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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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starts people twenty second on d. w. . visited the leaders live from thousands of protesters face down sudan's military rulers crowds in khartoum resist all thought his attempts to break up demonstrations of army headquarters in their ranks are growing and demanding an immediate transition to civilian rule also on the program. the school of conditions facing palestinian refugees in jordan as the trumpet ministration cuts u.n. funding and decimate services on the ground.
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i'm feel gail welcome to the program. sudanese protest leaders say they have blocked an attempt by the army to break up a sit in outside its headquarters more demonstrators are arriving to join the thousands calling on the country's military to hand over power to a civilian administration mass anti-government protests helped depose longtime president obama last week and then our applying pressure to the military council that replaced him. military intends to break up a protest that's lasted for days but despite army efforts to remove them this group is standing firm. we will stop here until we finish all the will we cannot leave this really is. what.
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they are some of the sounds in sudan's capital khartoum demanding power for the people it follows the military's decision last week to overthrow the country's unpopular leader of thirty years omar al bashir although it's what the masses wanted they're angry that the army has taken power for itself the new government a real civil government a content. people with qualifications no don't need military people better be able not only protect our country protect our government we are here to remove the entire system a system that does not does not give service equality to the people a system that leaves people under poverty a system that does not also done as a country as a rich country with a human and natural resources to act as any other country in the world the new
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military council held its first meeting on sunday. over the weekend it also met with sudanese opposition leaders promising to rule for a maximum of two years while democratic elections are organized. opposition forces are in charge of appointing the prime minister and his cabinet for civilian government calling on them to have united voice. but the crucial decision of who will become president is one the military council wants to keep for itself. back on the streets there are also demands that bashir is associates face justice. while the protests continue many are already painting a new picture of what life inside done could look like. for you know.
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whether that vision one last depends on what the military decides to do next let's get more amish from sudanese activist and. welcome to d w we'll start with this the city outside the sudanese army h.q. that's been going on for some time now for some days what are you hearing it's like this it's an x. in six of afro which is actually all of this political transformation happened because of this big amount of people up here in the city today in the morning there was attempt from the army to victory sitting but the protesters kind of close and made to percolate again as on which is successfully hold the place for for the for the purpose of the sit and which is make the army reason as a statement saying that we were not we were not attempting to say to our victim we were just coming to keep the space so basically there's kind of a victory for the for the protesters to keep on hold the space for the dog had quater no shooting and no no shooting it was like it and was
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a negotiation with the head of this army troops who came to take people out so this sounds like the country is actually in quite an interesting transition anyway because the fact that there was no shooting of the fact that the army sort of when set in and then retreated that's significant isn't it yeah basically that the army is like he has made many people from the old the old regime is still there on the pole and they want to keep this transformation without keeping themself inside so they wanted to start negotiation because any kind of brutal act it will lead to mass demonstration more and it could also need to end of their rule also or end of being in that war and so if we if we look at the people who are protesting that aside from regime change aside from the old president going to the to the protesters necessarily want the same things. yeah the bridge this is the kind of main concerns from the beginning when people want to streets something is called the declaration of freedom and change that made by cities professional association so made all the people came out to street and this declaration that it has to be
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fulfilled somehow and this demand now from the people all of them to fulfill the declaration that they have a consensus from the beginning and they also give. blood for it when they went to the street in one thousand of december and now there is kind of a political division still but there's kind of mutual agreement which is declaration of freedom of change that a civil transition or civilian authority babe's a transition for a democratic society and the army council is now in charge they say this will happen within two years do people believe this do you believe this there's old old time mistrust because the army was in the last thirty years in government governing this country and the army is is not is not any situation could be. that could be the way for for a democratic society and that was people demanding they need a civil society even in the transitional period that the army called for it now for two ears because civil paws could be the way for a democratic society and democratic transition and is
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a country ready for to be run like a proper civilian democracy other political parties of effective political parties yeah and in this declaration of freedom of change there's many nations from the left to conservative to liberal parties inside this and the declaration of freedom of change and the study of polity since they exist of the modern so that now and actually they are now who are demanding to to get the poet to demo or to technocrats authority that could could organize the social conflict which is lead to democratic society and that we will watch and see how this changes of the coming days and weeks but for that sank you for joining us a sudanese activist and artist i met the south think. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the international red cross has ended a media blackout to seek information about a nurse from new zealand who's been missing in syria for five years the organization said it was acting on reports that the waves of coffee may still be
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alive she and two syrian drivers were abducted in the northwestern city of it lived while delivering aid supplies in twenty thirteen. in japan before nuclear plants operating has begun to remove fuel rods recording paul it's a milestone in the slow process to decommission the plant which suffered a meltdown after a tsunami in twenty eleven removing the rods is crucial to avoid a further disaster if another earthquake hits. demonstrators briefly blocked to keep bridge here in berlin to demand action on global climate change it was one of the series of coordinated events to rehab begin two weeks of climate related protests around the world in london activists deface the offices of oil giant royal dutch shell and blocked roads to sections. of the middle east and the dire conditions facing palestinian refugees following a policy change in the trump white house last year the united states cut off
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funding to a un relief agency that provides services for about two million palestinian refugees in jordan sprawling camps including at a giraffe and. the budget cuts have had severe impacts on the refugees lives as i abraham and the app a new a mad report. twenty seven year old in this li roams the refugee camp or he was born and raised it was once his job to clean the streets here but now the garbage is left and collected he was one of around forty senate laborers employed by the united nations relief and works agency for palestine refugees were underway for short to keep the camp in jordan cream in twenty eighteen the trump administration and. it would seize all funding to the agency so it has had to let employees go including senate ition laborers like. the u.n. agency was able to raise new funds from some forty other countries but still needed to reduce its hold budget by ninety two million us dollars last year.
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my financial situation is difficult when my elderly father notes of deals were i can't give it to him anymore. my dream is to go back to work. i was self-sufficient . in the campus extremely dirty and in the coming summer months it'll only get worse. really has asked us not to reveal his identity his refugee status doesn't allow him to work outside the camp his job was his only source of income to support his family of six. there are now only ten workers left to clean a camp with a population of thirty thousand as a result the camp is experiencing a garbage crisis. of jordan's ten refugee camps for palestinians this one josh is absolute poorest an estimated fifty two percent of the residents here live under the national poverty line with the recent cuts to an era residents say conditions have reached an all time new low. camp is lacking in everything. the senator
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situation's very bad every day i have to clean the streets myself. we move to a different camp because it is the largest refugee camp or palestinians in jordan with a population of over one hundred thousand many families have been in the camp for generations here sanitation is not the only problem residents of houses with makeshift roofs like this one are especially vulnerable in the winter months. a father of two says he hoped would help with building expenses but they always cited a lack of funding he was forced to go into debt to pay for this. metal cover. but i'm a grown up and i can handle this but i was worried for my children all night about carrying them from one room to the other so that the rain would not fall on their heads i had to put buckets all over the house i had no other solution to.
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get the solution he found is by no means sustainable water still gets through the house poses many health hazards and the children are at risk of electrocution from uncovered wires. says that when the summer months hit the roof will make temperatures inside the house and bearable he says he feels abandoned with no other option but to hope for a better future. today marks the thirtieth anniversary of britain's health stadium disaster in one hundred eighty nine ninety six liverpool football fans were trampled to death at a major game banners displaying images of the dead have been displayed outside the school st. george the commemorations came just two weeks after a jury failed to reach a verdict in the trial police much command here's a look back at the tragedy. hillsborough is the worst stadium disaster in british
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history ninety six liverpool football fans lost their lives falling across the sheffield venue in one thousand nine hundred nine. in the wake of the tragedy as an entire city grieved. try to falsely blame supporters for overcrowding in the standing terrorists a front page story in the sun newspaper compounded the myth. victims' families have been fighting for justice ever since. kenny darvish or told you about that fateful day they were all for the go down and so what are the core of our coverage are no longer expect enough work or whatnot so you know we all really went to a football match on the road is what we will start from but in your mind never never got to. do with twenty four hours later that's just disgraceful in fact police had opened a gate to try to relieve overcrowding outside. but a crush then ensued inside an initial inquest said the deaths were accidental
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meaning criminal charges could not be brought but the families did not give up and kept pushing for a new inquest an independent panel was set up to review the evidence in two thousand and twelve it found police had tampered with witness statements a new inquest in two thousand and sixteen ruled the deaths to be unlawful and police match commander david duncan failed seen here in blue was charged with manslaughter a jury failed to reach a verdict and prosecutors are now seeking a retrial. liverpool's club song you'll never walk alone has never seen more apts the fans stuck together for thirty years and that fight for what they believe is justice will go on. this is datable news live from berlin still to come german prosecutors have charged former volves father and c.e.o. boston center call with fraud related to the carmakers efforts to cheat on fees and
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emissions test. transit will have that story and the rest of the day's business news in just a moment about the talk of the holiday. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on was. referring to. don't expect a happy ending. to the church.


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