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w. . this is didn't lose a lot from then french president. says the not to. be rebuilt following last night's devastating things plays out in the morning but much of the twelfth century building history destroyed it was first said at six fifty pm local time on. the birth coast a famous spot to come from a french president. addressing the french people say what he has to say. sydney some say get it all to said we intended to define the literal that is the cathedral
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of a whole of evil of a thousand years history and the fire had just been vanquished the firefighters had put out the blaze and took extreme wrists they were here they were there with the chief fire chief with x. loring the roof of a new structure they had twenty there were twenty or twenty five years old they had come from all over france but what we saw this night together in paris with is capacity to mobilize and unite in order to win. in the course of our history we built cities harbors churches really many of the burned many were destroyed by war effect and revolution by men but every time each and every time we rebuilt them even though.
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the fire that destroys not them reminds us that our history never ends. and that we are always going to have to surround mt catastrophes because of this and that what we think is in dust destructible can be destroyed it's like you are it booklet tiriel and spiritual heritage is alive and fragile we should never forget that defense and is happening to us the french citizens of today don't sit on the true feel of this current to new up holding the heritage of the french nation that represents our history. and that is why i wanted to speak to you directly.
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today because it is our duty and we should never forget it or you have a bit of welcomes in your place i am going to talk to you in the coming days as i have pledged good law in order for us to be able to work together. and not up but it is it. all onto more on politics and all our political worries are going to be. on the forefront again but not today let us not forget what happened yesterday last night during the night and in the morning everybody gave what he was able to give them the firefighters risked their lives for this and harrowing battle with the flames. and the parisian there. they were moved there trembled on the knees don't think even foreigners were moved for journalists wrote for talk
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shows the world the terrible images poor people rich people everybody gave what they have what they could give. everybody in his place in his role as well and i say to you tonight with strings we are a people of builders. and we have a lot to build and to rehabilitate and we are going to rebuild not redeem cathedral even more beautiful than before and it is going to be finished in five years we're going to be able to do it we're going to mobilize in order to mend that. life and after. the time of rebuilding we're going to have also a time of reflection. but let us not be trapped by hasty
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decisions. that were so i know it's true for some people today that for years our second story we are feeling a kind of faults impatience that makes us run after the deadlines community through the food but to govern a country is not only administrators we are also conscious of our history a clip and of times gone by of men and women of our history onlookers want to be. catastrophically it is also a time where we can remember that and think about what we used to be and what we are going to be better than we are now or. would be and not what was in that we are going to follow our national project that unites us. a human project. that as passionately french.
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if the french citizens would have foreigners you who love france who love paris i want to say to you tonight. that i share your pain and i also share your hope. now we have a lot to do with you now we are going to act. and we are going to succeed i could be the flight beautiful along affronts. it was an address by the president of france emmanuel macro following out yesterday monday night's fire at the cathedral in paris big thing in that three minutes speech talked about the cathedral being rebuilt more beautiful than before in just five years i share your pain and i share your hope he said let's get more on this from t.w. correspondent elise lewis and terrorist who has been following their friendship
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president's speech welcome lisa what did you make of what you heard. well it wasn't a sin speech because on the one hand he was saying i'm really sharing your sorrow your pain and we need to go through this together we can get through this together and we will rebuild this cathedral within five years at the same time he was saying now is not the time for me to make announcements you know yesterday he was actually expected to make an announcement following months of you know strikes and demonstrations by the so-called yellow vests here in france he pushed that back and he's now saying we need to wait a bit longer and he will make probably knew you will announce new measures in the days to come but if you listen carefully you can also hear that music he was not only talking about the yellow vests or about the leader actually he was saying you know we need to take time to think things through and that's exactly what he's been pledging for it looks like he used this you know to show you that he's sharing this
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pain in the summation but also to say you know everybody needs to understand that the government needs time to reflect upon things and actually give me more time to put in place measures that will somehow improve the country that seemed to be the underlying message and appeal to the french for more patience he was that he canceled i'd open space trip straight back home as soon as the new year's about the cathedral broke is it with just a day or is it too early just to assess what people have made of his response to this. i think it's a bit early and he just he just said this but what's clear i mean obviously the responses show yesterday i think many people thought that was the right thing to do to cancel this announcement of new measures following the protests as i said and also to be there to shows i'm
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a shame to share the pain i think he was if i think that he was perceived as saying his huge. and phase and understanding you know the heart the so the french obviously there haven't been any polls out yet so i can't say anything representative but that's what people have been telling me over the past few hours ok we said we see the cathedral a lot about this little behind you see the scaffolding i just took us through the damage. well there are a few things that have been damage obviously. the spire has come down as you know and the roof has collapsed and also the pos of the lot but what we know is that the structure as you can see behind me is still standing and also the two towers so the main thing the main frame say to say is still standing that's why people are now saying we hope that this cathedral kinetic actually really be rebuilt within five years maybe as in one of my cars saying it's also mayor the mayor of paris has been
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saying earlier today millions of euros have already been pledged to fund this restoration has there been much discussion about who should pick up the final bill . well it's a complicated question really on the one hand you need to establish what exactly happened of course the restore a of the cathedral will have an assurance but that assurance will only insure insurance will only kick in once it is a splendid if that was actually his or her soul to save the company boss you know the restorer actually came out earlier today saying you know we have done everything that was needed we have followed the straits security protocol it wasn't our fault now if that is really the case then the government needs to step in and pay for the damage because the fear is actually the government's propriety on the other hand obviously many people know that it will cost a lot of money and that's why
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a lot of private companies private you know people families have come forward and have said we will pay partly for this so far there is talk about at least seven hundred million years that will be put on the table from private companies also from private you know rich wealthy people here in france and as a national monument so clearly this is this is a significant happening in the french consciousness i how are people they're reacting all people here is the people asked to have come here together to look at what's left of the cathedral you know yesterday they were shocked that there was this fire they couldn't believe it today they can't believe that it's still standing so the main feeling today seems to be well we made it through their scarfs we got burned but we made it through and we're still standing. at least there isn't a palace thank you so much. right now are
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assessing the fatal for safety and security issues and prosecutors have launched an investigation into the cause of the five million still coming to grips with this loss of an architectural jewel and symbol of the country's heritage. the moment the spire of not trade down cathedral fell into the raging inferno. hours flames engulf this iconic landmark destroying an eight hundred year old building that it survived two world wars. sauza is gathered to watch as a piece of french history. crumbled before their eyes. it's a monument above and beyond its religious meaning it's something that represents the entire evolution of french civilization. is so it's very dramatic to see something like this happening. this.
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first i felt really angry to learn that such a large beautiful piece of art went up in smoke like that. and so i was really shocked so when i heard the news here i ran straight here. french president emmanuel mark home was quickly at the scene. that. we will rebuild this cathedral all of us together it's probably part of france's destiny and it will be our project for years to come i am committed to this. mission. while donations have already been pledged the damage done is extensive. this is where this weekend's easter services would have been held instead firefighters have been trying to make the area safe as investigation starts into
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what caused this devastating blaze. the fire may be out but one on how to restore this historic building to all its former glory is only just beginning. so our coverage in the sport isn't just covering the one store the fire yesterday's five. cathedral in paris french president emanuel macro has. addressed the country he praised the response of the firefighters and much of his talk was about rebuilding today he said was not the day for politics as normal he had been due to make some some announcements about several sponsors two of the prison yellow vests the demonstrators will do that another day he said today he said is for remembering that some are we go back to business and politics as normal you talk about to everybody giving helping and giving what they could to save the cathedral he talked about that rebuilding it every building the cathedral within five years that sets
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you up today's more at the top of the hour course around the clock on our website at st w. dot com i'm going to. birth . home two of species. a home worth saving. yes those are big changes and most start with small steps they can. do is tell stories of creative people and enough.


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