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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2019 7:00am-7:02am CEST

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download to see this to come from super easy to do. and very kind of interactive exercises i think about d.w. dot com slash dot internet and on facebook in the app store. in german for free to devon you. french president emanuel micron will hold cabinet meetings on wednesday on how to deal with the aftermath of the fire which gutted the not your damn cathedral in paris my chrono said target to rebuild the cathedral within five years billionaire donors have pledged hundreds of millions of euros to the restoration. engine nations of voting in presidential and parliamentary elections more than one hundred nineteen million registered voters are said to cast their ballots in the world's
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largest muslim majority nation moderate come been president joker we don't know is up against nationalist x. gen proposed to be on top of. the first red cross humanitarian aid convoys have arrived in venezuela after first rejecting to the country president nicolas maduro relented allowing in tons of medical supplies and power units venezuela is experiencing a severe economic crisis that see millions flee the country in recent years. egypt's parliament has approved amendments to the constitution that could keep president abdel fatah el-sisi in power until twenty thirty the parliament which is dominated by his supporters voted overwhelmingly in favor of the amendments critics say that it could bolster the role of the military.
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this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the african union's ultimatum says they've done the protests raging in the country they used gives the military transition council fifteen days to install a civilian government or risk being kicked out of the block. and i always human nature live together in strange harmony you will meet the man who pull your gun does he will stumble island home and kill why no women are allowed to. then what's good nigerians be laughing out so loud will meet the actor striking out the comedy scene.


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