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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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bialik guest. managed by from. this is g.w. is live from the flames are out now for the investigation inspectors are assessing the damage after the players that consumed paris's notre dame cathedral for fifteen hours well thor's is trying to find out tom how the fire started and came to him for the world's most famous law. also on the program a german migrant camp accused of housing refugees in squalid we'll take you to be
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a variant detention facility fueling the criticism of germany's holding and processions transfer. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. french president emmanuel macross says the not time cathedral will be rebuilt following last night's devastating blaze the fire has now been put out but much of the twelfth century building has been destroyed fire gutted the roof and cause the famous spot to collapse the parts of the cathedral that were destroyed a shown here in red but firefighters did manage to save the bell towers and outer walls now investigators are trying to find out the cause of the blaze as people around the world lament the loss of an architectural jewel and symbol of france's heritage. the
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moment the spire of not tear down cathedral fell into the raging inferno. hours flames engulfed this iconic landmark destroying an eight hundred year old building that it survived two world wars. sauza is gathered to watch as a piece of french history. crumbled before their eyes. it's a monument above and beyond its religious meaning it's something that represents the entire evolution of french civilization. is it's very dramatic to see something like this happening. this is the conclusion schools. are the boss and. i felt really angry to learn that such a large beautiful piece of art went up in smoke like that.
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i was really shocked so when i heard the news here i ran straight here. french president emmanuel mccollum was quickly at the scene. that. we will rebuild this cathedral all of us together it's probably part of france's destiny and it will be our project for years to come i am committed to this. while donations have already been pledged the damage done is extensive. this is where this weekend's easter services would have been held instead firefighters have been trying to make the area safe as investigation starts into what caused this devastating blaze. the fire may be out but one on how to restore this historic building to all its former glory is only just beginning. straight to the sea in the. welcome barbara talk us through the damage.
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so was safe where the exterior walls of the can see the world that we see behind us but what is gone is the whole huge roof beneath the scaffolding you see in the background there is sort of like a large the shape the whole voyage and that was where the roof was and this was wood really was burning at these centuries old oak beams in in there were just burning like cinder throughout hours last night so that is gone what has been saved for instance was one of the oldest and biggest bells of the cathedral that did the regulars leave didn't crack under the heat some windows with the famous stained glass particularly beautiful with save some of this crack and are gone so it is a mix of messages there some things as some artwork could be carried out early last night to by courageous firefighters and some was which last through fire through
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heat and particularly so bought a democrat because i didn't believe months of water we had sort of thrown at him into the casino in order to extinguish the flames so it is a very mixed picture soke about the investigation that has started to i want to you hear it. the prosecutor of paris has opened an investigation now because of negligence what has happened in that is what everybody is susie is that one of the or workman who had been working there because there was a restoration project going on in exactly that the center of this roof around the spire that was the first thing to fall down last night they left a power tool on there were some sparks flying at there was an electrical for just some welding going on something that set off one of those old beings and then it's moldering and finally caught fire and sent the whole roof in sort of into blaze and
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then when that happened it was too really really too late. save it because particularly fire letters wouldn't reach up there it's much too high it's more than sixty metres high so it was complicated finding the fires have been extinguished but it wasn't said accident rebuilding is going to be a massive project millions of euros have been pledged. is quite incredible phil all of a sudden the big french the big leading families or friends that control the big money in this country have shown tremendous civic spirit two hundred million my bet on core the law of the family the cosmetics corporation a two hundred million buy the second biggest luxury corporation and so on and so forth seven hundred million euros have been put on the table within this day this
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first date so there is no like of money bought experts will be needed artisans that need to come from europe to rebuild this is a very complicated first the building needs to be made structurally safe and then piece by piece they can start to reconstruct the roof there was talk about timber that's not big enough and strong enough anymore these days like it used to be in the middle ages so it's a huge task and it's going to take years and one expert here that talked about this today said we're looking at maybe fifteen to twenty years until finally parisians can enter their conceit wrote not for damn again and recognise it as their own and just. the cathedral not very much regarded as a part of our soul tell us more about the reactions of people that. and many people were in tears last night and throughout the day huge crowds have come out lining to the really children old people young people everybody young women
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with birdies and they're lining the two banks are. the saying year round not through time meant to look at what has happened today conceded because this is really a symbol at the heart of old paris and this also stands for the city of t.v. unit t.v. identification not only off the french capital but also for country i mean this is the symbol in the sign that i can for eight hundred nine hundred years of french history going back to the middle ages and also this is the place where parisians used to celebrate for instance after the end of the second gold war all day you come to grieve after the attacks at the bottom line in two thousand and fifteen when the big mass was held inside and outside not a dam and everybody came just to feel the spirit of communality so yes this really cuts to the heart and everybody here really wants to see it rebuild but they are
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going to need a lot of patience. barbara faisal and paris like some. churches across germany have been showing solidarity with knocked her down today. some of the large ones including the cathedrals of mines not to birkenau and back in homburg running that bells and people came together to pray german chancellor angela merkel said the fire had left her deeply saddened that saddam is finished he will not john is not only the symbol of christianity and fronts also of our common european heritage that we shan't tire on it and that is why we are of course winning and i have agreed this with minister of state for culture to work together on reconstruction also with german expertise and experience following. well let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world
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a court in russia has convicted a norwegian man of spying with intent to gather information about nuclear submarines retired border guards afraid of bat was jailed for fourteen years he was arrested in moscow in twenty seventeen and has admitted acting as a korea for norwegian intelligence but did night knowledge of the operation. is still struggling to cope with severe flooding after a state of emergency declared earlier this month more than twenty thousand people were moved to safety after heavy rainfalls country's main river to breach its banks . in the united states a former massachusetts governor bill weld asked for him the first republican to challenge donald trump in the primaries for the twenty twenty presidential election but mr well faces an uphill battle despite the president's poor approval ratings during his term he remains popular with republican voters. but germany is seeing growing criticism of its holding and processing centers where migrants
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assent when they first arrive in the country. the twenty eighteen they authorities are considered more than two hundred thousand asylum applications and rejected more than a third despite this only a third of those rejected were actually deported people detained in the census described conditions asked her if the w.c. test a cloud of reports from bavaria in southern germany. behind this fence nice to first info poke refugee camp reporters are not allowed inside so for the residents meet us here because they fear of reprisals from the authorities they wish to remain anonymous you go to the bathroom and notice that about fifty or even one hundred people are using the same toilet infections are everywhere if i want to see a doctor i have to get up at around one in the morning and get in line but when the clinic opens fifty people are already there and the doctor he only treats twenty
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a day how can you survive we're asking germany please help us here. moses flat nigeria because of religious persecution he's been living in the camp for a year and a half together with his wife and child and. one of his friends shows us footage shot inside the camp up to eight people in one room. showers and bathrooms in terrible condition and cleaned only rarely they tell us just a. little. bit. when migrants leave the camp they have to hand over their documents inside there's nothing to do no one's allowed to walk several traumatised refugees have already been committed to a psychiatric clinic according to the refugees that's been several suicide attempts
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we wanted to take the refugees complains to the state government but it wouldn't grant an interview only this written statement. the residents of the first in photo coding center are coming dated in accordance with current guidelines on the whole there's plenty of space at the center. the local integration commission of rejects this assessment the leader takes less has visited the come many times he confirms the place is unfit for human habitation and a long term basis and he says the refugees are condemned to a miserable plight and i asked him what the standards for being up held. there are no standards at all these processing centers are supposed to be on comfortable and humiliating to motivate those who have no real need for protection to leave the country preferably of their own accord. to do the wonderful lawson good for
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everybody but with every month the refugee spend here their frustration grows fights and protests are part of everyday life at the camp in the beginning the authorities told me that this was going to be a temporary situation but this temporary situation turned into a year and five months according to regulations refugees should either be trans food or deported within twenty four months but groups like the bavarian refugee council report this time limit is soft next seeded all the more reasons they say to improve conditions in the camp as soon as possible. mr bond top story at this hour inspectors are assessing the security and safety of paris is not to dump its favorable following monday's massive fire which is the iconic buildings main structure has been saved despite extensive damage from planes and spot cost the precious remix but also rescued from the floods. business africa
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