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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 1:00pm-1:30pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin the flames are out and now be inquest began paris firefighters extinguished the blaze that consumed notre dame cathedral for fifteen hours now they are investigating how the fire erupted and then go to one of the world's most famous landmarks. also coming up a long road back after site clone. struggles with
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a mammoth cleanup operation after last month's devastating storms the goal now to lead house homeless families and a cholera outbreak plus russian protests against a new laws governing internet use officials say it is meant to stop cyber attacks but critics fear it's another attempt by the kremlin to crack down on the south. welcome to the program french president emanuel is a vowing to rebuild the notre dame cathedral after a blaze destroyed much of the twelfth century church late on monday firefighters say that it is now completely extinguished we're about to see the parts of because the of gold that were destroyed in the fire there illustrated as you can see here in red the blaze was extensive gutting the. roof and causing the famous speier to
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collapse however firefighters did manage to save the bell towers and the outer walls investigators are now beginning to probe what caused the fire as people around the world lament the devastation of an architectural jewel and a symbol of france's heritage. the moment this spire of not tripped on cathedral fell into the raging inferno. hours flames engulfed this iconic landmark destroying an eight hundred year old building that it survived two world wars. sounds and gathered to watch as a piece of french history. crumbled before their eyes. it's a monument above and beyond its religious meaning it's something that represents the entire evolution of french civilization. so it's very dramatic to see something
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like this happening. since. i felt really angry to learn that such a large beautiful piece of art when talk and smoke like that. i was really shocked so when i heard the news here i ran straight here. french president emmanuel mark home was quickly at the scene. but we will rebuild this cathedral all of us together it's probably part of france's destiny and it will be our project for years to come i am committed to this. while donations have already been pledged the damage done is extensive. this should have been where this weekend's easter services would have been held instead firefighters have been trying to make the area safe as investigation starts
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into what caused this devastating blaze. the fire may be out but work on how to restore this historic building to all its former glory is only just beginning. a somber day there in paris and here's barbara vessel is at the scene there in the city barbara what more do we know about the extent of the damage at the cathedral. experts have been up in the surrounding walls and in the reinforcements that sort of keep the cathedral walled together and they've been walking on some of them we could see them already early this morning and they're trying to assess the structural damage so this is the time for structural engineers and architects to look at what is left off not for dime how much the fair break the stone fred fabric of the building might be damaged because one thing is clear the roof the famous
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roof dating back to the thirteenth century was huge timber of beings that was soo big that was it was called the forest so much wood was up there that is irretrievably gone that really burned down in this huge you will show flames we could see last night and burn for hours and hours and what we see behind us then is just the empty scaffolding the roof is just completely gone and one of the main. off because cedar has sort of also broken in that's where the spire failed in and did the interior of the. structure seems to be largely intact at the moment and as those experts as they assess the damage i mean there's also a search for answers here barbara how could this have happened we understand that an investigation has been opened what more can you tell us in that mystic investigation has been started sarah by the prosecutor of paris and they're talking
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to the workman who were working there yesterday because the point is there was restoration going on expect especially around the spire in this roof area so something happened there yesterday afternoon somebody left a tool plugged in that was still hot some sparks were flying somewhere and taking hold in those huge old beams and then just later hours two hours later setting the roof ablaze a maybe it will never exactly determined what the reason was bad. of course prosecutors and police are trying to figure out what happened but it seems fairly clear it was a terrible really heartbreaking accident what is the mood there on the streets this morning barbara i mean you know this is really a single area that is part of paris the soul. it is part of a person's soul narry but you talked about that everybody we talked to since the early morning people have been stopping here on their way to work just gazing at
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the kids for a moment that seems sort of like intact but if you look a bit more closely you can see the damage you can see from the side where we are that the roof is completely gone and and people talk about this being a symbol for the history of france and the symbol for the community of paris because this is the place where paris all of us came to celebrate and to grieve the last time in two thousand and fifteen after the attacks on the bottom line when thousands came together here to hear of mass in and i would side of not and so this is a place that really has a very strong anchor in everybody's heart it simply is the heart of if old pair is that has been so much damage here and people feel really said. are available there outside of notre don cathedral in paris thank you so much. and to dom is of course a landmark which is known and loved around the world we spoke with people here in
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berlin for their reaction to last night's fire. when i'm happy that i was able to see the cathedral and i'm shocked that it has now burnt down and that one will probably not be able to visit it for decades to come to me being french i was very sad to be special for me because my wife she's going to paris today and she didn't feel like going in the mall because it's when the impact on. which she's in the heart of the french people but there's just these are. i have in the last year that's right well this is of course is a very pretty that's a that's that happened to that building and heard on the news that they drive through the building that monument so i'm very pleased that they would want to build it one of the thin bones ball by well one would hope that if similar work is done here in germany that care will be taken with historic monuments. through that something like this doesn't happen here. it's terrible.
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let's get more now we are joined by james alexander cameron he is a medieval architectural historian and instructing us from london this morning welcome to you tell us a little bit more about the artwork that was held in the notion on cathedral. well of course the main architecture of the danged regiment is to be a gothic cathedral built in the may. twelfth century and then extensively built on the priest in the thirteenth century also the state glass windows some of which dates to the time when the buildings built the windows in the city century. change the crown of storms which was brought from constantinople by louis the ninety eight and was. taken that caused him to have such an elder which is a chuckle not to listen as far as i'm aware a lot of the smaller relics which changed the building well of the fire was raging
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on the ranch ok so some things that survived but i mean by and large a lot of things were also destroyed you know at this point can can we even begin to measure or contextualize the architectural loss of the noted on fire what is your assessment. i think you have to be when you're thinking about architecture is this really understand the difference between a ceiling and of roofs the fire last night seems to be an electrical fault that starts in the crossing of the main roof underneath the spire let's that we call flesh that's basically built into the rate structure now the thing is when you look up inside the cathedral you're not looking at the roof you're looking at the stone resulting in this is solid stone cross faults and when the roof starts to burn collapse it doesn't fall down onto the cathedral floor and start sending up the whole thing is a tender box it still sits on top of the roof structure on top of the ceiling and
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stapling that now some of the. so if you look up and you see that the x.'s in between what you do have what we call the fault cells at least two of those did collapse well that's quite normal to expect that just to collapse but mostly the fire was contained in the roof space and the major architectural loss i think is that flesh which is the crowning achievement of the restorer usually invite the duke but it is entirely nineteenth century and i'm sure it can be rebuilt from his original plans ok so a hopeful assessment there are you know one that is most certainly going to cost money in this rebuilding effort that people are already talking about you know just one day after here tell us a little bit more about how difficult do you think it will be though to reconstruct noted on. well i mean you have to remember that circuit city concede was in france has been through a lot worse than this brahms in one nine hundred fourteen definitely had an entire
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group. in the battle of the on in one hundred seventeen that actually had two whole navy bases completely destroyed by artillery bombardment all rebuilt. i think what you and i think looking money it is being a mess known to people that equally architectural importance and beautiful light on us. i think it will be harder to assess to get money but when such massive cultural significance knotted up i think you know it will they'll simply have to build a very distant roots i mean the the roots that they built it wrong you can't see it obviously but it's all concrete now it's very lightweight concrete and obviously they won't want a chill that would holding up the restructure again but remember also not to go out when the rate of terrorist stuff and you get to temple to winston's so what you get was the nineteenth century anyway so it's been rebuilt so many times so i'm i am although it's a terrible disaster i really do have empathy for people in paris who are just like
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absolutely shocked by seeing cell firelit fall down. but you know so we have here a rich history and certainly what is going to be a new chapter now for the structure danes alexander cameron joining us from london thank you it's and you. now it has been a month since swept over southeastern africa the storm killed more than one thousand people in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi hundreds of people are still missing as a result of the severe flooding that hit the region the world bank estimating that three million people are still suffering the after effects of the natural disaster one of the worst affected places is in the port city of bay right in mozambique our correspondent met with the mayor there a man who is fighting a daily battle to overcome the emergency left by the storm. every day the man who does it two of his city inspecting the reconstruction of beirut with
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the destruction of saigon he dies divisible everywhere the mayor is determined to stay in close contact with the residents the man who is trying hard but he can't always help the mayor is part of an opposition party after the cyclon he strongly criticized the central government for its slow response the city's annual budget is only about thirteen million viewers it was real very difficult when teaching heating heating until the understood that the need. we need they need us we need them we need everybody that's why i spoke to the got us i spoke to the center and i told them that we need to join forces and i'm happy that they agreed to. by now eight organisations active all over her town the water supply has been restored some parts of the city have electricity again but they are also setbacks the number of malaria cases is on the rice and despite massive ministrations mozambique has
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reported to more than three thousand five hundred color cases the mayor see a man who needs eight workers in an improvised hospital i am gets an update on the situation and wants to know how he can help you have to talk to the people sensitized i mean you have to tell them how to avoid color they have to boil their drinking water the doctors working here is still whining because there's still some cases coming in and we need to stop it. we don't know we are going to do that the most is about to myself and my team to be in the ground talking to the people advising them the care they need to do i'm sure that we are going to stop it. the next problems are waiting so see my anger is hitting the road again full of optimism and drive despite the difficult situation and for the challenge i feel. child is yeah. i feel that something has to be done and i feel as if
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there's some ways to do something. so i feel great i feel. is the best and worst choice is to face yeah this is a disaster it's a busy one so is my god that's the tragedy is when people have to fight it's not the man with the next big plan and i want a conference in may he wants to collect more aids money for the reconstruction of his city so that the people of playwright can live via once again like they did before so i can be down. to india now where the general election is already underway anyone who is over the age of twenty five and does not have a criminal record can run for office but ensures that a colorful host of candidates are entering the elections. a veteran candidate on the campaign trail here in the city of mature newt are proud to. running for office again it's the seventeenth time that the holy man has been on the ballot of
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state and national level or average gloomily out rules borderers i think contesting since one nine hundred seventy six he predicted that i'd win my twentieth election in. fact a long road in politics has been a test of faith. in india candidates for for their registration fee if they perform badly a policy to discourage no hopers. he's lost his deposit every single time but he knows that he's day is coming soon. i believe and i'll never lose my twentieth election it's a challenge but i'll never lose or it would be a stain on my reputation i will win and it will be a brand we all reach the parliament even if i'm on a stretcher or a funeral pyre. guy. to a tea stall in delhi where one man is making
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a bid from beyond the grave. make the candidate known as the dead man santos singh is officially listed as deceased the victim he says of a scam i am i live my life my life. you're seeing onesies death records set straight so he's contesting prime minister murray's own seat environ s.c. . i am fighting against a system trying to hold america to the system. by the way. i don't worry about winning or losing. but at least people will know that the man is running against a popular leader prime minister narendra modi. bed him and. he knows he has little chance of success but like thousands of candidates he too hopes for a voice indian politics in this life or the next. and voters in indonesia are gearing up to cast ballots for a president and
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a new parliament tomorrow the incumbent president is joko widodo who rose from humble beginnings and was elected to presidency in two thousand and fourteen now at the time he was hailed as the first indonesian leader with no ties to the military or the political elite but observers say that under him human rights respect for the rule of law and protection of minorities that all of these have deteriorated critics say he has failed to root out corruption and has pandered to the religious right now his vice presidential candidate is a senior muslim cleric known for his anti-gay views but polls show that joko remains the most popular politician in indonesia he's widely expected to fend off a challenge from a former general those hoping to dislodge him are using every method possible to win over voters including turning to music to get their message across. more muslims call him. home and than any other country on earth. now the young democracy
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is at a crossroads as its tradition of religious tolerance is put to the test by this year's elections despite the tensions indonesians are excited to go to the polls. to me the most important thing is security without chaos to choose a president who carries out the people's will. no one should refuse to pull up. people carry out their duties and go to the polls i appeal to the people of indonesia to go to the polling station and nobody should not. but this coming election is important because one vote can determine the fate of the nation. this year islamic identity has been at the center of how candidates compete especially in the conversation taking place behind the scenes president joko widodo and his sole competitor. ran against each other five years ago but this election is much
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more than just a rematch in the last few years islamist groups that used to be considered fringe have come into the mainstream and this election will be a test of how much religion based politics has come to shape indonesia election watchers say religion has played a central role in the campaign the president has been attacked by conservative opponents for not being muslim enough. real muslim. is a joke. or. being the. being a basis to that's the profile of. some activists are unhappy with both of their options for president they say the entire system is corrupt that's given rise to a small but vocal protest movement called cya go put or i'm not voting that's
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refusing to go to the polls we are so divided we no longer trust our neighbor we have. political option and we refuse we simply don't do not trust those who are different. choice. for those who do vote their choice may well determine whether the country's traditional religious freedom will be overpowered by the rise of islamic groups and lead indonesia down the road of religious intolerance. or now to russia where the duma have given final approval today to a bill regulating internet lawmakers saying that the legislation is aimed at averting potential cyber threats such as attempts by other countries to cut russia off on the world wide web now the law would regulate online traffic all internet providers would have to report their internet flows to the national telecom watchdog one of the objectives is to keep data exchange between russian internet
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users within the country's borders but skeptics they are worried that increased government control over cyberspace could be used to silence critics thousands of people have taken part in protests against this proposal lawsuit let's get more on this now we are joined by d.w. correspondent emily share when she is at the state duma in moscow joining us now so emily we're talking here about and not anonymous or autonomy internet what exactly do lawmakers mean by this. well russia often presents itself as a country under siege and in a way that's what we're seeing now as well this new law today legislates the creation of what is essentially an independent infrastructure for the russian internet which means that internet exchange points will be located inside the country so all cut all of the traffic can actually be kept in the country if
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necessary what that means is that in case of an attack as the lawmakers say russia can essentially pull up its virtual draw bridges if it's being attacked in a cyber attack and they can that also means that the communications watchdog the russian communications watchdog would then take over. control of all internet traffic and all internet providers would have to report back to it what this is the lawmakers say is essentially an emergency plan for if russia is subject to a cyber attack but critics have a rather different opinion of the let's talk a little bit more about those critics as we know it the first reading there in the duma there were actually huge protests what are the critics saying about the law. yeah that's right thousands of people came out onto the streets of moscow at the beginning of march and they were protesting as against what they say could be a new iron curtain people were comparing it with china's great fire wall critics
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say that this law of this autonomous internet could facilitate century censorship and that it could actually mean that it was that it's easier to block undesirable content of course this is part as critics say of a long term kind of project that the government seems to have to gain further control over the internet for example as early as two thousand and sixteen there was a law that was passed that all data social media data of russian users has to be stored within the country there was another law blocking. or making illegal d.p. ends and the people in past years have been arrested more and more for just rico sting critical content online so the internet until now has been rather free in in russia and as one of the protest leaders summed it up to me at that march at the beginning of the year of march excuse me he said if they take the internet we will
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have nothing. but joining us with the latest there in russia thank you. you're watching news still to come on the program paris firefighters have completely extinguished the. higher as notre dame cathedral they believe that they have managed to save much of the iconic churches main structure despite flames devouring its worth and spite. of the love all that more here and you to be a news back at the top of the hour i'm sorry kelly n.p.r. land we'll leave you now with some pictures of onlookers in paris singing as firefighters worked to put out the blaze a try to. be laying low to the end who. they are told the l
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a o l the in the ozone layer b a i and. a at the end of. the open day i phone to open the effort mole. seems.
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to. be. kicked off. can shackle still avoid relegation detroit in nuremberg has fans fearing the worst. can't laugh about still qualify for the
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champions league the end panel going to keep on trying. to fight for the title continue to mankato action. kick off next on t.w. . we'll breck's it means britons have to do without their fish and chips. the traditional english dish could fall victim to britain's exit from the e.u. yet british fishermen don't see a bad way they tend to favor brags that even though the consequences could be disastrous. goodbye fish and chips. shows up in sixty minutes on d w. when the water starts rising people fight for survival. but
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allow her to call me dangerous. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could not write any apocalyptic snow. if you want and probably most of them don't come to. the clinic starts a few thirty s. on t w. c.


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