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all right any appeal going to be snide if you want and probably more if they do come to. the car. starts here thirty years on t w. this is deja vu news live from berlin protesters in sudan demand an immediate transition to civilian rule pressure from demonstrators has already toppled two presidents in a week but the people want democratic leaders not military. also coming up officials in south east africa plead for more aid after cyclone it died a month after the storm the u.n.
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says hundreds of thousands of people are still at risk. brazil's indigenous tribes say they are facing extinction under president also narrows policies we have the front lines in a battle over protectively. plus is the greatest comeback in sports that's what some people are saying after tiger woods scored an astonishing victory at the u.s. masters it was the american golf first first major title in eleven years and comes after struggles on and off the course at threatening to end his career. i'm sunni so much going to thank you for joining us we start in sudan where thousands have held fresh protested a man that the country's military hand over power to a civilian government mass i'm to anti-government demonstrations helped push longtime president omar al bashir from power last week
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a military council replace him now the council is offering some concessions to the protest movement but demonstrators are keeping up the pressure in hopes of seeing their demands met insole. there's dancing in the streets of cartoon a sudanese capital but along with the ongoing relief that the military has ended decades of oppression under former president omar al bashir there are fears that the generals will now keep the power for themselves the crowds outside army headquarters demand an immediate handover of power to a civilian transitional government. the new government a real civil government a content. people with qualifications no only military people better be able not only protect our country protect our nirvana the new military council held its first meeting on sunday it's trying to placate the opposition saying it will only
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rule for a maximum of two years while democratic elections are organized. a quarter of. the opposition forces are in charge of appointing the prime minister and his cabinet for a civilian government. who are calling on them to have a united voice but the crucial decision of who will become president is one the council wants to keep for itself and some of its members were key figures an alibi she has regime in. the demonstrators say they'll continue their peaceful protests until there is sure that the old regime will be completely dismantled and their demands are met. so you know. i'm just. after living for decades under a ruthless regime and the people of sudan a longing for stability and peace. we have adam bahar with us the sudanese human rights activist living in berlin he came to germany eight years ago to flee political persecution in sudan out of good morning thank you for joining us we saw
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that the military council in sudan has removed the defense minister announced a new intelligence chief there are also reports that they would arrest members of the former government is this going to be enough for the protesters i think this would not be enough for the justice because first of all they demanding the civilian government and there's a one of the reasons of what i've done on the street because they say you need more out of me to give us we have we have enough it's to be as about as up in one thousand four sixty four and in one in one thousand. nine hundred fifty eight it was all sort of a nuisance with don it was also military terms about what i was and i'm going to stick to the ship i mean the main point now to have this civilian government when it's possible but the military also says it wants to help build a civilian government to work with the protesters in two years and we've been two years time you don't believe those claims i think not only me also people who don't believe that because also there is this association who is like the nice
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professional situation was like holding all of this i'm calling for demonstration just did it in just four months is they have papers. so called for freedom and change and then just chords everything that clears as they need forty years of of this transition time because foot is who does it is a more problematic of anyone that is a warning that for since two thousand city there is a war also noble on tensions since two thousand and eleven and people need time to establish government who can also include or just problem inside the cigs is also people don't really agree was just two years so much people see it is not enough time to need to rebuild. would be. just probably they need time that isn't also important for the military to establish some sort of stability and security is very volatile people have been on the streets as you said sudan's has faced there is conflict since well is it important for there to be stability in order to ensure a democratic transition for sure for sure is important but also people say it's
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important to have a civilian government within within the protecting from the army it means that they don't have to have this power of decision about what to do what where does it have to be the decision of the civilian government and the army is just have to protect what is going on this is an idea but it's still they don't make it i mean that's what we write for a while waiting for to know and also you know is it was in discontinue it is a said to us of of the dictatorship that is a more established of law somehow in different. ways and people need also to. just power as a problem not because people are asking for for bidding for the national congress a party who was holding support for said to us. national intelligence it could it said if it was until not which is in power. this is this is problematic because this national intelligence set of this said if he was killing people interested in
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just four months of demonstration i just think people is a touch of people and until now no one wrong to justice is also point a lot of people asked for it don it's not happening on to know right so those structures are many just very briefly how do you see this playing out in the coming weeks i think people will stay in the street and there was just protesting more i was i was hoping that it would be changed to have this union government but i think they would it is not doing it so quick now they will try to play it was a time i mean the next time you say they make every day when a statement to give some point and just ok but they would try to play was a tie because i mean destruction of city is not easy to disabuse you know so quick right sudanese human rights activists here in berlin thank you so much for joining us thank you. now united nations officials have warned that fresh disaster is looming a month after cyclonic die struck southeast africa hundreds of thousands of people are still facing hunger and disease the u.n.
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children's fund says more aid is needed in mozambique malawi and zimbabwe nearly one thousand people died because of the cycle and and more than two million were affected many of them in the city of beara mozambique. houses destroyed and. are slowly being rebuilt but the u.n. a struggling to reach areas around mozambique second biggest city that are still water logged. rescue teams are using amphibious vehicles as well as boats and helicopters. however many people haven't received any help whatsoever since cyc loan hit four weeks ago it's very hard work out there and it's painstaking and we just have to keep at it and again maybe the headlines are over in terms of like the big cyclon that hit but the work and the gravity of the situation remains very much a reality today. the united nations world food program has managed to deliver tons
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of food and other aid to accessible areas hundreds of thousands of people have received help. today i'm getting paid for the first time myself until now i have gotten by with most my daughter and grandchildren received after their houses were destroyed. around half a million small holders and their families lost their livelihoods in the storm harvests and a large part of their seed stocks for next year have been destroyed eighty percent of the people in this region are relying on these crops or fish which has been basically wiped out as you know people in the affected areas will have to rely on aid supplies for months to come. let's catch up now and some other stories making news around the world a commemoration summit ceremony in nigeria has marked five years since the kidnapping of nearly three hundred chibok schoolgirls they were seized by boko haram jihadists launching an international campaign to secure their release one
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hundred twelve of the students are still missing they're now in their late teens and early twenty's. finland social democrats are claiming a razor thin victory in parliamentary elections. party leader on to reno could now become the first leftist prime minister in more than twenty years the populist right wing sins party came a close second climate change welfare and immigration dominated the vote. germany's motor vehicle authority the k b a is investigating dialer over new emissions cheating allegations he k.v.a. says that sixty thousand mercedes benz s.u.v.s produced between twenty twelve and twenty fifteen were equipped with previously undiscovered emissions cheating software the regulator says the car maker removed the function during software updates a douglas spokesperson says the company will cooperate fully with the k.p.a. several carmakers have been implicated in the admissions cheating scandal ever
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since volkswagen first admitted to using a cheating software. let's get more on the story with gary hart offers from date of you business how your how so this diesel gate scandal has been around for some time now is it really a surprise that we're seeing a more admissions of possible cheating here where the investigations have been going on for for some time and he came to light in two thousand and fifteen nothing more more comic cars were getting involved first was just v.w. and always has always maintained that they were innocent but now it looks like they are being accused of secretly removing a beast of software previously installed on sixty six thousand of that engines that was sort of a cheating software that break down the emissions and testing conditions but not on the switch this off on the roads on the road they were polluting much more but the problem here is that the k.v.a. the. transfer of authority says that they now wire these updates secretly removed
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this software so that months appear later on it never was that and that's the difficult bit here. from the back of the dog. and always maintained they had a clean conscience so is this going to be a blow for deila for the car industry here well it's another blow for for the car industry or the car makers have been implicated there's an ongoing investigation right now that is nearly concluded by the commission about colluding that basically shows that dime love b.m.w. and v.w. are the jewels of the of german industry really have colluded to. not introduce expensive technology to make cleaner engines so that that is not it's very damaging all in all for the german cars just kendall continues gary hart offers from date of your business thank you so much. to syria now where the task of rebuilding regions once controlled by the so-called islamic state has been slow
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going in the town of bugaboos booby traps are preventing residents from returning to their homes medical facilities are also close to nonexistent that is despite that you hottest last major bastion falling to the syrian democratic forces three weeks ago the remains of a camp on the banks of the euphrates this is where the last fighters from so-called islamic state were holed up until their defeat here in biggies a lot of bodies of not yet been recovered many are under rubble that is riddled with mines kurdish units have sealed the entrances to a complex system of tunnels as the area is high risk. their legacies in the town we funked mines weapons but so far no fighters as our units come across them they'll immediately shoot. this rural and once peaceful tide now lies in ruins time and time again the silence is interrupted by explosions
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shots and the sound of sirens special forces have been deployed to sleeper cells. local clinics find themselves overwhelmed by the number of casualties there's a shortage of doctors medicine and on to bio ticks to treat the most serious cases most of those are women and children. but we can't take care of them we can't help them some need operations but we don't have any surgeons patient care mine clearance and reconstruction these are the enormous tasks facing baggies since the victory over to islamic state and it kitty ears for people to return here. you're watching news still to come the party that launched tiger woods back to the top of his game will find out why some people are calling this moment golf's greatest comeback. but first germany's foreign minister is calling on the venezuelan broadcasting
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authority to reinstate the spanish language channel on its cable network the service was taken off air on sunday germany's international broadcast broadcaster had been covering the escalation of the crisis in the hands well of special daily show's viewers have been advised that the news content can be accessed on social media and you tube channel did have your correspondent also says the public is seriously concerned about the shutdown. i've been getting calls nonstop since last night of people that watch the show that watch the news and are worried about how are they going to inform themselves now dr berlin has acquired one of the highest ratings in news channel's your business well in the past few years because all the other news channels that people were tuning in to inform themselves were taken off the air it's a shock to some that they will not be able to tune into direct surveillance on the
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t.v. sets now. the internet here is quite terrible and so tuning in on you tube live is also a problem so a lot of people are worried they will just not get any information as they were getting before when they were tuning into the river. now to brazil where tribal leaders say the amazon rain forest is being rapidly eroded by illegal logging they also claimed the country's rightwing president sharples the narrow is putting the interests of big business before safeguarding their heritage to the tribe occupy protected territory in a forest near purcell's border with bolivia but they are constantly battling against loggers tribe members say they fear for the future of their way of life and their survival. the current pune is chieftain andre and his tribal elders a worried something here doesn't feel right they know this rain forest intimately and these cuts were not made by them the trail has been left by illegal loggers who
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could still be in the area and may well beyond the character lived deep in the amazon rain forest just one of brazil's three hundred indigenous peoples and they're facing more and more incursions by the log is. as the head of the tribe i worry for myself for my people and for future generations if we lose the forest we lose the basis for our existence it would mean the end of our people and we're very concerned with. a bloody war has been raging over the rain forest for years president also narrow appears to be inciting the conflict he's made it clear he's not concerned about the indigenous people's way of life that in poland's the big landowners and their henchmen they carry puna take us to an abandoned druggists camp rev
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a tree for the tribe but the intruders nearly always come back. or who he is they were bedded in here until we found them in drove them away but they caused a lot of damage they've marked out and divided up the whole coursed they'll cut it down and sell off the land to cattle farmers don't have in the brazils constitution guarantees land rights to local people but both sonora has handed responsibility for their lands to the ministry of agriculture which has close links to the powerful meat industry and the election sweetener to supporters but worrying for the locals thirteen tribes are holding a crisis meeting in kerry putin as village school. if lloyd is in the queue my spot is inches not so much the president says that we indigenous people are an obstacle blocking brazil's progress but that's not true we can ship it to
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the countries progress by looking after the amazon rain forest and my own passion i thought that was only. the carrot have already faced extinction hereupon the oldest member remembers meeting a white man for the first time in the forest forty years ago the man gave him a rosary unwittingly passing on a number of diseases all but eight of the tribe died now once again arrah pan fears the worst. the lawyers come to the forest and take our trees so that cattle can graze the land how am i supposed to live by fear or people will become victims of genocide. the tribe spell out their resistance on the ground i think to attract attention if not in the capital brasilia then in the rest of the world everyone they say should worry about the rain forest. right it's a sports story everyone's talking about tiger woods has sealed an astonishing win
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in the u.s. masters we have a limited talking from good of you sports with us to tell us more about the story this is his first major title in eleven years is this the greatest comeback in sports that's what people are saying right possibly yes and exactly that's what people are saying and you know what they were doubts if tiger woods would ever play again after the win you know because of all the back injuries that he's had and after the win yesterday you know tiger woods himself said that his children have only ever seen the pain that gold has caused him you know any time he tried to swing a club you know he'd fall to the ground so you know yes nice comeback absolutely historic you know not just because of you know for but also for him on a very private level let's actually take a look at the at it. it was the moment of redemption for tiger woods the significance of the forty three year old's first major in eleven years could be heard in the roar of the crowed. was
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unseen in the emotional embrace of his family to him he'd apologized that an infamous twenty ten press conference after lou details of his passionate life were made public was only two years ago he pleaded guilty for driving under the influence yet here he was again triumphant on the last day of the masters was the overnight leader italy's francesco molinari had slipped up two bogeys on the back nine leaving the door open to the chasing pack. and it was woods who took advantage belying recent problems to grab the lead who was the crowed willing the ball towards the whole woods never looked likely to relinquish it. was
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released and joy were extreme with his face as he claimed his fifth green jacket on fifteenth major he must know have his sights set on jack nicklaus's record of eighteen was you know lima we saw there it's been such a difficult road back for tiger woods how unlikely did that victory seem over the past few years oh highly unlikely i mean golf experts needy experts had written this man off his physical and emotional issues were just seen to be way too big to surmount you know the chaos in his private life the marriage problems the cheating scandals and then of course his physical condition you know he's had four back injuries and he you know he was really public about it he was constantly in karolides in pain he said that he could barely sit still could be any walk so you know two years ago you know he was also. rest in peace mentioned he was arrested for driving. under the influence and five drugs were found in his body namely painkillers and would soon sell it had come out saying that you know i don't know
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if i could ever take oath again or get a loan and normal life so it's incredible he beat all odds you know and he did it also beating some of the best in golf yesterday and you know let's hear from the man himself now could have had. more drama. than what we know. and. i'm not in a warm bolding. this stuff is hard. just to come back here and play as well as i did and did all the things all the little things well this week and to do it here this is that so much to me my family this tournament. to have everyone here it's something i'll never forget the whole motional he is there lima what you think comes next for tiger is going to dominate now for the next how many years so the motivation is there the will is there we've seen the self believe he has fifteen majors and you know he knows he
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can make history if he does surpass jack nicholson as you know a record of eighteen so he knows he's really close to that but of course the only concern that i have is that you know the only thing holding him back is that he won't get younger he is forty three years old and of course as you know his health you know ken his body keep up can he sustain the sort of performances on a regular basis this was one tournaments but can he do it on a regular basis and i think that might prove to be a bit more tricky if so do you think that we could see him eclipse that record of eighteen majors you know when it comes to tiger woods i am not driving this man off because you know we all did it after two thousand and nine and he proved us all wrong yesterday all right a limit on his four thank you so much for bringing us that story. motor sports now and lewis hamilton coasted to victory at the chinese grand prix as mercedes dominated formula one's one thousand race reigning world champion hamilton
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lead home the mercedes one two finishing just ahead of his teammate terry both tests for ariza sebastian vettel came in a controversial third. china had the honor of hosting grand prix number one thousand mile stone race ready made for a man who's used to setting milestones of his own lewis hamilton on the left was beaten to pole by a sadie's teammate valid three brought us by the first corner of the normal order had been resumed. behind then things are a bit more messy to me of three at story getting tangled up with the two mclaren's . messi could also have described ferrari strategy by let it. go up particularly ten laps in charlotte corral order to the statesman sebastian france all three it was supposed to allow fettle to attack the mercedes pack but instead he came under pressure from red bulls max to stop and the grand
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plan appearing to backfire. but the front smith sadie's were running away with the race hamilton with between him and. one legend of the sport's allan proft left to wave another over the light. show out of. this so i'm so proud because so much i had to take. so more success for the british hamilton seventy fifth race win and it sees him replace both tasso the top of the drivers standings. are at their reminder now of our top story that we're following for you here on d w protesters in sudan hold fresh rallies calling for an immediate transition to civilian rule the demonstrations contrast sudan's ruling military council pledges
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not to break up the protests and implement some opposition demands. you're watching t.v. news up next german football's dramatic title race to the enter show the bundesliga coming up in just a few minutes and don't forget you can always get the latest news and analysis on a website dot com thank you for watching.
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elephants may have fixed games the best still wary of the. same kind of voice places when peace up buzzing around. that cave environmentalist in south africa excluded national public and i can. easily be harnessed to protect
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endangered species from a finance. reform today in sixty minutes on g.w. . and during the supply chain reaction above paragraphs. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in faucet enabled us many. and if people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way. there was an outpouring of self-confidence but it's the first. architects. scientists. and artists. who invented completely new things and talk of the ancient giants who had
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originally been its teachers who believe. the cultural out of the darkest blue juice into a new. place probably no place anywhere in the when things were invented in such quick succession from. the renaissance. starts and through twenty second w. wirehead a rubble every jungle between teammates midweek come on fighting day for get a bell dortmund the table any fight left for opponents four to look we've got you covered let's close out match day twenty now. how long would don't need a whole lot of first place but it wasn't
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a means to take the top of the table back last time besides met it indeed even for two look have a similar fortune at home and high.


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