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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is g.w. news the live from the flames are out and now the inquest begins paris firefighters extinguished the blaze that consumed notre dame cathedral for fifteen hours now they are investigating how the fire erupted and engulfed one of the world's biggest landmarks. also coming up the long road back after cyclonic died mozambique's
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gave up struggles but there is a mammoth cleanup operation after last month's devastating storm the goal now to reach household with families and then docked a cholera outbreak. i'm sorry kelly walked into the program french president emmanuel monochrome is vowing to rebuild the notre dame cathedral after a blaze destroyed much of the twelfth century church late on monday firefighters saying that it is now completely extinguished we are about to see the parts of the cathedral that were destroyed in the fire they are illustrated here as we can see and read the blaze was extensive it gutted the roof and caused this famous spire that we see up here to collapse however firefighters did manage to save the bell towers and the outer walls investigators are now beginning to probe what caused the
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fire as people around the world lament the devastation of an architectural drool and a symbol of france's heritage. the moment this spire of not tradition cathedral fell into the raging inferno for hours flames engulfed this iconic landmark destroying an eight hundred year old building that it survived two world wars. sauza is gathered to watch is a piece of french history. crumbled before their eyes. it's a monument above and beyond it's religious meaning it's something that represents the entire evolution of french civilization. is so it's very dramatic to see something like this happening. this is the conclusion schools. criticised i felt really angry to learn that such
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a large beautiful piece of art went up in smoke like that. and so i was really shocked so when i heard the news i ran straight here. french president emmanuel markham was quickly at the scene. because they don't know but we will rebuild this cathedral all of us together it's probably part of france's destiny and it will be our project for years to come i am committed to this. mission. while donations have already been pledged the damage done is extensive. this is where this weekend's easter services would have been held instead firefighters have been trying to make the area safe as investigation starts into what caused this devastating blaze. the fire may be out
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but one on how to restore this historic building to all its former glory is only just beginning. more now we are joined by did a very own barbara is at the scene for us in paris and barbara you know we're just beginning to get a sense now of the extent of the damage to the cathedral both inside and out what are you hearing. the roof is completely gone as we know there is a huge hole gaping in the middle of the navy off the church of the main big building the belly of the church and that's where the spire fell in and the outer walls have been largely saved to we have seen since the early morning experts that are crawling around on the battlements and even on the belt towers it would seem to be safe enough to go up on it to find out what the structural damage might be because that is much more complicated than just what we can see with our eyes now
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which doesn't look too bad but internally there might be further problems that will probably need stabilization what has been saved is the centuries old oregon but what i've also been. listening to preserve some of the famous stained windows in the church some on gone we could see this some you just look up and you see the skies through them but some others didn't crack and they sort of stayed in. many paintings of course have suffered towards the damage some things could have been brought out during the light night last night there was some really courageous firefighters dragging stuff out so it is a very mixed picture but it is going to be a huge reconstruction effort here and one expert already talked about fifteen to twenty years and you know aside from containing assessing the damage figuring out how they're going to deal with it going forward there's also the big looming question how did this happen barbara. how can this happen it was an accident and
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it was a terrible accident that really is what the perrys in prosecutors now thinks he is starting into regaining workman people have been working on the psyche yesterday because we need to remind ourselves there was a renovation project going on on the roof and that was just around the spire so something happened workman started to stop working yesterday around. if i park in the afternoon and six twenty the first alarm went up around seven o'clock you could also already see the flames shooting out through the roof so did somebody leave the tool they're plugged in that was still hop did some sort of cinder sort of was set alight by work sold a ring a welding wrist something we don't know the prosecution services are not quite sure whether they're ever going to find out but yes it was negligence in that sense ok so a number of theories swirling already you know we just look at this cathedral itself
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notre don this is really part of harris's soul barbara and you've been walking around the city today you're in that area how are people taking all of this and. this really of the of base of sense of sadness in people particularly who live in the center of paris feel that they have like they have lost a relative they have really lost something that was close to their heart because even for people who are not who don't have religious ties this is just a piece of the engine parries and it gave people a sense of stability and identity and also not sure was the place where paris came to celebrate throughout the centuries when wars ended and also they came to grief for instance four years ago after the attacks on the back to plan where there was this big mass inside and outside of it not being read so many people gathered and have this sense of community so it is really is
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a sense of paris isn't and of course france's identity everybody's cultural heritage and everybody feels very strongly connected to it so it is like death in the family really. barbara faisal in paris thank you barbara. although to dom is of course a landmark which is known and loved around the world and we spoke with people here in berlin for their reaction to last night's. yeah but this was well i'm happy that i was able to see the cathedral and i'm shocked that it has now burned down and that one whole probably not be able to visit it for decades to come because me being french i was very sad to be special for me because my wife is going to paris today and she didn't feel like going in the mall because it's one impact on. which she's in the heart of the french people but that's just these are people that
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live in the last year that's right well this is of course is a very pretty that happened to that building and heard on the news are trying to rebuild that monument so very pleased that they want to build it. well one would hope that a similar work is done here in germany that care will be taken with historic monuments. something like this doesn't happen here. it's terrible. let's get more now we're joined by the country a freelance journalist and berlin correspondent for the young and radio france in berlin welcome to the program and thank you for joining us this morning we know you're actually from paris. what does notre dom symbolize to you and to the people of france and france is centralistic states is the main church of the main religion in france so it's it's a mystery call building it's the place as your correspondent said earlier in the
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program it's a place. where from celebrates and grief when the national religious service for the tour attacked back in fifteen. the royals he has these ties to go to his church every big event has been can be celebrated and famous personalities in france. obvious national service there when they die so. it's like a huge. also. a place that i've been. some writers of what we can think of victoria who for example one of the famous so it's it's a place to expect to be in the center of paris and. already. that's not all the building burned down yesterday so how do you see paris recovering from this because as you've illustrated there i mean this is often one of the places within paris where people do come when something traumatic were to happen in the city what i
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what i heard this morning some some expert said it will take forty to fifty years to rebuild the cottage will as it was until yesterday so we have to see also that one of the main tourist attraction of the capital which was the largest most visited church in france. so it will have an impact on tourism. but receive there is already a lot of money pledges to rebuild. so i think france is gathering forces it's a moment of unity to bring back the church and interesting. remark was supposed to speak. after the year of his movement yesterday night and consulates it took the moment to bring this moment of unity on his side tell us a little bit more about that effort to fund the rebuilding is i mean we've seen quite a phenomenal actually emerge many high profile people making credible donations yet
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you have the largest of the richest families in france. doing a lot of a competition was giving them the most money you know and other family you know one on over the one gave one hundred million the other or pledged two hundred million the city of paris is pledging fifty million the region around paris ten million nationals who scripts in will be launched and there's also private subscription on an internet so there's a real real movement to somebody. bring money to rebuild but i would say the catholic church did to the richest area they stayed on and front so maybe they could afford it but it's interesting in a country where you have a separation of church and state that the year bubble is so keen to bring public money into look andre thank you so much for joining us this morning. and let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world to reuters
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reporters have been awarded a pulitzer one of journalism's most prestigious prizes for their investigation into a massacre of muslim men in our wont and cha so who are currently in jail in myanmar serving seven years for quote exposing state secrets. former massachusetts governor bill weld has become the first republican to challenge donald trump in the primaries for the twenty twenty us presidential election but weld may have a struggle on his hands while trump's approval ratings have been mostly poor during his presidency he remains popular with republican voters. and a german museum has handed over the remains of an aboriginal came to australia aboriginal representatives took part in a ceremony and you know where the remains have been stored since one thousand eight hundred nine it comes as germany steps up efforts to return human remains and artwork from former colonies to their places of origin. people in paraguayans capital a sense your own are still struggling with severe flooding after
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a state of emergency was declared earlier this month more than twenty thousand people were evacuated after heavy rains caused the country's main river to breach its banks. it has been a month since a major cycling swept over southeastern africa the storm killed more than one thousand people in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi hundreds of people are still missing as a result of the severe flooding that hit the region the world bank estimates that three million people are still suffering the after effects of the natural disaster and one of the worst affected places was the city of beirut in mozambique our correspondent. met with the mayor there a man who is fighting a daily battle to overcome the emergency left by the storm. every day dovish the mongo does a two of his city inspecting the reconstruction of beirut with the destruction of saigon the dye still visible everywhere the mayor is determined to stay in close
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contact with the residents and the man who is trying hearts but he can't always help the mayor is part of an opposition party after the cyclon he strongly criticized the central government for its slow response the city has been restored to parts of the city have electricity again but they are also setbacks the number of malaria cases is on the rice and despite massive many stations mozambique has reported more than three thousand five hundred cholera cases i may see mangled meets eight workers in an improvised hospital i am gets an update on the situation and wants to know how he can help you have to talk to the people sensitized i mean you have to tell them how to avoid caller they have to boil their drinking water the doctors working here they're still whining because there's still some cases coming in and we need to stop it i hope we don't we are going to do that the most is about to myself and my team to win the gold talking to the people advising them
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the care they need to do i'm sure that we're going to stop it. the next problems are waiting so see mungo is hitting the road again full of optimism and drive despite the difficult situation and for the challenge i feel the challenge yeah. i feel that something has to be done and i feel as if someone has to do something. so i feel great i feel. is the best and worst choices to face this disaster is abysmal joyce my god the first challenge is when people have to fight it's not the mangos next big plan and they want to conference in may he wants to collect more aid money for the reconstruction of his city. so the people of iraq can leave you once again like they did before settling down. now to indonesia where voters are gearing up to cast ballots for a president and
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a new parliament tomorrow the incumbent president is joko widodo who rose from humble beginnings and was elected president back in twenty fourteen now at that time djoko was held as the first indonesian leader with no ties to the military or the political elite but observers say that under djoko human rights respect for the rule of law and protection of minorities that all of these things here have deteriorated critics say he has failed to root out corruption and has pandered to the religious right is vice presidential candidate is a senior muslim cleric known for his anti-gay views but polls show that dzhokhar remains the most popular politician in indonesia he's widely expected to fend off a challenge from a former general those hoping to dislodge djoko are using every method possible to win over voters including turning to music to get their message across.
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more muslims call indonesia home and than any other country on earth. now the young democracy is at a crossroads as its tradition of religious tolerance is put to the test by this year's election and despite the tensions indonesians are excited to go to the polls . tell me the most important thing is security without chaos to choose a president who carries out the people's will. no one should refuse to pull up. people carry out their duties and go to the polls i appeal to the people of indonesia to go to the polling station and nobody should not. but this coming election is important because one vote can determine the fate of the nation. this year islamic identity has been at the center of how candidates compete especially in the conversation taking place behind the scenes president joko widodo and his
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sole competitor. ran against each other five years ago but this election is much more than just a rematch in the last few years islamist groups that used to be considered fringe have come into the mainstream and this election will be a test of how much religion based politics has come to shape indonesia election watchers say religion has played a central role in the campaign the president has been attacked by conservative opponents for not being muslim enough. real muslim. is a joke. or. islamic pride. being the. being a basis to that's the profiling got a statistic and. some activists are unhappy with both of their options for president they say the entire system is corrupt that's given rise to
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a small but vocal protest movement called cya go put or i'm not voting that's refusing to go to the polls we are sold to fight it. we no longer trust our neighbor we have to run political option and we refuse we simply don't do not trust those who have a different political choice. for those who do vote their choice may well determine whether the country's traditional religious freedom will be overpowered by the rise of islamic groups and lead indonesia down the road of religious intolerance. and in india the general election is already underway anyone who is over the age of twenty five and does not have a criminal record can run for office that ensures a colorful host of candidates and elections. a veteran candidate on the campaign trail here in the city of mature new to prague. running for office
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again it's the seventeenth time that the holy man has been on the ballot of state and national level or. i think contesting since one nine hundred seventy six he predicted that i'd win my twentieth election. long road in politics has been a test of faith. in india candidates for for they were just ration free if they perform badly a policy to discourage no hopers. he's lost his deposit every single time but he knows that he's day is coming soon. i'll never lose my twentieth. it's a challenge but i'll never lose it it would be a stain on my reputation i will win and it will be a brand with. the parliament even if i'm on a stretcher or a funeral pyre. to
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a tea stall in delhi where one man is making a bid from beyond the grave. make the candidate known as the dead man. is officially listed as deceased the victim he says of a scam i am i live my life my life. thank you seeing onesies death record set straight so he's contesting prime minister murray's own seat environ s.c. . i am fighting against a system trying to hold a mirror to the system. i don't worry about winning or losing. but at least people will know that the man is running against a popular leader prime minister narendra modi. bed him and. he knows he has little chance of success but like thousands of candidates he too hopes for a voice indian politics in this life or the next. one now we had to
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football and manchester united coach ole gunnar so shire will make a special return to barcelona scam now tonight twenty years ago in the city and he was the player who completed his team's most historic comeback as they beat byron munich to win the champions league now he is hoping that history repeats itself against barcelona in this year's quarterfinals with united one nil down from the first leg. ole gunnar sold shiers manchester united have already upset one powerhouse this champions league season and it was an easy overturning the deficit and defeating perris on jamal in france's capital in the last round required mental fortitude. belief must have been in a fit of because most of it is yeah everyone's got talent everyone's got a certain ability to play it's but we've. we've seen ourselves against p.s.u. that we can get back from being to kneel down against
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a fantastic team two decades ago so shyer scored a dramatic late game winning goal at can't new versus byron munich in the champions league final evra turned to bars his pitch that ended with the most cherished prize in club football is undoubtedly a good omen for the red devils despite being the hero back then so shire in crewe won't be thinking of former glories. twenty years ago i used to play with moments when they were bucket come know so. but to go through we have to before we have to decide that that's the come say we're just going to rely on faith there's lots of history in this match here some more the last time manchester united won the champions league in two thousand and eight the red devils defeated barcelona in this in my finals. and meantime in the bundesliga had to by then say that i will finish as coach at the end of the season
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after a poor run of results he's been involved with hair to for more than two decades holds the club record for player appearances and took charge in twenty fifteen but sunday's two mill defeat at hoffenheim was hair to fifth straight loss is expected to stay at the club working in the youth academy. the. a quick reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you here at t w paris firefighters have completely extinguished the fire at notre dame cathedral they believe that they have managed to save much of the iconic church's main structure despite flames devouring its roof and spire. up to next on d.w.i. will bragg's it mean or what will it mean brother for fish and chips will take a closer look after the break i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching we will leave you now with some pictures of onlookers in paris singing as
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firefighters worked to put out the blaze at. be going all over me or am i. really going to end. the old way or. the old. way at. the end a at the end. of the ok lol.
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we'll breck's it means britons have to do without their fish and chips. the traditional english dish could fall victim to britain's except from the e.u. yet british fishermen don't see it that way they tend to favor breck's it even though the consequences could be just astra's. good fish and chips. to suck next w. . and you're responsible chain reaction of congress. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in thought
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enabled this mention that people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way and there was an outpouring of self-confidence and mentions it's the first. architects. scientists. and artists. are going to get invented completely new things and talk of the ancient giants who had originally been its teachers live in the. culture of out of the darkest milledge years into a new epoch. this took place and probably no place anywhere in the world where things were invented such quick succession on. the renaissance. starts april twenty second d. w. .
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steve barrett is a british fisherman his boat is small by industry standards under ten meters long barrett knows what he does not want in his life the european union. if we will call why.


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