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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2019 5:00am-5:02am CEST

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i don't want. any number and unanimous. i should. only said what i thought going on with their funding. as if her. friend president emmanuel mccall has vowed to rebuild or not your damn cathedral in paris within five years after the devastating fire which got at the gothic masterpiece firefighters extinguish the flames after fifteen hours and sang for the main structure investigators say the fire is being treated as accidental. engine asians of voting in presidential and parliamentary elections more than one hundred ninety million registered voters are said to cast their ballots in the world's
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largest muslim majority nation moderate incumbent president joker we don't know is up against nationalist x. gen proposed to be on top. egypt's parliament has approved amendments to the constitution that could keep president abdel fatah el-sisi in power until twenty thirty the parliament which is dominated by his supporters voted overwhelmingly in favor of the amendments critics say that it could bolster the role of the military . the first red cross humanitarian aid convoys have arrived in venezuela after first rejecting aid to the country president nicolas maduro relented allowing in tons of medical supplies and power units venezuela is experiencing a severe economic crisis that seen millions flee the country in recent years.
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sales will slump but the world's biggest auto market carmakers try to electrifying chinese buyers for their latest your offerings at the shanghai is also called the lawmakers in the united states have been. looking for money from russia that might have swayed the twenty sixteen presidential election and washington pardons its stance towards cuba threatening european companies doing business there. brylin go to have you with us china's car market needs a jump start sales fell in twenty eighteen the first time in decades which is left many car makers scratching their heads the same time leadership in beijing is pushing.


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