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you couldn't write any of them going to use not if you want them probably most of them don't jump. start your concert. w. . this is g.w. news live from berlin the next phase of india's vast general election kicks off this time the rest of region of kashmir goes to the polls security there is tight local separatists are calling for a boycott of the election after a recent escalation of violence in the area. also coming up north korea ups the pressure on the stalled disarmament talks by announcing
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a new weapons test according to state media came one oversees the launch of a quote tactical guided weapon. in germany calls a special session of the united nations security council to discuss the crisis in libya but members are split over a surge in violence in the capital tripoli. i'm gonna thank you for joining us polling stations have opened in parts of india as the second phase of the country's general election gets underway one of the constituencies voting today is in srinagar the main city in indian controlled kashmir a security lockdown has been imposed on the city where several parties have called for a boycott of the election kashmir featured heavily in campaigning after a suicide attack india and pakistan to the brink of war in february a total of ninety five. constituencies across india are casting ballots today
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india's election is taking place in seven stages over a six week period ending next month. let's bring in. following the elections for us from delhi so kashmir really is taking center stage in this second round a second round of elections well definitely so many it's not just the second round in fact it's true the selection that push me is being talked about very closely meet me it's happening over five figures isn't the actually decided against another level of elections in kashmir because of security concerns in srinagar in the capital there's a heavy deployment of security there's actually a watch was shut down in the city and because the separatist cause to boycott this election many voters are concerned so far polling to our knowledge and you know that it has been little while another constituency has seen a strong water drawn out push meetings are wilting on the one hand on the ready
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strong b.g.p. retarded to be prime minister no religion will be spotty to almost crack down on the freedoms that kashmiris enjoy as of now a special status for the state while the opposition says it could protect the state to so it's not just media's watering for their own status all over india will will focus on the issue of kashmir all right so this is been a central talking point in the lead up to the vote tell us more about this election you know india is the world's largest democracy and this is only the second of a seven stages of voting. that's right swimming every time india goes toward the general election it's the largest exercise in democracy in the history of the world essentially seven phases and from the fourth to affording people will actually have to be at six weeks to find out who the next prime minister is going to be so large just sickly it's a massive challenge in the end the requirement from the election commission is that water should have access to a polling station within a two kilometer radius and that nine hundred million people are going to the wood
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that is quite a task in itself this is the second phase off to five more years of the mean nineteenth will be the last day all falling and just four days later all seven stages off elections the numbers will be counted and we'll find out as prime some of the ins more the village be given the national mandate again all the opposition challenge and i'll go on the will be chosen by the country and the mission you know we've also seen social media really playing a big role in campaigning tell us more about that. well to me social media is definitely essential because just coming back to the numbers that is the selection is about numbers you know just the just by the number of smartphone users have actually tripled since the last general election for fifty million users of smartphones in the country right now it's my phone penetration has skyrocketed india has the largest markets off whatsapp and facebook and even the election commission a stick a note and for the first time the election commission of india which is basically the authority that monitors the election is watching candidates online behavior so
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candidates have to toe the line the way they have to do in japanese and offline advertising for the first time ever in india's electoral history we actually went down to the southern state of karnataka to read one such young candidate who heavily uses force when we did reach out to waters to find out how he's appealing to the masses while also ensuring that he told the line that the election commission is drawing. but if you're going to go party this is be just recently. about student of the south indian city of bengal to have a lawyer and i am member of parliament was one out of order for the recall at twenty eight he is the youngest candidates from the ruling b.g.p. to contest these elections. and temperatures sort of after the five degrees on this afternoon be just three goals out of his reading to greet him the knowledge every constituent he's seen each not in week is on a beautiful works. but despite the bow to bill excitement of supporters and party
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locals the politician is at best reaching a few hundred overtrain sweltering odds. on twitter they just we can reach over one hundred thousand followers in a flash most of our young people to be able to go on to forms. of telephone today are mobile phone to be is a point of. information as well as entertainment so our political with the greatest will. that we have today is the smartphone and not hands. since the last national board smartphone usage in india has to put it to a stack to ring for fifteen minutes. election authorities trying to ensure free and fair elections have taken no. one's going to catch your eye is the colorful truck behind me which belongs to the be v.p. candidate who is holding an election rally but no lipstick with a friend is this a car to my right which belongs to the election commission of india election
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commission he owes me monaco's everything a candidate got beat on bradley's on advertising but for the first time in getting a free election commission of india is also watching what can be done online on course we like twitter and facebook. policing the world wide web is no easy don't we. all for a high degree of customization to the advertisers which are a good political part because all the information off with uses. so what you have is the perfect. political messaging in india which makes it incredibly powerful. but social media can also be problematic they just he has been criticised for tweets opposing reservations for women and supporting the b j p's hindu nationalist agenda he has even want to gag order on the media to prevent
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reporting on what he called stephanie tree allegations. but now a group of friends and supporters is hard at work to boost his online image. the content just kept going peppy too doesn't it would be just. political cartoons like these in addition help directly establish prime minister narendra modi's support for the young candidate. social media to you must also ensure ethical content that called rules official guidelines. social media is a double distorted works with these. in control of what happens online that was to use abuse. or dual goes online from this music own. group. supports. to exuberance to be what it about privacy and peek moves but it is what happens online that may well decide this election. so michelle we saw there how
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important social media is to candidates and to the parties what impact is it having on voters also mean many voters are definitely consuming what's coming off of social media but it's actually how discerning a water is that's going to be a challenge many waterless off our time fortunately do you with us and why the action from mission is watching the candidates towards the court of on dr lane which is basically not making communal safe was not being hateful statements candidates have the option of using proxy for you just bought these can be bought and funds into bridges that are not efficient pages and that's why the election commission is not monitoring them another challenge is what's up what's up s. and two hundred encryptions of the election commission cannot monitor what goes out there bottled waters are often susceptible to fake news that is why you so created on whatsapp so it really comes down to how well does even to engage and force me to act on them that not only the bodies are putting out but their proxies are putting out to make sure they're making the right decisions they can zoom in what is being
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pitched as the hopes for the future of the candidates while also projecting what it's. all right. for covering the ongoing indian election for us there in delhi thank you very much. de france now in a country struggle to move forward after monday's devastating fire at notre dame france plans to hold an architectural contest to design a new spire for the cathedral but the mood for many there is still somber on wednesday the nation pasta pay tribute to the burned gothic monument. six fifty pm the time when the fire at notre dame broke out on monday bells of commemoration in paris. in the young. stross berg. and in sunday me. the country took a moment to pause the shock still lingers but there's also some measure of relief
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despite the destruction much of the cathedral could be saved. that includes its organ from the seven hundred thirty s. . who lost. the instrument has been saved. obviously for me you just can't imagine the evening and night that i had when i watched this. because i thought that if the organ was destroyed part of me would be destroyed. we visit instrument is a part of my life. for services. but it could be years before the organ is heard again for now the church is being secured ships' it would just sit in the lead which covered the entirety of this vault melted completely so we have to continue monitoring the building and its hot spots as well as a third area of the scaffolding. it still looks it surrounded the spire before it collapsed inside the cathedral he said. the planned reconstruction will bring huge
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expense but around a billion euros have already been donated french officials are vowing that the money is in good hands supported we will present draft legislation next week that will ensure transparency and proper oversight of the donations. shock every euro that was given for the reconstruction of notre dame will be used for that purpose and for nothing else. the french deserve to know everything that happens was not true. for their opinion we leave the rebuilding of not true dom to the experts the goal is for it to be even more beautiful than it used to be. one thing is clear the collapsed spire will be recreated france is launching an international competition to replace it and entrants will have to act quickly the aim is to have work completed on the new notre dame in time for paris the summer olympics in two
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thousand and twenty four. and date of use lisa lewis is standing by for us in paris this morning with the latest hi lisa so there's been some new details about the reconstruction specifically that competition to design the new speier tell us about that. yeah absolutely the end is they've said that they would not nominate a special representative overseeing the reconstruction effort and also when it comes to the international architecture competition the government said something that there had been some speculation about in the past few days and that is that they wanted the new spire to be of contemporary design now you might argue this makes sense given that the spire that burned in the fire about three days ago. had been stored in the nineteenth century and added to that a church that had been there for more than eight hundred years the government also is that said that they wanted companies across the whole of france to participate
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in the reconstruction of the cathedral and that they wanted to train up i was of young people who could then work on the project so it looks like this is turning into small economic stimulus program here lisa we've also heard that a french video game developer has made an unusual offer also in connection to notre dame what can you tell us about that. absolutely the french company ubi soft has offered that people could download its twenty fourteen version of saxon's creed for one week for free now that gave takes place in the paris of seventy nine eighty nine so when the french revolution happens it's about you know a secret society of assassins that is fighting against rival group and in that game you can roam inside the cathedral a three d. version of the cathedral climb on the arches arches climb on its god go it's
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easy it's very realistic and they are saying that people can now use that game to have a look at the beauty at the majesty of the cathedral and you know there is some speculation that this three d. version which took five thousand hours of work to elaborate and other three d. versions such as for example one that was come up with come up by new york professor could also be used in the reconstruction of the cathedral all right so they're getting creative there lisa lewis for us there reporting in paris thank you lisa. now to some other stories making news around the world the u.s. justice department plans to release a redacted version of special counsel robert muller's investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections which put current president donald trump in office democrats are calling for the publication of the entire report in an unproductive form. jet airways says
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it is suspending operations starting wednesday night after failing to find lenders to keep it afloat the airline was once india's largest now it is sitting on more than one billion dollars in debt jet airways pilot say they have not been paid in four months and twenty thousand jobs are reportedly at stake. a bus crash on the portuguese island of madeira has killed at least two dozen people on board most of them were german tourists the coach overturned rolled down a steep bank and struck at least one house authorities say they are looking into the cause of the accident. and former peruvian president has died after shooting himself in the head just before he was due to be detained by police in the capital lima the sixty nine year old was being investigated for allegedly taking illegal payments from a major brazilian construction firm president garcia deny the allegations. north korea has test fired a new type of tactical guided weapon that's according to the country's state news
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agency it did not specify what the weapon is but analysts say it did not appear to be a banned ballistic missile that the agency said north korean leader kim jong il and observed the test firing of these pictures you see here show him at an earlier fighter jet drill north korea and the u.s. have been engaged in talks over pyongyang's nuclear program but those negotiations have stalled in recent months. journalist josh smith following the story for us on seoul in seoul he joins us on the line josh has there been any more information on what type of weapon has been tested if indeed there was a test. ok. josh can you hear us. all right it looks like we're having trouble reaching josh smith the workers journalist there on the line and solo we'll try to get back to him a little bit later in the day. now germany has called for an emergency meeting of
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the u.n. security council to discuss the surge in fighting in the libyan capital tripoli forces loyal to libyan army commander haile are battling to seize control of tripoli from the internationally recognized libyan government shelling of tripoli has increased and more than two hundred people have been killed since the offensive began this month. images of war intended to demonstrate the progress of khalifa have tars troops this may be propaganda but it does show that the battle for tripoli is escalating. this week the city center was hit by rockets for the first time emergency workers reported civilian casualties according to the u.n. at least a hundred ninety people have been killed since fighting began in early april. for libya's interior minister the conflict has reached a new level of illegality on this is
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a community. and. it is beautiful but you cannot believe one his people that the united nations is evacuating migrants and refugees from camps in tripoli's south to rescue them from the fighting but two thousand seven hundred people are trapped close to the front i'm could get caught up in call but they're trapped by the fighting so it's a race against time to try and relate them to safety because it's really a matter of life or death so it's really critical that we do relocate them to safety the bombs are getting closer worries that fighting may escalate even further or growing the libyan government is warning of a new wave of refugees with europe as their goal. reporters without borders has just published its latest press freedom index and the index is based on the rate of violence against the media be it by the state or by others it's also based on
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access to information and legal restrictions now let's take a look eritrea at north korea and turkmenistan are at the very bottom of the table and here's a look at all the countries where reporters without borders the danes the situation to be very serious at the top of the list on the other hand the northern european countries of norway finland and sweden but the picture is not so positive in other parts of europe european union member hungary dropped fourteen places down to eighty seven did have you caught up with the hungary and journalist who left hungary and now lives here in germany. bearly nine hundred kilometer super bowl in budapest but for journalists or a disservice work the two sieges are worlds apart since viktor orban became prime minister nine years ago hungers media landscape has changed radically and a point had habits and i guess her best when i was a child i always heard that hungry was one of the most liberal countries in what was the eastern bloc and i grew up with this idea that is depressing but
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specifically this democracy in hungary is slowly being deconstructed and that press freedom is being restricted. doro experienced first hand how a new regulation still on the road custer where she worked in the state controlled media critical colleagues were fired she herself quit and went to germany in twenty twelve. paid news from back home two hundred journalists including doris former colleague who recently laid off it here t.v. station once critical of the hunger in government he reports that the broadcaster was taken over by a media foundation headed by a minute till the real to the government. as it can along perspective as there are no long term opportunities for quality journalism in hungary. duro works at a nonprofit organization in berlin with its own use bottle and is an agency that
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produces continent eastern europe she says you can find critical reports we've done in hungary in the bottle corruption for example but the i'm mainly on line yes get here propaganda you know there's a lot of propaganda in hungary the governing parties rhetoric has taken over it's only present the same militaristic choice of words the same formulations the same phrases that government speakers use. journalists who don't want to cooperate or do known as the street us reporters without borders says this affects not only hungary and journalists got them lead. in recent years there have been several so-called blacklists in various media or on websites in which specific hungary and reporters or even foreign journalists as well were accused of being liars accused of being foreign mercenaries who want to destroy the country i mean. according to reporters without borders and mostly towards the media leads to
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violence dora fears that would also happen in hungary. to last night's champions league football now two thrilling matches took place in the second leg of the quarter finals manchester city hosted tottenham after having lost the first game one nail in a frantic opening period both teams scored twice in the first eleven minutes a champions league record city won the match four three resulting in a four four aggregate score meaning tottenham go through on the away goals rule and face i.x. amsterdam in the semifinals and in portugal porto were knocked out by liverpool the english team had won the first like two nil and this time beat them for one to secure their ticket to the semifinals where they will face barcelona. i track frankfurt are the last remaining german club in the europa league they face benfica in a few hours now the first leg and is in a fortune to see it for frankfurt but those two away goals keep their hopes alive
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and there is more at stake than just european glory. frankfurt need to dig deep they have to overturn a four two deficit against benfica accept an end to the european dreams frankfurt coach audi who seems to have it all worked out. but we have to play the perfect game we have to come back we're talking about the europa league quarter final against a top team from lisbon we have to score goals in order to advance. who better to help then your bitch your bitch passport eight goals in the competition and twenty five in total for the cup this season and the striker was unknown signing from bin fita but on wednesday frank for a trick at a cost allowing them to sign him permanently for seven million euros and the spike in interest from top cops like boss a no knock entry on madrid they'll meet his goals against his former club and
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despite the first like last r.t. who liked what he saw. because i saw that even with the man down we could keep up and challenge aside from the five minutes before the half and the tens of fifteen minutes after half time overall even with a man down we managed to threaten benfica. with europe's top clubs sniffing around trying for its price assets progression is a must in order to remain at track to fit to their own top player. men's tennis now at the money carlo masters several of the world's top players featured in the second round of play and there was one surprising upset. rafael nadal was at his dominant best on his favored surface the so-called clay king eased his way past fellow spaniard roberto. di. the crowd on his way to
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a straight sets victory. joining him in the third round will be world number three alexander who beat eighteen year old felix seem but the german had encouraging words chris young opponent after the match. the biggest shock of the day so world number six came and she corrie knocked out by the blue clad pm. ranked forty ninth in the world the frenchman breaking stuff to serve to knock out japan's top player i'm secure passage into the last sixteen. of our top story here on voting has begun in the second phase of india's fast general election polling in kashmir is taking place in tight security after a recent flare up of violence in the disputed region. still to come here on t.w.
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tensions between washington and not far reaching a new high and that could play a role in u.s. trade talks with europe. we'll have that story and all your business headlines coming up in just a few minutes thanks for watching. good
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. to. be a long time helplessly as the flames spread. ravaging ocean dung. for
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me it's the symbol of paris many feel sad and shocked. but i love noted down tonight everyone wants to be. easy to miracle the cathedral is still standing. sixty minutes long w. . and europe because of the reaction of groups the flock. began around six hundred years ago. when the renaissance revolution unfortunately enabled us many of the people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way. there was an outpouring of self-confidence i mean it's the first. architects. scientists. and artists. are going to get invented completely new things and talk of the ancient giants who
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had originally been its teacher see the. cultural out of the darkest bleachers into a new. misty place probably no place anywhere in the world when things were invented in such quick succession of. the renaissance. starts april twenty second d. w. . clash over cuba off for a fresh tensions between the e.u. and the united states as the u.s. allows its citizens to sue european companies who have invested in properties seized by the cuban state. and from companies balsa presidential contender terry go the billion after founder of tyler names electronics michael phelps kong says god
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has told him to run for president of taiwan. is to give your business i'm good how else has him.


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