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stores impeachment you second. w. . this is c w news live from berlin is german justice finally catching up with volkswagen's former c.e.o. prosecutors indict marchin winterkorn for his role in the admissions scandal judges say that he and four other managers will face fraud charges for falsifying test results for the company's diesel cars. also coming up sudan's protesters face down
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on it military pressure rather pressure from the military they are resisting attempts by authorities to break up demonstrations that army headquarters while demanding an immediate transition to civilian rule. and to liverpool families have been commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of the hillsborough stadium disaster that claimed the lives of ninety six liverpool football fans. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program german prosecutors have charged volkswagens former c.e.o. martin winterkorn with serious fraud that's for his part of the diesel emissions cheating scandal that engulfed a volkswagen and other car makers winterkorn is the first order of company to be charged over the scandal in germany. and rob watts is here for. in the studio with
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us from davey business to break all of this down for us so what exactly is he accused of so and you mentioned the serious fraud well actually the prosecutors have used the words particularly serious fraud in relation to this case he's charged alongside four others we don't actually know who those four of those are but he's also accused of not only the fraud but of breaking competition rules as you mentioned the first automotive boss to be charged in germany over diesel emissions gondolin that's what this is all about is just remind ourselves of exactly what that was so the diesel emission scandal was the use of software by the likes of fi w. to make their cars appear to be emitting fewer harmful chemicals during testing than they actually did when they were out on the road and what is thought is that v.w. sold something like ten million cars between two thousand and seven and twenty fifteen that had this cheating software installed what mr vinta korn is accused of is knowing about this sooner than he lets on i mean he resigned more or less
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immediately after the scandal broke and twenty fifteen prosecuted in germany of today said i think he knew about this is early as twenty fourteen but didn't let anyone know and it's not the only legal trouble that is and as it now is not so if we mention he's being charged in germany which is actually also facing charges in america where this has been a very big deal that he's being sued v.w. is also being sued but there is particular focus on martin to call him that they don't want him to ever be allowed to run another organization operations in the us ever again but he was unlikely to actually face trial in the u.s. because germany has a habit of not extradite him but has avoided not extraditing its citizens but now he's been charged in germany itself he may well end up having that thing so walk us through now what happens next not only for winter choir but also for v.w. yes for v.w. this is yet. more bad press it's the scandal that won't go away they're clearly
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very keen to draw a line under it cost them billions of euros just last year actually prosecutors in germany find them a billion euros over the scandal but in the us they've also had fines of around twenty billion euro so that desperate to break free of this is you might expect most inventive cornwell the prosecutor said today that he faces between six months and ten years behind bars if he is convicted of these charges he also faces having any bonuses that he made as a result of the sale was made over those years being withdrawn from him ok so a big day when it comes to accountability for the admissions cheating scandal first time that we've seen a top boss like this charged with in germany rob watts breaking it down for us thanks so much. and in other news now sudanese protest leaders say that they have blocked an attempt by the army to break up a sit in outside of their headquarters more demonstrators are arriving to join the
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thousands calling on the country's military to hand over power to a civilian administration mass anti-government protests helped push longtime president omar al bashir out of power last week but sudanese citizens are keeping up pressure on the military council that replaced. the military intends to break up a protest that lasted for days but despite army efforts to remove them this group is standing firm. we will stop until we finish all will recall more lives really is. there some of the sauza is in saddam's capital khartoum demanding power for the people it follows the military's decision last week to overthrow the country's unpopular leader of thirty years omar al bashir although it's what the masses
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wanted they're angry that the army has taken power for itself the new government a real civil government a content. people with qualifications no don't need military people ready to be able not only protect our country protect our new government we are here to remove the entire system a system that does not does not give service equality to the people a system that leaves people under poverty a system that does not also done as a country as a rich country with human and natural resources to act as any other country in the world the new military council held its first meeting on sunday. over the weekend it also met with sudanese opposition leaders promising to rule for a maximum of two years while democratic elections are organized.
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opposition forces are in charge of appointing the prime minister and his company to four civilian government calling on them to have united voice. but the crucial decision of who will become president is one the military council wants to keep for itself. back on the streets there are also demands that bashir is associates face justice. while the protests continue many are already painting a new picture of what life in saddam could look like. freedom. and justice. whether that vision one last depends on what the military decides to do next. and let's talk now about what might happen next we're joined by ahmed assad a sudanese activists and an artist who is based here in berlin welcome to the program thank you for having me we've heard
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a lot about the protesters we've heard about their demands. you know we have the sense that are they really united here and what do they want where do you see things going from here segments of the purchases are united in the declaration of freedom of jane this is declaration that made by political parties is that these professional association which are they this is movements in the last forty minutes was so they demand is in the military gene is this going for the who do so elect to at the transition that's run by civilians and this is a demonstrative filled until now and people are still in the street until this declaration of freedom of change come to out and receive them there they're basically there now in defiance and we're getting these reports actually that the sudanese armed forces that they've they've tried to break that sit in outside of the army headquarters what are your he you hearing there from your contacts on the ground yes i think it's was very clear from the military council statement that
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they wanted from the beginning on two to two to demand the people to accept their their new new government so they need to use this space and to use military has water that will be given to them and if they saw it today early in the morning at nine o'clock there's our forces from the on the surrounded the space and then i started to negotiate and this three wish it was a protest and the negotiators on either the vice president of the military council the protesters a peaceful protest rejected this negotiations are rejected to leave the space and. the older the to ration the freedom of change being fulfilled a superior to them so they are not can you get to my eyes and this may be true colors and any kind of who she is she is damn let's talk a little more about the prospects of that civilian governments in the country because i mean we have on the one hand the military council saying that it's willing to work with the opposition in order to pave the way for that civilian government within two years what is your assessment of the credibility of those claims there's old time mistrust like l.
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of this is military council now having a lot of faces from the old regime the spoke or person of the military the military military council is actually the same person was standing behind the bashir in one thousand eight hundred nine when he made just military coups and most of them is crazy for the surprise in the region so basically there's a mistrust with this major council and there's also the curation of freedom of change is very clear that soon i think all of those political parties and political opposition they're talking about and also the military when they decide whose job was it like today there were also negotiating with the opposition and then they brought the n.c.b. deny he was a former political party to this negotiation in this because when the good old excuse of the parties so i think there's a lot of mistrust there's a lot of the old routine old see running behind this military military plan to see it again the poll was going to get more to see is true stoppage there would because the status of the old military government that history going to go from saddam for the last fifty is a critical time for the future direction of your country and we thank you so much
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for joining us this morning to share your view of medicine a sudanese activists and an artist based here in berlin we appreciate thank you. now let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world environmental activist briefly blocked several key intersections and bridges in central london to call for action on climate change it was the first of two weeks of protests planned by a group calling itself extinction rebellion similar demonstrations were held in a number of other cities across europe. and japan the fukushima nuclear plant operator has begun removing fuel rods from a cooling pool it's a milestone in the slow process to decommission the plant which suffered a meltdown after a tsunami in two thousand and eleven removing the rods is crucial to avoid a further disaster if another earthquake heads and new member states have approved controversial copyright reforms opposed by u.s. tech giants like you tube and google the reforms agreed last month by the european
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parliament have now passed the final step before they are an activity they are intended to ensure that artists use publishers are paid and silicon valley argues it will stifle online creative freedom. finland social democrats have won a narrow election victory over the populist rivals the finns party by just two tenths of a percent social democrats scored nearly eighteen percent of the vote to secure forty seats in the country's parliament far short of the one hundred one seats needed for a majority but that leaves the party leader and the daunting challenge of building a coalition if he is to become the country's first left wing prime minister in over twenty years. finland social democrats celebrating their victory in sunday's parliamentary elections even though their win came with the slightest possible margin one single seat. i.
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already. was. i i i for finland social democrats the thrill of victory could soon be replaced by the bleak reality of trying to form a governing coalition that's due to the surprise showing of you see how the hose immigration fins party who came in second by just one seat add to that the poor performance of the center party the social democrats could have a hard time putting together center left coalition making it a bittersweet victory for the party's leader anted in a. i like this but it's quite difficult to say what really happened for some reason the fins party managed to get their voters out on election day and this is what we saw during the elections it's clear that the political
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field has changed and now we have equal sized parties in finnish society this is a european phenomenon. and indeed europe has been looking closely at finland's election it's being seen by many as a bellwether for how euro skeptic populist parties could fare in next month's european parliamentary elections the finn's party is part of an alliance the could become the strongest faction in the european parliament and could radically change e.u. policies on migration families and the environment. united nations officials have warned that a fresh disaster is looming a month after a cyclon struck southeastern africa hundreds of thousands of people are still facing hunger and disease the u.n. children's fund says that more aid is needed in mozambique alawi and zimbabwe nearly one thousand people died because of the psych loan and more than two million were fact that many of them in the harbor city of beirut and was on bank. houses
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destroyed and self are slowly being rebuilt but the u.n. is struggling to reach areas around mozambique second biggest city that are still water logged. rescue teams are using amphibious vehicles as well as boats and helicopter to work out there and it's painstaking and we just have to keep at it and again maybe the headlines are over in terms of like the big cycle and that it but the work and the gravity of the situation remains very much a reality today. the united nations world food program has managed to deliver tons of food and other aid to accessible areas hundreds of thousands of people have received hope. today i'm getting paid for the first time myself until now i have gotten by with most my daughter and grandchildren received after their houses were destroyed. around half a million small holders and their families lost their livelihoods in the storm
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harvests and a large part of their seed stocks for next year have been destroyed eighty percent of the people in this region are relying on these crops or fish which has been basically wiped out the people in the affected areas will have to rely on aid supplies for months to come. now the long awaited final season of the international hit t.v. show game of thrones has finally arrived the show is a medieval fantasy set among more and families it has won multiple awards for broadcast for h.b.o. and earned them tens of millions of fans worldwide the plot details of the eighth season of the show have been kept the tight secret but fans are hoping to find out who will survive and who will end up on that iron perot. let's bring in now did have you scott roxboro who is joining us from our culture desk and bob says got no spoilers here please because some of us like myself have not yet seen
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it but what can we expect from season number eight. yeah you know i did see the first episode of season number eight last night but no spoilers promised. it's great though this this season i mean it's bringing together all the strands if you know game of thrones you know there's a dozens and dozens of plot strands of the last years they're all going to be brought together in this final season and i imagine a bit like a like a chessboard they're sort of setting up all the pieces you've got the good queen danny and the evil queen circassian their armies and then the dead king from the north with his armies of white walkers this is all going to come together in basically an endgame of the most epic television series ever made it's going to all of unfold the next six weeks and i think i'm not alone saying i just can't wait now because i mean like you know a lot of people around the world they were trying to watch the show last night the surfers are actually crashing when we've heard reported on this show i mean it's fanbase it's really a global phenomenon isn't it. oh yes very much so i mean the sort of rough
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estimates are probably better but one hundred million people are going to watch this final season which is at least double the audience size of the next biggest television series worldwide i mean it's interesting because i think nowadays television comes to atomize you know we're all watching our own little series or streaming our own little series in our own separate little groups and i think game of thrones is the final last great watercooler show the final show that almost everybody watches and everybody sees at the same time and all talks about at the same time that's really unique in this stage season eight as we've mentioned it is the last one why has game of thrones been so successful and what would you say the legacy is. yeah i think game of thrones was unique because it was the first series that really took over the epic storytelling style that we'd only seen before in big blockbuster films because because their budget they spent i mean this season is going to cost ninety million dollars fifteen million dollars per episode completely . unheard of sums created this epic storytelling that as i said we only see for
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a blockbuster films and that set a new bar and it's going to end with with with game of thrones i mean amazon has famously now said they're going to do the lord the rings as a t.v. series and spend almost maybe up to a billion dollars making that steven spielberg is going to make his first t.v. series for apple and even game of thrones itself this season will be the end of this story but they've already announced h.b.o. has already announced they're going to do a prequel series set thousands of years before which will star nobody wants one of the lead roles so while game of thrones this version of game of thrones is coming to an end this era of epic t.v. that they started is going to keep going scott roxboro from d.w. culture thank you for. today marks the thirtieth anniversary of the hell's borough stadium disaster and britain where ninety six liverpool football fans died in a crash at a nature football game back in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine banners with
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the images of those killed have been displayed outside of liverpool st george's hall the commemorations coming just two weeks after a jury failed to reach a verdict in the trial of the police match commander here's a look back at the tragedy. i was the worst stadium disaster in british history ninety six liverpool football fans lost their lives falling across the sheffield venue in one thousand nine hundred nine. in the wake of the tragedy as an entire city grieved authorities try to falsely blame supporters for overcrowding in the standing terrorists. a front page story in the sun newspaper compounded the myth victims' families have been fighting for justice ever since. kenny darvish or told you about that fateful day they were all for the ground and saw. no longer expect enough well. you know we all really went to
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a football match on what we. can but in your mind you know if it never got to. twenty four hours later. the streets were in fact police had opened a gate to try to relieve overcrowding outside but a crush then ensued inside an initial inquest said the deaths were accidental meaning criminal charges could not be brought but the families did not give up and kept pushing for a new inquest an independent panel was set up to review the evidence in two thousand and twelve it found police had tampered with witness statements a new inquest in two thousand and sixteen ruled the deaths to be unlawful and police match commander david duncan failed seen here in blue was charged with manslaughter a jury failed to reach a verdict and prosecutors are now seeking a retrial. liverpool's club song you'll never walk alone has never seen more apt
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the fans to together for thirty years and their fight for what they believe is justice will go on. and the author of that report is sports correspondent mark meadows who is joining us from liverpool where the commemorations are taking place today mark what is the overriding feeling in liverpool now thirty years on. obviously the mood is quite. rightly observed even the traffic stopped that was held to coincide with when the match was stopped thirty years ago and at the end of that a minute's silence there was actually a massive outburst of applause which i think was more aimed at the families of the victims who have basically been fighting for justice for thirty years now so there's lots of events going on in the city there was a wreath laying ceremony earlier you can just see on the steps there and you might be able see the lanterns there are ninety six lanterns on the steps there one fifty
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each of the victims and also up to the banner never forget and the faces of all the . victims the city hall will also bring its bells ninety six times and what has the day been like they are marked in liverpool. well i mean the fans are of a sea. very sad but the football team is doing very well the moment so. it's good that little pool now isn't as a football club that's where they were thirty years ago as one of the best teams in england but i think the all the riding feeling of the fans is that they want some sort of closure thirty years is a very long time and unfortunately for them because this legal process is probably still ongoing it means they can't point to let me make final verdict at some point so it's mixed feelings really they want to move on but also they want to remember what was the biggest tragedy in british sporting history where do things stand with
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that legal process. well as we heard that wasn't a verdict in the trial of david duncan field a couple of weeks ago prosecutors are now looking into whether they should have a retrial. his defense will oversee say can he actually get a fair trial now given we've already had one trial and also there was an inquest which ruled that the deaths were unlawful we should find out in a few months whether they will be a retrial mark meadows in liverpool thank you. for. and i'm tiger woods has kept an astonishing career comeback winning be u.s. masters his first major golf title in eleven years many doubted if woods would ever be competitive again after personal troubles and for back surgery is the american shot seventy in the final round to finish on thirteen under par and spark scenes of wild celebration at the augusta national he claimed his fifth green jacket and
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fifteenth major he's now just three majors short of equalling jack nicklaus's record of eighteen. could have had. more. than what we hope we all had out there and who are not in a war emboldened. who are such as. this to come back here and to play as well as i did and did all the things all the little things well this week. and to do it here this is that so much to me in my family this tournament. to have everyone here it's something i'll never ever for you and it wasn't just tiger woods himself who was overcome by that historic moment former u.s. president barack obama himself an avid golfer was blown away by ty first performance he writes the following on twitter congratulations tiger to come back and win the masters after all the highs and lows is a testament to excellence great and determination tiger's comeback also literally
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moving serena williams to tears the tennis star tweeted this is greatness like no other knowing all you have been through physically to come back and do what you did today wow congrats a million times i am so inspired thank you. a quick reminder now of the top stories that we've been following for you here at g.w. german prosecutors have indicted former volkswagen boss martin winterkorn with fraud that's over his role in the cheating of emissions tests for diesel cars winterkorn is now the most senior auto industry executive to be charged in connection with the scandal in germany. watching d.w. news still to come on the program indonesia gets ready for what is being called the most complicated election in global history we will look at what is at stake for the world's third largest democracy. all that and more is coming straight up m d
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w news asia from all of us here at g.w. thank you so much for joining us i'm sara kelly in berlin on a great day. the
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right way. ghana's biggest electronics term can't trust just gotten clean out. with german assistance it's introduced with something new. which puts people and nature fast. three thousand and sixteen.
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belonging to one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already. returned to venezuela. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. but what secrets lie behind these memos. to find out in an immersive experience and explore passon eating blood cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage three sixty fifty. not all think of the jet well i guess sometimes i am but i'm still laughing when. thinks deep into the general culture of looking at the stereotypes the classics put
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in here thinking future of the country that i'm not the time. needed to take for this drama day on the east coast it's all about a new i might show join me for me again unfunded happy post. this is did nothing here is a show coming up on the program in the new show prepares for general elections wednesdays that make up for that is a logistical nightmare but our correspondent calls it a vote on the very question of democracy in the country which otherwise plus. no hope was in india's election any citizen over the age of twenty five without the.


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