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south so they can plant crops and trying to feed us in samara floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can the bat right any apocalyptic scenarios you want and probably more potential damage. the climate exodus starts people thirty years on t w. steve barrett is a british fish and his boat is small by industry standards under ten meters long barrett knows what he does not want in his life the european union. if we walk away we can take back control of our territorial waters if we don't walk away because we do a deal the e.u. won't let us take back control. from our industry which we have to look like.
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fritz flint is one of germany's last deep sea fishing and. his ship is fairly large forty metres long. flynn says that he no longer understands the british. he could have become and said when he got his bit they can't take away our fish and best thing for if we don't get a sensible and organized they won't be good for us fisherman joins the transfer from. your backyard where you were playing your. records this thing this is a case that sent grew up on the north sea coast his grandfather was a fisherman and always had this talismanic on his boat. effective at the top of the. i like to be out on the water go i just can't resist
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a lot of the three that when i was younger i had another career in mind like this but that didn't work out for the sea kept calling me back out here you're your own boss and it's up to you to find the fish i think it has something to do with the thrill of the chase with the few bits of cool was used on. flint knows this business inside out. this monitor shows him where the fish are clinton his crew sail the north sea between norway and scotland the fish move around the region depending on the season they don't pay any attention to international borders. but the question is will the north sea remain open to fishing that's by no means certain. flint decides when and where the crew will put out the nets if he finds a good spot they can take in as many as two tons of fish in just twenty minutes.
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but even while flint is on the job he often worries about the consequences that breck said could have not only for him but also for british fisherman. if i should be digging out any bit of the duck would be very bored your fish go i don't know how they're going to manage their economy so that they can sell fish. of course they can keep it for themselves. i have no idea what's going to happen if they leave the e.u. . if they make a mess of the brics a process it's going to cause a lot of problems with brits of your mark title. this is the town of ramsgate on britain south east coast. many of the local residents support the exit. steve barrett is headed for his small fishing boat the razor built. he shares fritz flints
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a passion for the sea and fishing but that's about all they have in common. they're it works by himself he has no crew some days he has a good catch and others he doesn't bear and blames the e.u. for this situation. nearly three years ago he and some other fishermen sailed up the thames river to show their support for bracks and. when i started fishing. we didn't have it. we went fishing we call faith we left it there. it's gradually got worse and worse as the years have gone on in the culture fish them a little less more more restrictions. certainly. on what we think. the paperwork and the legislation. i want to say could be a fisherman. all got paperwork awfully but i've said all i'm going to fish. a
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field officer with a coronation in. the war. barrett doesn't come from a fishing family when he was younger he worked as a bank clerk but once when he was on a sailing trip to seek. captured his imagination and he's been out here ever since . it's been his life for the last forty years and he makes a living by fishing barely. today there aren't many fish in his nets. that's also bad news for the seagulls who are following him most british fisherman are like barratt they have small boats and stay close to the coast. and like his colleagues barrett believes that the e.u.'s fishing policies are ridiculous i forgot to say let's show you all got no quotes for coal. or oil go to say
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look at forged on the sole. of a septic a dog from b.i.g. feed ourselves and a hundred fifty kilo a quarter or more have to put the cut back to have my quota. or so i started say because i keep a lot of help and it's not enough. that i take a dose of salt in the one hundred fifty k. you out because i'm up a book called the good book invent company because i will call one hundred fifty three level felt which is enough to cycle one. as steve barrett returns to ramsgate with empty nets fritz flint is sailing along the coast of norway. his trawler belongs to the german company could have fish it's the last german owned deep sea fishing fleet.
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today the crew had been pulling their nets through the north sea for about three hours at a depth of one hundred twenty metres and now it's time to find out the size of his haul. with. today's catch is made up mostly of cod and monks. actually flint was hoping to find some pollock but they're obviously somewhere else today. because it's got a solution as he knows this is all crap. i found a site on the screen and it looked promising as if it's the fish like together an old drilling boreholes but there's absolutely nothing there right now to this. we thought we might have a good day. this is just bad luck. just look at it for lessons. today's catch was a disappointment. the crew
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doesn't seem to mind though. they'll try again tomorrow. night for somewhat of a fun we'll just have to go farther out into e.u. waters maybe toward scotland we'll try to find a good spot. britain's territorial waters are just one hundred sixty nautical miles away and flint knows that once they arrive there they'll have a good catch. but steve barrett can't cover that kind of distance and his small boat which he stays within the twelve mile zone around ramsgate. bird says that he's getting a lot of tough competition from foreign fishing trawlers and he doesn't think that's fair at all. they seem to have a very very unfair advantage where they come from quote through an area like
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a fish off into a bigger part of. the argument you can fish out war for the weather the way for sure doesn't apply thermate because the truth in short the whole rhyme guy is an inch or flaked. when it comes to bret's it's barrett says the harder the better. fishermen in denmark spain france and germany have been worried about how hard bracks it would affect them particularly if britain closed its territorial waters to them. if fritz plant can't fish off scotland anymore he'll be in trouble. just kind of got me through a few by next year we could be spending eighty percent of our time over there a witness and through it of us but if they shut it down it will be a raw deal for us. this is the german north sea port of play mahasen a city that has experienced first hand the decline of the country's fishing industry
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since the one nine hundred seventy s. . here at the tuning institute a government research facility economist duelling has spent the past two years studying how breaks it might affect germany's fishing fleet. is coming from extreme fire. in the worst case scenario britain would shut us out and we'd have to find our quarters of fish elsewhere. or you can order a mission there starker but british waters or where the fish are. or don't with their for their own cause other locations just don't have the quantity for it and even if they did it would be a lot more expensive to fish there that could lead to a situation where german ships could lose one hundred percent of the catch for a particular species. and i wish them for singapore you know with so bracks it
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could have devastating consequences for european fleets that fish off the british coast. duelling explains why the north sea fishing grounds are so important. it's one of our most productive maritime areas for the north sea it's rich in fish resources warm because the rivers that feed into it provide a lot of nutrients and in bristol almost one hundred percent of some commercial species are caught here. like herring for example a popular food in germany herring prefer to stay in british waters in late summer and autumn they tend to gather around northern scotland and the shetland islands but this area is inside the two hundred miles own that the u.k. wants to keep for itself after breck's it. this is the town of sas nets on the german baltic island of. factories here
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processed fifty thousand tons of herring every year and eighty percent of the catch comes from the north sea. people who work at those factories are keeping a close eye on fishing industry negotiations between britain and the e.u. . those who say. the real problem now is that we might not have a decision on fishing access for twenty nineteen so we won't be able to catch herring in the british zone. it's herring fishing season right now in the baltic the ships deliver their catch for processing but it's not enough to meet consumer demand if the british zone in the north sea is closed to foreign ships the processing plants in sas nets and the crews that supply them will be hard hit. they're trying to figure out what they'll do if that happens. the herring however
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will stay in british waters. then. we'll just have to fish in the e.u. zone in the north sea along with our partners who supply us with herring. but the fact of the matter is that you can find dense concentrations of herring only near the british coast. supplies of fresh fish from the north sea arrived at the processing plants every day usually by truck via denmark. two hundred fifty jobs at this facility depend on a regular supply of herring. the fish are gutted full laid and pickled and then shipped to supermarkets. at this point everything here is going smoothly but the threat of a bracks a boycott has made the workers here nervous. so if it's not if. things
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are sort of uncertain right now. and some people are really worried. about the money i've lived and worked on and we're going for fourteen years. i've got a house here. but i don't know what's going to happen within the next few months. inspire morning. and it's not just the workers at the processing plants who are worried people throughout the town of sustenance are concerned as well. the fish factories are a key element of the local economy and if the supply of herring runs low because of breck said the downturn could affect the entire community. as european fishing policies are hammered out here in brussels. we asked to talk to someone at the european commission about the bracks it situation but they declined
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our request for an interview. they said it's a touchy subject right now. experts are working on a wide variety of options and. the staff have been compiling reports and passing them around to members. since the commission wouldn't talk to us we decided to interview some european members of parliament. then a cool one is the deputy chairman of parliament's committee on fisheries policy in . some british any peas are here today and they include some breakfast supporters. on the labor party there are colleagues from the british labor party the conservatives and you can. sometimes one group blames the others for the brigs at mass. the fisheries committee and the e.u.
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commission have been debating emergency response measures to bracks that. the discussions show clearly that the situation in the north sea fishery is enormously complex. after. years of life for example the european fisheries and marine fund would have to be restructured and we consider financial support for the possible decommissioning of fishing vessels. but of course we want to negotiate a new trade deal with britain as quickly as possible. there are spanish and dutch crew members on board british fishing vessels highly skilled crew. and they're an important part of the team. some people get really emotional about that situation. and it's getting a lot of attention. but the whole crew here where. we're now
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in the scottish town of peterhead a thriving port on the north sea coast one third of all the fish imported by the u.k. moves through peterhead. if the fishing industry is booming anywhere in britain it's here. we met several foreign workers here and even came across a german citizen and they all earn their living by catching processing or transporting fish. close tesh delivers supplies the fish every day from the port of peterhead to aberdeen about forty kilometers south he says that just the threat of bracks it has disrupted the local economy. and other prices in the shops keep going up and if britain leads the e.u. i will be ruined your complex for your live yearn just enough to pay my bills you know i can't put any money aside but i still earn the same. but things keep getting
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more expensive and are getting an awful awful awful certainly seven to six hundred dollars. to the local fish industry may be booming but the workers are definitely not any better off one reason for that is the weak british pound which makes imports more expensive at the same time a weak pound makes u.k. fish exports less expensive so demand from e.u. countries is up. seventy five percent of those exports go to the european union. peterhead fish depot is one of the largest in europe the entire facility was recently expanded with some financial support from the e.u. more than eight thousand crates of locally caught fish arrive here every day. the fishermen and the processors want to keep this valuable resource for themselves. we continue we have said that is a huge up to an opportunity for the for the u.k.
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to be called. a sovereign state again and be in control of its water the us is not about. european counterparts to fish this is about rebuilding control who and where and when they fish and. we have my own nation with a very fish which fishing grounds and therefore it is an old best interests as a united kingdom that we monitor and control the store. so if britain leaves the e.u. it will be able to keep more of its fish because the europeans will be locked out of its waters a lot of people in peterhead say that's a good idea we don't have enough. because because others are so little. in this because it's exhausted over a few months and you have to go and buy your fish rent fish. boyfriends from other
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e.u. countries deficient or a lot of i think if you like the good i was i bought the good no nothing we should be able to not think we should do it from a different way with it. that's for you for your for us the people are prepared because he was doing i believe john fogerty all of us to all want was dumping on the site for sure going to see why they should be an aspect of regional. these figures show how the total catch is divided one third is caught by british fisherman. vessels take about half of it these quotas are outlined in the european union's common fisheries policy. but if you look at the economic value of the fish that are caught britain takes in almost half of the proceeds european fishermen get only about forty percent want to come with the notice while the girls are busy day to day fish fish.
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fish are profitable for the u.k. and especially for scotland still the fishing industry accounts for less than one percent of britain's gross domestic product. but they also know how to make their voice heard in government that's why london has sent a top rex it official to peterhead for talks of seafood consumption is your start ripping ok so when you begin to become peers jimmy button is the founder and owner of the amity fish company and before he moved into management become spent decades at sea as a fisherman he says the industry wants more investment security and jobs. he also wants the government to encourage people to eat more british fish and to promote fish exports to asia. mother board right
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now. the port of peterhead and the fish factories provide around ten thousand jobs . it takes a lot of people to process all that fish. competing companies in iceland or norway now use machines to do much of this work. in any case but in the hopes that the industry will be able to grow even further after breakfast. i think of it not as huge opportunity for us to grow in this type of business because of the flat was more material available then there was more opportunity for a business like they're stupid and therefore the smaller ones to come up to this level so there was a huge opportunity both from people on from business on the back of products that. jimmy behind has been speaking out in favor of rex and for the past two years he
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believes that if britain leaves the e.u. the u.k. fishing industry will still be able to export a lot of its catch to europe. as we've said seventy percent goes to e.u. countries right now and but one hopes that will continue. the market is the people the market is we've got a product you've got a buyer and if if if the product is at the right price and the right quality is the market no politics somehow in and of planes in between and votes for coles the flexion. but. we've got the product with the people who want to it call it the sea fleet so we should stop the politics out of it and we will get on absolutely fantastic company that sounds good but the e use common fisheries policy is not based on track matic capitalism and that was a deliberate decision. if britain were to ban european fishing boats from its
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territorial waters the e.u. would likely find a way to retaliate c b seventy five seventy five eighty eighty five people out of. certain fishing areas are close to the european fleet but the e.u. could impose an embargo on fish and fish products from britain. in the all people who are known for and doesn't come from that sounds like something that president trump would do. you know until it but we're talking here about exports that are worth a total of one point three billion euros to get food for. that's pretty tough talk but international trade is a tough business it's all about supply and demand but britain's fishing industry does not supply the kind of fish that british consumers demand. eighty percent of the fish that britons prefer to eat is concentrated in just five species
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. those fish are not found inside the british zone so they have to be imported. there are more than ten thousand fish and chip shops in the u.k. . cod used to be the fish of choice at these shops but now stocks of cod in british waters have fallen off sharply so they use substitutes. for paper that would be gone before fish and chips are down i was there and watched their old record the fire water white way of fish and chips and on the court harmonically it's not local with we're not london luckily. steve barrett makes a point of eating his fish and chips at a restaurant that makes them with cod. chef mark way is frying some fish right now but it probably came from norway not britain. so u.k.
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fishermen catch a lot of species that people in their own country don't eat and that won't change after breakfast at. breakfast supporters in the fishing industry have suffered some setbacks in recent months. and it won't be easy to close british waters to european ships. but jimmy button is standing his ground. we do not share the oil and guts with. bots so why should we share of the first two and photos these are young and it's not that simple or even if britain is no longer governed by e.u. fisheries policy for international treaties will still apply across like the un convention on the law of the sea and that law obliges coastal states to regulate fish stocks that are managed jointly or that are found in more than one zone so britain and the e.u.
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would have to hammer out a new agreement on how to share the catch. the more you talk to steve barrett the more you realize that his hopes for a better future are fading and his doubts about the british government's ability to protect his interests are growing. we just feel that we've been let down and the only real thing that's come out of it is. our dollar thank you for a lift to be on board for free ever ever trust a politician again. barack is disappointed even angry. but his german colleagues fritz flint hopes that things will turn out all right. he wants to be able to fish anywhere in the north sea subject to international quota agreements of course flint loves his job and he'd like to keep his crew employed.
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but deep down he wishes that things could just go back to the way they were. dealt with with the fact that i think the best thing would be for britain to just forget about leaving the e.u. for the believer my crew and i are happy with the way things are now before i would be for us there are no negatives. i think they should just work out and i. remember this is not the guy who was our last us. at this point it's still not clear how the breaks a drama will play out but one thing is certain rex it will not solve the problems of the north sea fishing industry.
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if there is any erotic that it's remember you have to find it between the lines. don't literature hundred german streets. french president emanuel mccall has vowed to rebuild paris is not true dom cathedral off it was severely damaged in a fire on monday evening. firefighters battled the blaze for hours managing to safe the overall structure of the building one firefighter was seriously hurt. her is ian's gathered at the site to express the shock and sadness the cause of the fire.


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