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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is g.w. news from five years french president sets an ambitious deadline for rebuilding the cathedral. just twenty four hours after the fire devastated france's iconic gothic cathedral. to quickly restore the structure to its former glory investigators are now trying to find out just what sparked the blaze that ravaged
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the church and left a nation in mourning also coming up tonight here in germany accusations of refugees in squalor we'll take you to the detention facility that is fueling the criticism of germany's holding and processing centers for mines. and russia moving to tighten state control of the internet officials who say it's meant to stop cyber attacks that critics fear it's another attempt by the kremlin to correct down on dissent. i'm off it's good to have you with us it has been only twenty four hours since a fire devastated notre dame cathedral in paris but already french president emanuel is pledging to rebuild it
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a day after those flames consumed the capital's famed catholic church has urged the country to come together to begin a new chapter in the history of the built. we are a people of builders and we have so much to rebuild so yes we don't reconstruct the cathedral at northtown to be even more beautiful than before. and i want to gold to be reached within five years we can do it and once again we will mobilize to do this after this challenging time comes a period of reflection and then a time for action. and that was the french president speaking there wus correspondent lisa lewis is in paris tonight yester helmer crones words have been received for. well it wasn't since speech because on the one hand he was saying i'm really sharing your sorrow your pain and we need to go
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through this together we can get through this together we will rebuild this cathedral within five years at the same time he was saying now is not the time for me to make announcements you know yesterday he was actually expected to make an announcement following months of you know strikes and demonstrations by the so-called yellow vests here in france he pushed that back and he's now saying we need to wait a bit longer and he will make probably new you will announce new measures in the days to come but if you listen carefully you can also hear that he was not only talking about the yellow vests or about the cathedral actually he was saying you know we need to take time to think things through and that's exactly what he's been pledging for it looks like he used this you know to show that he's sharing this pain in the summation but also to say you know everybody needs to understand that a government needs time to reflect upon things and actually give me more time to
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put in place measures that will somehow improve the country that seemed to be the underlying message and appeal to the french for more patience. that was lisa lewis reporting from paris all inspectors are now assessing notre dame for safety and security issues prosecutors have launched an investigation into what sparked the fire but say it was likely an accident millions are still coming to grips with the loss of an architectural jewel and a building that many see as the symbol of france's heritage. paris the morning after the heroes of not your damn inspect what they were able to save. less than twelve hours before the world had its eyes on them as they paddled to avoid the destruction of the city's most iconic house of worship they managed to save the eight hundred fifty year old buildings main stone structure but the roof and other
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parts of the cathedral were ruined in the blaze. the catastrophe brought life in paris to a halt. the river. move over a bridge already. with the flames extinguished and the disaster averted it's time to assess the damage to gaping holes sinatra dam sealing and debris as far as the eye can see experts believe the main structure will survive but renovation will be a long and complicated task. between ten and fifteen years seems reasonable to me. i heard a foreign minister talk about three or four years but that is unrealistic just. before starting to restore it will be necessary to secure the site. this will
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require a lot of work. besides ensuring reinforcement it will be necessary to build a scaffolding with unama dela to be able to cover the entire roof to ensure protection against the elements. beyond being venerated as a masterpiece of mediƦval architecture not your damn also housed outstanding examples of western art and holy relics while some of them were lost in the blaze firefighters were able to salvage a great number of the cathedrals treasures among them the holy crown of thorns believed by catholics to have been warned by jesus christ at his crucifixion. there was remarkable teamwork to secure the most precious good six notably the crown of thorns and the true nick of st louis which is safe from the city hall the rest of the treasures will be stored in the loo for for today or tomorrow as quickly as possible. although arson has been ruled out french authorities say they won't
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rest until they know what caused the fire. or the other i feel the public prosecutor was very clear nothing leads us to think that they could be another cause then an accidental one but in any case there are currently fifty investigators mobilized and we will be studying everything and the whole truth will be told if it. restoration work was underway yet not to dam when the fire broke out but the company in charge denies any wrongdoing insisting none of its employees were on site at the moment the cathedral went up in flames. so tonight there is a goal of rebuilding within the five years but what about the contents the things that were inside the cathedral to talk about that i'm joined now by meredith cohen she is an associate professor for medieval arts in architecture at columbia university she joins us tonight from new york it's good to have you on the program for people watching who may not be. art experts talk to me about what sort of
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artworks were kept at notre dame and was there much damage to them in this fight. yeah let me just correct i am a professor at u.c.l.a. and i'm based in los angeles i received my ph d. from columbia and i was a kid well we apologize for that professor that these things happen in foreigners but thank you for that action so yeah. treasures that they were at the crown of florence and their tunic singularly among other relic where east and literature call objects were located in the treasury that was up to the south side of the cathedral so although the whole cathedral including that was certainly in danger yesterday i would say the greatest losses are you know the roof and this fire because i actually think the usual itself is a major mining metal artwork that cannot be replaced. the
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good cedar we know has been rebuilt in renovated many times over the centuries about how much of an architectural blow has the structure suffered. well i would say there's two major periods of architecture that have been lost when instead in one thousand century restoration i feel lately duke and his colleagues. serious who are one thousand century restorers who rebuilt the spire built it in a cottage revival style similar to the early got earlier gothic form but still in one thousand mark or a kind of nineteen century work and then they lost so the roof which was a chamber roof and it's we have really very few examples of timber roofs and people might not be so excited about that part of this or this thirteenth century and made
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you know entirely that you know timber. needles for example temper pags and it's a know how and there were you know maybe a handful in france left from the thirteenth century because you know they do catch on fire so to have one that is left now in the thirteenth century is very rare and well now we've lost this latin and what is it what does that mean a professor when we're talking about you know restoring we're trying to salvage what was inside are there enough carpenters for example who know how to rebuild it that would mean a roof with its beams i think there were so many beams the roof was known as the forest do we have still have the expertise today. yeah i don't think they'll rebuild it in a medieval way it doesn't make a lot of sense it's probably rather heavy and. kind of
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a congress and sort of least efficient way to do it now so i would hope that they do it in a way that is modern that is lighter and yet still strong and then impervious to fire it would be ideal but we do have some knowledge of you know timber trusts. production throughout the middle ages so they could reproduce it the question is i don't know why they would reproduce it in the same exact way we can't you know copy history and we can't we make history. but that that's what i haven't tried that's the tragic commentary about about this fire isn't it professor that even even though we know what was lost a lot of it despite everything we can do with the twenty first century will be unable to replace it right yeah exactly even though we have many detailed. you know drawings example. laser
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reproductions of the spire and perhaps at the root of what is gone is gone and anything we make now is going to have the day you know twenty nineteen on it. yeah that's an important point to make that maybe i think a lot of people have not realized as they're still in shock of what was lost in sight notre dame you have heard of cohen associate professor for medieval art in architecture joining us tonight from los angeles professor cohen we appreciate your insights thank you my pleasure thanks for having me thank you. well as the fire spread inside the cathedral so did miss information on social media we saw it happening here in real time last night but rather than stamp it out you tube may have made the situation worse my colleague nicole restores video with that story yet we saw it happening but tell us what exactly happened last night
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while it has had a lot of problems with misinformation floating around its platform for some time so what they did is they created a new tool and ultimate tool that want to help them to find false information and also. get kind of keep on it and the tools on the available in the u.s. and south korea so what use is there a code witness yesterday night when social media outlets went to live streamed this incident is that basically this whole automatic tool backlashed and analyze the pictures coming in and seeing the cathedral in flames and link to to force news about the nine eleven terrorist attacks in the algorithm was it was supposed to actually be able to identify exactly what was happening and give a description of it exactly what it was able it is supposed to be able to identify when this is a false information that this false information that is of both news information
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basically about the nine eleven incident as well fork back then and what it then did then as crazy a box this whole live stream saying ok we have an explainer here about nine eleven just to avoid that as information just floating around it's interesting because last night a lot of people told us that one of the first things they told a belt when they saw the images of the burning church was the nine eleven attacks but these algorithms did the same thing but what was missing was the human component to let the algorithm know the distance not that it's hacked you tube we understand has apologized but what's the damage well the damage is a crate at this time it's main between a terrorist attack and. and to treat them you know and to basically as we know social media is a very vivid ground for conspiracy theories so when we went to twitter yesterday for example just after the news broke we already sold that there are lots of tweets about people blaming muslims for account of this catholic church being burned down
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and it can even go further if people are really into it we found a video that we should have a look at right now i should have a closer look and also listen to it. and this was on you tube. the supposed on social media this was on twitter address is just a video that shows you how far it can go this sound is fake it's obviously not a real old you know this is just to show you how far they can go and then if you see an online platform just basically connecting these two dots knocked her down and the terrorist attack these people have the perfect fuel to create even more confusion so what happened with the you tube incident which was taken down after only a couple of minutes is that we see how bad this can go man versus machine you know mankind would have probably seen this and it's a this is therefore not made it and that we go so these machines are maybe not up to it yet yeah yeah i just don't need some humans out that's right the human factor
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is repeatedly discounted when we're talking your belt social media algorithms for some reason or an intimate look overseas always thank you. indonesia is one day away from electing its next president the largest muslim majority nation in the world it needs to decide between current president djoko and his challenger . so you know both faced off against each other five years ago and this time around both to try to appeal to conservative islamic voters here's from claire richardson in jakarta. more muslims call indonesia home and than any other country on earth. now the young democracy is at a crossroads as its tradition of religious tolerance is put to the test by this year's elections just bite the tensions indonesians are excited to go to the polls . show me the most important thing the security without chaos to choose
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a president who carries out the people's will. no one should refuse to pull up. i hope pull people carry out their duties and coach of the polls i appeal to the people of indonesia to go to their local polling station and nobody should not. done that but this coming election is important because one vote can determine the fate of the nation. this year islamic identity has been at the center of how candidates compete especially in the conversation taking place behind the scenes president joko widodo and his sole competitor have all ran against each other five years ago but this election is much more than just a rematch in the last few years islam is to groups that used to be considered fringe have come into the mainstream and this election will be a test of how much religion based politics has come to shape indonesia election
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watchers say religion has played a central role in the campaign the president has been attacked by conservative opponents for not being muslim enough. is. being a basis to. some activists are unhappy with both of their options for president they say the entire system is corrupt that's given rise to a small but vocal protest movement called put or i'm not voting that's refusing to go to the polls we are so divided. we no longer trust our neighbor we have. political option and we refuse we simply do not trust those
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who have a different political choice. for those who do vote their choice may well determine whether the country's traditional religious freedom will be overpowered by the rise of islamic groups and lead indonesia down the road of religious intolerance. here in germany criticism is growing criticism of the country's holding and processing centers where migrants are said when they first arrive in the country now in two thousand and eighteen authorities say they considered more than two hundred thousand asylum applications every ject more than a third of those despite it's only a third of those rejected were actually deported were actually made to leave the country people detained in the centers described conditions as horrific the. vaulter reports from bavaria in southern germany. behind this fence nice the
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first info poke refugee camp reporters are not allowed inside so for the residents meet us here because they fear of reprisals from the authorities they wish to remain anonymous you go to the bathroom and notice that about fifty or even one hundred people are using the same toilet infections are everywhere if i want to see a doctor i have to get up at around one in the morning and get in line but when the clinic opens fifty people are already there and the doctor he only treats twenty a day how can you survive we're asking germany please help us here. moses flight ninety or yeah because of religious persecution he's been living in the camp for a year and a half together with his wife and child including one of his friends shows us footage shot inside the camp up to eight people in one room.
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showers and bathrooms in terrible condition and cleaned only rarely they tell us just a. little. bit when migrants leave the camp they have to hand over their documents inside there's nothing to do no one's allowed to walk several traumatised refugees have already been committed to a psychiatric clinic according to the refugees that's been several zoos side attempts we wanted to take the refugees complains to the state government but it wouldn't grant an interview only this written statement. the residents of the first in photo coding center are coming dated in accordance with current guidelines. on the whole there's plenty of space at the center. the local integration commission of rejects this assessment believe that ike has
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visited the cum many times he confirms the places unfit for human habitation on a long term basis and he says the refugees are condemned to a miserable plight vendors and i asked him what the standards for being up held. there are no standards at all these processing centers are supposed to be uncomfortable and humiliating to motivate those who have no real need for protection to leave the country preferably of their own accord. to do them to the fullest and he could for everybody but with every month the refugee spend here the frustration grows fights and protests a part of everyday life at the camp in the beginning the authorities told me that this was going to be a temporary situation but this temporary situation turned into a year and five months according to regulations refugees should either be trans food or deported within twenty four months but groups like the bavarian refugee
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council report this time limit is soft neck see that all the more reasons they say to improve conditions in the camp as soon as possible. for more on the political correspondent simon young so i mean these holding centers for refugees like the one of the very they have been around at war what about. a year or so and they were intended to streamline the application process and how many of them are there. seven senses that were opened in bavaria and summer of last year but in fact that means more sites because there are camps and smaller locations like this one dotted around there are also other such senses obviously in the other regional states although there's been a bit of an argument about what they should be cold how many bureaucratic services dealing with refugees should all be bundled in one place what makes sense a lot of these other states have said you know we already had process is that we're working well so we don't need to change them in line with what the government wants
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but nonetheless this is a system that's been rolled out across the country even if it's the individual states who are delivering the services not central government do we know are these are all of these centers are they like the ones we saw in the story how much do we really know about what the conditions are inside yet it has been hard to get information as we saw there you know journalists are sometimes not been allowed in and even lawyers have been turned away in some cases nonetheless there are i think reliable reports from lawyers and from the refugees themselves who've been able to give information about what conditions are like and they don't paint a pretty picture a lot of these senses are in rather remote out of the way places it's difficult for people to access legal services and then there have been these reports about unsanitary conditions. and satisfactory conditions in particular for women and for especially for mothers with young children children are not getting the
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schooling that they would want you know there are no common rooms for people where they can sort of develop some kind of normal life and push forward their applications so there's a lot of complaints and a lot of sense that at least in some places there are problems so these are the accusations in the criticisms how has the government respond. well that hasn't been a lot of response directly what i can tell you is the interior minister has they have really been driving for with a sort of tough approach to refugees he said last november that you know he thinks this is the way to go the sort of one stop shop and if people need to be sent home that can happen bob wire around the perimeter he says it's working and this is the way to go forward other people say differently and we've we've also heard comments that it's not supposed to be comfortable there or make you want to stay that's also been reported what about the nation that these centers are supposed to be
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a deterrent for migrants well i think there is possibly something to that as i say has been driven forward by the interior minister as part of his migration master plan as he called it which is a decidedly tough approach and of course it's been driven forward by the concerns that some people have that you know the government hasn't been tough enough on refugees and that's partly what's driven the rise of the far right reason used the government says irrespective of that we've got to prove that people who have you know where there's been a deputation order against them that they all going to be sent home but of course a lot of the activists and refugee groups church groups are saying you know this isn't a dignified way to treat people who are in trouble and we need to get a more dignified system to some young as always thank you. you're watching the w. news live from berlin coming up next the football program kick off with a review of bundesliga match day twenty nine i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news fathered by the day tonight continuing coverage of the
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aftermath of the fire and their tradition.
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kicked off a hat can cheika still avoid relegation to draw in north america has fans fearing the worst. can cloud box still qualify for the champions league the i am going to keep on drink iraqi fight for the title continue to skew man for
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a reaction. kick off next. t w. you're a supply chain reaction of breasts. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance. scientists. and artists. trying to ensure that the darkest. and. the renaissance fair. starts of people twenty second d. w. . it's crunch time the european elections are just
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around the corner of the building in asia you might ask a simple why should i care what the european market is one of the biggest in the wants of everyone everybody needs to catch up so watch our special show you elections why they matter to asia the soonest but to emphasize value. you will actions why they matter to asia on t.v. of the of.
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