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place. blame. blame blame blame. this is deja vu news live from berlin posters give indonesia's president a wide lead in his bid for reelection joke a window to look set to win the vote in the world's third largest democracy almost two hundred million voters cast ballots in a contest between him and an ex general but what would his victory mean for the country we'll hear from jakarta also coming up we don't reconstruct the cathedral don't you want to be even more beautiful beautiful. and i want that goal to be reached within five years. france's among one bucholtz promises notre dumb will
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rise from the ashes today he meets ministers to plan its restoration. and novak djokovic eases into clay court season at the monte carlo masters but it doesn't all go as planned for the world number one and his first match on the surface this year . i'm sumi so misconduct it's good to have you with us. exit polls in indonesia's elections are pointing towards a significant victory for the country's current presidential he's. the scale of these elections is vost one hundred ninety million potential voters scattered over eight thousand dial and across three time zones and spanning hundreds of different ethnic groups and languages. thousands of seats are up for
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grabs but the focus is on the two main contenders current president. and his challenger. seem keen above all twin brace the democratic process. that he had of fifty years ago we don't have the right to appoint anybody we just received whatever said by the government here so now this is the band that we. apply to our rights for. number one yeah i think it's obvious we want him to complete his job my health for. our country.
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hoping to be a better. many indonesians are proud of their reputation for being a pluralistic society but rising radical islam also played a significant role. five years has become. an. issue because the evidence of the groups. both candidates pushed was slim credentials and there has been an upsurge in attacks on minorities indonesia is often praised as a model of democracy in a region where governments so that the outcome of this election could move the country in a different direction. our reporter claire richardson has been following the
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boat for us today in the capital jakarta and she joins us for more on the story hi claire so president. set to win a second term as we've heard right now the numbers show that he's leading his challenger by around thirteen percent how reliable are those numbers. well this is from what is called a quick count it is based on actual votes that they are counting it is not an exit poll and it comes from pollsters that have been fairly reliable in the past so it will serve us as a good indicator although those percentage points might shift around a little bit in the coming hours as more data comes and it does seem it that way that the kind of believe that if you go we that we have that we can expect that voters do seem to have given him another five year term. claire we mentioned you know it's nearly two hundred million voters. on one day it's a huge logistical challenge how did the boko.
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when terms of everything went according to plan there had been some rumors circulating ahead of time that there might be problems with security i spoke to a voter who said some of the people here that there would be some kind of chaos at the polls none of that transpired in fact quite the opposite it was really a joyous day here at this polling station when the polls. closed again as the votes were counted and international election monitors were here to make sure everything went according to plan and indeed most people were proud of it . in carrying out their democratic duties in indonesia. has the largest muslim community in the world and conservative muslim voters that was part of both candidates campaigns what does that mean. for the country and what is the outcome going to. but even though
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ontario may have been more of a preferred candidate for some of the more conservative muslim groups in indonesia even the fact that the way we saw campaign suggest that both candidates took up sat up and took notice of these more hardline religious groups and in some ways in the entire election campaign has been a victory for islam as groups seeking more influence in indonesian politics one example of course would be vice presidential running mate who is one of the most powerful clerics in indonesia we have been criticized by his opponents a during the campaign for not being muslim enough and the fact that he felt the need to bring on that this vice presidential candidate and to beef up his religious credentials says that islam and politics has come into indonesian politics and likely will be a factor in the future as well as a clear richardson there reporting for us in jakarta thank you clare. now to some other stories making headlines around the world u.s.
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president donald trump has vetoed a bill passed by congress to end the country's support for the saudi led war in yemen it is only the second time the trump has used his presidential veto the president described congress's resolution as a quote dangerous attempt to weaken his constitutional powers. egypt's parliament has approved amendments to the country's constitution that could keep president. power until twenty thirty the parliament which is dominated by his supporters also backed changes to give the military greater influence the changes still need to be approved in a referendum. supporters of wiki leaks founder julian assange have clashed with riot police in the capital. several people were arrested and others wounded it comes after the country revoked the songes asylum at its london embassy last week a songes now in prison waiting to be sentenced for breaching bail in britain. france's president. eating with ministers to discuss how to deal with the aftermath
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of the fire at paris's notre dame cathedral mccall has said he wants to rebuild the cathedral within five years and today's cabinet meeting will focus on how to raise the funds for such an ambitious plan well get more from paris in a moment but first this report on how the blaze that not saddam has affected the people of paris. a moment of unity for the present is coming to terms with the fire at notre dame. they joined together to sing and pray during a candle a vigil close to the cathedral. for many it provided an opportunity to reflect and hope that notre dame will one day be restored. to. the spontaneous gatherings tonight has led to small moments of prayer but also a lot of hope we can at last say that this fire which seemed so insurmountable and
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caused great damage to the cathedral still left the most important parts preserved and it remains a place of prayer. thoughts are now turning in earnest towards reconstructing notre dame the restoration has become a matter of state france's president a man in mcallen says the cathedral will be restored to its former glory. we are a people of builders and we have so much to rebuild so yes we don't reconstruct the cathedral now if you're going to be even more beautiful than i. and i won't buy gold to be reached within five years. that will be no easy task footage from inside the charred building shows debris everywhere however its build towers and walls are intact. that's thanks to the hundreds of firefighters who fought the raging blaze. at the vigil a spontaneous show of appreciation. a
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moment of optimism and gratitude as france pieces the damage done to a beloved landmark. and we can speak to our correspondent barbara vessel was following the story in paris hi barbara what do people there make of president micron's goal to rebuild this cathedral within five years. that is very vicious of course vicious politically and technically bought for president mark wrong this is important to get the upper hand there's also a political message in this because he needs to sort of keep people to look to the future is say we can do this he needs to invigorate people otherwise this is going to become another ominous sort of event in his presidency that really might weigh down his term in office we think back to the yellow vest so he'll have to deal with them after easter there's going to be another message but for now it's all focus on
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rebuilding not for money has been pouring in already more than eight hundred million have pledged in the secret family corporations the secret wealth of the country is showing its face they are putting pledges on the table to the tune of one hundred million each at least so that is not going to be a problem but it is a huge task and they need to find the experts to do it barbara meanwhile we're hearing more information about what happened on monday night in the moments after the fire was detected fill us in on those details. at the point is actually that. right afterwards people had thought that the firefighters might have been at fault they might have reacted too late but now it turned out they were on the spot why during the end they thought really royko only some firefighters went into the two towers the bell tower as we see behind us in order to save them in pursuit of the
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more water from within which was very dangerous very dangerous undertaking and there were technical problems to get the sort of high reaching equipment up on to the island there and maybe the police sort of was not reacting quickly enough in getting to his off the island in order to sort of give access to emergency services so in any case what emerged was that the firefighters really fought valiantly there may may have been a less often emergency plan what to do in an event like this and barbara just briefly if you can we saw images of the vigil last night it seems like france is just beginning to come to terms with what happened people still coming out today even to look at the cathedral in silence many of them and to sort of look at the damage and there is a general hope of course that now the rebuilding can begin as quickly as possible because this really cut to the heart not only of terrorism to a large the attached to a not for dam this is their church throughout the centuries since the middle ages
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but for all of france because this is a cultural symbol and also of course a symbol of national unity right our provincial reporting for us from paris thank you barbara. to football now and barcelona advance to the semifinals of the champions league by beating manchester united last night eventis suffered a shock to one defeat at home to dutch club i.x. the home side struck first with christian or naldo putting their head i axe hold even less than ten minutes later thanks to dani ben to beat the winning goal came from one thousand year old mightiest the latest the win puts i.x. in the semifinals for the first time in more than two decades. men's tennis now at the monte carlo masters myron chillis was knocked out of the competition by argentina's. meanwhile world number one novak djokovic had his own struggles against germany's philip. and what was their second head to head this year. the red
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clad move out joke a bitch claimed the first set among the highlights a delicately sliced backhand too delicate for his opponent to reach. but philipp kohlschreiber hit back in the second set one thrilling rally ended with both players at the net as his his opponent with the bull. he had only beaten joke which twice in ten attempts but his most recent victory against him came in much of this year the german continued to breaks of eventually claiming the second set much to the frustration of djokovic whose wreck it took a beating. with the anger taken care of a close third set was won by joker bitch securing him passage into the monte carlo must his last sixteen. mind are not our top story here at an underdog you exit polls in indonesia have predicted reelection for the country's
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presidential we don't tell early indications show he could take fifty five percent of the vote against his opponent next gen press but what's to be as tough. coming up next an in-depth look at the risks to the world in fact life that's in just a few minutes right here on to get you don't go away.


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