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this is deja vu news live from her land the luminary election results point to another win for indonesia's president djoko widow close on course to leave the world's third largest democracy for a second term but will his victory what will it mean for the country we will hear from jakarta also coming up we don't reconstruct the cathedral going to be even more beautiful than before. and i want that goal to be reached within five years in . france is a manual mark strong promise is no dumble rise from the ashes today he needs
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ministers to plan its restoration act japan's cherry blossoms have become a symbol of spring but what about to mexico's jacaranda tree in their vibrant flowers are a well loved springtime spectacle in the country it was a japanese immigrants who made them popular there and then on march to his homeland we'll tell you more about the plot of this secret history. kelly welcome to the program plimer mary results in indonesia's elections are pointing toward a significant victory for the country's current president djoko we don't oh he's on course to win roughly fifty five percent of the vote against rival candidate and former general. the result could be pivotal for the country's future as well as its
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reputation as a tolerant muslim country the contest brought the country's huge voting public out in force. the scale of these elections is vost one hundred ninety million potential voters scattered over eight thousand dial ins across three time zones and spanning hundreds of different ethnic groups and languages. thousands of seats are up for grabs but the focus is on the two main contenders and president djoko we don't. and his challenger. voters seem keen above all to embrace the democratic process. because we were under the dutch that he had no fifty years ago we don't have the right to appoint anybody we just received whatever said by the dutch government
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here so now this is the band got to be. applied to our rights for. number one yeah i think it's obvious we want him to complete his job my health for. our country. for our family also to have a better place you've been hoping to be a better. many indonesians are proud of their reputation for being a pluralistic society but rising radical islam also played a significant role. five years has. some. issues because the evidence of the groups.
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both candidates pushed was slim credentials and there has been an upsurge in attacks on minorities. indonesia is often praised as a model of democracy in a region where governments are the norm the outcome of this election could move the country in a different direction. and a reporter claire richardson has been following the elections in the capital jakarta she has been out and about talking with voters. today's elections were in many ways a celebration of indonesia as a young democracy and the voters i spoke to here at this polling station one of more than eight hundred thousand across the country told me that they were proud to be taking part in deciding the next five years now this election was largely a referendum on the performance of current president joko widodo in particular his economic policies he campaigned on his work improving infrastructure and hoped that the economic figures that the reduction in the rate of poverty and the strong
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economy would help give him another five years but in the background another debate was taking place this over the role of religion based identity politics many were concerned that a win for his competitor provost sugianto would be a move in a direction away from a pluralist democracy that welcomes all forms of religion but voters here today have had their say and have decided to give joko widodo another five years to carry out his policies. claire richardson there in jakarta of get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world the teenage environmental activist where the tune has met the pope as she. at her campaign to tackle climate change the vatican timberg who has inspired students protests against global warming chatted briefly with the pope francis who urged her to continue her efforts in protecting the climate. and environmental activists glued himself to a train in london's canary wharf financial district to demand more action to tackle
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climate change to weather protesters climbed onto a train route as part of a third day of demonstrations in the u.k. capital police arrested one man on suspicion of obstructing the railway and sudan's deposed president omar al bashir has been moved to prison according to his family relatives say that bashir was previously being held inside the presidential compound in the capital khartoum bashir was ousted by the army last week uganda says that it may be willing to offer him asylum france has announced that it will hold an architectural contest to design a new spire for no for dom cathedral that's as the country looks to rebuild the landmark which was gutted by a fifteen hour fire that started on monday evening president mccollum is meeting today with ministers to discuss an ambitious plan for the church's reconstruction but emotions are still running high on the streets of paris as people come to terms with this wrenching loss. the vo feels
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anxious as she approaches notre dame cathedral for the first time since a raging fire swallowed it speier and caused its roof to collapse. suddenly everything she's watched on the news becomes more real. i can't understand what happened between the last time i saw her when she was oh so bright then all of a sudden ballot there's nothing left within a fraction of a second. it's like when people die they're here and then minutes later that's it they're gone. as the sense of shock slowly subsides france is turning its focus towards reconstruction. in a televised statement present a manual a concept he wants to see the national landmark repaired within five years no one but you want to get it. global contributions have poured in to help reaching
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nearly one billion euros the more than eight hundred year old cathedral was already being renovated before the blaze with repairs before the fire estimated to cost about a quarter of what's now been donated. to spite the sense of loss many feel signs of optimism can already be found on the streets of paris because it's very ambitious but i really hope it's doable and i think that france is very capable of doing great things in a short amount of time like we showed that after the war. we won't be short of money and there's a lot of enthusiasm if everybody works together we can do it and i think french people will support my call to get it done. now france is calling on global talents to submit ideas for recreating the famous spire. international competition will allow us to decide whether we need to rebuild the spire whether we need to reconstruct aspire exactly as it was conceived in designed
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by view lulu duke. or whether as is often the case in the evolution of cultural heritage and cathedrals we need to give new to dom cathedral a new spire adapted to the techniques and challenges of our era. it could take years before we know whether the cathedral will return to its previous glory or receive a new look for the future but either way it seems notre dame is determined to remain one of europe's most visited sites to be seen. let's get more now we are joined by correspondent lisa lewis who has the latest from paris and lisa we know that the firefighters who were involved in extinguishing these flames and go to don that they gave a press conference a short while ago what did they say yes absolutely they said that right now they're still sixty five firefighters in the cathedral to watch
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it and make sure that days no other fire that could go off they're also looking into weak spots at this very moment and to make sure that nothing will actually fall down or crumble apparently the gobbles are one weak spot because the beforehand there were they were being helped by the roof and that obviously has now gone up in flames the firefighters were also addressing criticism that it had taken them very long to get there they say it only took us ten minutes so we were there quite quickly and they talked about how it actually was to fight the fire and not let's listen to one part of that press conference. of course. human life was at risk that's the most important thing. and our colleagues were not severely injured of course but of course not saddam is special we knew about the attention it would create. we knew we would be watched. i could see the number of people that gathered
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around. the mission was special because of the remarkable response we got the people thanking us bringing presents it was deeply moving to have the chance to intervene here if you didn't want. to know but lisa i mean still one of the big looming questions is how exactly this fire got started yes exactly the investigation is still ongoing i talked to the paris prosecutor's office office earlier today and they said they was no privileged theory so far but what they confirmed to me was that at the beginning when the fire started two days ago before seven o'clock at night it was a first alarm that went off and six of her security personnel i went to look for a possible fire that couldn't find anything and only twenty minutes later when a second alarm went off they finally found the fire and that's when it all started when they call the fire brigade obviously now the paris prosecutor's office also
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told me that this investigation would probably take a very long and it would also would take very long until they would know what was the what the cause of this was but apparently so far at least they seem to be thinking that all this happened because of an accident. meantime we know that the prime minister has also been speaking on this he announced in international competition what are the details on that. yes well it all philip the prime minister spake earlier today and he said that the government would organize an international competition architecture competition to rebuild the spire at the cathedral they would also the government will say it would also offer seventy five percent tax refund for any donation of up to one thousand euro's and also the government will set up a commission to oversee the nation process so as to make sure that every euro that
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is actually is actually being donated will go into the risk construction ing of the cathedral not saddam lisa lewis in paris thank you. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program there are mexico's equivalent of japan's cherry blossoms the flower of flowers of the tree first to life every spring but who made them popular in the latin american countries you might be surprised to find. the first three heading out to syria where paramedics i think i'll hold refugee camp say that children are dying because they are not getting enough medical care the kurdish red crescent says that its workers are simply overwhelmed tens of thousands have arrived at the camp in the north east of the country in recent weeks
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they've been feeling fleeing the fighting in the town of the last strongholds of the so-called islamic state among them are thousands of children who urgently need medical treatment. michele bilk is heading out on a new mission with the head of the kurdish red crescent he's on his way to the whole refugee camp to get a first hand look the german emergency medic has been to north eastern syria many times despite the challenging conditions. it was on the problem a camp is over its maximum capacity it was set up for far fewer people there more than seventy thousand there now providing medical and general care is a massive challenge if you go. from coming they drive south on the muddy road. their goal is the mobile clinic of the kurdish red crescent situated behind this fence in the enormous refugee camp during the kurdish offensive against so-called
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islamic state built treated the wounded and saw much suffering and death but dramatic scenes are unfolding here as well seven hundred kept reza but his help is limited with a lack of specialists equipment and medicine. that is materials aren't the only challenge personnel is too and then there logistical challenges it's a battle that's constantly verging on disaster disasters. many mothers are angry they came here hoping for quick help but are often left short well i'm off there's hardly any medicine here we haven't been given any. the situation is very tough particularly with this rain for my children they're always sick of the day man. no one planned for such a large number of refugees seventy five thousand fled the fighting in bargo which had been the last i a stronghold here it's
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a sad existence with no prospects food supplies are tight and those without money struggle to survive children do our jobs to stay afloat a dollar for instance questions chickpeas for hummus which earns him twenty cents per kilo that means that i need the money to buy bread and groceries with it for my family. and many here still cling to the so-called islamic state and the idea of their caliphate despite the terror and the thousands who died . vilks says he always helps anyone in medical need with no questions asked. but he can't always help this child died from malnourishment just one of two hundred twenty five who have died this year alone i must move it up it's not the most moving thing of course was when they brought in a childhood. and there ever more children dying due to the malnutrition caused by their flight to stop before. in the end they'll keep believes prospects here are
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precarious not least because of the toxic legacy left behind by ass. in football barcelona advanced to the semifinals of the champions league by beating manchester united last night event to serene suffered a shock two one defeat at home to dutch club i.x. the home side struck first with christian over naldo putting your ventures ahead i axed pulled even less than ten minutes later thanks to dani tend to be. the winning goal came from the nineteen year old man ts to lift the wind come the wind puts excuse me i.x. in the semifinals for the first time in more than two decades. and tonight's champions league focus is on the blue side of manchester as city hosts in all english quarter final return leg against tottenham have forty goal a side are chasing a one goal deficit in the tie and the chance to make football history. the
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self-proclaimed exceptional one looking to advance of a champions league semifinals has urged manchester city fans to come out in droves to support the club in manchester city has high ambitions already this season with the club still in the running for an unprecedented quadruple of four titles before that they must focus on getting past domestic rivals tottenham pretty sure we know how tough it is so all the teams eight teams. i know into competition are contenders to you know to end this crisis spurs are without star striker harry came in may also be without daily hourly as they fight to make their first ever champions league semifinal. still a lot of work to do is still for me for much of the city's defoliate to win the champions league and of course it's going to be tough your getting caught up in liverpool finalists in last year's edition are currently leading the premier league
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table and have the upper hand biggest opponents porto in this tie to celebrate all our situation we are actually here to go to an extreme. because the season finished and we can end this in this competition we can and we have to we have to. if all goes well for the english clubs there could be all english champions league final something in the football world hasn't seen since two thousand and eight. joining us now to talk a little bit more about this is our very own quest harrington from. why is the football world so excited about this match. because there is a breath of fresh air a lot of fresh faces you know you mentioned how long it's been since i.x. has been to the semifinals of this competition what makes this team so impressive was the way they got there you know first they dethrone the defending champions real madrid in a fantastic fixture and then you know getting rid of you ventus you know this team
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is very magnificent tech tactically exceptional you know it's very difficult to defend they had a stretch of this match that made you look really bad on defense and most of all christian honor and aldo is a very familiar face and that's one face that the competition will be missing you know he's been in the semifinals eleven out of the last twelve years so that's what they gave it is actually brought him over to really get them back into the final four of this competition so you know that's one sad part of the reality but you know times are a changing and there's a changing of the guard at least you know from the i.x. to spend some of the other interesting match the other quarterfinal barcelona beating man u. and we. to talk about you know the manager of man you know is this kind of the the end of his honeymoon period yeah you know. you know he had a glorious moment at camp new you know twenty years ago he scored the game winning goal for manchester united in the champions league final the mojo just did not
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really work out for the players this go round because the magic line though messi lytle messi was to legit to quit basically the very small in stature but he made the difference look very sloppy you know united if there was one particular place scored a brace is second goal you know the hail look like lor's kerio is in my opinion not the best performers i'm a goalkeeper you know and then they poured salt in the mood obviously sworn the third goal. so messi is still in the competition i'm sure there were not all doesn't like that one funny jab he took a picture on the top of a go to suggest that he's the greatest of all time so messi is the one familiar face that the football world definitely will be watching ok nothing shy about it tell us just briefly about the other manchester club has a big night tonight right pep guardiola and company you know they're playing for four titles right now and they're in a hole against saddam they are back at home so that's one thing but all every premier league fan obviously will be watching this fixture so that will be
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interesting to see liverpool's in action as well as harrington thank you ok. it is spring here in the northern hemisphere and that means trees and flowers are in bloom like the cherry blossoms in japan and mexico jacaranda tree is are in bloom right now and a beautiful sight to see it's all thanks to the japanese gardener who wanted to emulate his home country's springtime cherry blossom. this plenty of violet petals lying on the streets of mexico city right now but the cleaners here don't seem bolted but the extra workload spring has a private and everyone's and a good mood but. everyone thinks the jacaranda trees are so beautiful when the wind blows the for. hours from the trees people love to take photos. pockets of violence have been blooming across the city since mid march. jacaranda trees are not native to mexico they've only been here since the nineteenth thirty's
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a japanese garden and named matsumoto brought the tree from brazil after trying and failing to cultivate the japanese cherry tree since then the violence has only added to the country's colorful landscape. color is something fundamental to our culture. and the south american tree is now deeply rooted in that culture. in west. for residents of the mexican capital become something more than just a beautiful tree. but a little sister. for us they are an important symbol in these times i mean heavy debate about migration they show us immigration can be enriching to both peoples lives and cultures. the explosion of followed only lasts a few weeks then street cleaner diego's daily workload will go back to normal. now another record breaking. now.
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smashed previous records by gaining the most abuse within twenty four hours with their new release boy. the video you're about to see here was watched seventy five million times in the same day the previous record the first so-called you tube video debut just last week by also by a canadian pop band the boy band is extremely popular on social media for the past two years running b.t.s. has been ranked as the votes to tweeted celebrity twitter account world to. cut down. to.
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zero. zero zero zero. zero. zero. zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero there you have it the most. watch a video there on you tube coming to you from south korea it's all about that cave up a quick reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you here at g.w. france has announced an architectural contest to design a new spire for notre dame cathedral after it was gutted by monday's massive fire president emanuel has vowed to restore the beloved gothic church within five years
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. and coming up next on d w news asia more on that likely second term for indonesian president joe coakley dodo after an election that placed religion front and center in the campaign and elsewhere in indonesia survivors wait to leave build their lives six months after a powerful earthquake devastated the city allow onto the ways a pilot. plus volkswagens boss says that he's not aware of china's detention of leaders in the northwest of the country despite running into claims they're. all that more coming up in just a few minutes time from all of us here at d.f.w. thank you so much for watching i'm sorry kelly have a great day. org
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simple online on your mobile and free to suffer from d w z e learning course nikos fake german made him see. what's the connection between bread flour and the european union he knows guild motto d.w. correspondent and now the baker can stretch this second line with the rules set by . the. cots no. smoking recipes or success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . when the water starts racing people trying to survive. but all. these could be dangerous. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any kind of
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peace not if you want and probably most of them to come from. the climate starts people thirty years on t w. this is the the good news a shot coming up on the program it's done in division i hold the wild be just one of the election polls though say incumbent president joe cole we don't know is on track for victory once again. but for some indonesians that means nothing six months after the tsunami devastated its people see the i get to see god.


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