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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is d w news live from the flames are out now for the investigation paris five five zero six dangerous the place that consumes not just time can feed all for fifteen hours now with our susan trying to find out how the fire started and countering the gulf one of the world's most famous mom comics also on the program russian moves to tighten state control of the internet officials say it's meant to stop cyber attacks but critics fear it's another attempt by the kremlin to crackdown on dissent. look ahead to manchester united's champions league clash with
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barcelona knocking a special return for united coach are they going to sell show. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. french president emmanuel mcchrystal says the not to time cathedral will be rebuilt following last night's devastating blaze the fire has now been put happen much of the twelfth century building has been destroyed five got to divert from course the famous spot to collapse the parts of the cathedral that were destroyed shown here in red but firefighters did manage to save the belts house an outer walls now investigators are trying to find have the course of the blaze as people around the world lament the loss of an architectural jewel and symbol of france's heritage. them. this
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spire of not tripped on cathedral fell into the raging inferno for hours flames engulfed this iconic landmark destroying an eight hundred year old building that it survived two world wars. sauza is gathered to watch as a piece of french history. crumbled before their eyes. it's a monument above and beyond its religious meaning it's something that represents the entire evolution of french civilization. it's very dramatic to see something like this happening. this. comes from this fear the boss and his own criticised i felt really angry to learn that such a large beautiful piece of art went up in smoke like that. i was really shocked so when i heard the news here i ran straight here. french
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president emmanuel mccollum was quickly at the scene. that get it all but we will rebuild this cathedral all of us together it's probably part of france's destiny and it will be our project for years to come i am committed to this. mission. while donations have already been pledged the damage done is extensive. this is where this weekend's easter services would have been held instead firefighters have been trying to make the area safe as investigation starts into what caused this devastating blaze. the fire may be out but one on how to restore this historic building to all its former glory is only just beginning. straight to the sea in the. welcome barbara talk us through the damage.
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so was safe with the exterior walls of the conceivable that we see behind us but what is gone is the whole huge roof beneath the scaffolding you see in the background there is sort of like a large v. shaped hole voyage and that was where the roof was and this was what really was burning at the centuries old oak beams in in there were just burning like cinder throughout hours last night so that is gone what has been saved for instance was one of the oldest and biggest belts off the cathedral that directly illicitly didn't crack under the heat some windows with the famous stained glass particularly beautiful with save some of this crack and are gone so it is a mix of messages there something says some author could be carried out early last night to by the courageous firefighters and some was which last through fired
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through heat and particularly through water demonstrate because i don't believe the month of water we are sort of thrown at him into the cathedral in order to extinguish the flames so it is a very mixed picture soak up the investigation that has started what are you hearing. the prosecutor of paris has opened an investigation because of negligence what has happened in that is what everybody is susie is that one of the or workman who had been working there because there was a restoration project going on in exactly that the center of this roof around the spire that was the first thing to fall down last night they left a power tool on there were some sparks flying at there was an electrical fault or some welding going on something that set off one of those old beings and then its moldering and finally caught fire and set the whole roof in sort of into blaze and
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then when that happened it was too really really too late to save. because particularly fire letters wouldn't reach up there it's much too high it's more than sixty metres high so it was complicated finally the fires have been extinguished but it wasn't said accident rebuilding is going to be a massive project millions of euros have been pledged. is quite incredible phil all of a sudden the big french glamorous the big leading families or friends that control the big money in this country have shown tremendous civic spirit to two hundred million by betancourt the law of the family the cosmetics corporation a two hundred million buy the second biggest luxury corporation and so on and so forth seven hundred million euros have been put on the table within this day this first date so there is no like of money experts will be needed artisans that need
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to come from europe to rebuild this is a very complicated first a building needs to be made structurally safe and then piece by piece they can start to reconstruct the roof there was talk about timber that's not big enough and strong enough and you more these days like it used to be in the middle ages so it's a huge task and it's going to take years and one expert here that talked about this today said we're looking at maybe fifteen to twenty years until finally parisians can enter their conceit wrote not for damn again and recognise it as their own and just. the very much regarded as part of our soul tell us more about the reactions of people that. and many people were in tears last night and throughout the day huge crowds have come out lining to the really children old people young people everybody young women with buggies and they're lining the two
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banks of the same. around. to look at what has happened to their cathedral because this is really a symbol at the heart of old paris and it's also stands for sort of the the unity the identification not only off the french capital but also off the country i mean this is the symbol in the sign and i can for eight hundred nine hundred years of french history going back to middle ages and also this is the place where parisians used to celebrate for instance after the end of the second world war all day you come to grieve after the attacks at the bottom line in two thousand and fifteen when the big mass was held inside and outside not a dam and everybody came just to feel the spirit of communality so yes this really cuts to the heart and everybody here really wants to see it rebuild but they are going to need a lot of patience. proposal and parish thanks so much. not
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trying to see a cultural significance with meth filled who is director of the world heritage center at unesco in paris she joins us on the line or welcome to d w what sort of all its works were kept and where are they now. first of all this site is a building of the world heritage property of the banks of the center and scribes on unesco's road heritage list for the architectural value but inside the cathedral you had a number of objects for etc every time movable property and bits belonged to the church and partly this has been recovered and there's a corporation does a little going on to put these objects to safety but as soon as we will be able to enter the building to see what happens to the our birds inside assessments will be made so if it's too early base phase then so to know how much of
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a blow this fire has be. absolutely it's slightly too early because you know. ready to say experts to go there but at the moment nobody can enter this side it's a little bit dangerous to remember in the case of the fire. with the movie on the activate approximately two weeks to enter the building so the on hold. and in contact with the french are sorry keys for further steps the steps look ahead to the rebuilding because this is an intriguing building as well as all the it's cultural significance it's very very old it's been it's been put together and remodeled numerous times over the centuries so when it comes to rebuilding how do authorities decide which version to rebuild. that is actually a very good question but you know the cathedral is really regarded as the most
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beautiful example of the french go figure acca texture. included very innovative uses of the rippled and the color thing glass roses which are luckily most of them still in place. and this needs to be discussed this to experts but we have enough documentation to put it back into. this situation which was just before the fire. that this is definitely something which needs to be part of the whole overhaul we can have a ready and rebuilding plan which we are ready to develop is the all story of the church and the french authorities. so this is a catholic church of the. divides presume that the catholic church is going to. chip in and help from this restoration. that is a question the catholic church needs to answer that last. church is
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a part of the seid management so i think stakeholders including the church have to be consulted on every step so this is a quite normal procedure for all our world heritage site and when it comes to rebuilding the obviously is a saying that this is a couple of hundred just a few hundred years old to the skills still exist to do that i don't know the stonemasons that the compensated i'm still around to produce the sort of architecture. this is a very interesting question because we have a nomination file of this craftsmanship this means the tradition and knowledge of by the still masons etc all of the different schools. in on its way to unesco for evolution in two thousand and twenty and different convention
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which is the intangible heritage convention and it shows that this is something where you really do need to do something some more in terms of capacity building and getting young people. into the system to continue these craft craftsmanship which went on since the middle ages and this is also a wonderful cooperation among different countries we still have the skills and lever even contacted by unesco today from other countries and they wanted to help. we wish you well thank you so much for joining us and tales from the world health center in paris thank you very much. of course the cathedral is not known i'd love to around the world today w. has been asking people in the moscow. london for their reactions to last night's five. plus it's just awful when i sort it was hard to believe we're all going to
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come down with an international achievement it's ancient architecture for us russians this is a tragedy it's a tragedy for everyone that's on video so everyone in russia seems to be very upset for example i don't find out about the fire from the news but from my friends everyone was sharing the information and saying that it's such a shame. because it's a great loss. not that i'm does not only belong to the christian world. christianity is a religious belief you know and we need to respect religious beliefs and all religions are holy to historical structures think about the memories there are no no no. one off. well one would hope that of similar work is done here in germany that care will be taken with historic monuments. that something like this does not
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happen here. it's terrible. so sad is all full. work by i suppose i will post every day i look at it from my office window and i be devastated when you see paris. it's what you think of paris beautiful buildings they attach it to something very important don't they it's not just historical it's a sacred nature of the building as well and i think that's very important to. keep those in our cities said to so yeah it must be devastating i feel very sad for the french people. and you can share your reaction to the noted on with us on social media just use the hash tag might not your down twitter well as the fire spreads so did misinformation social media but rather than stopping the town you too may have made the situation worse we call reese has that story well could nicol what happened well basically the you tube already has had lots of problems with
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misleading information being spread on its channel for a long time so what they came up with is a new tool that works automatically and it is there to identify and also deep funk false information so this tool is only available in the u.s. and south korea you might not be familiar with it yesterday when several media outlets decided that they wanted to live stream this event in paris the toll backlashed it basically scanned the pictures of the cathedral that was inflamed and the took it for the twin towers in new york and then linked it to fake news story about nine eleven so what happened was there was a window that was created under that live stream with an explainer about nine eleven and that directly linked to terrorist attack which is obviously not what. it was looking for that obviously also of course was a lot of confusion among those who saw it it was taken down after a couple of minutes but you can imagine what people must have felt then so you tube
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has since apologized to what has been the damage all the damage is if you look at it further obviously like social media is also a great platform to fuel with conspiracy theories and in this case france has also like a big history with terrorist attacks sadly enough and so we had a look at twitter just right after the news of the fire broke out and already saw that people were tweeting about this probably being a muslim attack that muslims are now burning catholic churches and he also actually saw that that people go into much more trouble we have a video maybe we want to have a look at it and have it close listen to it as well. just maybe. yeah well the pictures are real but the sound is fake and if you just think
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about this and then think that an online platform basically links a fake news story to not for a dam and links it to terrorist attack well this is food for those people who are just craving for these conspiracy theories and it can have like this in fact you know it can boost more conspiracy theories being online and it's not only that it's also about the tool basically since it's also an automatic levy being moved while it's failed big time if you put it like a man versus machine a human brain would have to work much better in this case just the editorial guidelines that kick in here and you need to be aware of them and i think and disc the two was not right ready for it it was good and all the cases of removing isis propaganda videos but in this particular case of breaking news maybe better have a human. let's move on look at some of the other stories making news around the world to the baltic sea its biggest offshore power project has been
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switched off german chancellor angela merkel attended the event described the aco been found as being of national significance to germany as the country transitions to the in your home and. of course in russia has convicted a no we just man of spying with intent to gather information about new plans submarines betide boat the god of proto bat was jailed for fourteen years he was arrested in most european twenty seventeen and his agency acting as a korea for the region intelligence but denied knowledge of the right. capital is still struggling to cope with severe flooding after state of emergency was declared this month more than twenty thousand people who moved to safety after heavy rain falls was made to breach its banks. and just the united coach i going to sell shot will make a special return to boston there's new tonight twenty years ago and that stadium
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a sell shot was playing for united when they completed a historic comeback as they paid to buy and munich to win the champions league now as coach he's hoping that history repeats itself against barcelona in this year's quarterfinals with united one nil down from the first leg ole goal or so shiers manchester united have already upset one powerhouse this champions league season and it was an easy overturning a deficit and defeat. in france's capital in the last round required mental fortitude. belief in a fit bullet because most of it is yeah everyone's got talent everyone's got a certain ability to play it's. we've seen ourselves against p.s.u. that we can get back from being to kneel down against a fantastic team two decades ago so shyer scored a dramatic late game winning goal at can't new versus byron munich in the champions
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league final evra turned to bars his pitch that ended with the most cherished prize in club football is undoubtedly a good omen for the red devils despite being the hero back then so shire in crewe won't be thinking of former glories. twenty years ago i used to play with moments when they were buckets come know so. but to go through we have to perform we have to deserve it that's you can't say we're just going to rely on faith you know there's lots of history in this match here some more the last time manchester united won the champions league in two thousand and eight the red devils defeated barcelona in this in my files. now to russia where the lower chamber of parliament the duma has given final approval to a bill regulating internet use lawmakers say the legislation is aimed as a verse in potential cyber threats including attempts by other countries to cut russia off from the world wide web the law would regulate online traffic and all
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internet providers would be required to report their internet flows to the national telecoms watchdog one of the bill's stated objectives is to keep data exchange between russian internet users inside the country but skeptics are worried that increased government control of a cyber space could be used to silence critics so thousands of people have taken part in protests against the proposed law russia's lower chamber of parliament the duma has given the final approval to a bill regulating internet use lawmakers say the legislation is aimed as a verse in potential cyber threats including attempts by other countries to cut russia off from the world wide web the law would regulate online traffic and all internet providers would be required to report their internet flows to the national telecoms watchdog and one of the bill stated objectives is to keep data exchange between russian internet users inside the country skeptics worried that increased government control over cyberspace could be used to silence critics so thousands of
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people have taken part in protests against this proposed law let's get more from alexander is often in he's the coordinator for international relations at ross com for border that's a russian internet freedom project and he joins us from moscow welcome to day doubly so when lawmakers say they want the domestic internet what do they mean. well actually slow loath our states to regulate the main their chemical protocols and technical infrastructure of the internet they want to create a monitoring and control center which ols them to minute or what happens on the internet and the most important to control relations between internet operators now is that your interpretation of what they want to resent what they have said they want. it's what do they want actually they were
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saying that their main intention for this law is that septmonts of united states aggressive keep their strategy they said a lot of other reasons which multiway them to create this for what are surely they wants just to control russian internet under a good reason. so if this is about control by the states why are they doing this now. well are they trying to do this for years and actually previously as a trade to gain this possibility is through your international tune conditions union or as an internet international trade just on the internet but such regulations globally doesn't exist unlike for telephone and telegraph they just realize that it now they failed to pass regulation of global internet from community to the state through
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a night or you saw they just grew up to make the flow just for russia so when critics look at these proposals and say well this is just like china's great fire wall i'm guessing you're you would agree with that assessment. well as this flow is really general it just gives rights as a state to control technical aspects of some protocols. they're working pledges lation should be redone in the next whole of europe by the government and means the author of communications we actually do not know what they will write down as the documents which need to be executed but in russia could always call for the post but prepare for savors and besides generally galatians they are actually able to create a trainee skinner or so activists like yourself you look at this these proposals you need and you see the problems that you demonstrate as far as most people in
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russia concerned are they bothered to they even noticed. well because this is really more about turkey actually join your audience doesn't see much trouble because it's about technics but weird or border and some other organisations and opposition political parties write the rise or weren't as of general public that such regulations are dangerous not just for freedom of speech but also for economic models which drives internet fast and are always development of inexpensive and oh well above for all internet it's very interesting thank you for joining us alexander is often in from russia comes for border thank you. i should've just sat that was i predict what interview just for the technical mistake of the start i just time to remind you our top story at this hour inspector's office assessing the security safety fifty hours is not productive fatal following
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monday's massive fire much of the church's main structure has been saved despite extensive damage to the group's spot to crush precious relics were also rescued from the floods. muzak of text on the back of the top of the mountain top of the to. the for.
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is either of the news a shot coming up on the program a question of faith in the news here are goes up for an election that's putting religion front and center we love country wants known for its religious freedom become less tolerant plus. the cost of yaz of conflict about this time is to talk with landmines and civilians like shockey levels opening up paying the price. and we introduce you to a baby that's full of freemont.


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