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don't expect our pm to. this is news live from berlin pollsters give indonesia's president a wide lead in his bid for reelection joko widodo looks set to win the vote in the world's third largest democracy almost two hundred million voters cast ballots in a contest between him and the next general but what would his been doing reconstruction creature with no support from the market. and i won't buy gold to be
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reached within foreign. firms is a man you will not promise is no to don will rise from the ashes today he meets ministers to plan its restoration and japan's cherry blossoms have become a symbol of spring but what about mexico stream there vibrant flowers are is well loved springtime spectacle in the country but it was the japanese immigrants who made him popular here in his homeland we will tell you more about the loss of secret history. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program france's president a man you all micron is meeting with ministers to discuss how to deal with the aftermath of the fire at paris's notre dame cathedral mccall has said that he wants
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to rebuild the cathedral within five years and today's cabinet meeting will focus on how to raise the funds for such an ambitious plan. we'll hear more from paris in just a moment but first this report on how the blaze at notre dom has affected the people of paris. a moment of unity for the present is coming to terms with the fire at notre dame. they joined together to sing and pray during a candle a vigil close to the cathedral. for many it provided an opportunity to reflect and hope that notre dame will one day be restored. to. the spontaneous gatherings tonight has led to small moments of prayer but also a lot of hope we can at last say that this fire which seemed so insurmountable and caused great damage to the cathedral still left the most important parts preserved
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and it remains a place of prayer. thoughts are now turning in earnest towards reconstructing notre dame the restoration has become a matter of state france's president among them a koran says the cathedral will be restored to its former glory. we are a people of builders and we have so much to rebuild so yes we don't reconstruct the cathedral now if you're going to be even more beautiful than before. and i want that goal to be reached within five years. that will be no easy task footage from inside the charred building shows debris everywhere however its bell towers and walls are intact. that's thanks to the hundreds of firefighters who fought the raging blaze. at the vigil a spontaneous show of appreciation. a
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moment of optimism and gratitude as france pieces the damage done to a beloved landmark. and let's bring in correspondent barbara basell who is standing by in paris so barbara we heard it there five years to rebuild the computer i mean that's quite ambitious how did micron's promise go down in paris. this is huge the ambitions of course sarah and that's president for you all this reaching for the stars but this resonates largely with what people in france want and particularly people in paris want after the said they are now really looking to having this cathedral rebuild seeing their symbol of the ancient paris set off their communal we'll see here in the french capital reserve a little while ago we could talk to frederick who is one of the true guides in the cathedral and he has absolutely said it is hard on seeing it reconstructed because
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i'll be very impatient but i really hope it's doable and i think that france is very capable of doing great things in a short amount of time and we showed that after the war but we won't be short of money and there's a lot of enthusiasm i think that if everybody works together we can do it it's a nice challenge and i think french people will support my calling to get it done. so very clear there a lot of optimism barbara does mcchord how what it takes to follow through. the crowd absolutely has to do this because otherwise this would be another problem that would weigh down his present didn't see that has already been hit early since the end of last year by the yellow vests protests and he said how needs to get the political upper hand he needs to get people looking to the future and grabbing this and saying this is our chance to show as a nation what we can do and then of course the big give families the wealthy family
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enterprises of france they've been stepping up to the plate and more than eight hundred million euros have been pledged within one day so money is not going to be an object he needs to find the experts and of course the arches and stew do the work maybe they need to come from all over europe but this is going to be a big national project and he wants to profit from it politically and other than all of those incredible private pledges that we have seen barbara what is being done concretely right now to make sure that this doesn't happen. if we look at the cathedral here behind us i mean you see the underneath the scaffolding there's this big v. where the roof used to be and there's this huge void bought more closely we can see since the very early morning we can see expert fire investigated a fire fight is an expert just structural engineers all kinds of people walking around to die crawling about on the facade on the outer reaches of the cathedral
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it's just seeing the damage because one of the biggest problem might be structural damage that has not sort of shown itself yet this is ancient line stone that had been exposed to tremendous heat and lots of water so they don't know yet whether they might might have to prop up the walls what the real damage will be so this is the day and time and this will last for weeks to figure out what needs to be done first and the reconstruction and making the cathedral beautiful again from the inside that will come in later years barbara faisal in paris thank you barbara. now exit polls in indonesia's elections are pointing toward a significant victory for the country's current president joko widodo he's predicted to win roughly fifty five percent of the vote against his rival candidate and former general of overdose of ianto the result could be pivotal for the country's future as well as its reputation as
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a tolerant muslim country the contest brought the country's huge voting public out in force. the scale of these elections is vost one hundred ninety million potential voters scattered over eight thousand violence across three time zones and spawning hundreds of different ethnic groups and languages. thousands of seats are up for grabs but the focus is on the two main contenders current president we don't. and his challenger. coaches seem keen about brace the democratic process. that he had of fifty years ago we don't have the right to appoint anybody we just received whatever said by the government here so now this is.
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applied to our rights. number one yeah i think it's obvious we want him to complete his job my health for. country. hoping to be a better. many indonesians are proud of their reputation for being a pluralistic society but rising radical islam also played a significant role. five years has. become an issue because the. groups.
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both candidates pushed limb credentials and there has been an upsurge in attacks on minorities. often praised as a model of democracy in a region where governments so that the outcome of this election could move the country in a different direction. claire richardson is in the capital jakarta she joins us now so claire we've heard the president he looks set to win the second term what does it mean for indonesia. this election was in many ways a referendum on djoko widows' performance over the past five years as president and another term as he is also known would mean that he is able to carry out more of the policies that he meant to put into place in terms of things like the economy a lot of the voters who i spoke to here said that they wanted to give him that extra five years to continue some of his programs particularly in building up
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infrastructure and roads he has also encouraged foreign investment so those are the sorts of things that we're likely to see more of it down the line now some of the people who i spoke to here also weren't major fans they were kind of choosing between what they saw as the lesser of two bad options or the better of two bad options i should say but either way we are going to see him back in government you know at the forefront of indonesia for the next five years and religion also really a hot topic we have to mention in this election because indonesia we know that they have the largest muslim community in the world when. over those conservative muslim voters was a part of both of the campaigns of both of the candidates. how do you see this outcome claire what does it mean for those conservative especially religious groups there. well that's right if this election was about economy on the face of things something that was playing out largely behind the scenes especially in
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kind of the informal discourse taking place on social media was that this religion of base identity politics that has come to define this last election and now is the concern is that some of the board conservative muslim groups in indonesia have really got a hold of the years of the two major candidates joko widodo was criticized for not being a muslim and not by his opponent in this race and he has brought on as it as his vice presidential candidate one of the nation's top muslim clerics in response to that but no matter what the outcome was going to be of this election it became a very clear use of what he says from a. friend what used to be previously more bridge movements have found a place in the mainstream discourse of indonesian politics clear just briefly when can we count on the final result. well final results will be coming in in a few weeks' time in may at which point we will have more information on the results from other levels of government that people were voting on here today as
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well. claire richardson joining us with the latest from jakarta thank you. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world sudan's deposed president omar al bashir has been moved to prison according to his family relatives say that bashir was previously being held inside the presidential compound in the capital khartoum bashir was ousted by the army last week uganda says that it may be willing to offer him asylum. u.s. president donald trump has vetoed a bill passed by congress to end the country's support for the saudi led war in yemen it is the only it's only the second time that trump has used his presidential veto the president described congress's resolution as quote dangerous as an attempt to rekindle his constitutional powers. supporters of wiki leaks founder julian assange have clashed with riot police in ecuador's capital quito several people
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were arrested and others wounded it comes after the country revoked the tsongas asylum at its london embassy last week tsongas now in prison waiting to be sentenced for breaching bail in britain. you're watching news phil to come on the program a bad night for christian to work all day with the champions league young upstarts of the european football and dumped out the old guard from italy. but first we're heading now to uganda and the curious tell of an island inhabited only by men and snakes about a thousand deadly cobra inhabit the island seen as spirits rather than poisonous reptiles by the fishermen who live there was some islands sits about five kilometers off the shore in lake victoria women are allowed on to the island only for short visits but they can't stay overnight now our correspondent. sent us this report from the island of snakes. island on lake
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victoria. home to over one hundred fifty thousand birds which give the island a rather particular sound. down below them on the ground a much quieter bastes. over one thousand cobras from the island in a unique example of color existence with mine. but. do not be chinese names these are spirits of the island attached to our culture. over one hundred fishermen live on the island. and the man will cut is the most experienced. he has lived here for more than thirty five years. an old man of the sea he has retired from commercial fishing. to ninety seven year old is the crust odeon of long held customs which for big killing this next.
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because reza believed to be the spirits of a south korean island. i don't really say he has never seen a cobra attack and no one except once when he was attacked himself. in the lower. i must have angered the snake when i carried it out of the house so that i could sleep but he crawled back in the mud picked it up again and threw it out and then went to bed early i will notice donna surely it crawled back in. but this time i picked it up and it turned its head in bit me. in the snake shouldn't be harassed even if it means sharing a bed with another man. for that reason the snakes move freely in and out of the wood or now since i have nearly all
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. of the fishermen of no reason to panic and some even think it's a blessing from the spirits. if it comes into your house that's a spiritual visit. just tell the snake you have no problem and it will not cause you any trouble. is the name of the island spirits. its traditions are rather strict no one cuts down a tree for any reason. bugs to shouldn't be killed and their eggs must not be eaten. but the custom of the prohibits women on the island is the one that is toughest for the fishermen. so don't you know what i will be good to finish your work and go home and see your family every day you know how your child spent the night to know what they need and unfortunately it's not possible here one of the pits for what. can
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tally has to leave the island at least once every two weeks to see his family. at this landing site. and tell you the scotch. when the fishermen here many want to go to the island with him but he sees that only a limited number there are more tile and. we came up with a resolution to use a space that can only accommodate up to two hundred people on the island. the rest of the land is on the conservation as breeding grounds for the. breeding ground for the lads. traditionally women do not fish in this part of uganda. but some are curious about this will be denial and. again if we were allowed to go there it would be nice to set up a business there but we can't do that and i take it that.
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it's been like that since. time immemorial no women allowed we can't let that happen. i don't want to seems that a large population with three to be islands rich biodiversity. he suffered a couple of painful picks from the green hit it goes. if you'd rather stay here with the more bugs and this makes them few months. and there's the fisherman say tough for inmates cotch it's about a chance for cut to watch over this critter island as the sun goes down. and now we had this in football news in barcelona advance the semifinals of the champions league by beating manchester united last night your ventus suffered
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a shock to one defeat at home to dutch club i x. the home side struck first with christianity and although putting eventis ahead i x. pulled even less than ten minutes later thanks to dani and to beat the winning goal came from nineteen year olds but yes the lift when parts i axels in the finals for the first time in more than two decades. joining us now to talk a little bit more about this is every on quest harrington from use for it so why is the football world so exciting about this match i'll tell you because there is a breath of fresh air a lot of fresh faces you know you mentioned how long it's been since i.x. has been to the semifinals of this competition or makes this team so impressive was the way they got there you know first they did for all the defending champions real madrid in a fantastic fixture and then you know getting rid of you vent is you know this team is very magnificent tech tactically exceptional you know it's very difficult to defend they had
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a stretch of the this match that made you get is that really battle defense and most of all crystal and although is a very familiar face. and that's one face that the competition will be missing you know he's been in the semifinals eleven out of the last twelve years so that's what they gave it has actually brought him over to really get them back into to the final four of this competition so you know that's one sad part of the reality but you know times are a changing and there's a changing of the guard at least you know from that i respect let's talk about the other interesting match the other quarterfinal barcelona beating man u. and we have to talk about you know the manager of man you know is this kind of the the end of his honeymoon period yeah you know all of downer social you know he had a glorious moment at camp new you know twenty years ago he scored the game winning goal for manchester united in the champions league final the mojo just did not really work out for the players this go round because the magic men live no messy
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little messy was too legit to quit basically be very small in stature but he made the difference with very sloppy you know at united if there was one particular place scored a brace a second goal you know the hail looked like loris kerio is in my opinion not the best performers my goal keeper you know and then they poured salt in the mood obviously storing the third goal. so messi is still in the competition i'm sure there were not all doesn't like that and one funny jacques he took a picture on the top of a go to suggest that he's the greatest of all time so messi is the one familiar face that the football world definitely will be watching ok nothing shy about it tell us just briefly about the other manchester club has a big night tonight right pep guardiola and company you know they're playing for four titles right now and they're in a hole against saddam they are back at home so that's one thing but all every premier league fan obviously will be watching this fixture so that will be interesting to see liverpool's in action as well as harrington thank you ok.
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for now we're heading to men's tennis and at the monte carlo masters marion chillis she was knocked out by the competition by argentina's payoff meanwhile world number one novak djokovic had his own struggles against germany's philip kohlschreiber in what was their second head to head this year. the red clad novak djokovic claimed the first set among the highlights a delicately sliced backhand too delicate for his opponent to reach but philipp kohlschreiber hit back in the second set one thrilling rally ended with both players at the net as caused by by his his opponent with the bull's. eye he had only beaten joke of it twice in ten the attempts but his most recent victory against him came in march of this year the german continued to break some of eventually claiming the second set much to the frustration of djokovic jews reckitt took a beating. with the and get taken care of
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a close third set was borne by choke a bitch securing him passage into the monte carlo must his last sixteen. it is spring now in the northern hemisphere and that means trees and flowers are in bloom like the cherry blossoms in japan meantime in mexico the jacaranda trees are in bloom right now and it's really a beautiful sight to say it's all thanks it turns out to a japanese gardener who wanted to emulate his own country as springtime cherry blossom adul. there's plenty of violence petals lying on the streets of mexico city right now but the cleaners here don't seem bothered by the extra workload spring has arrived and everyone's in a good mood. everyone thinks the jacaranda trees are so beautiful when the wind blows the flowers from the trees people love to take photos. pockets of violence have been blooming across the city since mid march. jacaranda trees are
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not native to mexico they've only been here since the nineteenth thirty's a japanese garden and named matsumoto brought the tree from brazil after trying and failing to cultivate the japanese cherry tree since then the violence has only added to the country's colorful landscape. since color is something fundamental to our culture. and this south american tree is now deeply rooted in that culture. for residents of the mexican capital become something more than just a beautiful tree. but. for us they are an important symbol in these times i mean heavy debate about migration they show us immigration can be enriching to both peoples lives and cultures. the explosion of followed color only lasts a few weeks then street cleaning diego's daily workload will go back to normal.
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now there's been another record breaking you tube hit from south korea all melty a pop band e.t.s. mashing previous records by getting the most used in twenty four hours of their new release boy with love the video which you're seeing right here was watched seventy five million times in a single day the previous record for the so-called you tube video debut was set just last week also by a korean pop band the boy band d.t.s. is extremely popular on social media for the past two years running its fans has been ranked as the most tweeted celebrity twitter account world why. not. good for the right and other top stories we're following for you here at the news exit polls in indonesia have predicted the reelection of the country's president joko widodo early indications show that he could take fifty five percent
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of the vote against his opponent the x. gen. and france's president of manual mccall is holding a cabinet meeting in paris to discuss raising funds for building rebuilding notre dame cathedral and has vowed to restore the burn burned out medieval church within five years. that the abuse could traditional materials holds. keep proof to the earthquake in the building all that more next.
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to. you coal india. disaster for. the future in earthquake prone areas of india. an organization teaches young artists only how to build quake proof houses from traditional materials. making them both cost effective and sustainable. next.
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come under the hammer. prices. that's today's art market and it's booming. but who decides what's hot and what's not. and they stick to that. winning and losing we meet some movers and shakers. made in germany sixty minutes long d.w. . when the worst parts of rising people fight for survival and you can use on a budget for a bunch of money but when there's a flood water comes up to a waist and your clothes faster everyone me. but
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a lack of water is equally dangerous. there's junk you can't sleep and move south so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts floods climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any are going to be snide if you want and probably most of them to come from. the climate exodus starts people thirty years on t w. hello welcome to eco india a sustainability magazine that gives you the solutions the future proof your life every week we train the spotlight on technologies that are taking us one step closer.


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