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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight in paris an emotional tribute to notre dame just twenty four hours after flames engulfed the goods the. hundreds marched in solemn solidarity the french president has value to restore the structure to its former glory within five years also coming up with russia needs to tighten state control on the internet officials say it's meant to stop cyber
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attacks but critics fear it's another attempt by the kremlin to crackdown on dissent. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us it has been an emotional twenty four hours for the people of france a nation reeling from the devastating fire at notre dame for reasons are now gathering to pay tribute to the ravaged church hundreds of march through the streets to the cathedral they came to seeing pray and show solidarity after the disaster inspectors will be assessing structural damage to the building for the next forty eight hours investigators say the blaze was probably an accident they do not suspect arse. or earlier this evening french president emmanuel
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macron gave an ambitious timeline for rebuilding notre dame in an address to the nation he said the disaster is an opportunity for the whole country to come together to restore its beloved get the new some say that we are a people of builders and we have so much to rebuild so yes we don't reconstruct the cathedral but now if you want to be even more beautiful than a flaw and i want that goal to be reached within five years we can do it and once again we will mobilize to do this after this challenging time comes a period of reflection and then a time for action. considering that is the french president mccrone speaking earlier tonight let's go now to paris our correspondent lisa louis is covering this story for us tonight lisa it's good to see you what you jew make first of all of of
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what the president had to say. well it was interesting because you started just by paying tribute to the fire workers that had been working have been working relentlessly doing last night to save not for them from the fire was also saying basically you know i was there describing his night there basically saying i'm one of you i'm feeling the pain you're feeling we can do this together we can get through this together he also said that this was not the time actually to make any political announcements because he was actually expected yesterday last night to react to you know months long demonstrations here in france by the yellow vests he was and he was expected to announce measures after the big debate that had been going on for seven months here in france and he didn't and he said this is not the right time on the other hand there was this underlying political message if you listen carefully because he kept saying you know we need to reflect on things you
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get things take time so to say and he could understand it is as you know referring to his own politics because he's been criticized very much over the past few months for not doing what he had promised to do and he's basically telling the french give me some more time i will deliver us speaking of time he says we need five years to rebuild it is challenge very bush do we know is it even possible in five years. well there is a discussion that has been going on about this today between different restore a suit and saying you know it's probably possible but the result will be will not be the same because you need some time to come up with all these little nice details that actually are so significant and so important for church that there's obviously this sort of this can also be seen as a political message in a way you know in one of our can the president wants to show we can do this i can
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do this and i can do this quickly because i'm determined to do it. we know lisa that it has been an emotional twenty four hours for millions in france for where you are and also across the world many are still coming to grips with the aftermath of the blaze our reporters in paris they witnessed firsthand a nation in mourning as the flames consumes notre dame here's their report. it. what happened here is for many still impossible to grasp. parishioners and visitors from around the world gather to sing and pray at the burning cathedral. it had already been in flames first three hours the towers were in danger of collapse many here hope for a miracle among them. christians from lebanon they do what they do or in the notes or on both sides but the fire is burning and they come put it out in
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a country like france with all its advanced technology they come put it out. with praying to god. if men are incapable of this. maybe god will help us. also for that but the truth was it. was not our lady of paris or france it's our lady of all humanity but he likes to us are muslims they sang with us when they heard we were singing in lebanese and arabic. the medieval roof of notre dame cannot be salvaged no one yet knows the fate of the relics and paintings the best are somewhat depressing me this is the symbol of paris i'm in love with paris and with all that is a really powerful symbol for me. no one could tell if the firefighters would succeed in extinguishing the blaze the cathedral had never burned like this before . the wood is nearly
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a thousand years old. for them to see monkey see mantra but nor should is my heart and soul was time parisian born in paris this is the most important building for me everyone went tonight when we were all together jews and muslims people of color so that everyone is united. some spent the whole night here in a kind of vigil the all clear signal came in the morning the cathedral was still standing but the damage is colossal even though the most important art treasures had been brought to safety. bruno shot me a long time member of the paris diocese is relieved and moved by the way the tragedy brought people of many faiths together. it's not the chief rabbi of france quoted the old testament of the book of isaiah says my house should be called a house of prayer for all people and that's exactly what not to have done is for
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christians and jews alike muslims and even nonbelievers. but the nun sees is a miracle is a call that is you actually i believe in resurrection and i noted down will rise again because of the enormous solidarity of everyone who wants to help rebuild it because we are going to give up the trail if we can rebuild it it might be different than before but it has to be done whatever the cost. it just has to be done when you know for free. and all of paris is experiencing a wave of solidarity. solidarity saul was least it's been twenty four hours since that blaze raged behind notre dame what's the what's the feeling what's the situation tonight around the conceit. well the cathedral is still actually blocked largely you can actually access it is
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from here from the other side many people have been gathering on each side on either side all of the cathedral and just you know looking at it holding vigils they are just down there at the set and there's a group of people actually we have. some candles and they just a moment ago they were singing the masses the years in the national him so many people here feel the pain that has been that was caused by this fire and they see you know obviously we want to show our solidarity with what happened with the firefighters as well and also show that we're happy that a large part of that he can see in the back on his still survive you know that's a good point to make and also an important point is that no one died in the blaze we've had this outpouring of emotion but also in al pouring of financial generosity more than half a billion euros already been pledged to fund the restoration of the cathedral do we
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do we really even know how much this will cost. oh it's very difficult to estimate this very moment we know that they're even actually more than seven hundred million already coming from different donors reach wealthy people or you know big companies also private funds so you know people whose set up. you know websites to collect funds and tens of thousands of years coming from they obviously there will be a discussion about who will have to foot the bill on the one hand the so nations but on the other hand obviously the companies that have been doing the rest have been doing the actually engaged to the restoration. they also have insurers if at the inquiry in the situation that is going on fight is you know the outcome of that is that it was there for these insurers will have to put at least part of that the government also chip in to get this construction going because as you said
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earlier the government we call wants. to be rebuilt within five years you know five years a drop in the bucket for a cathedral that has been standing for eight hundred fifty years that is for sure this is the was on the story for us tonight in paris lisa thank you. but here's some of the other stories making headlines around the world the first red cross humanitarian aid convoys have arrived in venezuela it's part of a deal made between the socialist government of president nicolas maduro and the red cross after madeira related last week and allowed medical supplies to be brought in earlier mid-year zero had rejected a chip next to the country the party of turkish president red chip tie your third one has formally asked for an enormous and a rerun of its day of balls municipal elections the ag party irregularities in the
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vote count initial results showed that the main opposition republican people's party. one the city by and there were margin ending years of a k.p. control there the ag party has already lost control of the capital on. egypt's parliament has approved amendments to the constitution that could keep president of the l.c.c. in power until twenty thirty the parliament which is dominated by his supporters voted overwhelmingly in favor of the amendments critics say that could bolster the role of the military changes still need to be approved in a referendum that are. russia's parliament is giving final approval to a two a bill designed to regulate internet usage lawmakers say it's needed to prevent cyber threats or attacks such as attempts by other countries to cut russia off from the world wide web but skeptics fear increased government control over cyberspace could be used by the kremlin to silence critics. this could soon be
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happening a lot more often in russia the results of a web search blocked internet users he account reach the u.s. korean networking site linked in because it doesn't store use a dot on russian service now with a new law the duma is taking things a step further this lawmakers want all russian internet traffic routed through russian service that. will help us defend our internet traffic from aggressive action from abroad. the author of the bill believes there is a very real danger the u.s. could cut russia off from the net. critics fear that the government simply wants to control all internet traffic in russia. in monch thousands of people demonstrated against the proposed law change many think the official reasoning is unpleasable. richardson it is technically impossible to cut russia off from the internet which i
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mean there is no official but much or nothing internet in the us or in germany and that with the law a change the government regulates calmness or will gain more power and be able to put more pressure on foreign internet companies it's already demanded facebook and twitter move russian use a dot on to service in russia and threatening to block access to the sites if they refused. our soccer news now it was a big night in the champions league two matches took place in the second leg of the quarter final spanish giants force alone made light work of their visitors premier league club manchester united the brilliant why no less scored twice in the open a half felipe. made it three after the break to seal the english clubs eight f. and in italy you ventus suffered a shock to one defeat at home to dutch club. the winning goal coming from
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a nineteen year old what t.s. dilly the last time made it past the quarter finals of the champions league was over two decades ago. next up is d. w. business move with mr cope i'm bored ghafar all of us here dylan thanks for the come. to me. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. fifty w. literature list a hundred.


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