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business news live from berlin and the flames are out as now the inquest begins paris firefighters have extinguished the blaze that consumed notre dame cathedral for fifteen hours at the dow they are investigating how the fire erupted and a goal to one of the world's most famous landmarks is also coming up the long road back after cycling died goes on beaks the rot struggles with a mammoth cleanup operation after last month's devastating storm the goal now to
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really house homeless families and standoff a cholera outbreak. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program french president emmanuel mccall is vowing to rebuild the notre dom cathedral after a blaze destroyed much of the twelfth century church late on monday firefighters say that it is now completely extinguished we're about to see the parts of the cathedral that were destroyed in the fire they are illustrated here behind me in red the blaze was extensive gutting the roof and causing the famous spire to collapse however firefighters did manage to save the bell towers and the outer walls now investigators are beginning to probe what caused this fire as people around the world lament the devastation of an architectural jewel and a symbol of france's heritage. the moment the spire of
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notre dame cathedral fell into the raging inferno. hours flames engulf this iconic landmark destroying an eight hundred year old building that it survived two world wars. sounds gathered to watch is a piece of french history. crumbled before their eyes. it's a monument above and beyond its religious meaning it's something that represents the entire evolution of french civilization. so it's very dramatic to see something like this happening. this is the conclusion. they're both sent. felt really angry that such a large beautiful piece of art went up in smoke like that. and thought i was really shocked so when i heard the news here i ran straight here. french
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president emmanuel mark home was quickly at the scene. but we will rebuild this cathedral all of us together it's probably part of france's destiny and it will be our project for years to come i am committed to this. mission. while donations have already been pledged the damage done is extensive. this is where this weekend's easter services would have been held instead firefighters have been trying to make the area safe as investigation starts into what caused this devastating blaze. the fire may be out but one on how to restore this historic building to all its former glory is only just beginning.
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now we are joined by d. w's very own barbara is at the scene for us in paris and barbara you know we're just beginning to get a sense now of the extent of the damage to the cathedral both inside and out what are you hearing. the roof is completely gone as we know there is a huge hole gaping in the middle of the navy off the church of the main big building the belly of the church and that's where the spire fell in and the outer walls have been largely saved to we have seen since the early morning experts are crawling around on the battlements and even on the belt towers which seem to be safe enough to go up on to find out what the structural damage might be because that is much more complicated than just what we can see with our eyes now which doesn't look too bad but internally there might be further problems that will probably need stabilization what has been saved is the centuries old oregon but
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what i've also been. listening to preserve some of the famous stained windows in the church some are gone we could see this some you just look up and you see the skies through them but some others didn't crack and they sort of stayed in and many paintings of course have suffered towards the damage some things could have been brought out during the light night last night there was some really courageous firefighters dragging stuff out so it is a very mixed picture but it is going to be a huge recall instruction effort here one expert already talked about fifteen to twenty years and you know aside from containing assessing the damage figuring out how they're going to deal with it going forward there's also the big looming question how did this happen barbara. how can this happen it was an accident and it was a terrible accident that really is what the. prosecutor now thinks he is starting into regaining workman people have been working on the psyche yesterday because we
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need to remind ourselves there was a renovation project going on on the roof and that was just around the spire so something happened workman started to stop working yesterday around. five o'clock in the afternoon. six twenty the first alarm went up around seven o'clock you could also already see the flames shooting out through the roof so did somebody leave the tool there plug didn't that was still hot did some sort of cinder was set alight by work sold a ring a welding re something we don't know the prosecution services are not quite sure whether they're ever going to find out but yes it was negligence in that sense ok so a number of areas swirling already you know we just look at this cathedral itself notre don this is really part of harris's soul barbara and you've been walking around the city today you're in that area how are people taking all of this and.
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this really of who base of sins sadness in people particularly who live in the center of paris feel that they have like they have lost a relative they have really lost something that was close to their heart because even for people who are not of who don't have religious ties this is just a piece of the perrys and it gave people a sense of stability and identity and also not sure was the place where paris came to celebrate throughout the centuries when wars ended and also they came to grief for instance four years ago after the attacks on the butterfly where there was this big mass inside and outside of it not being read so many people gathered and have this sense of community so it is really is since of paris isn't and of course france is identity everybody's cultural heritage and everybody feels very strongly connected to so it is like in the family really. barbara
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faisal in paris thank you barbara. let's get more now we are joined by james alexander cameron he is a medieval architectural historian and he's joining us from london this morning welcome to you tell us a little bit more about the artwork that was held in the notion don cathedral. well of course the main architecture of the main treasure of it is the building itself an early gothic cathedral built in the many. twelfth century and then extensively built upon improved in the thirteenth century also the stained glass windows some of which dates to the time when the building was built in the windows in the thirteenth century famously the crown of thorns which was brought from constantinople bitly the ninth in twelve thirty eight and was. taking that caused him to have to subject which is a chuckle not today but
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a as far as i'm aware a lot of the smaller relics not retrieve the building well the fire was raging on the roof ok so some things it's arrived but i mean by i learned a lot of things were also destroyed you know at this point can through even begin to measure or contextualized architectural loss of the noted on fire what is your assessment. i think you have to be when you're thinking about architecture is this really understand the difference between a ceiling and a roof the fire last night seemed to be an electrical fault that starts in the crossing of the main roof underneath the spire lips that we call flesh that's basically built into the rate structure now the thing is when you look up inside the cathedral you're not looking at the roof you're looking at the stone resulting this is solid stone cross faults and when the roof starts to burn in collapse it doesn't fall down onto the cathedral floor and start sending up the whole thing is
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a tinderbox it still sits on top of the roof structure on top of the ceiling and stapling and now some of the so if you look up and you see that the x.'s in between what you do have what we call the vault cells at least two of those did collapse well that's quite normal to expect that just to collapse but mostly the fire was contained in the roof space and the major architectural loss i think is that flesh which is the crowning achievement of the restorer usually invite the duke but it is entirely nineteenth century and i'm sure it can be rebuilt from his original plans ok so i hope the assessment there are you know one that is most certainly going to cost money in this rebuilding effort that people are already talking about you know just one day after here tell us a little bit more about how difficult do you think it will be though to reconstruct metadata. well i mean you have to remember that circuit city concede was that
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france has been through a lot worse than this brahms in one thousand nine hundred fourteen definitely had its entire roof. on in the battle of the on in one hundred seventeen that actually had to hold naval base is completely destroyed by artillery bombardment all rebuilt. i think what you and i think that the money is to be less known to keep a list equally architecturally important and beautiful light on the slots on illinois i think it will be harder to assess to get money but when such massive cultural significance. i think you know it will they will simply have to build a very distant roots i mean the the roots that they built it wrong you can't see it obviously but it's all concrete now it's very lightweight concrete and obviously they won't want a chill that would hold up the restructure again but remember also not to go up when you see the rate of terror and stuff and you get to the right temple to winston's so what you get was the nineteenth century anyway so it's been rebuilt so many times so i'm i am although it's
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a terrible disaster i really do have empathy for people in paris who are just like absolutely shocked to cuba i see it all down about me but you know i think so we have here a rich history and most certainly what is going to be a new chapter now for the structure of james alexander cameron joining us from london thank you well know to down is of course a landmark which is known and loved around the world and we asked people in london in istanbul about their reaction to last night's. because it's a great loss. does not only belong to the christian world. christianity is a religious belief you know and we need to respect religious beliefs and he said the more i'm so sorry about this it's horrible because he took us he just has survived until today and he's been there from the middle ages. all religions are holy to historical structures think about the memories they're no no no. so sad is all full
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with square so i've worked i suppose i will post every day i look at it from my office window and i be devastated when you see paris. because what you think of paris and i email my colleagues today in paris saying how sorry we. just terrible i'm glad to see the people rallying to come and rebuild or be interesting to see what they do with the restoration but it's just nice to see that everyone is coming together would be useful buildings they attach to something very important don't they it's not just historical it's a sacred nature of the building as well and i think that's very important to. keep those in our cities sad to say yeah it must be devastating i feel very sad for the french people. and you can share your own reaction to the notre dame fire with us on social media just use the hash tag my vote for don on twitter well as the notre dame fire spread so was miss information on social media but rather than stamp it
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out you tube may have actually made the situation worse joining us here in the studio as you can see is my colleague from d.w. social media nicole reese so what exactly happened here nicole well you tube has a long history of misleading information getting on their channel and being spread them so that's why they thought it would be useful to come up with a tool that automatically helps them to tackle this information they came up with it last month and when different media outlets yesterday decided they wanted to live stream the event this algorithm kicked and the spectacular backlash basically took to cathedral for a fake news story about the nine eleven terrorist attacks in new york and then created a kind of knowledge panel on the whole lifestream to say ok this is this is not the right information we have the right information here to debunk it but that obviously created a very wrong link to a terrorist attack so use us in south korea and also the u.s.
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were able to see this for a couple of minutes that was then taken down and even it was taken down after a couple of minutes it obviously has the potential to create a lot of confusion absolutely you can really see how you know what happens when an algorithm essentially goes wrong when it does make an error you tube has since apologized so it's more about that well they have apologized for that kind of eradicate the fact that it can also fuel conspiracy theories as we many times have seen after events that happened in france for example france has a big history also with terrorist attacks unfortunately and when we took to twitter to check what kind of conspiracy theories there are we have a small selection just just for you. here. we always see found people who said ok if this is a muslim background it's muslims burning the catholic church's these are the tweets that we found that also people will go into much more trouble to create confusion
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and to make it look real so we actually found a video if you just want to have a look at it and listen closely it's all now. so so you listen then and and they are screaming about the old school so it seems to be real but it's not and that's what we found in social media and if an online platform then links the fire and yesterday to a terrorist attack well this is just food for all those people distributing these conspiracy theories that's one point about him if you also look at the other hand obviously we're looking at man versus machine here the algorithm got it wrong maybe the human mind wouldn't have gotten it wrong and editorial judgment by a boy's human person here would have helped much more to not create this type of confusion online that will raise on the story for us thank you.
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let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world a russian court has convicted a norwegian man of spying with intent to gather information about nuclear submarines the court jailed a retired border guard fodor berg for fourteen years he was arrested in moscow in twenty seventeen and he has admitted acting as a courier for no region intelligence but denied knowledge of the specific operation . former massachusetts governor bill veld has become the first republican to challenge donald trump in the primaries of the twenty twenty us presidential election but he may have a struggle on his hands as well trump's approval ratings have been mostly poor during his presidency he remains popular with republican voters. and people in paraguay's capital a sense your own are still struggling with severe flooding after a state of emergency was declared earlier this month where the twenty thousand
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people were evacuated after heavy rain caused the country's main river to reach its banks. and determine museum has handed over the remains of an aboriginal came to australia aboriginal representatives took part in the ceremony in munich where the remains have been stored since one thousand eight hundred nine becomes as germany steps up efforts to return human remains in artwork from former colonies to their places of origin. well it has been more than a month since site clone a die swept over south eastern africa the storm killed more than one thousand people in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi hundreds of people are still missing as a result of the severe flooding that hit the region the world bank estimates that three million people are still suffering the after effects of the natural disaster now one of the worst affected places was the port city of beirut in mozambique our correspondent adrienne creation met with the mayor there a man who is fighting a daily battle to overcome the emergency left by the storm. every day dovish the
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mongo does a two of his city inspecting the reconstruction of beirut with the destruction of saigon the da is divisible everywhere the mayor is determined to stay in close contact with the residents the man who is trying hard but he can't always help the mayor is part of an opposition party after the cyclon he strongly criticized the central government for its slow response the city's annual budget is only about thirteen million viewers it was real very difficult we went heating heating heating till the understood that the need. we need they need us we need them we need everybody that's why i spoke to the got us i spoke to the center and i told them that we need to join forces and i'm happy that they agreed with us. by now eight organizations active all over town the water supply has been restored some parts of
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the city have electricity again but they are also setbacks the number of malaria cases is on the rise and despite massive many stations because reports of more than three thousand five hundred cholera cases may seem angry to aid workers in an improvised hospital i gets an update on the situation and wants to know how he can help you have to talk to the people sensitized i mean you have to tell them how to avoid color they have to boil their drinking water the doctors working here they're still whining because there's still some cases coming in and we need to stop it. we are going to do that the most is a part of myself and my team to be on the ground talking to the people advising them the care they need to do i'm sure that we're going to stop it. the next problems are waiting so see mungo is hitting the road again full of optimism and drive despite the difficult situation and for the challenge i feel. challenger.
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i feel that something has to be done and i feel as a person who has to do something. so i do grades i feel. is the best and worst choice is to face this disaster is abysmal choice by god the first challenge is when people are very slow to mangoes next week plan a donor conference in may he wants to collect more aids money for the reconstruction of his city so the people of prayer can live here once again like they did before cyclon he died. turning to some other news now in sydney as protest leaders say that they have blocked an attempt by the army to break up a sit in outside of its headquarters the demonstrators have gathered to demand the country's military hand over power to a civilian administration mass anti-government protests helped oppose longtime president omar al bashir last week protesters now say they want
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a civilian government established in sudan but that fifteen days. they've come in their thousands to send a message to the military step aside i'm a way for a civilian government. it's almost a festival atmosphere but there was no mistaking the sense of determination as the protests continued for a tenth day we will stop until we finish all. we can not leave this really is. a monday the army sought to break up the protests video posted on social media appeared to show reinforcements heading to the scene. for the protesters stood their ground even as they found themselves surrounded by soldiers on three sides in the end the troops shied away from a direct confrontation with the crowds. the army has sought to cost itself is siding with the protest and it was in response to the mass rallies that the
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military moved. last week to overthrow the country's longstanding leader omar al bashir. in this footage posted on social media a soldier gives his cap to a young protester during cheers from the crowds. oh. the army has promised the protesters it will hold democratic elections in two years' time but the opposition group leading the demonstrations reiterated today it wants a civilian administration now. the. first demand which is one of the main demands of the protest movement is for the formation of a sovereign civilian council we call on the military to protect the revolution and to guarantee the demands i meant was the group is also calling for associates of former ruler alba shia to face justice and for the dismantling of his regime structure. our demands are that the officials should be made accountable for the
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rights and the money of the sudanese people to be returned to protest leaders have been urging more people to join the crowds camped outside the army headquarters in khartoum and by nightfall many had responded to the call once again swelling the crowds and increasing the pressure on the army. to football now in manchester united coach or are they going to so share will make a special return to barcelona as cap know tonight twenty years ago in the city he was the player who completed his team's most historic comeback as they beat byron munich to win the champions league now as coach he's hoping that history repeats against barcelona this year's in this year's quarter finals with united one nil down from the first like. ole gunnar sol shiers manchester united have already have set one powerhouse this champions league season and it wasn't easy overturning the
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deficit and defeating them all in france's capital in the last round required mental fortitude. belief is must even if it will have because most of it is yeah everyone's got talent everyone's got a certain ability to play it's but we've. we've seen ourselves against p.s.u. that we can get back from being to kneel down against a fantastic team two decades ago so shyer scored a dramatic late game winning goal at can't new versions barney in the champions league final ever turned to bars his pitch ended with the most cherished prize in club football is undoubtedly a good omen for the red devils despite being the hero back then so shire in crewe won't be thinking of former glories. twenty years ago i used to play with number twenty with bucket come know so put to go through we have to perform and we have to disserve it that's you can't say we're just going to rely on faith and
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know there's lots of history in this match here some more the last time manchester united won the champions league in two thousand and eight the red devils defeated parsa lona in this in my finals. show and the bundesliga hatcher berlin play pal dar die the they say rather excuse me will finish as coach at the end of the season after a poor run of results he's been involved with hair to for more than two decades he holds the club's record for player appearances and took charge in twenty three but sunday's two nil defeat at hoffenheim was hard to fit straight loss is expected to stay at the club after a year sabbatical working with the youth academy. coming up on d w news a quick reminder of the top stories that we're following for you paris fight a fire fighters have completely extinguished the fire at notre dame cathedral it believes that they have managed to save much of the iconic church's main structure
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despite flames to valerie its roof and the spire. and still to come here on t w the question i will just tolerance and its place in indonesia as voters prepare to go to the polls in general elections. a lot more coming up on due to the years asia i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching.
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kicked off the. can shackle still avoid relegation to draw in november and has fans during the last. campaign that bastille qualify for the champions league. final. conjuring. the fight for the title continue to actually. kick off in sixty minutes on w.
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i'm not laughing at the jam i just sometimes i am but i stand up in whip it out of revenge i don't think sneak into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes the question that is think the future of the country that i now live. via. ridiculous drama. it's all about ok bob look i'm a joke join me to meet the gentleman from the w. post. i'm secure in the they work hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were liars. what's your story. with numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your
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story we are trying in all weathers understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor or not and yes you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your plan. form for reliable information. this is the that news asia coming up on the program a question of faith indonesia goes up for an addiction that's putting religion front and center. known for its religious freedom become less tolerant plus. the cost of yaz of conflict of vanished on is to littered with landmines and civilians like shockey putting up paying the price. and me introduce you to a baby that's full of three months and.


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