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this is the w. news live from the u.s. special counsel reporting to russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election that's been made public and u.s. attorney general william boss says they quietly showed no collusion between donald trump's election campaign and moscow the president says he's been vindicated but well the long awaited reports tell the same story take you live to washington also
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on the program india begins phase two of its five week general election process the restive region of kashmir goes to the polls amid tight security local separatists call for a boycott following recent escalation of violence. germany holds a special section of the un security council to discuss the crisis in libya because members are split over a surge in violence in the capital. i'm phil go welcome to the program. the long awaited much anticipated move the report has been published people are now poring over the four hundred page document which examines an alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. and action and the conduct of president trump and he's come painting one key
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question is whether the president undertook illegal action to thwart the investigation itself the report says that investigators were unable to clear the president of having obstructed justice that there is evidence that he sought to seize control of the inquiry but he also says it was not sufficient evidence of illegal collusion between the trump team and russian officials. of the president's legal team a claim that most findings amount to a total victory his president trump a short while ago i'm having a good day q it was called. no collusion no obstruction. there never was a better way and it never will be. well he's happy about it let's get more from correspondent helen humphrey in the washington are welcome to have and how far through this four hundred page opus have you got what we learned. i am
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getting that still as certainly a very long document four hundred fifty pages a novel length tome a carny combing through it i want to show you some of the redactions of course because that was one of the key issues you can see this page for example is completely blacked out but as to the good stuff what we have learned as so follow what i can tell you is that this report has concluded that there was substantial evidence that the firing of the former f.b.i. director james comey was specifically linked to the russia investigation that the president was dissatisfied with the fact that komi would not say that the president was not under investigation some other things we've been learning that polling data was handed over during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign to russian contacts to fall longer than we thought the president is likely sympathetic to his former campaign chair paul man a force who was convicted of lying under oath about the extent to which he was
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speaking to that kremlin linked lawyer the mother was not satisfied with the written on says he obtained from president trump but did not choose to subpoena to obtain a sit down investigation conversation with the president so as not to delay this investigation that during the course of this investigation he turned up fourteen of the avenues of criminal inquiry and that he could not rule that there was no criminal conduct during the course of this investigation i just want to give us snippet of the language here the office determines that certain individuals linked to the campaign did lie to investigators about campaign contacts with russia and have taken other actions interfere with the investigation that's what we're learning so far ok so we just saw a clip of the president received a very happy about it tell us more about his response. all
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right still he was speaking there at the white house to a wound to troops at an event there saying it's a very good day for him he's certainly been tweeting left right and senses today saying that this investigation was an example of presidential harassment repeating that refrain of no obstruction no collusion and whatever people decide off to reading this report i think it's fair to say that among his base these very simple refrains of collusion no obstruction sentences people can grab on to usually prove fairly effective and briefly. the criticism be attorney general has faced he held a press conference before this was a public was published why was he bring criticized. the democrats for essentially saying that this was his attempt to spin the report before it was released today and just a matter of hours later and i think bearing in mind taking a look at the level of reaction they will likely subpoena now to obtain full access
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to that report as well as the underlying documents that are accusing the general of being biased towards the president like me in the washington thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world north korea has demanded that washington remove secretary of state mike pompei or from any future nuclear talks a foreign ministry spokesman described mr pump a zero as immaturity and reckless early north korean leader said the country's military has tested a new tactical guided weapon the first reported weapons test for six months. supporters of held awake overnight full form peruvian the president alan garcia he committed suicide yesterday as police came to arrest him on corruption charges charges which his supporters claim are politically motivated president garcia had repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and left wing populist lead proved twice once in the right eighty's and then again twenty years later. in the nation president joker
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widodo has claimed victory in yesterday's election quick oust gave him fifty four percent of the vote misused opponent the former general problem. to be on top as also claimed victory he says his campaign has evidence of widespread election fraud official results are to be announced on the twenty second of may. for the second phase of india's six week general election process has begun one of the constituencies of voting today is in straight into the main city in the indian controlled kashmir region the security lockdown has been imposed and several parties have called for a boycott. just one person turned up to this polling station in srinagar the capital of the troubled indian province of kashmir early on thursday most eligible voters have followed the muslim independence movement's call for a boycott these young people shunned the ballot box and headed to a fitness studio instead like most kashmiris they are muslims they say they're
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oppressed by india's hindu nationalist government work or army will come to in front of you and stop your god without any reason if you ask him why you start me he will beat you. without any reason we don't we have no right to here ask anything or and we will. swear in a car seems like a city under siege there is one soldier for every ten residents here the most militarized region in the world but even the army cannot prevent attacks in mid february a suicide bomber killed forty soldiers india has accused muslim neighbor pakistan of supporting terror and after attacks like this it goes after pro independent supporters with a heavy hand. being arrested. people feel free. to come out and vote but most kashmiris voted
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with their feet they lost faith in india a country that builds itself as the world's largest democracy. germany has called for an emergency meeting of the un security council to discuss the surge in fighting in the libyan capital tripoli forces loyal to libyan army commander khalifa haftar abutting to seize control of the city from the internationally recognized libyan government shelling of tripoli has increased and more than two hundred people have been killed since the offensive began this month. images of war intended to demonstrate the progress of khalifa haftar as troops this may be propaganda but it does show that the battle for tripoli is escalating. this week the city center was hit by rockets for the first time emergency workers reported civilian casualties according to the u.n. at least one hundred ninety people have been killed since fighting began in early april. for libya's interior minister the conflict has reached
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a new level of illegality and this is a criminal. and it's crazy man it is unbelievable you cannot believe little one he killed his people this is now the united nations evacuating migrants and refugees from camps in tripoli's south to rescue them from the fighting but two thousand seven hundred people are trapped close to the front i'm could get caught up in calm but they're trapped by the fighting so it's a race against time to try and relate them to safety because it's really a matter of life or death so it's really critical that we do really get them to safety the bombs are getting closer worries that fighting may escalate even further are growing the libyan government is warning of a new wave of refugees with europe as their goal. the city of paris is paying homage to the notre dame cathedral as well as saying thank you to the paris
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firefighters who prevented it from being further damaged in monday's disastrous place the emergency workers have just arrived at the cathedral after having been on it as a ceremony at city hall for a host of dignitaries awaited them including the bad i'll go and not a dime's chief priest once more patrick show very upright so that they were happy at least a palace were not present and macro found them personally for the efforts of the moment four hundred men and women who battled the fire credited with protecting the faithful to massive bell towers and saving many artworks and relics inside. correspondent with business joins us from paris so welcome rebecca tell us more about what went on the city hall today. well it was a lovely service here this afternoon philip was bookended by a lovely cello performance of bach that we heard from the city's men and also from the interior minister and the. full court of the town hall he was absolutely packed
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for a busy afternoon one working day it was out there we had a really good attendance here i would say a lot of people coming to show their support for the first time we heard from the rector of notre dame patrick of a who was visibly moved when he said he was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and he wasn't expecting to have such an international reaction to the events of monday experts are saying that the firefighters did a particular being a good job how do they prepare for a situation such as happened on monday night. well it's obviously very difficult to prepare for such an event and i'm sure that even all the preparations aside if in reality it would have been quite different but they were managed to save quite a lot and it was due largely to the excellent training last year they actually did two fire drills for just in an event just like the one on monday they were very
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well prepared they said that they they knew that they had to deploy boats down the same for instance so that they could get lots of access to water and a lot of the training was focused on getting the artifacts out of the cathedral which is what at least one hundred of the firefighters were tasked with doing on monday night they had human chains carrying out some of the precious jewels and the crown of thorns believed to have been worn by jesus and also brought out of the cathedral in that way so was three days on american service that part of the building are still unstable. what's being done to prevent further damage. will it is still being manned there is still around about sixty five five as i believe at the site making sure that nothing out there no sparks it nothing there's going to be no other igniting a fly but also inside they're working on propping up certain parts that there is obviously they had to wait
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a little twenty four hours after the wanted to check the damage there and now they are concerned that certain parts near the roof where the roof collapsed the parts closer to the outside could still very fragile so they're working on propping those up and they still have me now to inspect the building fully because of the still quite a bit of damage so it will take much time yet record which is in paris thank you. meanwhile money to repair the damage cathedral is pouring in within twenty four hours of the fire local authorities and french companies including three families behind the country's biggest luxury brands that pledged more than seven hundred million euros called last i can tell us more welcome call so this sounds like good news but not everyone is happy about it yet it's a lot of money to the donations are likely to climb above one billion euros but a lot of people growing number of people say you know all that money could be put maybe to better use here's just
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a sampling of some of the headlines that we're seeing about this very topic here's one saying hey what about the needy another saying anger at fundraiser for notre dame instead of almost reasons where were the billionaires after the grenville tower fire in london my favorite jesus would be disgusted i think efforts to rebuild notre dame i mean look there are some important points here but of course you know it's a bit more complicated than that millions of euros are being donated to these sorts of causes all the time it's not a zero sum game just because some donations are going to the cathedral doesn't mean the homeless for example are getting any money. so this money is coming from private donors which is also. sparking controversy yeah that's right i mean five hundred million euros coming from just three french fashion dynasties we're seeing large corporations also chipping in the french oil company tal donating one hundred million euros disney giving four million apple chipping in as well so essentially this renovation for this building will be sponsored by the world's rich the
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question is is that ok well one far left french politician says it's not ok in his point is that it comes down to taxes he tweeted this this is the contest of the tax evaders they should instead pay their taxes because there are social monuments such as hospitals maternity wards train stations and schools that need to be restored urgently he's claiming many of these same corporations many of these billionaires they often do their best to avoid paying taxes and yet here they are suddenly giving millions of dollars to the cause right does he have a point well we can zoom in on one of these donors in particular this is what we're talking about here fronts wall already pino his company controls brands like gucci he's under investigation right now for owing italian authorities some one point four billion euros and unpaid taxes because of an alleged tax dodging scheme another noted on donor apple they have only now begun paying fifteen billion euros
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in unpaid e.u. taxes so in addition these companies they put probably get a tax break on those the nation donations about sixty percent of those donations is tax deductible so who assists this criticism feeds into a much larger debate it does i mean right now more and more people are starting to look and perhaps question whether you should take all this money from the may go wealthy one family in particular in the crosshairs in the u.s. and that would be the sackler family not sure if you've heard of them there behind the drug oxycontin which is linked to the deadly opioid crisis there it's killed more than two hundred thousand people protests. as you see them here in the guggenheim museum they're dropping fake prescriptions they say the guggenheim should stop taking money from the sac lawyers it's really an interesting debate in the one hand donations shouldn't be used to whitewash the reputations of the mega wealthy on the other hand a lot of these people out of these charities they need the money including ultra. thank you so much to turkey election officials have
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confirmed the victory of opposition candidates akram in the movie and last month's election in istanbul a recount has confirmed that he did defeat the ruling party's candidates in a major blow to the president wants a thorough say despite this the president has insisted that the will continue to contest the results but for now supporters of him obsessed secular republican people's party or c.h.p. well they're celebrating. celebrating a break with history the first istanbul mayor in twenty five years not from the a.k.p. well. today no one is finished the supreme electoral council has confirmed the results and put istanbul with sixteen million people in our hands. but the race was close is dan balz new social democratic mayor only just managed to scrape by his a.k.p. rival heir to once party is desperately trying to roll back this is storage defeat
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first they wanted a recount and then a revote the vice president presented three suitcases full of documents purportedly proving electoral fraud. you stumble view she to believe we have come to submit our extraordinary appeal for the a no month and a rerun of the election in istanbul he said again dick for anyone who was once mayor of istanbul himself the defeat is a loss of face his political opponent now rules the country's biggest city. is sending a signal that the a.k.p. bastion istanbul has poland and he wants everyone in istanbul and in all of turkey to know reporters without borders has published its latest press freedom index it's based on access to information legal restrictions and the right to violence against the media whether that be from the state or from others eritrea north korea and turkmenistan all of the very bottom of the table so let's take
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a look at the countries where which reporters without borders describes as very serious at the top of the index they northern european countries of norway finland and sweden but the picture is not so positive in other parts of europe european union member hungary dropped fourteen places to eighty seven d.w. caught up with hungary and journalist who left the country and now lives here in germany. barely nine hundred kilometers separate berlin in budapest but for a journalist or a dish areas work the two cities are worlds apart since viktor orban became prime minister nine years ago hungary's media landscape has changed radically and had had her best when i was a child i always heard that hungry was one of the most liberal countries in what was the eastern bloc and i grew up with this idea that is depressing but specifically this democracy in hungary is slowly being deconstructed and that press
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freedom is being restricted. during the experience first hand how new regulations turn the broadcaster where she worked into state controlled media critical colleagues were fired she herself quit and went to germany in twenty twelve. bagnall is from back home two hundred journalists including doris former colleague were recently laid off and here t.v. station once critical of the hungary and government he reports that the broadcaster was taken over by a media foundation headed by a manager loyal to the government. as it can a lengthy perspective as there are no long term opportunities for quality journalism in hungary. dora works at a nonprofit organization in berlin with its own news portal and last is an agency that produces content focused on eastern europe she says you can find critical
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reports written in hungary and about corruption for example but they are mainly online yes get here propaganda you know there's a lot of propaganda in hungary the governing parties rhetoric has taken over it's only present the same militaristic choice of words the same formulations the same phrases that government speakers use. journalists who do not cooperate are denounced as traitors reporters without borders says this effects not only hungary and journalists skop and let. in recent years there have been several so-called blacklists in various media or on websites in which specific hungary and reporters or even foreign journalists as well were accused of being liars accused of being foreign mercenaries who want to destroy the country. according to reporters without borders animosity towards the media leads to violence dora fears that this could also happen in hungary. german chancellor angela merkel has
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expressed her shock and sadness for the victims of a tour bus crash on the portuguese island of madeira twenty nine people killed in the crash with. a bus plunged down a hillside east of the madeira capital for a wednesday night. a holiday turned tragedy portuguese authorities words into the night to clear the wreckage. the bus plunged into a house after the driver lost control on an embankment. rescuers were able to pull some people out alive but for many it was too late the driver has reportedly survived authorities are now investigating the cause. of. the information we have from the company is that the bus was relatively new machine it was just five years old but apparently safety rules were followed that it's
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premature to talk about the cause of the accident because of was the dance. of the crash happened early wednesday evening in a small town east of the island's capital fun shot madera is a popular tourist destination most of the victims were from germany the german foreign ministry has set up a hotline for families of the victims madeira has announced three days of mourning . some sport and i will start with football in the champions league quarter finals tottenham and manchester city on the away goals roll and one of the most dramatic ties in the competitions history spurs held the one gold advantage heading into the second leg which proved crucial at the end of a breathless ninety minutes. the pre-game atmosphere in manchester suggested a memorable match awaited and it didn't disappoint his right name sterling put city ahead after just four minutes a quick fire double from shaun min sun soon put spurs back in the driver's seat but
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city's bernardo's silva brought the game level again moments later to two or four goals coming in the first eleven minutes of the match city scored twice more through stirling in sergio aguero either side of half time to take a full two advantage only for fernando the red tape to give spurs a never precious away goal in the seventy third minutes city thought they'd sealed a dramatic last gasp winner through stirling in injury time. but the video referee ruled it out for offside. is cruel but is where it is with accepted so it was a. nice game for everybody a little tentative to twenty minutes you know two three. who are we did anything and forcefully at the end was. so congratulations touchin and he steamin
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he said and all the best for this infant. spurs and their coach merits your culture tino were on cloud nine now they prepare to tackle the final four of europe's elite competition for just the second time in the club's history. now you know the quarter final german coach jurgen klopp liverpool defeated porto four one strolled through to the final four saudi money open the scoring up to twenty six minutes mohammad saeed two nil to liverpool after the break for so grab to go back on sixty nine minutes for the better for me no dyke seal the dominant second black win for the raiders and won the tie six one on account. a reminder of our top story at this hour u.s. officials have made public have adapted version of special counsel robert holmes reports intervention interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election it concluded that there was insufficient evidence that the trump campaign to loot with moscow reforms also failed to conclusively determine the president obstructed
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justice during the investigation. still to go on d.w. news asia candidates in india's general election using social media as the new campaign ground is it a win for interest democracy or a new kit for. plant an exclusive interview with indonesia sam pacifistic germany who says religion doesn't didn't play an important role in wednesday's election. finish punishing will have those doors at the top of that coming up next have a good.
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i'm not proud they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeeding taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand globally was that matters. made for minds to know that seventy seven
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percent. are younger than six of pot. cuts me and me and you. and you know what it's time all voices. on the seventy seven percent to talk about the issues. this is where to cut. the seventy seven percent this weekend on d w a. the old order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting cowers the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nine teams covering the laboratory for the digital age. who are we following do we trust to debate and shape the future at the georgia bell a global media forum twenty nineteen the place made for minds. the
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first. plane. plane. this is. coming up on the program. of misinformation candidates an in-depth general election the tapping into social media to gain an edge but this fear is that the cost of the truth. how important was the indonesia's election not for any signs in the new ambassador to germany in an
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