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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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the connection between britain. and the european union. corresponding. to the. recipe for success strategy that differ. coming up on the. question of faith. plus.
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the price. welcome to. it's good to have you with us indonesia one day away from electing its next president the largest muslim nation in the world needs to decide between president york dodo and. bold faced off against each other five years back and this time around both to appeal to conservative voters what instance you know those vice presidential pick.
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gay views and so beyond has all been allies with islamic hard line so how crucial will islam be in this election here's more from did a cleric in jakarta. more muslims call indonesia home and than any other country on earth. now the young democracy is at a crossroads as its tradition of religious tolerance is put to the test by this year's elections despite the tensions indonesians are excited to go to the polls. for me the most important thing is security without chaos to choose a president who carries out the people's will. no one should refuse to pull up. people carry out their duties and go to the polls i peel to the people of indonesia to go to their local polling station and nobody should not for. this coming election is important because one vote can determine the fate of the nation. this
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year islamic identity has been at the center of how candidates compete especially in the conversation taking place behind the scenes president joko widodo and his sole competitor. ran against each other five years ago but this election is much more than just a rematch in the last few years islam is to groups that used to be considered fringe have come into the mainstream and this election will be a test of how much religion based politics has come to shape indonesia election watchers say religion has played a central role in the campaign the president has been attacked by conservative opponents for not being muslim enough. real muslim. is a joke. or. the discussable the islamic. being a basis to that to the profiling got
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a statistic in pursuit of knowledge of this guy needed some activists are unhappy with both of their options for president they say the entire system is corrupt that's given rise to a small but vocal protest movement called put or i'm not voting that's refusing to go to the polls we are so divided we no longer even trust our neighbor we have different political option and we refuse we simply don't do not trust those who have a different political choice. for those who do vote their choice may well determine whether the country's traditional religious freedom will be overpowered by the rise of islamic groups and lead indonesia down the road of religious intolerance. for more let's head to jakarta i did have news from our indonesian service is following developments for us and it's good to see you know both presidential candidates have
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tried to reach out to conservative islamic voters is it fair to say that in the end it could be islam that's the deciding factor in this election. but islam surely plays major role in this election and both candidates try to get more votes by. showing they are. mr jerkily dodos true sir mr michael so i mean this is fact is perceived in show candidates he left mr trouble so beyond that with no other choice other than seeking support from radical islamic groups. i only used it as an defeat to oppose both offered candidates has very moderate religious fuels and. very sick or political intonation when mr jubilee due to won their last election he sealed his cabinet with women and banned. groups that calls for sharia law to took place in the
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democracy and the same goes to probable who comes from a very christian family here actually then what has happened in five years of joke or doubles rule that political islam is brings an important role in the elections this time round. well i think the root of the conflict lies long time ago it has been a long standing struggle between modernise and traditional islam since the fall of soeharto ninety ninety eight both of the both groups tried to influence indonesia's politics. and in two thousand and four and two thousand and nine days failed to do. but they came to momentum in two thousand and fourteen when radical islamist groups use mr joko allegedly led office let me credentials. and those force him to seek political. support from the
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lama for example a large islamic organization which is the moderate in terms of their islamic teachings but also very very conservative in terms of individual rights and freedoms they think it's possible he how important is this issue amongst ordinary voters. well for many i think economy still plays major role still far more far more important thing to decide election but there are many many people who are things. really just ideology off there proceeded important. election of the christian governor in two thousand and fourteen in jakarta has only hardened disaggregation and segmentation of the society you know many people things that. the leaders should be in line with their own ideology right of self religion and also politic you know rob from indonesia service. thank you so much for that.
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to afghanistan maxwell renewed hostilities between the taleban and the government have broken out following the start of the taliban's spring offensive the offensive was announced over the weekend in the midst of an ongoing push for peace with the united states the fresh fighting is a further blow to a country that's already struggling to recover from decades of war and where victims of past conflicts austin paying the price. it's early morning in kabul and share killam was a furry has two kilometers to go on crutches she can't afford a taxi she lost a leg when she stepped on a mine no weapons allowed here at this rehabilitation center for victims of the violence in afghanistan. in the winter there's snow and mud to deal with already fell twice this morning but i need to come for the treatment things worse and when i don't. have the ali about orthopedic center is the only one in
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afghanistan that offers long term care to mine victims wounded soldiers and those injured in attacks after forty years of war in terror there are more minds still buried in afghanistan than in any other country children are most often injured by them. shaquille is remaining leg is overburdened in giving her trouble she keeps his parents were reluctant to let their daughter be filmed like this for a long time a disabled woman in afghanistan is a major stigma. the memory of the moment when the mine exploded and i lost my leg i just can't forget it. when it happened i thought it's all over. my mother recently became seriously ill and i feel ashamed that i can no longer help her out. chris theses are manufactured
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here and patients come for them from far and wide. the afghan state can barely help its disabled make a new start in life. but at least everyone is given a new leg to stand on. shaquille that plays basketball and she's good at it her team has already twice taken part in the asian para games. but. my confidence has returned through sports now i sometimes think i'm a pretty good athlete of course i know that's not true but it feels good. that. shaquille goes to the clinic twice a week she knows that despite all the hardships she's lucky to live in kabul where the clinic is located and she has recently decided on her future career she'd like to become a physiotherapist. to
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south korea next where citizens john are you know on the first of january every yeah this is irrespective of what one's actually is also babies are considered to be one year old at birth now it's when you're born the thirty first of december and the confusion really begins you know so well is celebrating one hundred days since have passed but here in south korea she's already changed years old she was born when she was born on new year's eve a few hours later she was another a year older. when i let my friends know that our daughter was born on december thirty first. some of my playful friends joked about my baby becoming two years old only hours after her birth. being in that situation i didn't know whether to laugh or cry. while south koreans are accustomed to this unusual method of age calculation many
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critics say the tradition is out of date you know make a one two home and started a campaign to abolish it. there are a number of ways of counting age in our country. people find it so confusing. there are at least four different ways of counting a. south korea is the only country in the world that doesn't like this you would argue that their. mother says this is tim puts her daughter at a disadvantage. she cannot flip herself unlike other babies who were born earlier in the same year when she stops going to a daycare center there will be a vast difference between our child and the others in terms of physical and intellectual gross then you know has out. actually concerns that little human so this blissfully unaware of at least for now. most stories on our website that's.
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where spring has sprung. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on love. don't expect happy ending. strokes.
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her first day of school in the jungle. first. then doris grand moment arrives. join the ranks on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. returns home on t w dot com to tang's. a sale slump in the world's biggest market carmakers try electrifying chinese buy is with their latest offerings at the shanghai motor show. and bucharest chinatown ghost town. halls for chinese doing business in europe.
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let's do business china's car market needs a jump start the sales of skidded off track for the first time in a long time and the communist leaders want to lead the electric vehicles imposing sales targets that's requiring the big brands to pour money into new models to compete with gasoline powered cars the w.'s tallest i felt reports. the id rooms might still be a show car but the electric s.u.v. will be built and sold in china starting next year later the usa and europe will follow china is to become the focus groups leading market for electric mobility millions of cars will roll off assembly lines here. china real be the motive power house of the future electric cars fully connected cars all their technology enterprises working very closely together here we are a very important part we have eighteen percent market share in the group of fourteen. so we are strong pillar of the south the motive industry the wolfsburg
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company wants to counteract the declining sales figures in the asian giant with a completely new car brand for china the jetta.


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