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well with children with just fifty songs and a tap on your smartphone to gather global hunger please download the app. this is the that we use live from in the united states the special counsel reports into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election goes public to u.s. attorney general william has been giving a briefing weeks after releasing the summary of the full report which found no evidence of collusion between moscow and president bush's election campaign so will the full report tell the same story to washington. also on the program india begins
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phase two of its five week general election process the rest of the region of kashmir goes to the polls to make tight security local separatists call for a boycott and recent escalation of violence. germany calls a special session of the un security council to discuss the crisis in libya but members are split over a surge in violence in the capital tripoli. i'm filled a welcome to the program. u.s. attorney general william barr has held a news conference detailing key aspects of his release of the reports redacted copies of special counsel robert miller's report into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election campaign to be made public shortly it's
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only general said that the report confirms that no americans and no one in the trump campaign colluded with russia to influence the election like on the question of whether president trump attempted to thwart the investigation like the attorney general said he concluded that the president's motives were known corrupt and that influenced his decision not to bring charges for obstruction of justice so here it is as any general william. as the special counsel report makes clear the russian government sought to interfere in our election process but thanks to the special counsel's thorough investigation we now know that the russian operatives who perpetrated the schemes did not have the cooperation of president trump or the trump campaign or the knowing assistance of any other american for that matter that is something that all americans can and should be grateful to have confirmed let's
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get more than from a d w correspondent helen humphrey in washington welcome helena what more did we learn from the attorney general's press conference. well i think it's fair to say that the attorney general william barr came out and he delivered a u. spirited defense of the u.s. president during this press conference saying once again that there was no collusion and instead focusing on the russian interference into the twenty sixteen presidential election and in doing so seemingly taking the heat off the president he also referred to the obstruction of justice and he set out the avenues which the special counsel robert miller had investigated during the course of his two year investigation take a look at what barr had to say about that the president took nowhere that in fact deprive the special counsel of the documents and witnesses necessary to complete his investigation apart from whether the actual obstructive this evidence of non
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corrupt motives weighs heavily against any allegation that the president had a corrupt intent to in which obstruct the investigation william barr there saying essentially that there was no corruption intent but do you remember of course and that robert muller had also said that there was not enough evidence regarding the obstruction of justice it's very difficult to prove intent one of the ways that you would do so during the course of an investigation is to sit down with the person concerned that being the president and of course robert mueller and no such conversation took place i mean while the democrats have been critical of the attorney general's decision to hold this press conference before making the report public why. critical i think it's fair to say that they have been livid essentially the democrats accusing william barr of coming out ahead of the motor report and putting his spin on it now the democrats are
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essentially saying you could have just waited an hour or two hours for that full report to be published as it's expected to be published very soon of course they're saying just wait for that and you know of course then we're going to see how much the report is redacted that will set up where we go from now regarding this because if the democrats think the reductions go too far well you can bet that they will subpoena for the full access to that report as well as the underlying documents to be released. on the hill of the homes in washington thank you so much. that will take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world and north korea has demanded that washington remove secretary of state mike compiled from any future nuclear talks a foreign ministry spokesman described as the pump a was in mature a direct us earlier north korean media said the country's military had tested a new tattled guided weapon the first reported weapons test in six months.
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supporters of held awake over night for former peruvian president alan garcia he committed suicide yesterday as police came to arrest him on corruption charges charges which his party supporters say are politically motivated president garcia had repeatedly denied any wrongdoing the left wing populist left peru twice once in the one nine hundred eighty s. and then again twenty years later. in the nation's president a joker widodo has claimed victory in yesterday's election quick cars gave him fifty four percent of the vote but his opponent general are probably. so be unter has also claimed victory and that his campaign has evidence of widespread election fraud official results are due to be announced on the twenty second of may. that are in india where voting in the second phase of the country's six week general election process has begun one of the constituencies voting today is in stratego the main city in the indian controlled kashmir
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a security lockdown has been imposed on the city and several parties have called for a boycott. just one person turned up to this polling station in srinagar the capital of the troubled indian province of kashmir early on thursday most eligible voters have followed the muslim independence movement call for a boycott these young people shunned the ballot box and headed to a fitness studio instead like most kashmiris they are muslims they say they are oppressed by india's hindu nationalist government drive your car army will come through in front of you and stop your. without any reason if you ask him why you start me he will be. without any reason we don't we have no right to here to ask anything for and we will. swear in a car seems like a city under siege there is one soldier for every ten residents here the most militarized region in the world but even the army cannot prevent attacks in mid february a suicide bomber killed forty soldiers india has accused muslim neighbor pakistan
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of supporting terror and after attacks like this it goes after pro independent supporters with a heavy hand we're also doing. grayson's all. being arrested and. people feel free. to come out and vote but most kashmiris voted with their feet they lost faith in india a country that builds itself as the world's largest democracy. now reporters without borders has just published its latest press freedom index the index is based on the rates of violence against the media whether by the state or others also access to information and legal restrictions every try at north korea and turkmenistan at the bottom of the table and here's a look at the country where reporters without borders describe the situation as very serious at the top of the index the northern european countries of norway
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finland and sweden. but the picture is not so positive in other parts of europe the rippin union member hungary dropped fourteen places to eighty seven. caught up with the guardian journalist who left the country i'm out of here in germany. barely nine hundred kilometers separate berlin in budapest but for a journalist or a dish areas of work the two cities are worlds apart since viktor orban became prime minister nine years ago hungary's media landscape has changed radically and i had had her breasts when i was a child i always heard that hungry was one of the most liberal countries in what was the eastern bloc and i grew up with this idea that it's depressing that specifically this democracy in hungary is slowly being deconstructed and that press freedom is being restricted. during the experience first hand how new regulations turn the broadcaster where she worked into state controlled media
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critical colleagues were fired she herself quit and went to germany in twenty twelve. bagnall is from back home two hundred journalists including doris former colleague were recently laid off and here t.v. station once critical of the hungary and government he reports that the broadcaster was taken over by a media foundation headed by a manager loyal to the government. as it can a lengthy perspective as there are no long term opportunities for quality journalism in hungary. dora works at a nonprofit organization in berlin with its own news portal and aust is an agency that produces content focused on eastern europe she says you can find critical reports written in hungary and about corruption for example but they are mainly online propaganda and there's a lot of propaganda in hungary the governing parties rhetoric has taken over it's
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only present the same militaristic choice of words the same formulations the same phrases that government speakers use. journalists who do not cooperate are denounced as traitors dora is afraid that the hatred and agitation could turn into real violence against journalists that has yet to happen in hungary . germany has called for an emergency meeting of the un security council to discuss a surge in fighting in the libyan capital tripoli forces loyal to libyan army command nationally for have to are battling to seize control of tripoli from the internet a nationally recognized libyan government shelling of tripoli has increased and more than two hundred people have been killed since the offensive began this month . images of war intended to demonstrate the progress of khalifa haftar tars troops this may be propaganda but it does show that the battle for tripoli is
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escalating. this week the city center was hit by rockets for the first time emergency workers reported civilian casualties according to the u.n. at least one hundred ninety people have been killed since fighting began in early april. for libya's interior minister the conflict has reached a new level of illegality and this is a community. and. it is beautiful but you cannot believe it one he killed his people like this and now it's the united nations evacuating migrants and refugees from camps in tripoli's south to rescue them from the fighting but two thousand seven hundred people are trapped close to the front and could get caught up in call but they're trapped by the fighting so it's a race against time to try and relate them to safety because it's really a matter of life or death so it's really critical that we do relocate them to
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safety the bombs are getting closer worries that fighting may escalate even further are growing the libyan government is warning of a new wave of refugees with europe as their goal. as election officials have confirmed a victory of opposition candidate akram in last month's election in istanbul a recount showed he defeated the ruling party's candidate in a major blow to president have type one so far to he said he will keep fighting the result but for now supporters of the mama lose a secular republican people's party or c.h.p. a celebrity. celebrating a break with history the first istanbul mayor in twenty five years not from the a.k.p. well. today everyone is finished the supreme electoral council has confirmed the results and put istanbul with sixteen million people in our hands.
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about the race was close istanbul's new social democratic mayor only just managed to scrape by his a.k.p. rival heir to once party is desperately trying to roll back this is storage defeat first they wanted a recount and then a revote the vice president presented three suitcases full of documents purportedly proving electoral fraud he stumbled you she to believe we have come to submit our extraordinary appeal for the an element and rerun of the election in istanbul he said again dick for anyone who was once mayor of istanbul himself the defeat is a loss of face his political opponent now rules the country's biggest city. imaam own you is sending a signal that the bastion istanbul has fallen and he wants everyone in istanbul and in all of turkey to know. well france has been saying thank you to the paris firefighters who prevented greater damage to notre dame cathedral after monday
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night's disastrous blaze firefighters and other first responders were invited to billy's a palace in elizabeth palace in paris they were thanked personally by president macro who hailed their actions as exemplary the more than four hundred men and women who battled the fire were credited with protecting the cathedral two massive bell towers unsafe many of the artworks and valleys inside a ceremony to honor is underway at the paris city hall. d. w. our correspondent rebeca ritter is there. so rebecca joining us on the line then rebecca tell us what's been happening at the ceremony. i'm having some trouble hearing you. ok we got it's looks like
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i would definitely we're having some technical problems let's move on to the gambia the legacy of its former leader yacht jamming the flight to record total gamey in january twenty seventh after he refused to concede defeat in a presidential election neighboring countries threatened a military intervention in the gambia unless he gave way to his opponent adam a barrow but germany went into self-imposed exile after two decades in power during his tenure critics say he and his supporters plundered state funds he wus a funny official travel to the cabinet to find out how much has changed since his departure. they are published every second day even though no one ever drives them these cars are visible relics of a regime that ruled the gumby oh for over two decades all of this because once belonged to the former president president says reappear right here on the license plate it was your story about his lavish lifestyle while at the same time these
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people didn't have enough food didn't have proper housing i lacked access to health care. internationally joe met was a welcome guest despite widespread allegations of human rights abuses in his country in twenty seventeen he lost the election and fled into exile. a possible gravesite is being excused on the outskirts of punctual a number of chummy support killed or disappeared during his role as gambia has begun to deal with the past jemez once again all over the papers focusing mainly on the money he and his associates store people are angry because they got off scot free it's like an insult to gambian people want to see people that you know. we would not do but in corruption to pay for it to go to the right to a little more hundred of them but just how much money was stolen according to the investigative reporting organization. jumma and his cronies fluted at least nine
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hundred seventy five million u.s. dollars the official ministry of justice figure is much smaller three hundred four million u.s. dollars here meeting a local journalist who believes the research is figures are closer than the government estimates i have more trust in god indorse people than i would in the government steve. because you can't police yourself he says the government is still full of the same elites only the head of the government changed after the election in twenty seven to be sort of opportunity to be caught. in twenty seven thousand to change this country for good. reason in gridley mr we've not sort of in the past we are moving into on seven feature that's dangerous johnny has left but a lot of his associates did not none of them responded to our interview requests
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except this man momodu sub ali he was secretary general. we are a small country small society big complex. it's not going to be easy to get to the bottom of things somebody says he knew about the looting of public fun. but he did not do anything wrong and. he has a possibility of coming back here. was one of the things going for him here right now he says that his party still very strong. is still very popular in some parts in this country enjoying new freedoms departure but many politicians from his government have been recycled into the new administration the country still awaits justice for crimes committed during the past regime. to target has been working to raise awareness about preserving dutcher resources and using them with maximum efficiency is the story of santa and his initiative young volunteers for
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all the environment a pan-african organization with thirty two representatives on the continent. these performances celebrate the environment the dancers costumes are made out of cocoa sacks from the region the annual festival called the cultural biodiversity we are c.b.w. has been held for fifteen years now. it's organized by environmental activists say now luka. in my language we say if you want to know me watch me dance and listen to me sing. with song and dance my people express their attachment to the land and their respect for biological diversity. the guests at the festival are also offered a range of local scene. the idea is to convince farmers in the area to grow native varieties. we have
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a great diversity of local seeds in our region and we promote them because they're more adapted to our climate unfortunately the farmers use a lot of cheap imported seeds which are not adapted to our soil and don't produce good yields. the people here in southwestern totally. from agriculture farming grain casaba rice coffee and cocoa. but the ground has been depleted of nutrients and many farmers now use pesticides and chemical fertilizers on their crops. we use pesticides on all our crops like here with a young because of. otherwise the insects will destroy the leaves i need to use the pesticide at least three times for it to grow. the plants might grow faster but the pesticides pollute the ground water and the river say now luka remembers how much cleaner the environment used to be that's
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what motivated him to become an activist well you know you see how this field reaches all the way to the river water so the river doesn't breathe anymore it can't grow bigger and can't play its natural role of climate regulator and the sediments don't nourish the ecosystem here as it will just let me see. but it's not just about chemicals contaminating the water deforestation is another major environmental problem here. because. every day i see what's going on is i have desolation illegal logging is some trees that are more than one hundred years old with great value for my people of being caught a disappearing and sometimes being sold for next to nothing. and say no luca wants to boost young people's awareness that's why he plants trees with children and the c.b.w. festivities. and that. we learned
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how to plant trees because we need them to live in our environment the forest is important because it gives us life rain fruits and trees. and there's support from the villagers in the evening older people talk to the younger generation to encourage them to care for the environment. but i'm very happy to take part in these meetings for example i learned today that in the past they didn't use any fertilizer and they still succeeded in having a great harvest by leaving the fields fallow and i learned how to protect the forest why would you not notice it at the end of the week long festival the children perform a play. or two sons talk to their father about deforestation and climate change.
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the cultural biodiversity we give them a chance to practice what will hopefully become a lifelong role that of protectors of the environment. a german chancellor angela merkel has expressed shock and sadness for the victims of a tour bus crash on the portuguese island of madeira all twenty nine people killed in the crash were german the bus plane plunged down a hillside east of the capital. for a wednesday night. a holiday turned tragedy portuguese authorities words into the night to clear the wreckage. the bus plunged into a house after the driver lost control on an embankment. rescuers were able to pull some people out alive but for many it was too late the driver has reportedly survived authorities are now investigating the cause. for them something which seems a clue the information we have from the company is that the bus was relatively new
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machine it was just five years old but apparently safety rules were followed that it's premature to talk about the cause of the accident was of was the dance of the diplomats. at least the crash happened early wednesday evening in a small town east of the island's capital fun shot madera is a popular tourist destination most of the victims were from germany the german foreign ministry has set up a hotline for families of the victims madeira has announced three days of mourning . but take a look at some sports and i will start with football the champions league quarter finals tottenham edged out manchester city on their way goals role and one of the most dramatic ties in the competitions history spurs held a wall and gold advantage heading into the second leg which proved crucial at the end of a breathless ninety minutes. the pre-game atmosphere in manchester suggested
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a memorable match awaited and it didn't disappoint his right name sterling put city ahead after just four minutes a quick fire double from shaun min sun soon put spurs back in the driver's seat by city's bernardo's silva brought the game level again moments later to two or four goals coming in the first eleven minutes of the match city scored twice more through stirling in sergio aguero either side of half time to take a full two advantage on lisa fernando the red tape to give spurs a never precious away goal in the seventy third minute city thought they'd sealed a dramatic last gasp winner through stirling in injury time. but the video referee ruled it out for off saw i'd. be screwed but this worries with accepted so it was a. nice game for everybody little tentative to twenty minutes you know two three.
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who are we did everything and for the end was the end for as so congratulations tottenham man he steamin he said and on the best for this in finals. spurs and their coach merits your culture tino were on cloud nine now they prepare to tackle the final four of europe's elite competition for just the second time in the club's history. focus on europe is up next i'll be back at the top of the hour good to.
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feel. good. to. be a little taller helplessly as the flames spread. ravaging doctrine dunk the better me it's the symbol of paris. many feel sad and shocked. but i love not saddam tonight everyone went to beijing. is it
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a miracle because the draw is still standing. next to one g.w. . and europe because of the train reaction of congress. again around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in thought made this mention that people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way and there was an outpouring of self-confidence that mentions it's the first. architects. scientists. and artists. going to invented completely new things and talk of the ancient giants
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who had originally been its teachers even the. cultural out of the darkest bleachers into a. new place probably no place anywhere in the uk when things aren't getting such a quick succession of. the renaissance. starts april twenty second t.w. . live. live. live live hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe thanks for joining us now and again there are events and images so extraordinary that the entire world seemingly moved the fire at.


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