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this is the w.'s live from berlin and the flames are out as now the inquest began paris firefighters extinguished the blaze that consumed notre dame cathedral for fifteen hours now they are investigating how the fire erupted and in goal to one of the world's most famous landmarks also coming up the long road back after cycle. mozambique's they were up struggles with a mammoth cleanup operation after last month's devastating storm the goal now to
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reach households families and fend off a cholera outbreak plus german carmaker volkswagen hopes to customers in its second biggest market the first of a billion dollar investment in electric vehicles on display at china's shanghai auto show. kelly welcome to the program french president emanuel is vowing to rebuild the notre dame cathedral after a blaze destroyed much of the twelfth century church late on monday firefighters say that it is now completely extinguished now we are about to see the parts of the cathedral that were destroyed and the fire there illustrated as you can see here and read the blaze was extensive it essentially gutted the roof and caused the famous spire that you see up there to collapse however the fire. hiders they did
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manage to save the bell towers and the outer walls now here's what bent has been left standing this morning because many valuable artworks inside they were lost or damaged experts are now assessing the damage inside and investigators are beginning to probe what caused the fire people around the world are lamenting the devastation of an architectural drool that has survived over eight centuries and as a symbol of france's heritage. if held were a place on earth this is what it might look like. the flames destroyed what two world wars did not ravaging over eight hundred years of history. as the spire of not today fell to the inferno. people in france and around the world looked on.
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thousands gathered nearby in paris many in shock at the scale of the blaze. the french president will call came to stand by them. we were able to build it more than eight hundred years ago. and over the centuries to make it grow and improve. so i say to you very solemnly this evening this cathedral we will rebuild it all together. and this is probably a part of french destiny a project we will have for the coming years but i am committed to it starting tomorrow a national fund raising campaign will be launched and so i don't see. some four hundred firefighters battle to save the church smain bell towers they also rushed into the flames to try to salvage religious relics and priceless artworks. the fire
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spread extremely quickly on the roof wooden beams dating from the twelfth century are thought to be to blame. later some measure of good news firefighters announced the church's core structure had been saved. their efforts ordered by those who looked on at the on folding disaster. if you. will do that it's not just catholics but also believers and nonbelievers we share the same attachment to note the poverty because it's a landmark it's a place of refuge in french history. it's where we have gathered in joy and sorrow throughout our history. and thought oh now i started to suspect that it's the end of an era the end of a piece of history and. it's incredibly unfortunate this is something that will have the will of mourning. the loss of this piece of world heritage is weighing on many well beyond the streets of paris.
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a somber day there in paris and barbara vessel is at the scene there in the city barbara what more do we know about the extent of the davidge at the cathedral. experts have been up in the surrounding walls and in the reinforcements that sort of keep the cathedral walled together and they've been walking on some of them we could see them already early this morning and they're trying to assess the structural damage so this is the time for structural engineers and architects to look at what is left off not to dime how much the fabric the stone fred fabric of the building might be damaged because one thing is clear the roof the famous roof dating back to the thirteenth century was huge chimbley of beings that was soo big
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that was it was called the forest so much wood was up there that is irretrievably gone that really burned down in this huge you will show flames we could see last night and burn for hours and hours and what we see behind us then is just the empty scaffolding the roof is just completely gone and one of the main. off the cathedral has sort of also broken in that's where this fire filled in and did the interior of the this structure seems to be largely intact at the moment and as those experts as they assess the damage i mean there's also a search for answers here barbara how could this have happened we understand that an investigation has been opened what more can you tell us nationalistic u.n. investigation has been started sara by the prosecutor of paris and they're talking to the workman who were working there yesterday because the point is there was restoration going on expect especially around the spire in this roof area so
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something happened there yesterday afternoon somebody left a tool plugged in that was still hot some sparks were flying somewhere and taking hold in those huge old beams and then just later hours two hours later setting the roof ablaze and maybe it will never exactly determined what the reason was bad. of course prosecutors and police are trying to figure out what happened but it seems fairly clear it was a terrible really heartbreaking accident what is the mood there on the streets this morning barbara i mean you know this is really a single area that is part of paris the soul. it is part of a person's soul narry body you talked about that everybody we talked to since the early morning people have been stopping here on their way to work just gazing at the queues for a moment that seems sort of like intact but if you look a bit more closely you can see the damage you can see from the side where we are
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that the roof is completely gone and and people talk about this being a symbol for the history of france and the symbol for the community of paris because this is the place where paris all of us came to celebrate and to grieve the last time in two thousand and fifteen after the attacks on the bottom line when thousands came together here to hear of mass in outside of men so this is a place that really has a very strong anchor in everybody's heart it simply is the heart of if old pair is that has been so much damage here and people feel really said. are available there outside of noted on cathedral in paris thank you so much. and as you might imagine both church leaders and political leaders have been reacting to a few. yes i can say this when it's a monument you love a monument you live in which you celebrate which represents so much in our history
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and it's really sad and i'm asking god why these things. is. why i've said it before present of course not to john is the entire history of paris. and that's not true damn it's really the symbol here of who we are. just going to suddenly see it's a part of our culture. it's a part of our lives that's a truly great cathedral and i've been there and i've seen it and there's no cathedral i think i could say there's probably no cathedral in the world like it it's a it's a terrible scene the burning. fuel has again made of. that we are bound by something more important and more profound than three teach today we understand but so self so that switches. you know how much we can lose and that you want to defend to get.
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let's get more now we're joined by the country a freelance journalist and berlin correspondent for the opinion and radio france in berlin welcome to the program and thank you for joining us this morning we know you're actually from paris. what does notre dom symbolize to you and to the people of france and france is the centralistic states is the main church of the main religion in france so it's it's a mystery call building it's the place as your correspondent said earlier in the program it's a place where where from celebrates and grief when the national religious service for the tour attacked at about seven fifteen. the royals he has these ties to add to his church every big event has been can be celebrated of famous
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personalities in fronts. a service there when they die so it's it's like a huge symbol and also. a place that i've been by some writers of what we can think of victor who for example one of the famous so it's it's a place you expect to be in the center of paris and it's already. that's not all the building burned down yesterday so how do you see paris recovering from this because as you've illustrated there i mean this is often one of the places within paris where people do come when something dramatic were to happen in the city what i what i heard this morning some some expert said it will take forty to fifty years to rebuild the cottage will as it was until yesterday so we have to see what it is that one of the main tourist attraction of the capital was was the largest the most visited church in france. so it will have an
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impact on tourism i guess but as you see there is already a lot of money pledged. rebuilds so i think france is gathering forces it's a moment of unity to bring back the church and it's interesting. we're supposed to speak. after the year of his movement yesterday nights and consulates it took the momentum to bring this moment of unity on each side tell us a little bit more about that effort to fund the rebuilding is i mean we've seen quite a phenomenal actually emerge many high profile people making credible donations yet you have the largest of the richest families in france. doing a little competition was giving them the more money you know and other family you know went on over the one gave one hundred million the other or pledged two hundred million the city of paris is pledging fifty million the region around paris ten million nationals who scripts in will be launched and there's also private
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subscription on on the internet so there's a real real movement to somebody to bring money to rebuild but i would say the catholic church the the richest real estate owner in front so maybe they could afford it but it's interesting in a country where you have a separation of church and state that's the year public is so keen to bring public money into the country thank you so much for joining us this morning. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world because two reuters reporters have been awarded a pulitzer one of journalism's most prestigious prizes for their investigation into the massacre of muslim world and beyond maher while lone and chas are currently in jail in myanmar serving seven years for the post exposing state secrets. people in
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paralyzed capital are still struggling with severe flooding after a state of emergency was declared earlier this month more than twenty thousand people were evacuated after heavy rain caused the country's main river to breach its banks and new zealand's prime minister. says that she disagreed with the international red cross's decision to end the media blackout over a nurse missing in syria for five years the organization said that it went public to seek information about new zealand nurse louisa. following reports that she may still be alive she and two syrian drivers were abducted in twenty thirteen it has been a month since a major cyclon swept over south eastern africa the storm killed more than one thousand people in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi hundreds of people are still missing as a result of the severe flooding that hit the region the world bank estimates that three million people are still suffering the after effects of the natural disaster
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one of the worst affected places was the port city of beirut in mozambique our correspondent i dread krishna met the mayor there a man who is fighting a daily battle to overcome the emergency left by the storm and to help his city move on. every day the mongo does a two of his city inspecting the reconstruction of bear with the destruction of saigon the dye still visible everywhere the mayor is determined to stay in close contact with the residents and the man who is trying hard but he can't always help the mayor is part of an opposition party after the cyclon he strongly criticized the central government for its slow response the city's annual budget is only about thirteen million viewers it was real very difficult we went heating heating heating until they understood that they need us we need they need us we need them we need everybody that's why i spoke to the got us i spoke to the center and i told them
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that we need to join forces and i'm happy that they agreed with us. by now eight organizations active all over her town the water supply has been restored some parts of the city have electricity again but they are also setbacks the number of malaria cases is on the rise and despite massive many stations with some big has reported to more than three thousand five hundred color cases the mayor see a man who needs eight workers in an improvised hospital i gets an update on the situation and wants to know how he can help you have to talk to the people sensitized i mean you have to tell them how to avoid caller they have to boil their drinking water the doctors working here is still whining because there's still some cases coming in and we need to stop it i hope we don't we are going to do that the most is about to myself and my team to be on the ground talking to the people advising them the care they need to do i'm sure that we're going to stop it. the
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next problems are waiting so see mungo is hitting the road again full of optimism and drive despite the difficult situation and to the challenge i fear a challenge. i feel that something has to be done and i feel as a person who has to do something. so i feel great that i feel. is the best and worst choice phrase of this disaster is abysmal joy is my god the first tragedy is when people are trying to preserve some mungo's next big plan and they want to conference in may he wants to collect more aids money for the reconstruction of his city so the people of prayer can live here once again like they did before so i can be down. let's get more now we're joined by our correspondent john crace he is in the airport there in beirut where the humanitarian response is being coordinated and i join you know from your piece that
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we've just seen there we saw a bit of the situation are a window into the situation in beirut how do things look further outside in rural areas though in mozambique. i went further outside about three hours. yesterday to a town called. a three hour trip by road on a very bad road in the situation there is still much worse you can imagine that people live in and more poverty even so that many of them just the. way the worst thing for now is though that also all the crops will grow up don't go away i went with an old lady on her feel she showed me all the maize was gone she has nothing to eat anymore she completely relies on one food aid and she said it will take at least six months until she can grow things and harvest that and you can maize that again so this is the time and fall this time. and we have to mention it's not the first time that barack has been hit by
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a natural disaster the city has seen many floods in the past top of us a little bit more about preparedness and with coping in the future or efforts even to prevent further disasters like this. right the city try to react already many years ago a few years ago they started constructing a drainage system through the city center that was a multi-million euro project also supported by several governments from europe amongst them germany and the mayor told me that without that system in place it would have been even a bigger disaster here because barrow was lucky in the sense that it was only hit by the cycling at least the city center and the flats were not as bad as they were outside in the rural areas so this project really helped but it is not enough it is just in one part of the city and in other parts the situation is still really terrible if you think of more flats possibly to come in the next two years you have a lot of parts of the town that are bordering directly to the sea and when you go
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there you can see how close the sea came over the years several rows of houses were already taken by the sea and i talked to people living there they said well we would love to be somewhere else but we can't afford it but we know that in the future our houses are really under threat as well. and they are thank you. for the car industry fat years with double digit growth rates in china are over for the time being sales fell for the first time in twenty eighteen and last march sales plummeted a minus twelve percent now mass manufacture such as volkswagen the market leader have been hardest hit so the mood is mixed this year at the shanghai motor show and our correspondent filed the details in this report. the id rooms might still be a show car but the electric s.u.v. will be built and sold in china starting next year later the usa and europe will
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follow china is to become the vogue group's leading market for electric mobility millions of cars will roll off assembly lines here. china real be the automotive paul howes of the future electric cars fully connected cars. technology enterprises working very closely together here we are a very important part we have eighteen percent market share in the group of fourteen. so we are strong pillar of the south to motive industry that will spur the company wants to counteract the declining sales figures in the asian giant with a completely new car brand for china the jetta this inexpensive v.w. was designed especially for the chinese market for the equivalent of ten thousand euros the limousine or s.u.v. will reach completely new groups of buyers eighty one percent of those by a first time by us so when we want to attract new chinese custom us we have the first time in their life and chance to buy a car into all walks of bargain group environment then this is the place to be
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skoda is placing all its bets on s.u.v.s in china and starting next year all skoda is will be available is eat cars still the mood at the fair has been dampened by the current weakness of the market we have seen no first to. be kate's all. growth so the first decline after the ninety's and we have already been formations that the market will pick up again in the second quarter and by the end of the year hopefully see a normal life situation again the message from v.w. c.e.o. disses clear the fate of the votes wagon group will be just started in china. now to indonesia where voters are gearing up to cast ballots for a president and a new parliament tomorrow the incumbent president is djoko widow rose from humble beginnings and was elected president back in twenty fourteen now at the time was held as the first indonesian leader with no ties to the military or the political
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elite but observers say that under him human rights respect for the rule of law and protection of minorities that all of these things here have deteriorated in the country critics saying that he has failed. corruption and has pandered to the religious right is vice presidential candidate as a senior muslim cleric known for his empty gay views a poll showed that joke over maims the most popular politician in indonesia is widely expected to fend off a challenge from a former general those hoping to dislodge him are using every method possible to win over voters including turning to music to get their message across. more muslims call indonesia home than any other country on earth. now the young democracy is at a crossroads as its tradition of religious tolerance is put to the test by this year's elections despite the tensions indonesians are excited to go to the polls.
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but they are my for me the most important thing the security without chaos to choose a president who carries out the people's will the law passed that no one should refuse to pull up. i hope all people carry out their jew she's and go to the polls i peel to the people of indonesia to go to the local polling station and nobody should not vote. on the but this coming election is important because one vote can determine the fate of the nation. this year islamic identity has been at the center of how candidates compete especially in the conversation taking place behind the scenes president joko widodo and his sole competitor. ran against each other five years ago but this election is much more than just a rematch in the last few years islam is to groups that used to be considered fringe have come into the mainstream and this election will be
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a test of how much religion based politics has come to shape indonesia election watchers say religion has played a central role in the campaign the president has been attacked by conservative opponents for not being muslim enough. real muslim. is a joke or we or. can be the leader of. islamic praying or about all of this garbage that being you know the discussable the islamic issues being a basis to that the profiling got a statistic in pursuit of knowledge of this country that some activists are unhappy with both of their options for president they say the entire system is corrupt that's given rise to a small but vocal protest movement called cya go put or i'm not voting that's refusing to go to the polls we are so divided we no longer trust our neighbor we have different political option and we refuse we simply don't do not
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trust those who have a different political. choice. for those who do vote their choice may well determine whether the country's traditional religious freedom will be overpowered by the rise of islamic groups and lead indonesia down the road of religious intolerance. a quick reminder now the top stories that we're following for you here at paris firefighters have completely extinguished the fire at notre dame cathedral they believe that they have managed to save much of this conic churches main structure just spite flames devouring its roof and its fire. and coming up next here i do deb you news all the drama and a motion of a spectacular turkmen wedding and iran that's after a short break we'll leave you now with some pictures of onlookers and paris singing as firefighters worked to put out the players at notre i'm sara kelly and. thanks
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for watching. the news out of the lolo to. a zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero. zero zero.
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avoid relegation control in nuremberg has fans fearing the worst. can gladbach still qualify for the champions league the end panel means they could keep . up the fight for the title continue to mankato reaction. to kick off in sixty minutes on w. n you're replaceable chain reaction of us. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance.
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