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roofs and spires. kelli will have an update on that story for you at the top of the hour right here at the news desk please stay with us. informed. language courses. video or. anytime anywhere. in.
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the. region is situated in galveston province in the northeast of iran it is home to a formerly nomadic group of peoples with a long tradition and history the talk meant. talk tris summers and bitter cold winters dick take down line for only a few weeks a year the hills come to mind with a pale green of spring it's said to be the most beautiful time of the year. traditionally it's also the festive season. near the border of turkmenistan is a ten hour drive from tehran. over the last century a town of five thousand inhabitants has grown around what was once
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a line stop watering site. memorials to the tuchman poet marked can be found everywhere in the region. more than twelve million turkmen live in central asia half of them in the young republic of turkmenistan. these nomads who were famous for their love of horses only began settling in fixed locations joe nine hundred twenty s. . today their daily lives of the nearly two million iranian turkmen differs little from those of their fellow citizens but the turkmen still trying to preserve many of their control traditions. even the youngest practiced the customs of their ancestors dressed in their traditional costumes their helping hand out invitations in the town to this day when waiting is a grand event for the entire community i must say i met with they say it's going to
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be a totally traditional wedding it said the family is financially very well off. that's when a wedding like this is best of course otherwise they wouldn't be able to afford to make so much effort in the past a turkmen wedding would be celebrated for months today it's just a week that. i've heard that the family wants to uphold the old traditions for example that the bride will be brought on a camel there will be old turkmen games and wrestling. so. all it will be wonderful traditional is bank then these customs are all very old. here on the outskirts of mar of
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a tampa lies the family business belonging to uncle gauguin leader. the track to dealership panda joining repair shop has allowed coal canada valjean to achieve wealth and social standing. of the many iranian turkmen still earn a living from agriculture and livestock farming. or sponsibility for their family owned business will soon change hands today some time . but as the families only he must marry first it. has. the words i've been telling carbon for years good marriott. after his military service i tried time and time again telling him come on get married. but can't i'm cutting i have other plans i want to study and work. and so he
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first completed his degree. he only wanted to get married when he felt the right time had come. but having said that when i went on and on like this. you know. you know if as my biggest wish is that my son marries a girl from a good family as one of the presenting but now his wish is about to come true at twenty nine cut him has kept his family waiting long enough five months ago he met him his bride to be. sello darling how are you. what are you doing. now no news here. for now i'm looking forward to later.
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have your families close. by us. min then michelle. in the very first time i saw her photo on the internet i knew once that this was the woman i wanted to marry. i'm going to be that i felt drawn to her at first sight and i hoped it would work out with. her ex or not felt straight away that god found my better half. it's an ongoing is the last book on and that's how much i felt drawn to her. just a few days till the wedding gone bad is among the most important turkmen cities and this is where khartoum and my him have arranged to meet and go shopping together a decade ago such a meeting between an unmarried couple would still have been unthinkable today it is
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considered acceptable when chaperoned by their family. just like her him my him ms ali comes from a tradition bound family modesty and decorum are a top priority only our after the wedding will the couple be permitted to spend time with each other alone. i don't live here don't know why does. i received his proposal via the internet. and he was determined to meet me in person of the heart of us and i mean the one i'm trying since i didn't even know him i ignored it at first i was. first the proposal and then the couple gets to know one another this is not unusual in turkmen culture. intentions must be honorable. even a low key meeting can be deemed indecent. so cut him quickly let it be known that his intentions were to marry.
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pay on the other and i told my family that he's called curran he comes from more of a topic and wants to marry me. which as a staff. it was clear that i would only marry him if all the requirements were met . perhaps i. a drug problem car doesn't have a good job. family financially well off one after. decent boy my family found out all that for me i was worried because i hardly knew him and knew so little about him and. that's how i made my serious intentions clear from the start. sisted that we should speak for a few days and slowly get to know each other. we
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turkmen belong to one of three large tribes in the holy land the job or the tech a her family belongs to the judge more to us does mine that makes things easier because we understand one another better. i insisted that i meet her in person i mean it of course i wanted someone from the family to chaperone her heaven forbid i didn't want her to think badly of me so finally we sat together and talked one day . after a while i realized we had a lot in common and i felt more and more of a bond with him that always thought. soon thereafter karriem told his family that they wanted to get married his family
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had already turned down three previous candidates but he was able to win them over to my hand. with this purchase of expensive jewelry condoms family is confirming their approval of the wedding plans. have. now we will just have to set a date for the wedding of course our families will have to agree. but ted this book will not. only family lives in a collage about two hundred kilometers south of mount of a topping according to tradition it is the elders the axe a cow who must approve of a marriage. grandmother bibi and the eldest aunt other first to arrive at the house
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of my family. the local clerics are also members of the access for centuries they decided on all tribal affairs and they still play an important role in the town and community the negotiations are led by cam's uncle bakhtiar the sort of guy. gathered here today to ask for the bride's hand in marriage so today we will tell the bride's father but our son loves his daughter we want to inquire if they find as worthy that's why we the council of elders are convening to discuss it. my hymns older sisters are working in the kitchen. turkmen households are in the women's hands men do none of the cooking. simple but nutritious dishes are typical fare such as czech dema the turkmen
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national dish. your country so i'm sure. that it does. but it is this is. actually sauteed the ticket we add water and let it simmer for two hours i can work for to be thin lamb for three hours. and right at the end we had rice that we've soaked in water. in the. calendar in terms little has changed from an attack when still it is nomads but the world beyond the kitchen has kept moving forward. to in the old days
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a wedding couldn't take place without the consent of the ox or car. that's how much elders were respected. the bride and groom had no say in it palatable to today the young people are included in the cards decision you have to out. but anyone who thinks the men decide while the women coke is mistaken the women also have a say the most important question is decided by condoms grandmother b.b. and my hymns mother ana. this year the men that we've traveled far to enter into a union of families with you we ask you from our hearts to grant this god has granted this. one of them little toys how ancient wedding traditions handed down to us by our
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forefathers comprise our turkmen identity originality and difference to other ethnic groups to time fortunately that we keep moving further away from our old traditions never there should be good. for the families of mar him and cart him these traditions are a matter of honor. good dad after the elders have given their approval we bread and salt after about they are yo p. is tired and from then on my i am using gauge and everyone can now see that she's engaged. to colored braided band symbolizes the bridal couple who according to the elders wishes and now intertwined with each other if i have a. very happy with my choice and i'm looking forward to our wedding. after the engagement ceremony martin will remain with
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her family friend the other week but on the day of the wedding she leaves the home where she was born to start a new life and not have a topic. but there is still a lot to do before the wedding. in our color mar him goes through her dowry one last time together with her family. an entire household has been amassed over the years they don't want. last and where daughter to lack anything in her new house. also dropped at. your home in turkmen culture the mother starts assembling the dowries of her daughters when they're still young girls how many that what exactly each daughter receives depends on the family's financial means a lot what's important is that the number of items must always be divisible by two
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that is. just as the bridal couple consists of two people so there must be two of everything. the month this tradition applies not only to us but to all turkmen. to the last minute or to come and i thought one quote a name calling where the ritual pour a qur'an is always part of a dowry. men are muslims part unlike the majority of iranians they don't follow the shiite but the sunni branch of faith. you know my town was several days before the wedding they come and fetch my dowry and take it to my new home so that everything's in place after our wedding. halls that i mentioned that a few days later that moment has come by him sisters and aunts make sure the down really is carefully loaded onto the truck. the other
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eight daughters of the family are already married so the ms alice are used to goodbyes though it doesn't make it any easier. i thought. it strange to see that everything's gone now. of course i'm looking forward to the wedding but at the same time i also feel sad. just like my mother who can hardly hold back her tears nobody can not i to doubt. that i'm care how many was sam met horseman said and i hope everyone has a nice time at my wedding and that they'll remember it for a long time especially the girls i hope they like my wedding and want to get married like this to. the trunk and
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soft amount of a topic it's the first of many goodbyes from a hymn. in matter of a top am grandmother b.b. supervises the construction of the movie the traditional tuckman tent. today they are just an old custom but for centuries these mobile units provided shelter for entire extended families against the harsh weather on the plains even though they are built of lightweight wood that the family burns dried frankincense to ward off bad luck after all a wedding will take place in this year and. three out of the.
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eighty one year old go hop a distant great-aunt was born a year. older look to own yes i been putting up your it since i was ten i got married when i was ten. people my age still know how to do it but the youth of today don't any more. nor a divider from here to the middle the adults slept on one side and the children on the. here at the front is where my four daughters in law slept. here due to the wanderings and relatives came we kill a sheep we came to liver and heart here and grill the meat outside for the guests at times were good back then. the next day marks the start of the three day waiting celebration cutting will go and collect his bride tomorrow today everything revolves around him it's his
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bachelor party. like god i've hardly got any stress as far as my wedding is concerned my family my friends and neighbors are taking care of everything i just hope now that everything is to the guest satisfaction and that the wedding is a feast of joy and of all things good and beautiful. that's what matters most to me but i'm ok. doesn't need to lift a finger of course he wants to look good too in a tight fitting suit out of a hollywood film.
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the cars are waiting for him and his friends. in on or of the groom the plane outside the city gates has been turned into a wrestling arena this afternoon. economies family has invited everyone to the goresh a form of traditional wrestling. the wedding is the most festive moment in a turkmen man's life alongside his circumcision. family have spared neither efforts nor expense to celebrate their son's marriage in a fitting manner even the mourners have come not just as spectators. for the. i'm the only son in the family. and you know with the image so we have
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only this one wedding to center break ins and the area so we've decided to celebrate this wedding with all the frills it will lack for nothing. the after all everyone will be there you know the old the young the divide which you mentioned has about four thousand guests coming and they are coming to just have an evening meal and then go home again. and. then men can infant and we want these to be celebrations that will overwhelm everyone. as well. garnish is an expression of the turkmen national identity as a warrior people and a traditional part of the wedding celebrations but it's an event for men only. such. as
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a contest the opponents time men in class around each other's bodies which they are allowed to hold onto. but not must be tight. so i. thought well that. was. that. the rules are simple you score points by forcing your opponent to touch the ground with any part of their body. in it.
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whoever lands on his back first as last. the clerics also engage in a contest of strength before all the crowd. wrestling in mom's that custom exists only among the tuchman. as the afternoon progresses more and more visitors come to watch the garnish
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whether with or without an invitation nobody wants to miss the event. the wrestling matches continue until the sun goes down. in a matter of a tap and that evening the guests are served check damn our volunteers help to make sure that all the hungry guests a fat. cat . cartoons parents will be spending an equivalent of thirty thousand euros on their son's wedding my custom many guests give small wedding gifts of money which are all due to recorded. dear friends and guests welcome. come in and take
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a seat. after the meal there is entertainment like most everywhere this includes music and dancing. the family has opted for a modern selection. am . that i was. able to fit all we took and display our customs at weddings especially the clothes the music. we get together tall can live traditions. getting married here is not a private matter the upholding of tradition as
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a matter of cultural politics and primed. to. bear the torch meant we modeled our wedding on ceremonies from the past. and of course we hope that others will model their wedding on our last. name. because our most important custom is still a traditional wedding be it or. it is the night before the actual wedding ceremony. last minute preparations are underway. traditional garments such as the colorful headscarf sobrante out and gift bans are being braided. in everyday life and culture is usually handed down from generation to generation by the women of the family mastering a traditional art is still seen as a virtue among tugman women and increases the chances of
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a young woman find. good match. the first written records that describe these nomadic people date back to the tenth century the turkmen were feared as proud and daring warriors from the backs of their horses they conquered large territories. and independent state turkmenistan did not come about until the fall of the soviet union in the early one nine hundred ninety s. . to this day turkmen rarely marry outside their own culture. in matter of a top pair the second day of wedding festivities is getting underway it's the day of the cage of the unbridled procession inside the yurt of presents for the bridal family are being blessed with singing and offerings. the groom and his entourage are dressed in turkmen costumes including the telapak the traditional sheepskin hat
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. in the past the camels and horses were decorated today it's the cards as soon as the gifts have been blessed a convoy will head to act to collect my. shortly before they leave gifts are brought out of the you're not intended for the family of the bride in exchange for their daughter. karriem joins the wedding convoy. that is sausage thank you. very much and i'm very happy that soon she will be mine for have are mine and. meanwhile in mar him is the center of attention. friends and family have come to dress her for the
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farewell. to her wedding. jory of intricately worked gold and silver weighs just over ten kilos and no effort suspended to impress the groom to be. you know what i want most is for car him to be proud of me we're going to spend the rest of our lives together i'll do everything i can to be the best bride. motorcade has finally reached. carmel have to be patient a little longer he is not allowed to see mom him right away he must first pay his respects to our family.
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and then the time has come to fetch his bride from the house of her parents. we've brought you this church oh from our of a topping the cloth was made in mecca medina and in our holy places it's been handed down by the elders for many years and will now make you a bride. outside anticipation is rising my hymns nephew is also here to say goodbye.
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more. of the wish. my own. my human is just a few months older than me. there which is another reason why we're closer than is usually the case with aunts and nephews. she's like a sister and best friend to me we grew up together one hundred socially. just again not ok to tell you the truth i'm very sad she's leaving. but at the same time i'm glad she'll be happy i'm happy for. me and is not the only one who's struggling to maintain his composure.
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if. the. audio. is here and not out of course i'm very sad that i have to leave my family and move to an unfamiliar place. last when people take me a long time to get used to it i didn't have time for follow my so but i'm also very much looking forward to my new life. so i am and i'm very happy to have found such a wonderful husband and i'm leaving with mixed feelings here.
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after a two hour drive the wedding convoy reaches the outskirts of matter of a topic. here my hymns last test a way to. highlight that is celebrated by the wedding guests with exuberance. in the past it was constantly for the bride to travel the entire distance on a camel today most weddings do without this tradition as it's too expensive and complicated and especially for the bride rather uncomfortable. i.
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on the back of a camel mar him has to prove that she's a true tuchman in the turn tradition camels have long played an important role as a pack animal that enjoys even the most strenuous of loads it in part is a masculine ideal but usually the camel is regarded as the symbol of the modest girl of a good family and her hard working mother even in the twenty first century these role models still hold sway. anyone who defies them risks losing the support not only of their own family but the entire community. today mar him has demonstrated that she is willing to accept the role that has been assigned to her. inside the wedding yet the bridal couple is welcomed with traditional singing. meanwhile more. guests are gathering outside. get
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set handed over inside the unit and immediately unpacked and sauntered quite a task considering there are about a thousand guests. the bridal couple spends the afternoon with close family. only in the evening when all the guests have arrived in the gifts have been unwrapped him become a married woman. for the tax man it is not just the ring on her finger but more importantly the ring on her head clearly visible for everyone to see the so-called unagi that makes him a wife.
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car a man now lead his bride out of the yacht. they are married. the ring still takes a bit of getting used to and for the young bride from now on she must wear it every day. in an uncle's garden the bridal couple presents themselves to their guests. at least for tonight the traditional part of the wedding is over him and caught him can now enjoy the celebration. because it. was. just.
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everyone applause of flow. i can hear you. come on every one of. us so i'm very pleased that everything i had hoped for has finally come true all that's missing now is grandchildren. and the. current wedding is also an emotional moment for his uncle was. the michelle bought it being able to share and express my nephew's joy with friends and the family is really indescribable. action on itself if i'm at a loss for words to describe this truth. why are so many people from the heart of mother of a top pay all these kind. they are my treasure. they are my light that i missed out of my own moment when i was just one of. a
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local politician bakhtiari so to garner knows how to win over the community. now the more relaxed part of the celebrations can begin. despite iran's strict morality laws the celebrating and dancing goes on until night into the night but not before the eyes of the public only close family will be there. in the early hours of the morning quiet has finally returned to modify a top aide. but there's one last ritual to come. on their first shared day of marriage my him and cut him celebrate the alistair man has sarah. anita translates as hand to hand it's
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a ritual intended to remind the young couple of the duties of match. i hereby give kyron to. you my own i give to current. i wish you both much happiness and your mutual path through like. i said may god will that. after. it's over. with a piece of sugar my human car i make a vow of marital happiness make their future the equally sweet. this is. by marrying my him and cut him have now attained the status of full adult hood.
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they are now deemed to be in charge of their own families fortune and destiny. separation and divorce is frowned upon in turkey and culture told just do us part a commandment that carries weight to this very day. in the co-pay down mountains lines the grave of khalid purportedly a christian missionary who converted to islam. here the couple is alone for the first time in days. as it was all over. the. years so it feels like the first day of my life it feels so good so new. i'm here to pray that my life will always stay the way it is now. and that i'll
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stay together with cut him until the day i die. for them. the only ability to. get so big it's an amazing feeling that i'm beginning a new life with my wife now a good long. hard never felt anything like it before was in. the celebration has come to a happy end the many days of festivities and rituals what makes a turkmen wedding ceremony a special event. it is a moment of lived tradition and a celebration of cultural identity within the multi-ethnic state of iraq.
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will breck's it meaning britons have to do without their fish and chips. the traditional english dish could fall victim to britons that said from the e.u. yet british fishermen don't see it that way they tend to favor brax it even though the consequences could be disastrous. on fish and chips.
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can cheika still avoid relegation to draw in northumberland has fans fearing the worst. can cannot fall still qualify for the champions league to win and how no means they can keep on trying. to fight for the title continue to manage home the action. coach of british. julien continues from africa and the. story linked to exceptional stories and discussions among use of these eaves i want would say d w two come so much to come join us on facebook j w for.
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this is the w. news live from berlin and the flames are out as now the inquest begins paris firefighters extinguished the blaze that consumed notre dame cathedral for fifteen hours now they are investigating how the fire erupted and engulfed one of the world's most famous landmarks also coming up a long road back after psycho a die mozambique's in the bay rock struggles with a mammoth cleanup operation after last month's devastating storm the goal now.


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