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everybody giving helping and giving what they could to save the cathedral he talks about rebuilding is just a rebuilding the cathedral within a five years that sets you up today's more up to talk off an hour around the clock on our website. www dot com i'm going to. bursts. home to moods of species. of home words if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps to. tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. news that
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can turn the good news to bring energy solutions and reforestation. to interactive content teaching the next generation of environmental protection. using channels available to people to change connection and returning to doing something here for the next generation. the environment series of global three thousand on t w and online. the move. pregnancy is maybe gearing up to celebrate the u.k.'s two pocho from the e.u. but not south africa as a whole colony the nation is still so dependent on pregnant. why these cows are already hooked up to high speed five g. networks before us. and the best way to get the most out of people
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safari without scaring away the wildlife. is all and let's do business south africa doesn't want the u.k. to leave the e.u. you could call it a colonial hangover but the truth is south africans are in a very vulnerable position the economy is reliant on exports and a great deal of their trade is with britain a market they simply can't afford to lose so that for it is by far the most important african trading partner for the e.u. and britain with volumes totaling over forty four billion euros a year. south africa's trade agreements with the e.u. will be unaffected by breaks it but once the u.k. is out of the e.u. or could questions arise such as what happens if britain leaves the use customs union. the british are published in. south africa. through exporting through. crisper
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through. duty free. products and the big concert to sell them for. south africa is the continent's leading producer of automobiles the u.k. and south africa have been thrashing out the question of which products will be tariff free for years but with little success and both sides are becoming increasingly frustrated about the constant back and forth philip the vet is following this story for us from johannesburg philip the thing is a large part of e.u. south africa trade has been subject to preferential rates since the year two thousand and in that time trade between the two has shot up by over one hundred twenty percent could britain spoil the party. that is exactly the question that we are asking ourselves at the moment britain is an increasingly important trading partner to south africa it's not just a very low it's trading that it's often with which we have
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a positive trade balance which will south africa is quite rare but a positive trade balance of about one point five billion dollars last year that's quite important but it's you this way the u.k. receives about forty percent of the total show products and treats that south africa exports at the moment so for a large part of our agricultural market britain is a key market we cannot afford not only to lose access to the british market but even a moment tree would really hit that fresh produce we drive on the same side of the road as for it's an investment have this car relationship with britain few other places drive on the left hand side of the road we just won't have any way to export our cars today will literally be piling up if we cannot get that sorted out so i can tell you south africa was quite relieved when franks was persuaded to south africa have a contingency plan in place. we are in a difficult position before the march deadline we were promised by our government that they would be a roll over agreement we were told at an agreement was in place and that it would
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be signed any moment they within some take me to hiccups at the last minute and at that moment we don't have a parliament because we go to the polls for general elections and the eighth of may so we are unable to rectify any deal x. rays and we hoping that the contingency plan will be put in place well before the next state line but there are a number of these really tricky technical issues that still need to be sorted out about third party content about which products within south africa actually come from south africa if the ass parts from elsewhere and the same thing on the british side. i thought that may was very very close to actually drawing up a deal with five of the sub-saharan countries including south africa. we were told and i think the british public were told very much the same thing it was one of the holdouts will that make government to say look there's not going to be a problem with trying to look we have these examples of trade agreements that we
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were going to put in place at the last second they were the state make ups around cumulation of exports the products that are assembled in south africa are actually south african products in terms of the new trade agreement by i suppose so with the british and the two governments just could not see eye to eye with in the kind of timeframe both within and be huge pressure the south african government simply because our parliament is going into this recess was going to be dissolved ahead of the next and the british government because it had this dooming deadline things got really tense and then we had this last second reprieve so hopefully now when it comes back to the table they can thrash this out without getting stuck again philip just really briefly you say hopefully could it could be time for south africa to get over that colonial hangover and look elsewhere for business it would be very difficult for us to find the kind of export market that we require but work is hard and i don't wait to claim since increased exports of product you see china so if it
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really comes down to it i guess yes south africa would have to make a plan as we always do for the vet for us in johannesburg thank you very much for the insight and looking beyond brags it's and the long awaited and much talked about five g. mobile network that's meant to revolutionize our digital lives well it's already changing the what can lives of these next cows. they may look like regular council but these dairy free zones are the from in england are internet pioneers the government funded by greedy p.r.i. center in somerset has teamed up with cisco networks for the five g. rural first project. around fifty of the one hundred eighty strong herd wears five g. smart collars and health monitoring ear tags. what we're trying to do with five fish that we're trying to show that we can have much more than a couple of forms in. that we can connect every cow we can connect every anymore in
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this farm the cows five g. color controls a robotic milking system when the cow feels ready to be milked it approaches the machine gates which open automatically the device recognizes an individual kero to precisely latch onto its teats for milking while the kero happily munches on a food reward its smarty attack provides location data whilst also tracking health we've got other technology there's one in the here which is the switch. that one is working through the car's activity. so that we know. its activity and if its activity drops off early indicator that maybe the cows are freaking farewell to dairy already uses a wide range of technology sensor operated curtains that open or closed depending on the weather and a smart feeding system that automatically delivers food around the barn by a ceiling mounted rails and also automated mass brushes that rotate when the cow
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rubs up against them a five g. luxury these ruminants have been quick to utilize. a kenyan family has father lawsuit in the us against aviation giant boeing after last month's ethiopian airlines crash relatives of twenty nine year old passenger george come on boeing to release documents relating to woods seven three seven max eight the plane maker already faces a plethora of lawsuits around the world over two fatal crashes in ethiopia and it did asia one shareholder lawsuit accuses boeing of putting profits before safety. and to some other business stories make. the news the board of jet airways is to hold a crisis meeting the indian airline has failed to secure emergency funding thousands of passengers have been left stranded stuff haven't been paid for months the company has dates of over a billion dollars still to board could decide to suspend all operations.
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comic is expect the chinese market to return to growth in the second half of the year sales in china recently fell for the first time in almost thirteen years global brands are betting on state stimulus turning things around and even better said to me if the trade war with the u.s. is resolved. germany is expected to slash its growth forecast for this year from one percent to just half as according to sources within the governing coalition the main reason for the week around look is the global economic slowdown. and officials have switched on the bolt it seems the biggest offshore power project german chancellor angela merkel attended the opening she described the cone a wind farm as of national significance to germany as a transition is to bring your whole energy. now the best thing about going on safari is getting so close to the wildlife but imagine if you could get even close
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without leaving the safety of your vehicle of course it can't be done and the animals haven't caught on yet. the buffalo in this herd of here are slightly confused a familiar looking contraption is approaching but it's not making any noise the animals are curious look at this. guys who are sitting there they didn't hear us coming you know they can only see you. in this desert one hundred percent just to stop and. then the zebra also notice that something's different it's been just a week since the first electric safari car started doing its rounds in the lay wildlife sanctuary. is it probable silently through the savanna passengers can at least go on safari with a sound ecological conscience. diesel powered jeeps have until now been the cheaper option and dirtier one but a simple idea has now changed that scenario the team of mechanics at
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a swedish start up in nairobi simply replaced the power train removing the need to build cars from scratch but even so switching to electric technology is still a challenge so this a vision is to try if we don't try how can we then meet our environmental goals that we have for the future because someone needs to do it we're not doing that who is that someone. there have been teething problems the battery that powers this car's electronic systems has failed and not because of the rain but carol and his colleagues are convinced that their revamped jeep has what it takes. with everything new this got some small tallinn do i have a big faith that it will be so good to be a hundred percent reliable solar energy is already used to power the lodge. and now to power the jeep as well the solar panels will have to be doubled in number to generate enough power for all the lodge's fleet and cost close to thirty
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thousand euros to retrofit each vehicle the team hope the investment will have paid for itself within six years. ultimately the start up in visitors installing electric motors in my tattoos the highly polluting buses that clog the streets of nairobi so i think that the best thing about the mater's is the range that they drive and if you drive six or seven hundred kilometers per day it's a lot of them do that means that rich payoff time for the solution were very very short and perhaps in the not too distant future city dwellers in nairobi can look forward to the kind of cleaner air and quieter surroundings that safari tourists and wildlife now already enjoy out on the savannah. so cute as the business.
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can cheika still avoid relegation control in november gas bans fearing the worst. can cannot pass to qualify for the champions league and no thank you connie.
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on the fight for the title continue. the action. kickoff in sixteen. w. n n puzzle yourself up by a long it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about the wife of i don't do this because we can't stay on venezuela i'm not. that. costly global news that matters. made for mines. this is feed any news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the african union's ultimatum says a done approach a strange thing in the country. gives the ministry tried. vision council fifteen days to install a civilian government. kicked out of the block. and i always human nature to live together in strange will need the man to pull your guns as will some
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. why no women are allowed to. then what's called nigerians who.


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