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this is d.w. news live from berlin the france's president promises not shutdown will rise from the ashes we don't reconstruct the cathedral it's not going to be even more beautiful than a full. and i want that goal to be reached within five years manual mccraw has been meeting the minister of planning the restoration also on the program it looks like another win for ending these u.s. president preliminary election results indicate that just the we don't know is only to be the world's third largest democracy for a second so what will these victory mean for the country we'll hear from.
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i'm phil gail welcome to the program france has announced that it will hold an architectural contest to design a new spot not to dam cathedral which was gutted by fifteen fifteen hour fire on monday night as a macro even convened a special cabinet meeting to discussion on ambitious reconstruction plan but emotions in paris are still running high as people come to terms with the loss of a beloved lama. feels anxious as she approaches notre dame cathedral for the first time since a raging fire swallowed it spire and caused its roof to collapse. suddenly everything she's watched on the news becomes more real.
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i can't understand what happened between the last time i saw her when she was oh so bright then all of a sudden ballot there's nothing left within a fraction of a second. it's like when people die they're here and then minutes later that's it they're gone. as the sense of shock slowly subsides france is turning its focus towards reconstruction. in a televised statement president emanuel a concert he wants to see the national landmark repaired within five years. but you want to get it. global contributions have poured in to help reaching nearly one billion euros the more than eight hundred year old cathedral was already being renovated before the blaze with repairs before the fire estimated to cost about a quarter of what's now been donated. despite the sense of loss many feel signs of
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optimism can already be found on the streets of paris because it's very ambitious but i really hope it's doable and i think that france is very capable of doing great things in a short amount of time like we showed that after the war. we won't be short of money and there's a lot of enthusiasm if everybody works together we can do it i think french people will support my call to get it done. now france is calling on global talents to submit ideas for recreating the famous spire. the international competition will allow us to decide whether we need to rebuild the spire whether we need to reconstruct the spire exactly as it was conceived in designed by view lulu duke. or whether as is often the case in the evolution of cultural heritage and cathedrals we need to give new to dom cathedral a new spire adapted to the techniques and challenges of our era.
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it could take years before we know whether the cathedral will return to its previous glory or receive a new look for the future but either way it seems notre dame is determined to remain one of europe's most visited sites to be seen. straight through the french capital where we joined because from the louis welcome least it will come to the reconstruction in just a minute but firefighters have been holding a press conference or what have we learned. well yes absolutely the gave us an update of what's actually going on that the cathedral right now there sixty five fight is still not. looking out for possible new fires to make sure that nothing goes off again obviously the firefighters also said that the structure seems to be more or less stable now just because actually the firefighters were able to save the two towers there are weak spots in the team of
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firefighters is looking out for more weak spots apparently they gave us that were before hand held in place by the roof that has then gone up in flames are now kind of one of these weak spots the firefighters also addressed criticism that it took them quite a long time to get to get out so that they said it was only ten minutes we were there really quickly and they talked about what it was like to fight the fire and not saddam let's listen to one part of that press conference. but you know human life was at risk that's the most important thing. and our colleagues were not severely injured of course but of course not saddam is special we knew about the attention it would create. we knew we would be watched. i could see the number of people that gathered around. the mission was special because of the remarkable response we got the people thanking us bringing presence it was deeply moving to
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have the chance to intervene here if you didn't want to when you. want to defuse you know so lisa what else is being said about the course of the fire. well the this investigation is still ongoing i talked to the paris prosecutor's office earlier today and the fifty people looking into this for now they actually only carrying out interviews yesterday they talked to people working at the cathedral they also talked to workers who were employed by the tune construction companies of the two restoration companies restoring at the cathedral at the time of the fire for now they don't really know what set the fire off their parents' prosecutors office told me that this would be a very long and complicated investigation what they did for the third day is that apparently at the time of the fire so to you about two days again our first alarm went off and then security personnel went to look for possible fire couldn't find
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anything twenty minutes later a second alarm went off and that's when the flames were already quite high and that's when they called the fire brigade let's talk about this international competition as it stands it looks like a they got more than enough money pledged or what have we learned about this competition. absolutely so the government will hold an international architecture competition to rebuild the spire that burned during the fire now this could mean that they're looking for you know in the innovative designs but they could also look into how to create construct the exact same spires before hand this might not be that easy the government also announced that any did nation of up to one thousand years would be seventy would benefit from a seventy five percent tax deduction and the government will set up a special commission overseeing donations to make sure that every year or at least
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donated for the reconstruction of not is actually used for that as well and so the president has you come out of this so well the people the people like the way he's handled this this this is going to say crisis but not quite that is a how he's handled the situation. well it does feel like a crisis for many here right actually and. what we can say is actually that the french seem to be standing together and i think it is fair to say that it was the right decision by him omar can the president to push back the announced measures he was going to announce measures as a reaction to months long demonstrations by the so-called yellow vest that have been going on here in france but he realized that this would be not the right time for this she said this will take you know who wait another few days because he knows that the population the french are in mourning and he wants to show respect for this actually so i think it was the right move loose in paris thank you so much
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. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world turkish electoral officials have declared opposition candidate akram and mameluke of the republican people's party the winner of last month's disputed istanbul election president of typewriter ones a k p one nationwide last istanbul and ankara said the p p u i k p has launched an appeal to bring iran a vote authorities have not yet ruled not. full of peruvian president alan garcia has died after shooting himself in the head just before he was due to be detained by police in the capital lima the sixty nine year old undergone emergency surgery and a local hospital is being investigated for taking is being investigated for allegedly taking illegal payments from a major brazilian construction firm he claims he was innocent. teenage environmental activist aggressive to him but has met the pope washboards for a campaign to tackle climate change to the vatican the sixteen year olds who has
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inspired weekly student protest against global warming spoke briefly with programme francis to urge him to continue efforts. on environmental activists glued himself to a trade in london's canary wharf financial district to the amount more action on climate change and two other protests this condoms were trying roof for the third day of demonstrations in the capital police arrested one man on suspicion of stretching the route. so downs deposed president omar al bashir has been moved to prison according to his family relatives say the seventy five year old was previously being held inside the presidential compound in the capital khartoum president bashir was ousted by me last week uganda says it may be willing to offer him asylum. preliminary results in indonesia's elections indicate a significant victory for the current president. he is on course to win roughly
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fifty five percent of the votes against former general. purpose. the result could be pivotal for the country's future and its reputation as a tolerant muslim country contest brought the country's huge voting public out in force. they pulled out all the stops to get voters in election officials dressed as superheroes in the hope of maximizing turnout. it's all about this man sitting president joko widodo comfortably on course to be reelected as leader of the world's third largest democracy. united gain as a nation as brothers and sisters who share the same motherland. after these elections let us develop and nurture harmony and brotherhood as one nation and motherland. the main challenger firebrand former general prabhu vers subi antonio claimed there
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were irregularities in the voting setup insisting many polling stations opened late . urge my supporters to remain calm everyone should stay calm and refrain from hasty action or focus on safeguarding the ballot boxes because they hold the key to our victory. the election was on a vast scale with one hundred ninety million potential voters across three time zones seem toppy to participate. you know it. is this very exciting for. my first time. i'm very proud and i was floored it and at this ferry fun and it was cited to put. a series of so-called quick count spy posters give the incumbent we do do a clear lead these have proved reliable in previous elections but official results
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are not due until next month. reporter claire richardson has been talking to voters in the capital jakarta. today's elections were in many ways a celebration of indonesia as a young democracy and the voters i spoke to here at this polling station one of more than eight hundred thousand across the country told me that they were proud to be taking part in deciding the next five years now this election was largely a referendum on the performance of current president joko widodo in particular his economic policies he campaigned on his work improving infrastructure and hope that the economic figures that the reduction in the rate of poverty and the strong economy would help give him another five years but in the background another debate was taking place this over the role of religion based identity politics many were concerned that a win for his competitor provost sugianto would be a move in a direction away from a pluralist democracy that welcomes all forms of religion but voters here today
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have had their say and have decided to give joko widodo another five years to carry out his policies. richardson reporting from jakarta paramedics in syria's alcohol refugee camp say children are dying because of a lack of medical care the kurdish red crescent says its workers are overwhelmed recent weeks have seen tens of thousands of people arrive at the camp in the country's northeast having fled the fighting in the town of baquba the last stronghold of the islamic state group among them off thousands of children in urgent need of medical help. mitchellville is heading out on a new mission with the head of the kurdish red crescent he's on his way to the whole refugee camp to get a first hand look the german emergency medic has been to north eastern syria many times despite the challenging conditions. it was on the problem a camp is over its maximum capacity it was set up for far fewer people there more
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than seventy thousand there now providing medical and general care is a massive challenge. from coming they drive south on the muddy road. their goal is the mobile clinic of the kurdish red crescent situated behind this fence in the enormous refugee camp during the kurdish offensive against so-called islamic state vilks treated the wounded and saw much suffering and death but dramatic scenes are unfolding here as well seven hundred cap residents visit the clinic each day most are malnourished children there are only fourteen doctors working here they'll cleanse a hand and give some advice but his help is limited with a lack of specialists equipment and medicine. but it is materials are not the only challenge personnel is too and then there logistical challenges it's a battle that's constantly verging on disaster as. many mothers are angry they
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came here hoping for quick help but are often left short. there's hardly any medicine here we haven't been given any. situation is very tough particularly with this rain for my children they're always sick of the day man. no one planned for such a large number of refugees seventy five thousand fled the fighting in which had been the last i a stronghold here it's a sad existence with no prospects food supplies are tight and those without money struggle to survive children to our jobs to stay afloat abdullah for instance crashes chickpeas for hummus which earns him twenty cents per kilo gardens that is i need the money to buy bread and groceries with it for my family. and many here still cling to the so-called islamic state and the idea of their
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caliphate despite the terror and the thousands who died. bilk says he always helps anyone in medical need with no questions asked. but he can't always help this child died from malnourishment just one of two hundred twenty five who have died this year alone. the most moving thing of course was when they brought in a child who had died. and there were ever more children dying due to the malnutrition caused by their flight. in the end they'll believes prospects here are precarious not least because of the toxic legacy left behind by ass. humanitarian aid from the red cross has begun to arrive in venezuela earlier this year president nicolas maduro shut the country's borders to convoys carrying food from the united states and major international aid organizations he said they were part of a ploy to unseat him now he's agreed to allow the red cross in there he's still
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denying that venezuela is suffering a humanitarian crisis. medicine medical equipment generators the first red cross shipment has arrived in venezuela the red cross says supplies will now be delivered to hospitals around the country. we want to thank all public and private institutions for making this delivery possible. that this great success not be politicized. president nicolas maduro welcomed the aid he's now agreed to accept from the international committee of the red cross yes he'll receive our ministers have accepted the delivery in a legal and orderly manner that complies with international standards we've done it . we asked him to play. venezuela has been lacking medical supplies for years hyperinflation has made food too expensive for many there are also water gas
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and electricity shortages. the self declared president said majoris government has long denied the crisis and is therefore responsible for it. to day humanitarian aid has. to the country only because the crisis has come to light and the people of venezuela have demanded it. these thirty truckloads of aid are badly needed but much more will be necessary if venezuela can't find a way out of the crisis. will start with football we've got such champions league quarter final clashes on the way so when they may talk if they don't you sports is here to talk us through it welcome we have an old english showdown between manchester city and tottenham in a few hours do you fancy for that it's a tough call i mean it's for us take me well in the first leg to win that one but city of course they are playing at home and they have a really good record eleven straight wins but half i don't know was criticised in
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the first leg for having this tendency of often overthinking off tinkering with his lineup and whatever idea he had obviously backfired as for spurs you know they did show that they can play without harry kane but they still have some serious injury concerns and let's get more details on tonight's match us. board yola this self-proclaimed exceptional one looking to advance of the champions league semifinals has urged manchester city fans to come out in droves to support the club in manchester city has high ambitions already this season with the club still in the running for an unprecedented quadruple of four titles before that they must focus on getting past domestic rivals tottenham i'm pretty sure we know how tough it is so all the teams eight teams. i know into competition are contenders to you know to end these prices spurs are without star striker harry
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kane and may also be without daily hourly as they fight to make their first ever champions league semifinal. much of the city's defy would it. be tough your getting caught up in liverpool finalists in last year's edition are currently leading the premier league table and have the upper hand against opponents porto in this tie. two. because. we have to we have to. if all goes well for the english clubs there could be all english champions league final something the football world hasn't seen since two thousand and eight. well we we
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just heard from the coach you can close these side records for the champions league finals for a second zero. one step at a time they first have to be porto and then of course to have the huge task of facing basile no one in the semifinals and as for tonight's match they are in a very good position they won two nil in the first leg and they kept the key and she'd the key for liverpool of course is not to get too complacent and they did they are coming off that really important win against chelsea on sundays off of them i think the key is to just kind of write with the momentum mistook where yesterday's huge upset so we have the eye exams them eliminating one of the favorites event from this competition so what's a bug on to this ok so i x. football club they are known world wide for having one of the best youth academies they have a footballing philosophy that they stand by it's all about developing technically
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gifted players it's about youth development and last night all these factors came together was so neat you know when they outplayed you ventas a team for off stars full of experience and you know phil football needs exactly stories like this because it's an inspiration it says that it is possible to win with on a small budget so but at the same time you know there's a pessimist in me and that also says we also know exactly what happens to sites like this after you know after the high they also come so no because you know we know from experience that big clubs will come you know and basically scoop up all the talent so let's just enjoy this team while they can and that see how far they go and you know frankly they are already heading to boston and the sub zero zero you would like you don't exist to lust and it doesn't it doesn't unfortunately not with teams like this it doesn't and you know people always young players go to the you know bigger and better teams it always happens.
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that would springtime in the northern hemisphere which means trees and flowers are blooming in mexico the jacaranda trees are putting on a magnificent show and it's all thanks to one japanese guy who want a reminder of his home country's springtime cherry blossom. there's plenty of violet petals lying on the streets of mexico city right now but the cleaners here don't seem bothered by the extra workload spring has arrived and everyone's in a good mood. everyone thinks the jacaranda trees are so beautiful when the wind blows the flowers from the trees people love to take photos. pockets of violence have been blooming across the city since mid march. jacaranda trees are not native to mexico they've only been here since the nineteenth thirty's a japanese garden and named matsumoto brought the tree from brazil after trying and
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failing to cultivate the japanese cherry tree since then the violence has only added to the country's colorful landscape. color is something fundamental to our culture. and this south american tree is now deeply rooted in that culture. for residents of the mexican capital that's become something more than just a beautiful tree. but a little sister. for us they are an important symbol in these times i mean heavy debate about migration they show us immigration can be enriching to both people's lives and cultures. the explosion of violet color only lasts a few weeks then straight clean at diego's daily workload will go back to normal. now records are meant to be broken but south korean k. pop superstar b t s may just be overdoing it three days ago
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a new release boy with love shattered all previous records by clocking up nearly seventy five million views in just one day with more than one hundred fifty million views the boy band has also broken the record for fastest music video to break the hundred million mark he has particularly on social media most of retreated twitter accounts in the world for the last two years. top stories at this hour france has announced an international contest to rebuild the spire after it collapsed during monday's massive fire in the next church bells across france will ring out in tribute to the cathedral and we'll bring that to you live here on the. preliminary of voting results in indonesia indicate the countries
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of president. has won reelection with about fifty five percent of the. news a should have a good day. so
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finding a. reliable data. distance for my system cut. costs
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the. automotive industry the fury. it's crunch time the european elections are just around the corner of the building in asia you might ask us says why should i care when the european market is one of the biggest in the once everyone everybody needs to catch up so watch our special show new elections why it matters to asia you subscribe. aside from the money value beyond. the usual actions why they matter to asia on the up. when the country music people fight for survival when he shut up and get flippant about it but when there's a flood water comes up to a waste when you're close fast to everyone but. the lack of water he's equally dangerous. there's junk you can sleep will move south so they can plant crops and
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trying to feed the systemic. floods and droughts with climate change become the main driver of mass migration you couldn't write any kind of peace not if you want and probably most of them do come from. the climate exodus starts if you curteous on t w. this is the tough road there is a show coming up on the program it's done in division i hold the wall to be just one of the elect from also say incumbent president joe cole we don't know is on track for victory once again. but for some indications that means nothing six months after the tsunami devastated its people see the i get to see government aid and. i don't know what you're referring to we don't know about china's reeducation camps for a million we get people that is it has.


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