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this is g w news live from berlin in five years the french president sets an ambitious deadline for rebuilding the cathedral of notre dame just twenty four hours after fire devastated france's iconic gothic cathedral the french president to quickly restructure the structure to its former glory investigators tonight say the blaze was probably an accident they did not suspect arson also coming up tonight russia moving to tighten state control of the internet official say it's
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meant to stop cyber attacks but critics fear it's another attempt by the kremlin to crackdown on dissent and in tunisia gearing up for what's been called the world's most complex election with two hundred million voters hours away from casting their ballots the poll is being set as a test of religious tolerance in the world's third largest democracy. i'm sure it got off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome it has been just twenty four hours since a fire devastated notre dame cathedral in paris but already french president emanuel is pledging to rebuild in an address to the nation he said that the disaster is an opportunity for the whole country to come together to quickly
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restore its beloved church. that we are a people of builders and we have so much to rebuild so yes we cannot reconstruct the cathedral is not going to be even more beautiful than a four and i want that goal to be reached within five years we can do it and once again we will mobilize to do this after this challenging time comes a period of reflection and then a time for action. considering the extreme that was the fridge president mccrone speaking earlier tonight let's go now to paris our correspondent lisa louis is covering this story for us tonight lisa it's good to see you what you do make first of all of what the president had to say. well it was interesting because you started off by paying tribute to the father has that had been working have been working relentlessly doing last night to save not for them from the fire was also
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saying basically you know i was there describing his night there basically saying i'm one of you i'm feeling the pain you're feeling we can do this together we can get through this together he also said that this was not the time actually to make any political announcements because he was actually expected yesterday last night to react to you know months long demonstrations here in france by the yellow vests he was and he was expected to announce measures after the big debate that had been going on for seven months here in france and he didn't and he said this is not the right time on the other hand there was this underlying political message if you listen carefully because he kept saying you know we need to reflect on things you get things take time to say and he could understand as you know referring to his own politics because he's been criticized very much over the past few months for not doing what he had promised to do and he's basically telling the french give me
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some more time i will deliver yes speaking of time he says we need five years to rebuild it is it sounds very vicious i mean do we know is it even possible in five years. well there is a discussion that has been going on about this today between different restorers who have been saying you know that it's probably possible but the result will be will not be the same because you need some. time to come up with all these little nice states has that actually was so significant and so important for church like this obviously this also this can also be seen as a political message in a way and i am not an icon the president wants to show we can do this i can do this and i can do this quickly because i'm determined to do it we know lisa that it has been an emotional twenty four hours for millions in france for where you are and also across the world many are still coming to grips with the aftermath of the
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blaze our reporters in paris they witnessed firsthand a nation in mourning as the flames consumes notre dame here's their report. what happened here is for many still impossible to grasp parishioners and visitors from around the world gather to sing and pray at the burning cathedral. it had already been in flames first three hours the towers were in danger of collapse many here hope for a miracle among them and any christians from lebanon they don't. know it's already both sides but the fire is burning and they come put it out in a country like france with all its advanced technology they can put it out national with praying to god. if men are incapable of this. maybe god will help us.
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to food but the truth is if it. was not our lady of paris or france it's our lady of all humanity but he likes to us the muslims they sang with us when they heard we were singing in lebanese and arabic. the medieval roof of notre dame cannot be salvaged no one yet knows the fate of the relics and paintings of the bethany this is the symbol of paris i'm in love with paris and with all that is a really powerful symbol for me to shake on saw. no one could tell if the firefighters would succeed in extinguishing the blaze the cathedral had never burned like this before. the wood is nearly a thousand years old. put down to shimon peres should not nor should i as my heart and soul was fine parisian born in paris this is the most important building for me everyone went to night when we're all together jews muslims people
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of color so everyone is united. some spent the whole night here in a kind of vigil the all clear signal came in the morning the cathedral was still standing but the damage is colossal even though the most important art treasures have been brought to safety. bruno shock me a long time member of the paris diocese is relieved and moved by the way the tragedy brought people of many faiths together. it's not the chief rabbi of france quoted the old testament of the book of isaiah says my house should be called a house of prayer for all people and that's exactly what not to have done is for christians and jews alike muslims even nonbelievers. but the nun sees is a miracle is a call that is you actually i believe in resurrection and noted down will rise again because of the enormous solidarity of everyone who wants to help rebuild it.
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before going to help other fail if we can rebuild it it might be different than before but it has to be done whatever the cost. it just has to be done when you know for free. and all of paris is experiencing a wave of solidarity. solidarity saul was least it's been twenty four hours since that blaze raged. notre dame what's the what's the feeling what's the situation tonight around the conceit. well the cathedral is still actually blocked off largely you can actually access it is from here from the other side many people have been gathering on each side on either side all of the cathedral and just you know looking at it holding vigils they're just down there at the sen there's a group of people actually we have. some candles and they just
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a moment ago they were singing the masses the years in the national him so many people here feel the pain that has been that was caused by this fire and they see you know obviously we want to show our solidarity with what happened with the firefighters as well and also show that we're happy that a large part of the can see in the back on his still survive you know that's a good point to make and also an important point is that no one died in the blaze we've had this outpouring of emotion but also in al pouring of financial generosity more than half a billion euros already been pledged to fund the restoration of the cathedral do we do we really even know how much this will cost. oh it's very difficult to estimate this very moment we know that they're even actually more than seven hundred million already coming from different donors rich wealthy people or you know big companies
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also private funds so you know people who set out. you know websites to collect funds and tens of thousands of years coming from they obviously there will be a discussion about who will have to foot the bill on the one hand these so nations but on the other hand obviously the companies that haas been doing the rest have been doing the actually engaged to the restoration. they also have insurance and if the inquiry in the best occasion that's going on file is you know the outcome of that is that it was that for these insurers would have to put at least part of the bill over the the government but also chip in to get this construction going because as you said earlier the government and i might call wants. to be rebuilt within five years you know five years a drop in the bucket for a cathedral that has been standing for eight hundred fifty years that is for sure
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this in the woods on the story for us tonight in paris lisa thank you. well tonight a goal of rebuilding notre dame as we reported within five years but the question remains how authentic will the result be compared to what has been wall street twelve to meredith cohen she's associate professor for medieval art and architecture at the university of california in los angeles yesterday explain the extent of the destruction. so there's two major periods of architecture that have been lost when is the one thousand nine hundred century restoration by feel lately duke and his colleagues shot at this who are one thousand centuries or stores who rebuilt the spire built it in a cottage revival style similar to the early god earlier gothic form but still in one thousand nine hundred nineteen century work and then they lost so the roof which was a chamber roof and it's we have really very few examples of timber ropes and people
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might not be so excited about that part of this roof this thirteenth century and made you know entirely that you know timber. needles for example temper pags and it's a know how and there were you know maybe a handful in france left from the thirteenth century because where there's you know they do catch on fire so to have one that is left now in the thirteenth century is very rare and well now we've lost this flattened and what is it what does that mean a professor when we're talking about you know re story we're trying to salvage what was inside are there enough carpenters for example who know how to rebuild it that would mean a roof with its beams i think there were so many beams the roof was known as the forest do we have still have the expertise today. yeah i don't think they'll
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rebuild it in a medieval way it doesn't make a lot of sense it's probably rather heavy and. kind of a congress and sort of least efficient way to do it now so i would hope that they do it in a way that is modern that is lighter and yet still strong and then impervious to fire it would be ideal but we do have some knowledge of you know timber trusts. production throughout the middle ages so they could reproduce it the question is i don't know why they would reproduce it in the same exact way we can't you know copy history we can't remake history. but that that's an average right that's the tragic commentary about about this fire isn't it professor that even even though we know what was lost a lot of it despite everything we can do with the twenty first century will be
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unable to replace it right yeah exactly even though we have many detailed. you know drawings example. laser reproductions of the spire and perhaps at the root of what is gone is gone and anything we make now is going to have the day you know twenty nineteen on it yeah that's an important point to make that maybe i think a lot of people have not realized as they're still in shock of what was lost in sight notre dame he added if cohen associate professor for medieval art in architecture joining us tonight from los angeles professor cohen we appreciate your insights thank you for the cathedral of notre dame is known and loved around the world our reporters have been asking people in moscow you stamboul berlin and london for their reaction to last night's five. it's just awful when i sort of
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it was hard to believe you know we're not going down with an international achievement it's ancient architecture for us russians this is a tragedy and it's a tragedy for everyone that's on video so everyone in russia seems to be very upset for example if i don't find out about the fire from the new the speech from my friends everyone was sharing the information and saying that it's such a shame. because it's a great loss is not what i'm does not only belong to the christian world. christianity is a religious belief you know and we need to respect religious beliefs all religions are holy to historical structures think about the memories they're no no. one off. well one would hope that a similar work is done here in germany that care will be taken with historic monuments. that something like this does not happen here. it's terrible.
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so sad it is awful where so i work but i suppose i will post every day i look at it from my office window and i be devastated when you see paris. it's what you think of paris beautiful buildings they attach to something very important don't they it's not just historical it's a sacred nature of the building as well and i think that's very important to. keep those in our cities sad to say yeah it must be devastating i feel very sad for the french people. thoughts around the world about notre dame but here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the party of turkish president heir to one has formally asked for an unknown and a rerun of his temples municipal elections citing irregularities initial results
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show that the main opposition republican people's party won the city by a narrow margin that would be ending years of a k.p. control their party has already lost control of the capital uncle egypt's parliament has approved amendments to the country's constitution that could keep president. in power until the year twenty thirty the parliament which is dominated by his supporters also backed changes to give the military greater influence the changes still need to be approved in a referendum. a court in russia has convicted a norwegian man of spying with intent to gather information about nuclear submarine retired border guard there will go to prison for fourteen years he was arrested in moscow back in twenty seventeen and has admitted to acting as a courier for norwegian intelligence but he has denied knowledge of the operation.
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indonesia is one day away from electing its next president the largest muslim majority nation in the world will decide between the incumbent and the challenger who is no stranger to politics now both candidates faced off against each other five years ago but this time it's not the issues but rather conservative islamic values that they are pushing to win over voters here's more now from claire richardson in jakarta. more muslims call indonesia home than any other country on earth. now the young democracy is at a crossroads as its tradition of religious tolerance is put to the test. by this year's election it's just might the tensions indonesians are excited to go to the polls. tell me the most important thing is security without chaos to choose a president who carries out the people's will. no one should.
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i hope people carry out their duties and go to the polls i appeal to the people of indonesia to go to the polling station and nobody should not fight. this coming election as important because one vote can determine the fate of the nation. this year islamic identity has been at the center of how candidates compete especially in the conversation taking place behind the scenes president joko widodo and his sole competitor. ran against each other five years ago but this election is much more than just a rematch in the last few years islamist groups that used to be considered fringe have come into the mainstream and this election will be a test of how much religion based politics has come to shape in tunisia election watchers say religion has played a central role in the campaign the president has been attacked by conservative opponents for not being muslim enough. real muslim.
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is a joke. or. being the. being a basis to that's the profile of. some activists are unhappy with both of their options for president they say the entire system is corrupt that's given rise to a small but vocal protest movement called cya go put or i'm not voting that's refusing to go to the polls we are so divided. we no longer trust our neighbor we have to run a political option and we refuse we simply don't do not trust those who have a different political choice. for those who do vote their choice may well determine whether the country's traditional religious freedom will be overpowered by the rise
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of islamic groups and lead indonesia down the road of religious intolerance. to afghanistan where there are renewed hostilities between the taliban and the country's government and it comes in the midst of an ongoing push for peace with the us with a fresh fighting is a further blow to a country that's already struggling to recover from decades of war and where victims of past conflicts are still paying the price it's early morning in kabul and check them was a furry has two kilometers to go on crutches she can't afford a taxi she lost a leg when she stepped on a mine no weapons allowed here at this rehabilitation center for victims of the violence in afghanistan. in the winter of their snow and mud to deal with already fell twice this morning but i need to come for the treatment things worse and when i don't. the ali about orthopedic center is the only one in
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afghanistan that offers long term care to mine victims wounded soldiers and those injured in attacks. after forty years of war in terror there are more minds still buried in afghanistan than in any other country children are most often injured by them. shaquille is remaining leg is overburdened in giving her trouble she keyless parents were reluctant to let their daughter be filmed like this for a long time a disabled woman in afghanistan is a major stigma. the memory of the moment when the mine exploded and i lost my leg i just can't forget it. when it happened i thought it's all over. my mother recently became seriously ill and i feel ashamed that i can no longer help her out. that christie sees are
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manufactured here and patients come for them from far and wide. the afghan state can barely help its disabled make a new start in life. but at least everyone is given a new leg to stand on. shaquille of plays basketball and she's good at it her team has already twice taken part in the asian para games. but. my confidence has returned through sports. now i sometimes think i'm a pretty good athlete of course i know that's not true but it feels good. that. shaquille goes to the clinic twice a week she knows that despite all the hardships she's lucky to live in kabul where the clinic is located and she has recently decided on her future career she'd like to become a physiotherapist. russia's parliament has given final approval to
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a controversial law designed to better monitor internet usage lawmakers say it's needed to prevent cyber threats such as attempts by other countries to cut russia off from the world wide web but skeptics fear increased government control over cyberspace could be used by the kremlin to silence critics. this could soon be happening a lot more often in russia the results of a web search blocked internet users here can't reach the u.s. korea networking site linked in because it doesn't store use adata on russian service now with a new law the duma is taking things a step further lawmakers want all russian internet traffic routed through russian service that. will help us defend our internet traffic from aggressive action from abroad. the author of the bill believes there is a very real danger the u.s.
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could cut russia off from the net critics fear that the government simply wants to control all internet traffic in russia. in march thousands of people demonstrated against the proposed law change many think the official reasoning is implausible. it is technically impossible to cut russia off from the internet which i mean there's no official but much or nothing internet in the u.s. or in germany that. with the law change the government regulator over us coldness or will gain more power and be able to put more pressure on foreign internet companies it's already demanded facebook and twitter move russian user data on to service in russia and threatened to block access to the sites if they refused. arguments to this now at the monte carlo masters barring gillett was dumped out of the competition by argentina's giteau peja meanwhile world number one novak
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djokovic had his own struggles against germany's philip coast striker in what was their second head to head this year. the red clad novak djokovic claimed the first set among the highlights a delicately sliced backhand too delicate for as opponent to reach but philipp kohlschreiber hit back in the second set one thrilling rally ended with both players at the nats high school shot by his his opponent with the bull. he had only beaten joke of its twice in ten attempts but his most recent victory against him came in much of this year the german continued to breaks of eventually claiming the second set much to the frustration of djokovic jews reckitt took a beating. with the and get taken care of a close third set was won by joke of it securing him passage into the monte carlo mosque his last sixteen. here's
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a reminder that top story we're following for you french president has failed to rebuild notre dame cathedral within five years a day after a devastating fire he urged france to come together to rebuild the church even more beautifully than before as the best geisha is underway into the cause of the blaze but arson is not just. you're watching t w news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for this.
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i was issued when i arrived here i slept with six people in a room. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair. in the german language head now not this gets me and they go but it may be to
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entrap the fly you want to know their story the migrants her fighting and reliable information for margaret. what's the connection between bread but home and the european union he knows guild not a v.w. correspondent and an avid baker can stretch this back on line with the words sex by the dean of. tots. shopping recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . when the water starts rising people fight for survival you know many days and abundantly but if i get one there's a flood water comes up to our waist when you're close fast to everyone me. but a lack of water is equally dangerous. there's damn good to see it will move south
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so they can plant crops and find food processor. floods and droughts with climate change because. the main driver of mass migration you can write any kind of peace not if you want and probably more things will come for. the climate exodus starts people thirtieth on t w. this was notre dame cathedral just twenty four hours ago this catholic church this gothic monument this eight hundred fifty year old heart of paris was devastated its famous spire collapsing its roof gutted by fire investigators say the blaze was most likely an accident and not arson tonight there are pledges of more than half a billion euros to rebuild the cathedral can it be done in five years president says it can i've heard often really.


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