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player. this is g.w. news live from berlin protesters in sudan demand an immediate transition to civilian rule pressure from demonstrators has already toppled two presidents in a week but the people want democratic leaders not military rule. also coming up officials in south east africa plead for more than eight for more aid after cycle and you die a month after the storm the u.n. says hundreds of thousands of people are still at risk. the squalid conditions facing palestinian refugees in jordan after the cuts to u.n.
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funding by the trump administration to decimate services on the ground. plus is it the greatest comeback in sports that's what some people are saying after tiger woods scored an astonishing victory at the u.s. masters it was the american golf first first major title in eleven years and comes after struggles on and off the playoffs have threatened to end his career. i'm going to thank you for joining us. in sudan thousands have held fresh protests to demand that the country's military hand over power to a civilian government mass anti-government demonstrations helped push longtime president omar al bashir from power last week a military council replaced him and the council is offering some concessions to the
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protest movement but demonstrators are keeping up the pressure in hopes of seeing their demands met in full days dancing in the streets of cartoon a sudanese capital but along with the ongoing relief that the military has ended decades of oppression under former president omar al bashir there are fears that the generals will now keep the power for themselves the crowds outside army headquarters demand an immediate handover of power to a civilian transitional government. the new government a real civil government a content. people with qualifications no only military people ready to be able. to take our country protect. the new military council held its first meeting on sunday it's trying to placate the opposition saying it will only rule for a maximum of two years while democratic elections are organized.
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the opposition forces are in charge of appointing the prime minister his cabinet for a civilian government. are calling on them to have a united force but the crucial decision of who will become president is one the council wants to keep for itself and some of its members were key figures in the alibi she is regime. the demonstrators say they'll continue their peaceful protests until there is sure that the old regime will be completely dismantled and their demands are met. and this after living for decades under a ruthless regime the people of sudan a longing for stability and peace. we're joined by adam bahar now he's a sudanese human rights activist living in berlin i came to germany eight years ago fleeing political persecution in sudan adam thank you for joining us because as we saw in that report the military council has made some important concessions to
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these protesters including getting rid of some top officials why is it that the protesters are still on the streets until now because they are only going to act it's a problem they say ok that would. be dust but until now no one know even what is the president but it didn't matter because she used it as a main point i mean and also the secret service who killed more than hundred people in just four months or just until now. just a no one brought to justice just a main street for many people is to just so you're saying there's a lack of credibility there in the military council says they want to reach out to the protesters and help create a civilian government within two years but people just don't believe that. this two years is not for me to cover people need immediately civilian government just as well as a program what we see you know is with done it is also not just a ball just because to get
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a little short time to try to solve what is program of war in the modern ten for. the demands of people to have these forty years of government to include people who was also in a position party or to fight you know going to. what do you think is needed right now at this very volatile time to make sure to ensure that sudan has a democratic transition first of all people need to die a myth that the civilian government this is like a demand for people don't give it up that's what they have to do the second things which is a need to protect people who commit a crime against going to see these people to justice justice is to be given court and if we don't get to order to govern. i mean did he was not a criminal because of committing treason if you decided of. course the people he didn't want them to have a justice to bring all these people who commit crime again this is for his people not only the president also the people who was in the ticket
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a set of his own or just people who couldn't support this since beginning of this protest do something so it's very important to see justice do we know anything about the whereabouts of president bashir. is it because problem until now no one know what he said you know and so much people don't believe anymore in this army government where they are not showing i just what is his and this is probably much extinction also in national. congress party what was saw as a bottle of the government is said to still exist. and to succumb program will have to be sort of no one knew until now how even is it another to get the blame for what is going on in sudan right so there's a lack of trust in the military council just very briefly where do you see this playing out over the next few weeks if the protesters say we're not backing down. that would be more coming up somehow kind of way for giving the people jobs
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to do to believe i mean you said they have a press conference going on there's a some point who was a hoot and he's like one step forward but people need more i mean the next days maybe the people will have to stay in protest more and more money would be more dramatic. development coming all right adam bahar a human rights activist living here in berlin thank you so much for joining us it only comes. now united nations officials have warned that a fresh disaster is looming a month after cyclonic die struck southeast of africa hundreds of thousands of people are still facing hunger and disease the u.n. children's fund says more aid is needed in mozambique malawi and zimbabwe nearly one thousand people died because of the cycle and more than two million were affected many of them in the city of betta in mozambique. houses destroyed and
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self are slowly being rebuilt but the u.n. is struggling to reach areas around mozambique second biggest city that are still water logged. rescue teams are using amphibious vehicles as well as boats and helicopters. however many people haven't received any help whatsoever since i clone hit four weeks ago it's very hard work out there and it's painstaking and we just have to keep at it and again maybe the headlines are over in terms of like the big cycle and that it but the work and the the gravity of the situation remains very much a reality today. the united nations world food program has managed to deliver tons of food and other aid to accessible areas hundreds of thousands of people have received help. today i'm getting paid for the first time myself until now i have gotten by with most my daughter and grandchildren received after their houses were destroyed. around half
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a million small holders and their families lost their livelihoods in the storm harvests and a large part of their seed stocks for next year have been destroyed eighty percent of the people in this region are relying on these crops or fish which has been basically wiped out the people in the affected areas will have to rely on aid supplies for months to come. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world finland social democrats are claiming a razor thin victory in parliamentary elections party leader and could now become the first leftist prime minister in more than twenty years the populist right wing sins party chemical second climate change welfare and immigration dominate the vote . a little known mayor in indiana has officially announced his bid for the twenty twenty democratic presidential nomination thirty seven year old peter blute a judge has surged in opinion polls in recent weeks and styles himself as the voice
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for the millennial generation he will be the youngest candidate and the first openly gay man to enter the race. ecuador's president has claimed that wiki leaks founder julian assange try to use the country's london embassy as a center for spying police removed from the embassy last week after ecuador revoked his asylum ending a stay of nearly seven years such as facing prison for breaching bail. germany's motor vehicle authority the k b a is investigating di miller over a new emissions cheating allegations the k.p.a. says that sixty thousand mercedes benz s.u.v.s produced between twenty twelve and twenty fifteen were equipped with previously undiscovered emissions cheating software that the regulator says that the car maker removed the function during software updates a diner spokesperson says the company will cooperate fully with the k.v.a. a several car makers have been implicated in the commission's cheating scandal ever
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since folks wagon first admitted to using cheating software. let's get the latest on this one from the w business card the scandal just keeps on growing what do you think of these latest allegations well this probe as it is at the moment has been going on since last or last autumn down there is cooperation with authorities there but they have not been forthcoming with a final statement yet. basically they say that this previously unknown bit of software was installed and sixty thousand engines bought now the case saying that the authorities are saying that diner is removing this bit of software secret if you will from up via updates to that regular service intervals so it looks a bit fishy it looks like don has no removing it just to try to obscure the fact that it was there in the first place and don has always insisted in the diesel gate
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scandal that it was a very clean and no wrongdoing on donda side so and that this looks really fishy right and these are serious allegations as you said is this going to be another blow for the german car industry well it doesn't it doesn't look at it adds to the picture and if you if you just look at the european commission's probe into collusion to delay. cleaning technology over the last couple of years collusion between b.m.w. diamond and v.w. diamond acted as a whistleblower that they sort of went to the e.u. commission said yes we did this. this way avoiding a fine which which is good but also fines the night of the e.u. i know the german authorities have fined german comics so far they've been very lenient in that respect and it's not good news for the for the you of the german car industry. twenty nine billion euros to deal with all the fallout and b.m.w.
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announced last week that it had put one billion euros aside to deal with the fallout of all this so it is definitely it adds to the bad picture about the clouds over the german condor straight talk right god offers from the business thank you very much for that analysis for. you're watching good news still to come the path that launched tiger woods back to the top of his game will find out why some people are calling this moment greatest comeback. but first to the middle east crisis and the dire conditions facing palestinian refugees following a policy change from the trump white house in two thousand and eighteen the u.s. cut all funding to a united nations relief agency that provides services for palestinian refugees from the west bank living in sprawling camps in jordan around two million palestinians
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live in these camps and jail russian rucka and as didn't you say abraham and in modern report the budget cuts have had a severe effect on their lives. twenty seven year old ali implicitly roams the refugee camp or he was born and raised it was once his job to clean the streets here but now the garbage is left on collected she was one of around forty senate asian laborers employed by the united nations relief and works agency for palestine refugees for short to keep the camp in jordan clean in twenty eighteen the trump administration announced it would seize all funding to the agency so it has had to let employees go including sanitation laborers like. the u.n. agency was able to raise new funds from some forty other countries but still needed to reduce its hold budget by ninety two million us dollars last year. from working with my financial situation is difficult and when my elderly father notes of deals
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i can't give it to him anymore. nor during that my dream is to go back to work for the war i was self-sufficient. in the campus extremely dirty and in the coming summer months it'll only get worse. really has asked us not to reveal his identity his refugee status doesn't allow him to work outside the camp his job was his only source of income to support. his family of six. there are now only ten workers left to clean a camp with a population of thirty thousand and as a result the camp is experiencing a garbage crisis. of jordan's ten refugee camps for palestinians this one is the absolute poorest an estimated fifty two percent of the residents here live under the national poverty line with the recent cuts to an era residents say conditions have reached an all time new low no claim the camp is lacking in everything. the senator is situations very bad every day i have to clean the streets myself. we
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knew for to a different camp because it is the largest refugee camp for palestinians in jordan with a population of over one hundred thousand many families have been in the camp for generations here sanitation is not the only problem residents of houses with makeshift roofs like this one are especially vulnerable in the winter months. a father of two says he hoped would help with building expenses but they always cited a lack of funding he was forced to go into debt to pay for this metal cover. about how i'm a grown up but i can handle this but i was worried for my children all night about carrying them from one room to the other so that the rain would not fall on their heads i had to put buckets all over the house i had no other solution. to the solution he found is by no means sustainable water still gets through the house
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poses many health hazards and the children are at risk of electrocution from uncovered wires. says that when the summer months hit the roof will make temperatures inside the house unbearable he says he feels abandoned with no other option but to hope for a better future. germany's foreign ministry is calling on the venezuelan broadcasting authority to read state spanish language channel on its cable network the service was taken off air on sunday germany's international broadcaster had been covering the escalation of the crisis in venezuela with special daily show's viewers have been advised that the news content can be accessed on social media and that is you tube channel. correspondent says the public is seriously concerned about the shutdown. i've been getting calls nonstop since last night of people that watch the show that watch the news and are
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worried about how are they going to inform themselves now don't travel it has acquired one of the highest ratings and news channels here in this well in the past few years because all the other news channels that people were tuning in to inform themselves were taken off the air it's a shock to some that they will not be able to tune into direct surveillance on the t.v. sets now. the internet here is quite terrible and so tuning in on you tube live is also a problem so a lot of people are worried they will just not get any information as they were getting before when they were tuning into the incident. it's a sports story everyone's talking about tiger woods has sealed an astonishing win in the u.s. masters we have a limited talking from good of you sports with us to tell us more about the story this is his first major title in eleven years is this the greatest comeback in sports that's what people are saying right possibly yes and exactly that's what
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people are saying and you know what they would have doubts if tiger woods would ever play again after the win you know because of all the back injuries that he's had and after the win yesterday you know tiger woods himself said that his children have only ever seen the pain that golf has caused him you know any time he try to swing a club you know he'd fall to the ground so you know yes nice comeback absolutely historic you know not just because of you know for golf but also for him on a very private level let's actually take a look at the at it. it was the moment of redemption for tiger woods was the significance of the forty three year old's first major in eleven years could be heard in the roar of the crowed hughes was on the scene an emotional embrace of his family so he made apologized that an infamous twenty ten press conference after lou details of his passionate life were made public was only two years ago he pleaded guilty for driving under
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the influence yet here he was again triumphant on the last day of the masters was the overnight leader italy's francesco molinari had slipped up to bogey's on the back nine leaving the door open to the chasing pack. lebow and it was woods who took advantage by lying recent back problems to grab the lead who was to crowed willing the ball towards the whole woods never looked likely to relinquish it was released and joy were at some woods his face as he claimed his fifth green jacket on fifteenth major he must know have his sights set on jack nicklaus's record of eighteen was you know lima we
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saw there it's been such a difficult road back for tiger woods how unlikely did that victory seem over the past few years oh highly unlikely i mean golf experts needier experts had written this man off his physical and emotional it's issues were just seen to be way too big to surmount you know the chaos in his private life the marriage problems the cheating scandals and then of course his physical condition you know he's had four back injuries and he you know he was really public about it he was constantly in keralites in pain he said that he could bend he said he could be any walk so you know to his a goal you know and he was also. rest in peace mentioned he was arrested for driving under the influence and five drugs were found in his body many painkillers and goods himself had come out saying that you know i don't know if i could ever take off again or get a loan on lawman life so it's incredible he beat all odds you know and he did it also beating some of the best in golf yesterday and you know let's hear from the
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man himself now could have had. more drama. than what we hope we had out there and. not in a warm bouldering. such as hard. just to come back here and to play as well as i did and did all the things all the little things well this week. and to do it here this is that so much to me my family this tournament. to have everyone here it's something i'll never forget the whole motional he is there lima what you think comes next for tiger is going to dominate now for the next how many years so the motivation is there the will is there we've seen the self believe he has fifteen majors and you know he knows he can make history if he does surpass jack nicholson as you know a record of eighteen so he knows he's really close to that but of course the only concern that i have is that you know the only thing holding him back is that he
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won't get younger he is forty three years old and of course as you know his health you know can his body keep up can he sustain these sort of performances on a regular basis this was one tournaments but can he do it on a regular basis and i think that might prove to be a bit more tricky if so do you think that we could see him eclipse that record of eighteen majors you know when it comes to tiger woods i am not writing this man off because you know we all did it after two thousand and nine and he proved us all wrong yesterday all right to limit his four thank you so much for bringing us that story. now in the bundesliga byron munich's robert levin dusky and kingsley come an x. jane just blows in training before their teams match with just a thought in a fight for the title both of byron's boxers were in the starting eleven and they quickly had to sell darth on the ropes. after his midweek bats kings they call mom picked up where he left off landing the opening blow after just fifteen minutes.
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the wing is cross found its way straight into the goal by and ahead one nil. and just before half time come on was at it again this clinical hit from the twenty two year old making it through mail to buy and. unix management were heading out the suites early. in their sporting director the treats were perhaps a little sour and it got worse as certain every made it through email after fifty five minutes and were in cruise control only an injury to captain manuel neuer threatening to spoil the show replacement spend all right had little to do up until a controversial penalty for handball. julie converted but it was amy a consolation gorecki landed the knockout blow in injury time a crusie four one victory for the variance.
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lewis hamilton coasted to victory at the chinese grand prix as mercedes dominated formula one's one thousand race reigning world champion hamilton lead home a mercedes one to finishing just ahead of his teammates well terry brought us furry sebastian vettel came in a controversial ther. china have the honor of hosting growing pretty number one thousand mile stone race ready made for a man who's used to setting milestones of his own no is how often on the left was beaten to poll by miss eighty's teammate found three brought us by the first corner of the normal order had been resumed. behind then things repeat more messy to me of koreans toro rosso getting tangled up with the team occurrence. messi could also have described ferrari's strategy. by let's have a step. up or to go. ten laps in charlotte corral order to the
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statesman sebastian fassel story it was supposed to allow fettle to attack the mercedes pass between states he came under pressure from red bulls max to stop and the grand plan appearing to backfire. but the front smith sadie's were running away with the race comments and with between him and us. one legend of the sport talent crossed left to wave another over the light. show that it. was so so proud because so much. so more success for the british hamilton seventy fifth race when it sees him replace the top of the tribal standings. are now our top story on g.w.
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protesters in sudan have held fresh rallies calling for an immediate transition to civilian rule the demonstrations come a sudan's ruling military council pledges not to break up the protest and implement some opposition to. up next our science show tomorrow today will head to one of the world's most densely populated cities to look at how an urban jungle affects. that's in just a few minutes on. i'm going.
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on a an. elephant's may have thick skins best still wary of the. same kind of morning places wendy's i'm passing around. that gave environmentalist in south africa screw their national common idea. even beehives to protect endangered tree species from hundred elephants. to form today next on d. w.
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. her first day of school in the jungle. first clinton lesson and then gore's grand moment arrives join the arena tang on her journey back to the room in our interest to document torah and unremitting returns home. i'm secure in the fireworks not hard and in the end this is a me you are not allowed to stay here any more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. when the smugglers were alliances. what's your story. i mean when i was a women especially are victims of violence. take part and send us your story your
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train or with understand this new culture. another visitor another yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for a while information. hello and welcome to tomorrow today the science show on t w this week we miss an engineer who plans to manufacture his own electric cars. why didn't we see a moment of darkness when we blink.


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