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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is g w news why but from berlin tonight across france church bells ringing in tribute to notre dame. as the nation pauses to remember what was lost in the blaze prances of leaders and say they have been in business plan to rebuild and all within five.
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also coming up tonight it looks like another win for indonesia's president. election results indicate that joe cole is on course to lead the world's third largest democracy for another tour so what will his victory mean for the politics of division in the country well given jakarta. and a nemesis of the church's president taking control of turkey's largest city but is the political battle between the two men really open window why it is terrible to find. good to have you with us so two days after the blaze at notre dame france has announced that it will hold an architectural. contest to design
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a new spoiler for the cathedral you may remember that spire completely collapsed in the fire on monday night church bells across the country. earlier this evening as people showed their support for the true don't concede two. questions remain as to how the church shall be repaired and rebuilt and whether it should be given a more modern look. or emotions in paris are also running high as people come to terms with the destruction of their beloved i call. perris in cecil tao the vo feels anxious as she approaches notre dame cathedral for the first time since a raging fire swallowed it speier and cause its roof to collapse suddenly everything she's watched on the news becomes more real. bad i can't understand what happened between the last time i saw her when she was
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oh so bright then all of a sudden balance there's nothing left within a fraction of a second. it's like when people die they're here and then minutes later that's it when you take their god from them. as the sense of shock slowly subsides france is turning its focus towards reconstruction and some in a televised statement present a body of a concept he wants to see the national landmark repaired within five years not one that you want to get to the hunt for them they don't call. global contributions have poured in to help reaching nearly one billion euros the more than eight hundred year old cathedral was already being renovated before the blaze with repairs before the fire estimated to cost about a quarter of what's now been donated. despite the sense of loss many feel signs of optimism can already be found on the streets of paris because it's very ambitious
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but i really hope it's doable and i think that france is very capable of doing great things in a short amount of time like we showed that after the war. we won't be short of money and there's a lot of enthusiasm if everybody works together we can do it and i think french people will support my call to get it done. now france is calling on global talents to submit ideas for recreating the famous spire. international competition will allow us to decide whether we need to rebuild the spire whether we need to reconstruct the spire exactly as it was conceived in designed by view lulu duke or whether as is often the case in the evolution of cultural heritage and cathedrals we need to give notre dame cathedral a new spire adapted to the techniques and challenges of our era.
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it could take years before we know whether the cathedral will return to its previous glory or receive a new look for the future but either way it seems notre dame is determined to remain one of europe's most visited sites to be seen. and now we want to go to paris our correspondent lisa lewis is on the story for us again this evening good evening to you lisa it's been forty eight all words and since the blaze today for the first time we heard from firefighters and they had to answer some uncomfortable questions about. perhaps we're too late or too slow to respond or do they have to say today. while they were first talking about what was actually going on that not for them right now that they were sixty five fight is still at the site to make sure that they would know would be no new fire and that they were still looking at some weak spots off the shelf the monument to make sure they wouldn't crumble in
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the following days they oversee all says he said address that controversy apparently they're right about off the ten day ten minutes after the alarm went off after they were caught but they said you know ten minutes is actually quite fast in paris and lisa are there any new leads into the investigation into what calls the fire. well i've just heard back from the paris prosecutor's office they still working on the case with about fifty investigators the parents brothers who paris press prosecutor's office told me that this would be a very long and complicated investigation that for now they didn't have any preferred late they seem to be quite sure that this was an accident and also they said that there was he kept at the beginning you know when the fire first start apparently there was a first alarm that went off and then the security personnel went to have
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a look they couldn't find the fire and then only twenty minutes later when a second alarm went off actually they went again and had a look at the flames already quite high and that's when they called the fire brigade yeah and as we've heard from fire experts you know twenty minutes twenty one minutes can be an attorney when you're talking about a fire spreading let's talk about the pledges the money that is being pledged to rebuild the dollar we're talking about more than half a billion euro already coming from a lot of france's richest people how is that going on with the public in for. what people are people out here i'll be very happy that they so much money going into that will go into the reconstruction of not saddam but there are a few controversies basically two kinds of control of his control as is on the one hand they're saying if you make a large donation you get
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a tax reduction of sixty percent now the government has said for small donations it would be even seventy five percent say people are arguing well these people come up with the money but actually the government is pushing parts of the bill and on the other hand you've got the second quite large controversy is at people saying you know if there is when there is. each one of that has no doubt about that it has been burned and they had lots of there's lots of damage at sea and you can come up with the money but what about the other cool is fun for the many homeless people here in france why can't you come up money with money for that it's a good point and it begs the question would these a bit of factors would they be so generous if there were no tax credits in richer lisa was reporting tonight from paris as always lisa thank you. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world former peruvian
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president alan garcia has died after shooting himself in the head just before he was due to be detained by police in the capital lima the sixty nine year old had undergone emergency surgery in a local hospital he was being investigated for allegedly taking illegal payments from a major brazilian construction for president garcia had denied the allegations the first iranian woman to win an international boxing match has canceled plans to return home after iranian authorities allegedly issued an arrest warrant for her said dr beat a french boxer on saturday in france female boxing is allowed in iran provided women and here to islamic dress codes and matches are reefed refereed by women. but once india's largest airline jet airways says it is suspending operations from wednesday night on words after failing to find lenders to keep it aloft the airline
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is sitting on more than a billion dollars in debt jet airways pilots say they have not been paid in four months twenty thousand jobs are reportedly now in the state. of the teenage environmental activist greg has met the pope she brought her campaign to tackle climate change to the vatican to do a sixteen year old who has inspired weekly student protests across the globe that spoke briefly with point three says he urged her to continue what she's doing this . is another. or preliminary results in indonesia elections are pointing towards a significant victory for the incumbent president djoko we don't know he's on course to win roughly fifty five percent of the vote against former general for valvo sabean so the result could be pivotal for the country's reputation as a tolerant muslim country of the contest brought the country's huge voting public
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out in force. they pulled out all the stops to get voters an election officials stress to superheroes in the hope of maximizing turnout. it's all about this man sitting president joko widodo comfortably on coolest to be reelected as leader of the world's third largest democracy. let us united gain as a nation as brothers and sisters who share the same motherland. and after these elections let us develop and nurture harmony and brotherhood as one nation and motherland. but it's not. the main challenger firebrand form a general proposition to claim there were irregularities in the voting setup insisting many polling stations opened late. i urge my supporters to
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remain calm everyone should stay calm and refrain from hasty action or focus on safeguarding the ballot boxes because they hold the key to our victory. the election was on a vast scale with one hundred ninety million potential voters across three time zones seen toppy to participate. you know you funny thing is this very excited by the fair very have either they because it's my first time to their faces and. i'm very proud and i was so i did and at this very fine any decided to put. a series of so-called quick counts by posters give the incumbent window a clear lead these have proved reliable in previous elections but official results are not due until next month. reportedly originates has been talking to voters in the capital jakarta. today's elections were in many ways
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a celebration of indonesia as a young democracy and the voters i spoke to here at this polling station one of more than eight hundred thousand across the country told me that they were proud to be taking part in deciding the next five years now and this election was largely a referendum on the performance of current president joko widodo in particular his economic policies he campaigned on his work improving infrastructure and hope that the economic figures that the reduction in the rate of poverty and the strong economy would help give him another five years but in the background another debate was taking place this over the role of religion based identity politics many were concerns about a win for his competitor provost sugianto would be a move in a direction away from a pluralist democracy that welcomes all forms of religion but voters here today have had their say and have decided to give joko widodo another five years to carry out his policies. that was clear richard sennett reporting. i'm joined now by
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colleague video. she's the head of the indonesian service good evening to you video the official results we understand won't be announced until next month in may but it looks like we'll win reelection. with a fair amount of certainty that he will keep his job. well like in the reports show it is the numbers are on fifty five forty five or fifty three forty four at least that's what i saw so it's like eight to nine percent more votes for a jerk and that's higher than the election in two thousand and fourteen then he got to run forty five percent but this result is also actually not really surprising since all of the surveys conducted before the election already predicted him as the winner even some of the survey said that this is up more than ten percent probable but we must remember it's still not the official numbers the indonesian election
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commission. did in me and then we didn't know for sure but it is unlikely that the number of the change you know because this is the first time a presidential election in tunisia and before the years the outcome of the preliminary vote guns will always similar to the so i would say it's not going to change again in me and what about the to the device of the these are do the politics that we saw during the campaign both candidates really try to reach out to conservative islamic voters in their campaigns how much of an issue was is low in this election. there's no way out of saying it but islam is really quite a big issue at this election you know like indonesia has the most muslim people in the country and also like ninety seven percent of indonesian people are muslim so both bodies is for sure tries to get the votes and most of this time for the
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conservative muslims i would say basically problems to be on both through himself to that will take them to the group to get the votes that will be due to hasn't got a boys playing the religion card and i must say it's actually he managed to get the young conservative muslim behind him like five years ago got the votes and took with choice of running mate modified if he's made to keep up it probably a strategy. street to his model i mean it's not actually what peaceful of us wanted it was basically a surprise because i mean it's the same man who had center his friend you know basically to have much to prison for bless him in two thousand and seventeen actually wrote an actual if it didn't sit decrees every form is brand and it's contradictory stance on advocating religious freedom what about. moving forward now he has obviously made promises to you know conservative muslims is he going to have to deliver a meet or his policy is going to have to reflect this. i don't know
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what he's planning but the critics say it's like if i may fail the critics say a lot of bad economic policy like you said before and but mostly people also saying about the human rights issue of. the dodo has an excellent he. did what he from a sister is a followers five to six go you know like you signing up on executions by firing squad and he violets you have to govern confront a country mess killings so let's just hope that he actually is going to do it without regarding having the conservative muslim backing him that he really is still going to tackle the human rights issues that needs to be done everything he could be his last legacy it's his last term yet we definitely will see in this upcoming term videotape the go would separate the head of the w.'s into these in service thank you we're not in turkey the country's main opposition candidate has been declared mayor of istanbul after election recounts were finally completed
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a crimean mode of assumed office as just ambles mayor despite an appeal that is still pending by president everyone's a key part in to bring brun to vote in the city a crowd of him all those supporters walked to the justice palace to greet him as he entered the building today his victory against twenty five years of control of the city by the governing a k party. all right let's go to our correspondent dorian jones he is following this story for us in istanbul good evening to you dorian i mean there are a lot of people on the movement is stambaugh right now what kind of change are they hoping for. well i think firstly they want an end to twenty five years of parties affiliated with president one on top of that i think people did it come in my message of inclusion of
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a tea throughout this campaign he said that he would work for everybody in the city and he distinctly avoided getting gauge with president politics of polarization and fahri rhetoric which has very well in the past he said no i don't want to get involved with these politics a polarized nation i want to work for all the people and in fact his victory speech today he said i thanked turks greeks armenians laws all of turkey's vast and stumbles vast diverse population a message of inclusive ety and democracy that is what people will be looking for. that there will be no more challenge to the legitimacy of the new mayor and. the fact that this bird has been challenged by the aching. democracy in turkey. well absolutely there is he's not guaranteed to stay in power in fact pro-government media commentators all for out the day have been saying he better enjoy the next few days as he won't be in power for much longer and that's because
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they ruling a.k.p. have filed months of the vote we've turkey's supreme electoral board and now they are considering something a regional fifes two cases of evidence presented to them claiming that the vote the vote was fraudulent was filled irregularities and they are calling on the vote to be re held now it's far from clear what the outcome is but there have been concerns about the electoral ball given that most of its members are appointed by the president and his government and in the past decisions have been accused of being impartial bought into relation to the istanbul vote broadly speaking days supply. from the opposition that they have behaved fairly and they will be hoping that that will continue but for democracy there will be big concerns of these folks because and i think also questions for one because once electoral success for the last fifteen years has been built on electoral success at the ballot box he says whatever you say about me i wouldn't elections now he has been defeated the key thing is will he accept that if it's for
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a verse this will pose big questions over one's legitimacy and it's very troubling if the if this vote were to be challenged yet again especially considering that the country has you know had what two or three years of this crackdown under i mean looking at it from outside you would think that the country would be firmly in the grip of the party and that vote rigging or any type of miscalculations would be practically impossible. well indeed and in fact i mean in speaking to an isp i think that there is almost disbelief from the opposition party that they could even win istanbul given the online on grip and control that one has over the media i'm very struck just the whole of the elections the fact that the opposition have won and hold on to these folks he's given major hope to the opposition going forward that they ultimately can challenge power himself and that is why the ruling a party and also concerned about losing his temple a volatile situation it is them both still tonight. in istanbul as always doria
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thank you are let's talk about the weather it's springtime in the northern hemisphere which means trees and flowers are blooming and bringing a lot of pollen by the way in mexico the checker on the tree are putting on a magnificent show and it's all thanks to a japanese gardener who wanted a reminder of his home country springtime cherry blossom. there's plenty of violets petals lying on the streets of mexico city right now but the cleaners here don't seem bothered by the extra workload spring has a private and everyone's and a good mood. everyone thinks the jacaranda trees are so beautiful when the wind blows the flowers from the trees people love to take photos hers. pockets of violence have been blooming across the city since mid march. jacaranda trees are not native to mexico that only been here since the nine hundred thirty s.
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a japanese gotten a name to go to matsumoto brought the tree from brazil after trying and failing to cultivate the japanese cherry tree since then the violence has only added to the country's colorful landscape. color is something fundamental to our culture. and this south american tree is now deeply rooted in that culture. one listed. for residents of the mexican capital to become something more than just a beautiful tree up but i'm a little. for us they are an important symbol in these times i mean heavy debate about migration they show us immigration can be enriching to both peoples lives and cultures. the explosion of violent color only lasts a few weeks then street cleaning diego's daily workload will go back to normal.
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well you know they say records are meant to be broken but south korean k. pop superstar's b t s well they may be overdoing it a little three days ago their new release boy with love shattered all previous records like we have nearly seventy million views on you tube in just one day with that name now with more than one hundred fifty million views the boy band has also broken the record for fastest music video to break the one hundred million mark b.t.s. is particularly popular on social media for the past two years running the group has been as the most reach we did so leveraging twitter account in the universe. all right who knows the most about k. pop at the big table tonight right here that's right. the whole i've been studying up just for you brant got some info. in let me please yeah well look it's having a moments right now as you can clearly tell not just on you tube i mean b.t.s. who we just saw they just headlined saturday night live you may have heard of sell
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that around. another k. pop group also on the verge of stardom black pink some are calling them the next spice girls oh here they are check them out not just for the boys also for the girls as a girl band and they just hit the top twenty five in the u.s. maybe more significantly they were just at coachella first all i see is male gay pop groups perform at that. best of all read you know k. pop it's not new it's been growing for a couple of decades i'm sure you remember that big hit style back in twenty twelve or south korean performers it's more popular now more than ever i would say and it's starting to go mainstream in the us that's a big deal these groups they mostly sing in korean the english so how did it become so popular that yeah i mean really when it comes to k. pop there is a formula here and a lot of it has to do with star power a lot of the star power in k. pop is very many factures this is what we're talking about here they take these people they put them essentially through an entire program so aspiring singers go
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to a training center and it's a lot like britney spears is deaf in dance school in seoul korea he see there's intense dancing singing classes students as young as ten years old they want to become the next big thing if they're signed by a record label they can go through more training even more years of training essentially by the time you're done with these boot camps you're already ready to go you're a seasoned professional performer that's the formula here secondly everything so control just take someone like a britney spears it's the same thing with your name the way you dress the way dance it's all controlled by the record labels themselves and number three i mean these fans are passionate brand you have these k. pop fanatics they're out there and things like hey collin this is the convention there's one in las vegas there's one in new york this year very very passionate fans as well you know i have to say hats off to you for using all those terms a key because. that's what i'm here for bro and hope that they do very much because
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the k. pop reports. you're watching at the w. news up next the conflict zone tim sebastian interviews. deputy secretary general of nato i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the danger to see them.
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enter the conflicts are confronting the powerful. the most of those are the treaty organization nato has just traded seventieth birthday but it wasn't
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a happy one my guest this week here is nato headquarters. is rose got to be organizations deputy secretary general who she's now acknowledged the great chauffeur serious splits in its unity conflicts so for. g.w. . and maybe i'm not thinking out of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper it happens pre-judge and i think deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes the question beginning i think you see from the country that i don't know the time. needed to take this grandmother down to me it's all about a new time a job join me to meet the gentleman from d.w.
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post what's the connection between bread but home and the european union dinos guild motto e.w. correspondent and avid baker john stripes has become line with the rules set by the new team and talks. what's being recipes for success the strategy that made a difference. baking bread on d.w. . you never stand up for you what of course we stand up for europe you seem to live in a kind of the universe you know i don't know who let's not be silly please the north atlantic treaty organization nato has just started seventieth birthday but it wasn't a happy one constant coughing by donald trump about defense spending has caused fits a resentment fear in your markets this week here with nato headquarters in.


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