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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CEST

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you know what it's time all voices. in the seventy seven percent to talk about the issues. from politics to fashion from housing boom boom time this is what. welcome to the seventy seven percent. this week and. the big. welcome to a near dition of equal africa program today features reports from across africa as well as europe i'm now it's the university of nigeria in enugu south this nigerian of course i'm joined by my colleagues e.l.o.
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noble and south africa hazy how you don't today. jazz greats and good to see you again hello everyone and greetings from johannesburg as mt sayed will be covering quite a lots of grants this week so let's take a quick look at what's coming up. see how with a little ingenuity you can make a wildlife sanctuary an even more peaceful place. build a truly low impact home using materials and use organic waste to create something useful and lasting. a first report comes from right here in south africa if you're a natural phenomenon are as spectacular as the sight of an enormous flock of birds gathering to breed sadly climate change and other factors have had a devastating effect on many breeding areas in recent years but lucky for us there are dedicated conservationists who refuse to sit back and watch as entire generations of birds a lost for ever. come
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first in south africa generally read two thousand and nineteen a devastating scene drought and a lack of water supply by the local municipality had left the dam dry. hundreds of newly hatched cheeks were dying their parents have banned them due to lack of food and water. the site outside of kimberly is crucial for this species comfort is one of only six breeding sites for the lesser flamingo worldwide when there's water around fifty to eighty thousand birds breed here every year. but this species is under growing pressure as dr cattle dean explains she's a field biologist who's best in cap town. the biggest threat to the letter from inger's is the habitat destruction or the lack of suitable habited which is partly
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natural things like the drought that the dams just don't have enough water but it's also like a housing development trying to protect these birds to actually breathe in the wild without any disturbance and with sufficient water levels and most important thing in this case the local community subtly did what it calls to protect the flamingos local organizations. meaning stands together could be netted a massive rescue mission volunteers picked up thousands of sheets and hundred read them before they were relocated to rehabilitation centers through south africa for many cheats help came too late but the rescue mission wasn't in vain. some of them ended up here in camp town fast forward six weeks to march it's seven thirty am and the lesser flamingo chicks are hungry the ninety four fluffy birds are survivors of the come for disaster.
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kristen haley has a handful she's an intern at suncorp a major sinbad rescue and rehabilitation center every morning she and her colleagues need to weigh the cheeks to check their progress. after that they feed them which is not always an easy job. sometimes they don't want to. make sure that they're coming. right away. but kister and how colleagues are succeeding the feed a mix of baby formula eggs prawns fish vitamins and minerals is helping the kids to grow stronger. when they are ripe today weighed just thirty to seventy grams now each of the lesser flamingo cheeks weighs around
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eight hundred grams the biggest challenge now is ensuring these wild birds don't get too tame so human interaction is limited to feeding the workers also keep to a street address point. to try to allow them to associate. with the color pink which hopefully will allow them to associate the. future rather than with people but it's a very delicate procedure and something we have to be very careful about because if these animals stay tame then the whole operation that we've tried to try to. do with their bellies full it's time for the chicks to enjoy their outdoor enclosure rain and the money supply water supply have filled up come first again in the past weeks around five thousand breeding pairs of back on the dam so on this
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cheek school joined them. that depends on how quickly they grow how soon they're able to stay on. but we're hoping. they'll be back. it's really. helped. their own independent. until then they are enjoying their time in camp town and encouraging time no fortune for africa. as you know sustainability is a big topic here on eco africa and construction is one area in particular where good ecological ideas badly needed while in many villages in africa houses are made of straw and mud some of us may consider that old fashioned but it turns out that
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there's no impacts where you're building may actually be the way of the future it's also catching on in places like germany or should i say being revived but these new store bill houses benefit from modern engineering as we see in our next report. stronger and clay have been used in construction for thousands of years both are often readily available here in germany this rule comes from a field around the corner the clay a from a pit fifty kilometers away. the outer walls of the house are formed of straw bales coated on the inside with four centimeters of clay based plaster. as aggressive cements aggressive very bad for the skin while clay is a pleasant building material not just for house and its inhabitants but also for the people who work with it an. architect florian hopper has built a number of houses using straw. but this is the first time he's designed
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a house. on the load bearing substance. the idea is simple but construction requires a lot of care and attention to detail. you look into should we fill the gaps between the bells in order to create a more or less seamless mass god's will. have to. play plus there is not suitable for exterior that can't withstand rain and snow so hope his new house is coated with a tougher line plaster. the building is that the two homes side by side harper and his family all live in one of them. the outer walls are one meter twenty thick.
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behaved at the heart of the amount of straw would have been enough in terms of insulation required by the building code but twice as much as twice as good. this five story building in the town of baird and is also made with straw bales so supported by a structure of wooden posts and beans. it houses the north german center for sustainable construction ditmar hakon teaches courses on ecological building he says store is there for the taking in many parts of the world. indian india for example it's one of the world's largest producers of rice and other cereals so the potential is huge. plenty of crop stems just lying around on a lot gets burned causing environmental problems smoke and carbon dioxide. so if we can find
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a use for it and we thereby the keep the carbon in place. you certainly have to know what you're doing with this kind of construction but with a little instruction for any man and any woman can master it. and that's what's great about it. and doesn't assume back to weimar while the hopper's half of the duplex is still being plastered the other half has been completed and the owners have already moved in. as well as. the families reminisce about the massive load of straw bales they started with two years ago they were determined to create environmentally friendly homes that can eventually be recycled how do you really know when we're going to torment. and you said if the next generation decides to tear the house down they'll be left with wood roof tiles straw and concrete in the foundations of what i meant as yes that's perhaps the only critical issue but all the rest is easy to dispose of. and doesn't
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pollute the environment which. is the straw bales provide such excellent thermal insulation a small stove is the only source of heating for each two story home it's like that today it's two degrees outside in the temperatures very pleasant upstairs as soon as the sun shines we open the curtains and it gets very warm up stairs so that means we'll have to think about creating more shade in the summer but for now when it's cold it's great that the sun's been shining we'll see what happens when it's cloudy for now it's fine it's a bit of an experiment it's just not us and by. the hoppers half of the building is need a veggie too. and in a few months time they'll be moving in. chua what a nice house returning to africa now would pay a visit to a beautiful wildlife sanctuary in kenya the animals they are obviously quite accustomed to the sounds made by people camera shots as human voices and of course
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the role of engines as off road vehicles crisscross the landscape yes the it's unfortunate that often we seek to enjoy nature we bring intrusive sights sounds and smells with us but some improvements are being made about not only more environmentally friendly but also far less annoying for the other inhabitants. of the buffalo when this herd of here slightly confused a familiar looking contraption is approaching but it's not making any noise fianna most or curious look at this. those guys who are sitting there they didn't hear us coming. you know they can only see you. mr one hundred percent of us to stop. and the zebra also notice that something's different it's been just a week since the first electric safari chorus started doing its rounds in the les well wildlife sanctuary is it probable silently through the savanna passengers can
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at least go on safari with the sound ecological conscience. diesel powered jeeps have until now been the cheaper option and a dirtier one but a simple idea has now changed that scenario the team of mechanics at a swedish start up in nairobi simply replace the power train removing the need to build cars from scratch but even so switching to electric technology is still a challenge so there's a vision is to try if we don't try how can we then meet our environmental goals that we have for the future because someone needs to do it if we're not doing that who is that someone. there have been teething problems the battery that powers this car's electronic systems has failed and not because of the rain but. and his colleagues are convinced that their revamped jeep has what it takes. to make everything new he's got some small challenges but i have a big faith that it will be so that it would be
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a hundred percent reliable solar energy is already used to power the lodge. and now to power the jeep as well the solar panels will have to be double the number to generate enough power for all the lodge's fleet it cost close to thirty thousand euros to retrofit each vehicle the team hope the investment will have paid for itself within six years. ultimately the start up in visitors installing electric motors in my tattoos the highly polluting buses that clog the streets of nairobi so i think that the best thing about the tatars is the range that they drive and if you drive six or seven hundred kilometers per day there's a lot of them do that means that your payoff time for the solution were very very short and perhaps in the not too distant future city dwellers in nairobi can look forward to the kind of cleaner air and quieter surroundings that safari tourists and wildlife now already enjoy out on the savannah.
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it's great the way scientists and engineers come up with new innovations improvements on previous models. this are extremely or very science that's what live on a lot of transportation i'll be right at home and sci fi. on movie if from where this idea takes up may become commonplace in cities around the world. it glides over the water almost soundlessly thanks to its electric drive system once the e boat has picked up speed it lifts out of the water. senses on its sides help to stabilize the craft and stop it keeling over. see bubbles inventors and learn table and under spring down to see the boats being used as environmentally friendly
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taxis. evokes a promising option in large cities located on water they could help reduce traffic congestion and improve their quality. the boats are not yet in use but were trials in places like paris one bubble taxi can accommodate four passengers two on one side and two sitting opposite like in a london cab paris was interested in the water taxis the boats on the sand are not allowed to travel at twenty five kilometers an hour the optimal speed for the sea bubbles. in the startup founders are highly experienced sailors who have set records but their first priority with the water taxis is not speed but environmental protection experts from the shipping car and aviation industries were consulted during the development of the sea bubbles. these futuristic boats on cheap they cost one
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hundred forty thousand euro's apiece. the company has managed to get international backing investors from switzerland sweden and the u.s. providing over sixty percent of the funding but the chief found do still have the final say they're already working on new ideas such as the most of us with room for ten passengers and a tribalist ultimately but. then how about you if you're also doing your big tell us about. visit our website or send us a tweet. doing your best. we share your stories. now many african countries are taking steps to replace single use plastic bags with more sustainable materials in uganda for instance people are making paper soon money factor bags and other products but rather than cut down trees for the paper
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one enterprising group of women in kampala. banana five security. plastic bugs a record one site in uganda but not at this restaurant in the copy to come paula. instead of plastic bags known locally as. the money meant he uses people birds and we are very very environment friendly and we do not want to use the contaminated and i mean so. it is definitely reliable which is not only for us it's for our children and for our grandchildren and much more that. uganda is planning to implement a bun on plastic shopping bags this year and to replace them with biodegradable paper bags he says encouraged a group of local women to start making paper bags using locally available but one
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of fiber. most farms in uganda by then a fiber is considered the waste product but this group is using it to make paper. cut they are using. after the cutting with them after the cooking we blend them blend them like for five minutes. they tend to a pulp we pour them into a big container with water leave them on screens we drain the screen through the fiber still on top and they were to drain south through the holes then we hang it on the rocks to dry. the fiber is left to dry in the sun for at least six hours before it's tonnes into hard to people the women carefully craft the material into a range of products these include pippa shopping bugs books and greetings cards last year we produced and. five thousand cuts. in
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reply just. for us to different people come here to see their production. would produce and say in then. income paula their main claims craft shops restaurants and supermarkets. these women hope that the plastic bag will create more opportunities for them in meddling them to expand their market to protect the environment. now that's a good example of how efforts to protect the environment can sometimes lead to business opportunities and how working together can benefit the community as a whole the next report also involves members of a community pulling together for the greater good indeed n.t. we know it's a collective wazza here abouts a group that invests a lot of time and energy in helping newly hatched turtles get
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a safe start in what will hopefully be very long lives. darkness has fallen in combat i be a coastal village in ivory coast every night these men are out scouring the beach looking for sea turtles their wildlife conservation ists. by morning they picked up around thirty baby turtles found in a nest. the tiny creatures will be released here near these rocks. west one where. they were born on a lovely part of the beach but there are many rocks there are places to take cover . so we relocate them drop the spots where they can hide from predators. like the. turtles have many natural enemies both on land and in water.
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that's not enough. in the sea there are sharks and carp and on the beach crabs birds and snakes all prey on them and then the full sea female sea turtles return to land to lay their eggs in the sand after a two month incubation the freshly emerged hatchlings scuttle across the beach towards the sea no more than five percent will reach maturity the figure used to be even smaller. of all their predators humans are by far the worst. until just a few years ago sea turtles and their eggs were hunted and eaten and called better to be. alive. i used to kill them i was a poacher. i would sell lots of a lot five or six a day. at night with machetes or torchlight often with the help of dogs these days when i see a turtle it feels like my baby brother
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a sister they feel like family to me. the ngo concert and days especially naveen or c m has been active been called back by the since twenty ten. sensitizing locals is one of its main challenges. local maritime police play a big part in the project they supervise the region's waters and clamp down on anyone illegally hunting sea turtles. maxime give a regularly inspects fishing vessels returning to land. of depeche. there are two types of fisherman he's a good nations who fish with nets so sometimes when they're fishing they catch turtles but they don't do it on purpose. a lot. but they're also librarians who use fishing lines when they cast their lines they
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can hook turtles if the maritime police don't catch them these fisherman sell the turtles sea. six maritime police patrol here but they don't have a boat in addition to monitoring illegal fishing they also raise awareness and distribute special nets provided by the c.m. that enable turtles to escape capture. these divers have caught a sea turtle but their intentions are strictly scientific. they're marine biologists and will return the reptile to the sea in a few hours. sea turtles are a threatened species the researchers attach a g.p.s. transmitter so they'll be able to keep tabs on the turtles speeding and migration habits. elicit place again we know almost nothing about their lives in the sea that's where they spend
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ninety nine percent of their time but it's difficult to research their habits in the water. the data collected will help in planning an ideal conservation zone for the species ultimately ivory coast environment ministry cooperation with the ngo would like to turn the country's largest sea turtle nesting area into a vast reserve. it's a shame that we haven't yet discovered a way to keep track of how many of these little creatures make it to the ripe old age of one hundred that's all for eco africa this time for now i'm saying goodbye from johannesburg south africa it was a pleasure co-presenting with you and t. take it everybody. that goes on me soon but don't forget in the meantime they can always check in with us on our website and social media platforms where you can also send us your thoughts and your comments we really enjoy hearing from og us
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about you i'm now inside me signing up from the university of nigeria in new south it's in nigeria about. and. the book.
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comes up to. me. to. come under the hammer. prices. that's today's art market and it's good. but who decides what's hot what's not who is investing speculating winning and losing we meet some of movers and shakers.
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made in germany thirteen of. the business off e l. cyber attacks on company and government networks the menace is growing more and more serious. and the ends of your arms go into cyber defenses. but now affecting our thing. and security even possible in the age of the worldwide web. site a crime in seventy five minutes b.t.w. . what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos guild not a w correspondent at the baker john stretch this second line with the rules set
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by the team. moving recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . and your miserable chain reaction of breasts. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution unfortunately enabled us mention that people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way and there was an outpouring of self-confidence as i mentioned it's the first. architect. scientists. and artists. who invented completely new things and top of the ancient giants who
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had originally been its teachers to the. culture of out of the darkest millimeters into a new epic. mystic there's probably no place anywhere in the uk when things were invented in such a quick succession from. the renaissance. starts april twenty second t.w. . french president emanuel micron will hold cabinet meetings on wednesday on how to deal with the aftermath of the fire which gutted the not true dam cathedral in paris my crown is set a target to rebuild the cathedral within five years billionaire donors have pledged hundreds of millions of euros to the restoration. indonesians are voting in
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presidential and parliamentary elections more than one hundred nineteen million registered voters are said to cast their ballot.


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