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you could write any apocalyptic scenarios you want and probably most of them do come true. comics it just starts to courteous on d w. this is d w news live from berlin fighting rages near libya's capital tripoli with scores already dead the united nations calls for thousands of refugees caught in the crossfire to be evacuated we'll ask what options they have left also coming up thousands in sudan press their demand for an immediate return to civilian rule they
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say their new military rulers pledge to hand over power within two years is not enough. i'm called assman thanks for joining us today was supposed to be the day for a united nations backed conference aimed at bringing peace to libya instead the u.s. the u.n. is warning the lives of thousands of civilians including refugees are at risk and the death toll is already mounting the world health organization says fighting near tripoli has killed one hundred twenty one people and wounded nearly six hundred that some strong men khalifa haftar are launched an offensive earlier this month to take the libyan capital. these families fled as have tours troops advanced on tripoli from the south they've sought shelter in a school building with the capital in their sights have tars fighters are paying little heed to the safety of the civilians in their way will lay
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a cloth my children and i had to leave our hirees because i was afraid we'd get bombed. government fighters are trying to hold their positions but they are faced with tough tars heavily armed forces which can draw on tanks artillery and air support if they breach tripoli's defenses the fighting will soon spill over into the city the families huddled in the school would be in danger once again in the absence of help from the government they're relying on boy scouts volunteers for survival. we have no support from the government or aid organisations whatever aid we distribute has come from neighbors . according to the un at least eight thousand people have fled the fighting for those who remain food and medicine are in increasingly short supply. for more let's bring in. the he's the
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director and founder of the deck institute that's a policy think tank focused on libya and us let's just start with the humanitarian situation in libya can you describe for us the human toll so far. it's incredible the says they still are coming from the u.n. today we are saying that sixteen thousand that have fled two thousand displaced in the last twenty four hours going to this is been destroyed a thousand refugees are not trapped in tripoli so the human toll is catastrophic so far this is only the first week of a war the hope that it's a deadly enters into or this kind of wars are all wars of attrition low latency that they suck up and absorb the consume so much of the humanitarian support system that tries to work to save the lives of civilians the helpless people who are trapped by conflict out there isn't it is also not talking to several schools that would be nice makeshift shelters several civilian areas where they're going to present the strengths and sort of on assistance which sweaty and elizabeth destroyed as
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a catastrophic toll so far but this is just an early thirty's and it could continue well what about general halfhearted self who is backing him and where is he getting his buttons from. well according to the minister of interior attributed the u.s. government he received an article yesterday from the u.a.e. now the u.a.e. has primarily violated the arms embargo since at least sixteen and doesn't succeed we should remember it was the last time the un brokered peace and create a peace a government of national accord that was supposed to settle differences between the two warring sides that was the year that the u.a.e. violated the arms it was in unprecedented numbers but also establishes first overseas air base in eastern libya and this is where things get tricky is going to take its own slots of chinese political rows or many perpetrators a cost so much human casualties in civilian casualties across the country primarily in eastern libya because it is and today you have there is the presidency in or in
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the allegiant which remember that he renamed them and so they were going to field marshal sisi in a lot of sort of feel much after in the north to fear most is egypt and models themselves on this on the very same kind of political lens the was to be a military strongman but unfortunately the polls are vultures and western libya there are so many armed groups so many on revolutionaries so many civilians not a theory force they got weapons in their fight against and try to defend the civilian nature of. the presence of the million mention of the states and go back to what they were from dozen level it's almost like the revolution to start they go into thousand and nineteen eight years and with all that finish how about the civilians in libya what options do they have. well there are very little i mean we're talking about some of the less you know the numbers don't get the real kind of close it's a mention of what may have happened to many of the civilians one hundred thousand people were displaced from one of those that's almost a seventh of the population in the last very very many and also being displaced and
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if not this place not the shelters that many captured over the years the civilians that have been captured by the resources that are being interrogated for sharing those that are basically it's really really not also the recruits which civilians also are not only are they not so. they can end up in jails we have record numbers coming from. the jails are being overwhelmed with not only people. that are literally rules or civilians that use this i mean those are things on twitter on facebook very nasty fight over who is the we were very very nasty all right and you have the deck institute thank you very much. now in sudan the thousands of protesters have camped overnight outside the army headquarters in the capital khartoum there boosted by the resignation of two top officials and they presented a list of demands now to the military rulers among them immediate civilian control
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of the government the new head of sudan's military council has promised to quote up root the old regime after this week's coup lieutenant general abdel fatah board hon says the civilian government will be formed within two years but demonstrators are still keeping up the pressure. outside the military headquarters in khartoum protesters are making their voices heard fed up with decades of autocratic rule they've been calling for democracy for almost four months. we will only accept a real change satisfying the revolutionary people who are looking for a good future. with. the sidneys people rejects the military chiefs who ended the thirty year regime of the veteran president omar bashir the army is still very much in charge but she has success i want a general link to the genocide in darfur lasted just one day in the top job before
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announcing his resignation many are unhappy that he was replaced by and now the army commander. is not wanted for war crimes behind immediately sought to appease the crowds on the streets he announced the end of a curfew imposed by his predecessor and promised that a civilian government would be formed within two years but the demonstrators want to clean break ever leave this place. together. do our cradle of liberty do our. justice or this is the least we also give her for justice we all sit in her freedom with it in for another government representing by out by by out by our own. people protesters say the first step towards a new beginning is to replace the military transition council with a civilian one. joining me now in this studio is the.
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us he's been tracking this story for us all weekend now the protesters they want a civilian governments they wanted now they do not want to wait two years as the military council has said why is that. i think it's basically because they don't trust the military council we have to know that sudan was in this situation thirty years ago when a democratically elected government was toppled by a member was also two years two days ago and then they have thirty years of military rule so they say we don't want this to happen again we don't want. what's happened in egypt to happen to us were the knowledge of counsel also top of the you know the president. sees the power so the there is a very big amount of mistrust in confidence between the two parties the new interim leader yesterday promised to up root the old regime of course the ousted president bashir is that
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a credible promise though. it can be credible if he shows that he can take you know steps to make it more credible that's what the protesters want to see they want to see immediate steps taken of for example what they want to see is like. to persecute all the figures of the old regime old the. main figures of the national intelligence and security services who they make responsible for the groc down on the process in the last few months and also during those thirty years of the military regime they want them to see to see them before in front of a court of law so they say if the military council meets these demands among other demands then we might. carry on negotiating with the military council but not under these circumstances let's zoom out for a second now of course omar al bashir he ruled with an iron fist for for three
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decades so why did he fall now why have the protesters finally gotten so many victories i think it's been a very long process and it has began two thousand and eleven when other. or arab countries had their arab spring their revolutions and top of their presidents. sudan. lost a very big share of its income when the south sudan and south sudan separated and gotten into venice so they'd dire economy situation down employment dissatisfaction of all these people has mounted up to this moment and we've seen this months ago it's began again there was a high rise in red cross and through prizes and it's began actually in rural areas not and city where people tend to be more integrated so i think when this
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let's say revolution begins in ruler area it's tends more to get really big i can imagine with just my opinion. thank you very much debbie is tracking that fast moving story for us thanks for joining us thanks. let's get you caught up now on some of the other stories making news around the world freshly reelected israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has convened the first meeting of his new cabinet as you know he was narrowly awarded a record fifth term after elections last week although he is likely to suit based indictment on corruption charges. parliamentary elections are underway today in finland and they're expected to overturn the center right government there the social democrats and greens are promising to alleviate the governing coalition's austerity austerity policies and polls show the right wing populist true thins party could emerge as the second largest political force in the country. a super
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plane with six engines two fuselages and the longest wingspan ever created has completed its maiden flight the so-called distraught so launch took off from the mojave desert in california and flew for two hours the aircraft is designed to launch a satellite laden rockets into space from high up in the air. all right sports now in lewis hamilton he coasted to victory at the chinese grand free with mercedes dominating formula one's milestone one thousand race reigning world champion hamilton lead home a mercedes one to finish ahead of his teammate terry botha us ferrari's sebastian vettel was a controversial third. china had the honor of hosting groom pretty number one thousand mile stone race ready made for a man who's used to setting milestones of his own lewis hamilton on the left was beaten the poll by miss avies timi found three process by the first corner of the
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normal order had been resumes. behind then things are a bit more messy dinny of three at story getting tangled up with the two mclaren's . messi could also have described ferrari's strategy by. foot. ten laps in charlotte. the statesman sebastian france all three it was supposed to allow fettle to attack them a sadie's pass between states he came under pressure from red bulls max for. the grand plan appearing to backfire. but the front smith sadie's were running away with the race hamilton with between him and. one legend of the sport's allan crossed left a wave another over the line of joe i want to. do so so proud because so much. so more success for the british hamilton
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seventy fifth race when it sees him replace the top of the drivers standings. coming up after the break it's the bundesliga show with all the goals from saturday's action dortmund hosting bites after last weekend's humiliating loss to buy munich they get their title challenge back on track find out coming up next. watching news from berlin all the latest news information around the clock on our website. thanks for watching. any time any place.
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