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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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discovery. documentary. coming up on the program indonesia. elections. in the country. any citizen over the age of twenty five without a criminal record. even in the face of certain defeat.
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unlike you. i'm british manager welcome to. it's good to have you with us we begin in indonesia which is headed to the polls on wednesday in what has been called the most complicated ballot in global history and here's why i don't do one hundred ninety two million indonesians all slated to vote in five separate elections ranging from the presidential and parliamentary to provincial and local this what happened across the country with more than seventeen thousand islands spread across three time zones and if that isn't enough that about two hundred forty five thousand candidates in total in the running. all this on one day but the headline
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contest will be between these two men president york over dawdle and former military general. they faced off against each other in the last election in twenty four to an election as the current president won by a whisker but this time round the stakes are even higher and campaigning that ended on the weekend has been crucial chaotic and creative. elvis presley indonesian style but instead of classic rock n roll this version prefers islam infused beats. the popular local music dang dude is here to drum up support for candidates in the upcoming election. when there's music we come alive and there are also islamic clerics preaching.
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yeah she's a supporter of kabul to be until the former son in law of indonesia is the dictator . sitting a nationalist and populist tone the retired military general banks on the support of conservative voters. his rival. if in this more of a more directs the incumbent seeking a second term as president to carry on with the reforms he promised five years ago . with heavy metal music he wishes to capture the hearts of young voters which he says is crucial to win the poll. a third of indonesia's one hundred ninety million voters a millennial among them five million will be first time voters like angelica she hopes to choose a government that cares about the welfare of the people. may believe but as
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a first time voter i feel happy and proud that now my voice can help determine the future of this country it's my duty as a good citizen. other voters care about the religious tolerance that was once taken for granted in the majority muslim country buddhist leader and diesel want to hopes religion can be kept out of indonesian politics despite the rise of hard line political islam in recent years. do not use religion as a political tool we should be actively involved in ensuring harmony among followers of different religions. but no matter how diverse the country is there something many indonesians share their desire for a better future and their love for music. let's get more graphic indonesian service he's in jakarta to cover the elections it's good to see you know it's a complicated enough election as it is but what are the cute shoes here. well there
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are three key issues to watch in this election in measure namely own democratic future because of the defies if campaign strategy human rights violation and also economy get the latest being the most important ones for the voters china has become a contentious issue for this because for me uneasy and chinese involvement in their own economy is hugely unpopular but unluckily for both candidates. whoever wins this election will be dependent on china's chinese vestment to boost the economy growth because indonesia is not an easy country to invest in to especially for many westerners because of the infrastructure and also do massive corruption problems and so far china is the only big investors who are reeling to manage those risks in terms of managing these risks into egypt because at the
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current president your cover dawdle has been balancing it well somewhat because infrastructure minister have been one of the things that he's been preaching to his voters is that's something that is going to stand him in good stead. well the president you're going to try to put infrastructure or policy or his infrastructure policy on the center office agenda as the big achievement of their hero his government but. human rights activists. say that this policy also has also created many human rights for rhaetian especially online the positions they are simply too many problems for them to call their infrastructure policy to be a big achievement. and we still see many environmental activists being arrested for example going to try to. introduce indigenous. rights for
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indigenous people against big mining companies for example and they say it's one change in the next five years who have a reinstate election. now it's indonesia is also the world's largest most a majority country besides being the third most populous democracy how important is the missed dawn that political rhetoric has in these new taken in indonesia in these elections. well it also it's created. a hostile environment especially for minorities for special forces u.t.i. people when i talk to them to say that whoever wins the election you are the big loser because. both candidates will not risk their own future political future for them and in fact. the international say since two thousand and sixteen indonesia has experience more persistent acts of intimidation and marginalization against people such as public shaming for example right and let them leave it there
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for the time being from out in the news service speaking to us from jakarta thank you very much thank you. from the wilds thud most populous democracy to the most populous which is also holding elections india where any of its one point five billion citizens who are over the age of twenty five and don't have a criminal record can run for office that ensures a host of candidates entering the elections with little to no chance of winning. a veteran candidate on the campaign trail here in the city of mature and prod desh . is running for office again it's the seventeenth time that the holy man has been on the ballot at state and national level. i've been contesting since one nine hundred seventy six he predicted that i'd win my twentieth election. long road in politics has been
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a test of faith. in india candidates fall for it they were just ration fee if they perform badly policy to discourage no hopers. he's lost his deposit every single time but he knows that he's day is coming soon. i'll never lose my twentieth election it's a challenge but i'll never lose it it would be a stain on my reputation i will win and it will be. the parliament even if i'm on a stretcher or a funeral pyre. guy. to a tea stall in delhi where one man is making a bid from beyond the grave. make the candidate known as the dead man. is officially listed as deceased the victim he says of a scam. thank you seeing once these death
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records set straight so he's contesting prime minister modi's unseat environ s.c. . i am fighting against a system trying to hold a mirror to the system. i don't worry about winning or losing. but at least people will know that it is running against a popular leader prime minister narendra modi. beggarman. he knows he has little chance of success but like thousands of candidates he too hopes for a voice media in politics in this life or the next. everyone but me watches it and on sunday sees an eight. game of thrones is back on t.v. and with it one of its most well known face is peter dinklage open is. a widely noble man but now fans of the show have spotted an uncanny lookalike
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in a rather surprising look at. waiting tables at a restaurant in marvel pindi northern pakistan rosie khan has become somewhat of a little celebrity customers at the restaurant first noticed cannes resemblance to active peter dinklage who plays nobleman tyrian lannister in the emmy winning t.v. series game of thrones. they said he looks like you i said yes there are people who resemble each other they said we work on t.v. and i said no i'm not on t.v. i live right here in pakistan. it is like the fact that. it's proved a big pull for customers. and i. have being
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a field head i married with a lannister in real. can had never heard of game of thrones but since the show has become hugely popular he regularly gets stopped by strangers in the street wanting to take pictures of him many of which have made it onto social media. if i did this news a lot of pitches have been taken off me by that that's why i've become famous everywhere in boulder for al-kindi. wherever i go we revel pindi my pitches of that. and while maisie khan small restaurant is a wild away from the fantastical adventures of the seven kingdoms he says he would love to meet his look alike one day. and maybe that dream comes true that story and more on our website that did other dot com forward slash asia and you can check us out on facebook as well. that's our show for today we're live here with
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pictures of the run up to indonesia's mammoth election lots of candidates and charisma there next time but. we think different languages we fight with different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom. global news that matters d. w. made for mines.
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four years on and diesel scandal suddenly gets serious german prosecutors indict former c.e.o. vinter conte on fraud charges. continue over in his ailing jet airways the protests two pilots haven't been paid in four months. and stuck in a debt trap malaysia tries renegotiating a better deal for a pricey rail project with china.
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and then fizzle and let's do business diesel gauges finally reached the man at the top martin. is on his way to court his company manipulated diesel emissions tests on millions of vehicles around the world it got around environmental regulations while cheating motorists into thinking they were buying greener cars now the public prosecutor's office in the german city of phones five has charged into court and four other executives with fraud the scandal blew up in september twenty fifth seen a few days later into corn resigned has always denied any personal involvement in the affair which has cost the comic a billions of euros in fines. straight over to frankfurt for a financial correspondent. is this the moment that the critics have been waiting for.


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