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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2019 2:02am-2:15am CEST

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byron had a rumble in the jungle between teammates midweek come on fighting they forget about do it mean the table any fight left for opponents for two of dusseldorf we've got you covered let's close out match day twenty nine. how long would do it made a whole lot of first place biron wasn't aiming to take the top of the table back last time the size meant it indeed even for two look have a similar fortune at home and the hunt for europe is all and often i've had the chance to hurdle brave man in the standings with the win against him and frankfurt welcome to outwork the town how high can the eagles flood. time chris harrison welcome to the show we have plenty to talk about joining me for this sunday powwow are two top experts to my left a very special guest former but as they can midfielder and current coach of antigua and barbuda national team michel didn't say hey doing very good thank you feeling
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good you've been traveling a lot lately i know glad to see here. very own max merrill how was miami and are you ready to get down to business it was great and i'm ready to rumble all right glad to hear it now let's start at the top bar in munich's robert levin dosti and kingsley coleman exchanged blows in training and head of the dusseldorf match coach nico box confirmed it happened but also said the issue was squashed here's some advice pick and choose your battles what about the fight to defend the title well both of byron's boxers were in the starting eleven who'd strike first and would it be the right target. after his midweek bass kings they come on picked up where he left off landing the opening blow after just fifteen minutes was the when his cross found its way straight into the goal by and ahead one nil. and just before half time come on was at it again this
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clinical heat from the twenty two year old making it through melted by and. munich's management were handing out the sweets early. in their sporting director the treats were perhaps a little sour and it got worse as certain aberdeen made it three nil after fifty five minutes and were in cruise control on the an injury to captain manuel neuer threatening to spoil the show replacement spend all right had little to do up until a controversial penalty for handball. julie converted but it was amy consolation play on gorecki landed the knockout blow in injury time i crusie full one victory for the variance. following that lopsided affair byron munich reclaim the table leave they didn't allow dortmund to have more than one good night's sleep now michelle start with you i think there was an expectation that it
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would have no trouble you know dealing with those now do you expect it to be this back and forth at the top of the table between byron dorgan until the end of the season i really hope that the battle will be until the end but. honestly if we have to see that i am i think it's a great team at the moment i want thirteen or fourteen games and very strong at the moment so and just see doesn't all of us struggle a little bit but i really hope that the race will be end on the last day. manuel neuer will have to see you know how long the injury will last now max let's take a. step backwards and talk this thursday's pre-match tussle between robert levin. break it down what exactly jaspar there so this day in training a full blown fist fight none of that shoving and pushing that were used in football but it came out and was then confirmed by by and which is somewhat unusual for a big club like them and allegedly the beef was between live and coleman both
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thinking that the other is too egotistical and then the fists flew and we can have a look on instagram because the eagle eyed fan would have seen this coming a day before it happened. posted this picture right here so he's already warming up for the fight and the guy has previous lost he had a heated exchange with homos in training as well and twenty fifteen have to be separated from bowen saying there was an footage of that where he and him were almost coming as a direct yes you know and his wife is a karate champion so this was a real brawl and on friday this was what the coach nico kobach had to say about the matter hit the theme mission as far as i'm concerned the matter is closed i'll say it again the three of us sat down and we all talked about it we sorted it out the issue is over. and life goes on those date didn't get well and just to confirm there was no fine for either player and coach even said it shows that emotion shows
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the team is alive and then michelle over to you talking about that emotion as a former player current coach how often do players get to fighting during practice . two to three times a year maybe undecided on my time was like that but it's like well of course this is emotional and it's a good sign to everybody that everybody is very deep and concentrated in his job but you have to be more professional and does and does display to not to show ever to public that what's happening in the team right and then the age grat live in dogs is about seven years older than coleman is a younger buyer players so it's a shame to see that but they've recovered now i'm actually mentioned zero five and kobayashi actually did not even send the players home for the training he allowed them to finish you know what does that say about coaches focused yeah i mean it's strange really to according to some sources the players even were surprised that no one was sent home and it's a very less a festal it's kind of cost them at the start of the season when they want to use
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who only who has came out and publicly backed him when there was rumors that senior players went really respect his methods they disregarded a mobile phone bandit team meetings and team dinners almost mo's wife criticized him on instagram and you know i think maybe it'll improve the squad overall when some of the senior players are moved on and he gets the respect of the younger players but it is a bit worrying to me i think you have to be a little bit tougher in those situations and show the plays this cannot happen at such a crucial part of the season ok our knesset site guys we have some more action frankfurt and alex burke have been on different paths this season frank first been soaring to high land even champions league contention while alex burke's been slowly sliding down the table so low in fact they hired a new coach ahead of their clash with frankfurt not the best time to visit the eagle's nest. frankfurt came into this one after a bruising loss away to benfica in the europa league. and martin schmidt would have
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been hoping the hosts were suffering a european hangover. but frankfurt looked anything but groggy but failed to properly clean a corner and console pacy n.c.r. not at home with just forty minutes on the clock but then things started to unravel for frankfurt after half an hour mark richter turned well to slot home his first league goal of the season. having broken his goal from an richter feasted on frankfurt's generous defending to make it two one before the break. frankfurt needed leadership but captain jealous and fernandez lost his head just two minutes into the second half down to ten men for the second much in a row frankfurt couldn't find the energy for an equaliser and kept their nerve to pick them off the counter. the points on eighty four minutes of a crucial win for work and handshakes after his winning start. in sunday's early match hoffenheim hosted a week in here to berlin side that had several key players missing and it showed.
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in the twenty ninth minute diva mary put the home team in front with a stunning strike inhofe and i've continued to dominate manage and get this twenty nine shots to hit this measly five the second goal came late on in the second have nineteen year old get no response and soon the victory the two new big three going to hoffenheim way. grabs to that all right now let's back a little bit and talk to frank for madge were you surprised about this outcome the frankfurt you know outcome and do you think this hurts frankfurt's hold on the top four spots of course because nobody expected that they lose this game again because it was struggling just the last game against hoffenheim but. yeah you do have to be careful because if something as if they're going through this way and maybe they gonna lose to international position right and i think that's a keeper you know a condition for look you know if it's as well you who's willing to barcelona
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reality did i know the champions league you know birth will will help encourage him to stay and max what about this euro belleek the t. do you think this is her this has hurt the i think certainly because it's the first league loss in the twenty nine season and they lost after the away game today in lisbon on thursday previously they won very narrowly against men back when they had a match away in milan and drew against. after a game in donetsk now when they play at home it's all ok but these long travels it's really affecting our squad that's not that big and as you say i think it's really key that get into the champions league because of the players that are trying to hold up the club did sebastian l.a. is hurt right now so you know it's tough to see what will happen with the eagles now with all of the matchday tonight's games in the bag let's have a look at the table with five games left to go this season as mentioned by iron take that sat back all the same from three to five hoffenheim is when gets them in
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sixth place knocking down braman in the bottom half out of work still have their feet to the fire but they've helped themselves out a bit by picking up points at frankfurt. now macs are with you dusseldorf has reason to celebrate they have secured their software sees it expected yellow because of results going their way yesterday they they are actually now safe and won't be relegated the season mathematically and it's hugely surprising all the experts lots of the fans and lots of the neutrals will have thought they went would go straight down or at the very least be in a relegation battle till very late on in the season as it is five games to go and that they're safe and it's incredible because not only have they done that did they not have very big chances at the start of the season they've had turmoil with the coach a change of sporting director and now more changes in the chair in the boardroom so that usually looks like a club that's really struggling instead cruising to going to watch lessons to them
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you know you know that's a good point though over to you michelle for one do you think dusseldorf will be able to stay up after next season first real quick do you believe that they'll secure their actually have allergies and i don't know it's very tough to say. maybe maybe are not now who do you guys call for the team that will secure the playoff relegation spot there's always a lot of drama surrounding the sixteenth spot of the table who stood guard it's guys on the team who is a play against maybe some poly ok ok right now why would why stuttgart it was there and i don't like the way how they play football at the moment it's it's not like you see and this area a team who is really worked hard as you see on the last game what the players are doing on the field it's it's a shame to see players spend twenty not a player and you don't want to spawn the bonds ok do you agree really quickly
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struck out or i explore guess going to tell you there's never going to well that's all for us this week i'd like to think my guests michelle didn't say and max merrill for their input from all of us here in berlin. first. her first clip. and then gore's grand moment to run a joint direct attack on her journey to. introduce dungeon. entering into returns home. to know that seventy seven percent. are younger than six. that's me and me. and
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you know what. the seventy seven percent. looks. seventy seven percent this weekend on d w. the next few minutes will be the most important so far in tanya's short life. the show is called goalless g.s.t. the moist kids runs during prime time on russia's first channel.


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