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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2019 8:45pm-9:01pm CEST

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you must sibylla live it charles novel apostolos could be for you. the greek russian conductor turtle correct sr vides opinion in the world of classical music some call him the savior of classical music in the twenty first century others are disturbed by his musical showmanship considering it overdone too much for the concert hall they say well over the weekend he gave a much anticipated performance of various requiem with his own song will music a tanna in the mulayam church where it originally had its premiere way back in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. i. mean to leave recognizable the passage d. and c. re the day of wrath one of the climax is in just a few very nice requiem mass injected sale doctrine says and his orchestra music
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italia the touring here are one hundred eighty musicians fifteen concerts but this is the new stands out in sun marco church where they requiem was first performed this is a very very special very. basic of their approach of a concert the whole. night is done for different purposes. so this place gave us the opportunity to. find again true purpose of. secrets. and to get connected to this music in different way sanmarco church first mentioned in the year twelve fifty four martin luther was here and so was mozart illustrious guests fantastic acoustics it was here that the premie at his request him dedicated to his late friend. poet alice sundram and sony
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first performed on may twenty second eight hundred seventy full a year after months of nice day. by definition a requiem is meant for the songs of the deceased nowadays this one is rarely played at funerals more often in concert hopes. everything is so good the dramatic the intensity of the stage. with the costumes and the action is a universal. and universal drama is to drama. installment of the best. it's a drama that conducted qur'an says stage is exquisitely born in athens educated in st petersburg he founded the orchestra music attorney in two thousand
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for bush will be named the director of the state oprah in russia the forty seven year old is a perfectionist he pushes his musicians to the edge of their abilities. he's a genius meaning that he has told me in the music he's completely enfold in what he's doing and for me the genius is this person who is what he explores what he magnifies and for me to is really this he's the incarnation of music. live it may the final movement of the requiem after ninety minutes of emotional ups and downs daddy's peace result that resonates long enough to.
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and i'm joined by another. musician a completely different musician giotto welcome to the show. a multi instrumentalist you play completely different music you're also an artist on your latest album which is called deliverance is often if i say you're collaborate you've collaborated and the city in your career with so many different people this is the only the second solo album so did you feel or. no i actually enjoyed it i mean the nice thing about music is to collaborate with people but then once in a while you have the feeling you want to say something which only you really can say so that was a lot of fun well i mean i'm hoping they're going to play play a little bit of your music now we can talk. do you have is that a thing specific about this album that's very different so what's come before i had a lot of spoken word is a lot about how i feel about current times and i suddenly had
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a lot to say i didn't expect it but while i was writing it suddenly i had very long lengthy things to say and that's different than the one before because it was more instrumental. now that's your latest music let's have a look back at your illustrious career as i would say doyin of the old sort of music scene here and. we begin with the album before this which actually took you away from the city to your original home in america. danielle depict shoto love's adventure after her last album she and musician husband alexandre gave up their home in belongings and hit the road on tour taking only what would fit in their suitcase. that album was called tacoma name for her hometown in the u.s. state of washington. since the nineteen eighties though berlin has been deployed
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shows big she helped shape the city's world famous club scene making ends meet with their art and clothing design. in the ninety's she launched a music career as the lead singer of the band space cowboys and she met her husband the bassist of the equally experimental band and shots and annoyed about. c.j. in her solo work bears no resemblance to her ninety's she says her unconventional sound is inspired by the italian composer. carol you know whether you were living in it but you actually did you really you know husband decided sort of sticks get rid of everything yeah and start again i
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mean did you really do that yes we did have nowhere to go so well we did have places to go because we were always touring and so we basically gave everything up so we didn't have a place to go back to so we were touring the world to see if we could find a place that would be perfect for artists did you find. not yet. this many beautiful places but. yes yes we've noticed that berlin does have something very special for our to. it's and we thought maybe it's important for us to help keep that up a few air. where you had your sunday to do i said dawn of the old times of scene here it was actually you along with dr mater who invented the. the biggest techno party in the world the love parade of course back in one thousand nine hundred nine i believe it started i mean it's just i was
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a few friends allegedly a birthday party hundred fifty people but in eight years it became a million people on the streets of berlin why do you think it took off like that and such i think it was a magical moment that nobody expected so many things came together the fall of the wall the beginning of a new music the beginning of new technologies or the change of city that we by chance did something that spoke to very very many people including specifically east germans that were experiencing new upheaval and techno was in music with no heroes and that of course was perfect for that era and we didn't expect it to happen we were surprised as everybody else but of course we were very happy that our vision of music being able to fly over walls and that art cannot be confined in any way it came true in this magical way that so many people said we agreed and so
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true that techno has no heroes you know they can everybody can relate your new album deliverance now you say it's speaks of the world from an eagle's specter of do you like what you see. there is many things that are very difficult but in their hand i've been touring now for almost eight years nonstop and they're in many continents and countries and basically i've i've seen very very many nice and wonderful things and people realize that we. all as a species do have a great heart and that we just have to remember that they did more often so an album of optimism hopefully yes yeah i guess so it's got a little bit of depression in it to a good mixer but the last song is very optimistic ok joe i hope i pronounced that right yes i did very well. thank you for being with. and good luck with the album deliverance and it's on the louder the war level yes i rather like about
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thank you thank you. when our series one hundred must reads we come to a relatively recently published book that has become a classic of new german literature a post stall off by sybil of live it shot off came out ten years ago it's a strange tale of two sisters who take a trip to their father's homeland bug area accompanied by their father's ashes and there's a lot of black humor in that to his all resident but one david leavitt's to explain will. family vacation is so stressful especially when one of you is just been dug up from underground and the other one won't stop playing. the father in the bit in the novel apostle of has been buried in germany for decades until an old friend decides to have his urn and the urns of
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a bunch of other people brought back to their homeland borg area the man's two daughters joined the mass funeral procession of nineteen hearses. for the sisters it's a chance to discover their roots but as far as they're concerned the roots are rocking they call book areas the landscape filthy the buildings hideous and the people there seems to be only one code available for each of the sexes the women signalize we are whores and the men we are brutal we haven't come across one alley get dressed woman or one man and a well cut suit on the entire trip author's ability to chop off own father was from bulgaria and like the father in her book he hanged himself when she was young. as her final reckoning with her father's death and his country read it only if you have a strong taste for black humor. more
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almost one hundred must reads on our website at v.w. dot com slash. more on all topics here on arts and culture as well of course there's a hundred books that if you don't like that one because ninety nine more to choose from anybody not sick from us thanks for watching us from.
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we'll breck's it means britons have to do without their fish and chips. the traditional english dish could fall victim to britain's exit from the e.u. yet british fishermen don't see it that way may chanted favor brags that even though the consequences could be just astra's. good fish and chips. to saw in thirty minutes on d w. o. i'm not often out of the gym i just sometimes i am but i stand up in the winter that can be the german thinks even for german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here think the future of the country by not full time. yet needed
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to be fit for this drama they are to me it's all about their new i'm rachel join me for me the german sunday w. . post on what's the connection between bread but home and the european union he knows good old montanus e.-w. correspondent and avid baker can stretch this topic in line with the unspoken sucked by the team for. tots north. stepping recipes for success. strategy that made a difference. baking bread on.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight france is a nation in shock fire has engulfed the cathedral of notre dame in paris firefighters in the french capital are still struggling to contain the blaze which has already consumed one of the cathedrals historic spires french president emanuel mark wrong saying the scenes have brought the emotion of the entire nation we'll go live to paris for the latest g w news starts right now.


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