-called straps in the launch took off from the mojave desert in california and flew for two hours the aircraft is designed to launch satellite laden rockets into space from high up in the air rather than the ground making space missions cheap is the brainchild of paul allen the late co-founder of microsoft. here watching the news live from the get the another to get you can always get all
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the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's the dot com but for now on behalf of the whole team here in berlin thanks so much for joining us. here at what's coming up for the book good news with one team to talk about you want the job you know it's time to take a look a little bit means for the title of course.


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