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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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club's fate f. and in italy event has suffered a shock to one defeat at home to dutch club i.x. the winning goal coming from a nineteen year old but ts delish the last time i x made it past the quarter finals of the champions league was over two decades ago. next up is g.w. business with mr cope for all of us you're doing thanks for the come. to me. not everyone who walks books has to go insane. to dunk you literature list hundred german plus creeds. not all think that
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well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and when that. thinks deep into the german culture looking at the stereotype the question but if you think the future of the country that i don't. need to change the thickness grandmama yeah. it's all about a new i'm rachel join me for me to. post. a sale slump but the world's biggest auto market car makers try to look for fine chinese buyers for their latest view offerings at the shanghai motor show also called lawmakers in the united states have been. looking for money from russia that might have swayed twenty sixteen presidential election and washington cards its
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stance towards cuba threatening european companies doing business there. good to have you with us china's car market needs a jump start sales fell and twenty eight in the first time in decades which has left many car makers. scratching their heads the same time leadership in beijing is pushing hard to make china a model case for immobility for big brands that means they need to poor big money into fresh markets and industry giants like false flag and it is a billion dollar bets one that has to work for the w.'s thomas my felt reports from the shanghai motor show. the id rooms might still be a show car but the electric s.u.v. will be built and sold in china starting next year later the usa and europe will follow china is to become the focus groups leading market for electric mobility millions of cars will roll off assembly lines here. china real be the automotive
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powerhouse of the future electric cars fully connected because all their technology enterprise is working very closely together here we are a very important part we have eighteen percent market share in the group fourteen alone for x. y. so we are strong pillar of the south to motive industry the wolfsburg company wants to counteract the declining sales figures in the asian giant with a completely new car brand for china the jetta this inexpensive v.w. was designed especially for the chinese market for the equivalent of ten thousand euros the sedan or s.u.v. will reach completely new groups of buyers eighty one percent of those first time buyers so when we want to attract new chinese customers who have the first time in their life and chance to buy a car into our folks bargain group environment then this is the place to be skoda is placing all its bets on s.u.v.s in china and starting next year all skoda is
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will be available as e-cards still the mood at the fair has been dampened by the current weakness of the market we have seen no first to. be kate's all. growth the first decline after the ninety's and we have already been formations that the martyr. will pick up again in the second quarter by the end of the year hopefully see a normal life to do it again the message from v.w. c.e.o. d.c. is clear the fate of the votes wagon group will be just cited in china. and from china to the united states to committees of the u.s. house of representatives have subpoena bank and several other financial institutions as part of investigations into president donald trump's finances democratic house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff said that the subpoenas are part of an investigation into quote allegations of potential foreign influence on the u.s. political process which bank has lent mr trump through state company millions of
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dollars over time even when other banks regarded it too risky to do so. was more in the story nestling in hike a book though she's in new york based finance journalist and she's been covering dodger bank and donald trump extensively welcome to the program i guess what exactly are these house committees looking for here and that they might find between a foreign nation. financial transactions connecting donald trump to foreign nations meaning russia it's part of the big russia investigation that house democrats and democrats have been pursuing for some time now they wanted to look into. dealings with deutsche bank for a long time they were not successful in doing that because they were not in the majority they are now with a new congress and so they're using there's the peano powers you know several other
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lenders have also been subpoenaed on this matter but it seems that proceedings are especially focused on bank why is the. well there are two bang has been trumps house funk if you will they have been. working together for decades it wasn't really a match made in heaven it was more born out of necessity they needed it other end of the ninety's bank wanted to break in into wall street and become a major player here and it was quite difficult for a foreign bank to do so and donald trump at the same time had lost access to u.s. banking because of its bankruptcy in atlantic city with his casinos which left u.s. banks with billions of dollars on the hook so they kind of partnered up and that
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has been the case to the tune of two billion dollars in loans but donald trump's youngest son has already blasted the inquiry as quote an unprecedented abuse of power how likely is it to yield results. what might be really interesting for house democrats here is the banks very own russia connection. so the moscow office of the frankfurt lender has been caught helping wealthy russians getting ruble out of russia to the tune of ten billion dollars and they have been fined for that with six hundred million dollars u.k. and u.s. regulators. i get both in new york thank you so much. u.s. president drumbeat is stepping up the pressure on cuba washington apparently plans to allow lawsuits against foreign companies doing business and property you seized
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from americans after the island's nine hundred fifty nine revolution the moves which is expected to be announced on wednesday could expose u.s. european and canadian companies to legal action dealing a blow to cuba's efforts to track more foreign investment. the tightened u.s. measures would effectively keep foreign investors and their money out of cuba. but the communist ruled caribbean island is already struggling with a range of economic and social problems the crisis in its ally venezuela spilling over every day supplies are becoming scarce or supermarket shelves are empty long lines formed for little chicken eggs or cooking oil. shortages in the whole country there are problems we hope the situation will recover you can see that there are more eggs and things but yes there have been a lot of problems that's why they're all aryans that's the first sign. adding to
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cuba's troubles oil deliveries from venezuela have fallen by half they could fall even further or cease altogether offenders will a self-proclaimed interim president one who i don't know and his allies in washington get their way. in a speech to the national assembly last week cuban communist party leader raul castro warn the country to prepare for the worst while reaffirming cuba's support for venezuela. we will never abandon our duty to act in solidarity with venezuela. we will not renounce any of our principles and we will strongly reject any form of blackmail. cubans are hunkering down to see things through hardship is nothing new to this island nation people here say they'll overcome the latest problems as well. tech giant apple and mobile chip maker qualcomm has settled a bitter multibillion dollar dispute it centered on patent technology that enables
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apple's i phones to connect to the internet the surprise truce abruptly ended a federal court trial just before it began it requires apple to pay an undisclosed amount and loyalties as well as a sixty a licensing agreement that likely involves further payments welcome stock closed to trading up twenty three percent of the shares gained two percent. the profits of progress have been singing the praises of the new super high speed five g. no data systems for months now transmitting data twenty times faster than the current system it will be the basis for everything from south driving cars smart cities to artificial intelligence and yes futuristic farm life we found some really progressive bovine take a look. they may look like regular characters but these dairy free zones at
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a farm in england are internet pioneers the government funded agri e.p.i. center in somerset has teamed up with cisco networks for the five g. rule first project. around fifty of the one hundred eighty strong herd west five g. smart colors and health monitoring it tags. what we're trying to do with five year wealth it says we're trying to show that we can have much more than a couple of forms in the theory actually connect that we can connect every cow we can connect every anymore in this farm the cows five g. color controls a robotic milking system when the cow feels ready to be milked it approaches the machine gates which open automatically the device recognizes an individual cow to precisely latch onto its teats for milking while the cow happily munches on a food reward its smart the attack provides location data whilst also tracking health we've got other technology there's one in the here which is the small target
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that one is watering the cash activity. so that we know its activity and if its activity drops off then so the early indicator that maybe the cows are feeling so well. the dairy already uses a wide range of technology sensor operated curtains that open or close depending on the weather and the smart feeding system that automatically delivers food around the bone by a ceiling mounted rails and also automated message brushes that rotate when the cow rubs up against them a five g. luxury these ruminants have been quick to utilize. automated mass. that that's also thanks for watching back at a bar. we
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sang the right way. gonna speak just outran extern cat has just gotten clean up. with german assistants it's introduced a recycling loop. which puts people on nature fast.
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three times and. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german and why not with him it's simple online on your mobile and free apps d w z e learning course nico speak german made easy. some kind of a nuclear power could be a useful thing but not days look up i look at the fukushima what's a way out in my view the way out is to find different forms on the planet go to a place. which is pluto new with with a subsequent show which is set based on faulty old. order always give me a much shorter lifespan after the few hundred years of the old it already
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a few figures it's very important christer second question total does not require connection with. bumps you cannot build a top. i think this is something designed to shoot the. sunshine and you should be trained through the attributes of the strike and that society should start. this to stand up for you news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the african union's ultimatum says they've done the protests of breaking in the country they used gives the military transitional council fifteen days to install a civilian government or risk being kicked out of the block. and i always humans and snakes live together in strange common evil mates.


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