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sushi's now acknowledge the great jokes and serious splits in its unity. in sixty. and older man. language courses. video or you know. where. wu center. this is deja news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes with the continent reflecting on the full of algeria's of desis pacific and saddam's obama share what happens often the dictators have been deposed we have a report from the gambia when one of the local candidates tells us not much has changed since yeah your job left office. sort of put to me to be hard.
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and doing to seventeen june to this country for forty years of the good news needs to leave not going to be promised we are moving into uncertain future constant dollars. and we need to be activist and told what was content cvs off environmental awareness for the generations to come. i'm christine wonderwall come to every news africa i'm glad your chin did it's been just over two years since he made lift the gambia or left office in the gambia was forced into it sounded equatorial guinea in january twenty seventh t. an off day he refused to concede defeat in the presidential election how the month before his refusal to. defeat to adama barrow prompted
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a military threat by the african union and the west african regional body ecowas is accused of corruption on a grand scale in the two decades he ruled the tiny waist african nation but some of the countries say even with his departure little has changed and this economy corresponded funny for char reports. they are published every second day even though no one ever drives them these cars are visible relics of a regime that ruled the gumby oh for over two decades all of the scars once belonged to the former president president says reappear right here on the license plate it's caused you a story about his lavish lifestyle while at the same time these people didn't have enough food didn't have proper housing and lack access to health care. internationally met was a welcome guest despite widespread allegations of human rights abuses in his
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country in twenty seventeen he lost the election and fled into exile a possible grave site is being excluded on the outskirts of fungible a number of jamais suppose killed or disappeared during his rule as gambia has begun to deal with the past jemez once again all over the papers focusing mainly on the money he and his associates store people are angry because they got off scot free it's like an insult to the gambian people we want to see people that you know . we would not be in. to pay for it to go to the right to a little more hundred of them but just how much money was stolen according to the investigative reporting organization. jumma and his cronies fluted at least nine hundred seventy five million u.s. dollars the official ministry of justice figure is much smaller three hundred four million u.s. dollars we are meeting a local journalist who believes the research is figures are closer than the
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government estimate i have more trust in god indorse people than i were in the government still. because you can't police yourself he says the government is still full of the same elites only the head of the government changed after the election in twenty seven to be a sort of opportunity to be high. in twenty seven thousand to change this country for good policy is really greatly missed we have not sort of in the past we are moving into online seven feature that's dangerous johnny has left but a lot of his associates did not none of them responded to our interview requests except this matter momodu sub ali he was secretary general john. we're a small country small society big complex so it's it's not going to be easy to get
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to the bottom of things he says he knew about the looting of public funds but he did not do anything wrong and. he has a possibility of coming back here i don't know when and where was one of the things going for him here right now he says that his party's still very strong as the r.c. is still very popular in some parts in this country gambians enjoy new freedoms his departure but many politicians from his government have been recycled into the new administration the country still awaits justice for crimes committed during the past regime. friday it's more than a month after cycling to die hits the coast of mozambique killing hundreds of people displacing thousands and cutting a path of destruction emergency operations have now given way to recovery correspondent andrea with the head of the un's resettlement program in the devastated port city of beirut if climate change was complicating the toss rebuilding flood hit communities i think now we have to look forward to see how we
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can be integrated into holistic sustainable government plane no a little bit around but also for debris to put in the area in the corridor or we cannot look at one. area but. it's one that we do look forward looking for solution it is simple i'm. also trying to convince the donors and also. the fund. to find. the one to come out we did. not because he had also been working in myanmar in philippines we have done quite a lot of the. involved in that intersect area so i think a lot of knowledge that you can we can share together everyday government of was
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and be and also mayor of. with a mayor as well to govern us part of the region are below the sea level already your background as town planning is the whole city city in your view under threat in the future i was a mayor before for seventy s. and my city s.p.d. and almost the same criteria as bera my city was sixty percent below or in the flood prone area below sea level and in my city in printing militia was here in twenty seventeen but of course it's not so strong that my second thing we come back and look for solution for for a better planning for a better resilient design building maybe an hour. after d.-day did is just us we all do flood prone area with steel and then we look into the design of the building and reducing the local material and it must be affordable to the local people thirty a lot of things can be done we cannot we have to face this. climate
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change and by doing some adaptation. of course you can relocate everybody out of the area but we have to find ways to do at depth. of climate change by using technology and using knowledge sometimes the technology isn't occult and ology simple in my cities look at r.d. because when we released it put on steel and we designed more resilient even the roof we designed be sure we're here for we we studied or we do wind direction and for the last year because malaysia had monsoon. in november and december last year it was bringing. into a lot of damage is very less so i think we improve year by year and from d.s.p. to india we see thank you very much. from climate change a sort of stay on the theme and go to togo now where one man has been working to raise awareness about preserving natural resources and using them with maximum
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efficiency here's the story of santa and his initiative young volunteers for environment it's a pan african organization with representatives on the continent. these performances celebrate the environment the dancers costumes are made out of cocoa sacks from the region the annual festival called the cultural biodiversity weaker c.b.w. has been held for fifteen years now. it's organized by environmental activists. in my language we say if you want to know me watch me done some listen to me sing. with song and dance my people express their attachment to the land and their respect for biological diversity. the guests at the festival are also offered a range of local scenes. the idea is to convince farmers in the area to grow native
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varieties. the season without warning we have a great diversity of local seeds in our region and we promote them because they're more adapted to our climate unfortunately the farmers use a lot of cheap imported seeds which are not adapted to our soil and don't produce good yields. the people here in southwestern togo live from agriculture farming grain kosov or rice coffee and cocoa. but the ground has been depleted of nutrients and many farmers now use pesticides and chemical fertilizers on their crops. we use pesticides on crops. like kid with a young because of. otherwise the insects will destroy the leaves i need to use the pesticide at least three times for it to grow.
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the plants might grow faster but the pesticides pollute the ground water and the river say now luca remembers how much cleaner the environment used to be that's what motivated him to become an activist. you see how this field reaches all the way to the river water so the river doesn't breathe anymore it can't grow bigger and can't play its natural role of climate regulator and the sediments don't nourish the ecosystem here. but it's not just about chemicals contaminating the water deforestation is another major environmental problem here. every day i see what's going on as i have observed as a lation illegal logging. some trees that are more than one hundred years old with great value for my people of being caught a disappearing and sometimes being sold for next to nothing. luka wants to boost
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young people's awareness that's why he plants trees with children if the c.b.w. festivities. and that. we learned how to plant trees because we need them to live in our environment the forest is important because it gives us life rain fruits and trees. and their support from the villagers in the evening older people talk to the younger generation to encourage them to care for the environment. will be i'm very happy to take part in these meetings for example i learned today that in the past they didn't use any fertilizer and they still succeeded in having a great harvest by leaving the fields follow and i learned how to protect the forest of life which is you know well but. at the end of the week long festival the children perform a play. or two sons talk to their father about deforestation and climate change.
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the cultural biodiversity we give them a chance to practice what will hopefully become a lifelong role that of protectors of the environment. and that is that when alpha is africa you can as always catch our stories on our website on facebook pages and talk to me on twitter at le seven i found out. i. am not proud and i will not succeed in dividing us so that i will not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters.
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made for minds. to good news to romex to channel. no goodbye no story. with exclusive insights. and a must see concerning courtroom culture in europe. the place to be for curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribers don't miss out. on the. welcome to our culture french president amount of oil mccraw wants not completely restored in five years can it be done that's a question i'll be asking one of europe's top restoration experts in just a minute also coming up. the reigning queen of pop and marketing beyond
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say drops a new surprise album at the same time as the new documentary is released. pat and why does sweden's connect the fruit contain ink from a squid and has it gets a crunchy our resident baking expert a new correspondent has the answers. and joining me now in the studio is professor young of our from the university of plied sciences and pottstown why he's the professor of restoration and conservation thank you for coming in obviously shocking pictures for us all a monday night but the good news if you like is the towers have survived indeed a lot of the main structure of not to dom has it seems. what do you think is going to be the most difficult part of restoring this gothic masterpiece i think after having overcome the talk the main thing many tasks will be
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to get an general overview of the losses and the damages to.


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