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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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you could write any apocalyptic scenarios you want and probably more. contacts of this starts people courteous on t w. this is the w.'s life from but i learned from all the reporting to russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election house being made public u.s. attorney general william says being quietly showed no collusion between donald trump's election campaign and. the president claims he's been vindicated but will the long awaited report tell the same story we'll take you live to washington. also on the
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program press freedom under assault a new report says journalists here in europe and around the world are confronting increasing hostility will miss a journalist in exile paints a grim picture of press freedom in hungary. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. we begin in the united states where after an inquiry lasting nearly two years special counsel robert muller was reports into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election has been made public it concluded that there was insufficient evidence of president trump's campaign colluded with moscow but did not play him off having illegally obstructed the investigation as people pour over the four hundred fifty page document president trump says he's been vindicated meanwhile critics accuse the white house
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of trying to spin the report's findings even before it was released. the long awaited him on the report our interactive version of it is available for viewing. but hours before americans had their chance to read it president donald trump's attorney general had his say. after nearly two years of investigation fallon's of subpoenas hundreds of warrants and witness interviews the special counsel confirmed that the russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the two thousand and sixteen presidential election but did not find that the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those efforts but what about the possible obstruction of justice by donald trump ten episodes were examined and the president took no act that in fact deprive the special counsel of the documents and witnesses necessary to complete his investigation. the president was quick to react and took
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to twitter to declare himself fully vindicated he later appeared at an event in washington where he expressed his delight i'm having a good day q it was called. no collusion no obstruction. the of. i never was by the way and never will be. but democrats criticized william barr for holding a press conference before the report had been released the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi currently on a trip to arland took to twitter and said barres partisan behavior had triggered a crisis of independence and impartiality she went on to demand that special counsel miller provide public testimony in the house and senate as soon as possible
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democratic senator elizabeth warren said it was a disgrace to see an attorney general acting as if he's the personal attorney and publicist for the president of the united states the report could not conclude that donald trump obstructed justice but it's not over yet for the president as congress can continue to investigate him ok let's go straight to washington where we're joined by the. welcome back so four hundred fifty pages of reports from a cup of house not far to go. four hundred fifty pages if you'd like a reference point fail that is longer than to kill a mockingbird where certainly combing our way through it i just want to show you some of the level of redactions that you can see in that report we knew it would be redacted behave can see some of the pages are completely blacked out and some of those redactions are heavily related to wiki leaks in the democratic dump of e-mails in twenty sixteen remember of course last week we did see the arrest of
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judy an assault in london we can't speculate as to whether that is connective it certainly interesting development as to the latest that we are now understanding as we continue to read through this investigation firstly that the president was certainly perturbed by the appointment of special counsel robert muller trying to fire him when he learned of his appointment he reportedly said according to this investigation oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency he also try to thwart the investigation in relation to the f.b.i. director james comey reportedly having him fired because he was dissatisfied with the f.b.i. director not coming out to say that the president was not under investigation in terms of connections with russia we now know that polling data during the presidential campaign was passed on to russian connections for far longer than we thought we understand that the president donald trump is reported to sympathetic to
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his former campaign manager paul mann afford to lie about his connections to russian connections of course and constantine clinic mulla reportedly was not satisfied with the written on says which he obtained from the president but decided not to subpoena for a sit down interview with the president because he didn't want to delay this already two year long investigation and ultimately that the special counsel could not rule that it wasn't criminal conduct he clearly wrote that that this does not clear the president fourteen other investigations are ongoing twelve of which remain secret right now so we saw there the president saying in the report that he's having a good day tell us more about his response. he said it was a good day he tweeted his popular refrain of no collusion no obstruction and we have also now had a statement from the trump campaign saying that this is
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a clear exoneration of the president that there was no collusion no obstruction vindication for him and now that the tables will be turned that there will be an investigation into the quote lie is so it looks like hinting there at some revenge to come. in washington thank you. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world north korea has demanded that washington removed secretary of state might from payroll from any future nuclear talks a foreign ministry spokesman described mr pompei who was a mature and reckless early north korean media savvy country's military had tested a new tactical guided weapon the first reported weapons test for six months. supporters of held awake overnight for former peruvian president alan garcia committed suicide yesterday as police came to arrest him on charges of corruption charges which has supporters quite popular to clean motivated president garcia
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repeatedly denied any wrongdoing the left wing populist led peru twice once in the one nine hundred eighty s. and then again twenty years later. paris is honored firefighters who battled monday's blaze at notre dame to phaedra with a ceremony at city hall out of doing the tryst i thank them for their service including their earlier the firefighters were also invited to a ceremony at the elysee palace with president macro. police in new york of rest of the man who tried to enter some patrick's cathedral with eight leaders of gasoline play sentiment was that the man told them he wanted to use the cathedral as a shortcut is the decade of course just two days after the fire not to doubt. the reporters without borders has just published its latest press freedom index it's based on access to information at legal restrictions and the rights of violence against the media whether committed by the state or by others eritrea
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north korea and turkmenistan are at the bottom of these tables and these the countries where reporters without borders say the situation is very serious now at the top of the index we find the northern european countries of norway finland and sweden where the picture is not so positive in other parts of europe a u. member hungry for instance that dropped fourteen places to eighty seven d w has been speaking with a hunger in journalist who left the country and now lives here in germany. barely nine hundred kilometers separate berlin in budapest but for a journalist dora to share his work the two cities are worlds apart since viktor orban became prime minister nine years ago hungary's media landscape has changed radically and had habits there i got her desk when i was a child i always heard that hungry was one of the most liberal countries in what was the eastern bloc and i grew up with this idea that is depressing but specifically this democracy in hungary is slowly being deconstructed and that press
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freedom is being restricted. during the experience first hand how new regulations turn the broadcaster where she worked into state controlled media critical colleagues were fired she herself quit and went to germany in twenty twelve. bad news from back home two hundred journalists including doris former colleague were recently laid off at here t.v. a station once critical of the hungary and government he reports that the broadcaster was taken over by a media foundation headed by a manager loyal to the government. as it can a lengthy perspective as there are no long term opportunities for quality journalism in hungary. dora works at a nonprofit organization in berlin with its own news portal and last is an agency that produces content focused on eastern europe she says you can find critical
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reports written in hungary and about corruption for example but they are mainly online yes get here propaganda you know there's a lot of propaganda in hungary the governing parties rhetoric has taken over it's on the president the same militaristic choice of words the same formulations the same phrases that government speakers use. journalists who do not cooperate are denounced as traitors reporters without borders says this effects not only one gary and journalists it's got them let's. in recent years there have been several so-called blacklists in various media or on websites in which specific hungary in reporters or even foreign journalists as well were accused of being liars accused of being foreign mercenaries who want to destroy the country. according to reporters without borders animosity towards the media leads to violence dora fears that this could also happen in hungary. german chancellor
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angela merkel has expressed her shock and sadness for the victims of a tour bus crash on the portuguese island of madeira twenty nine killed in the crash one. bus plunged down a hillside east of the material. not. a holiday turned tragedy portuguese authorities worked into the night to clear the wreckage the bus plunged into a house after the driver lost control on an embankment rescuers were able to pull some people out alive but for many it was too late the bus was full of german holidaymakers with families waiting for them at home. the german government is doing everything in its power to ensure that the relatives are well informed. the german ambassador and consular staff have already arrived on
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the islands to provide the necessary care. but of course an official in charge of identifying the victims is already in place. but. germany has also set up a hotline for the victims' families. on twitter portugal's prime minister antonio costa expressed his condolences and reached out to german chancellor angela merkel the driver has reportedly survived authorities must now determine what caused the bus to veer off the road. from us something which seems like the information we have from the company is that the bus was relatively new machine it was just five years old. but apparently safety rules were followed that it's premature to talk about the cause of the accident because of was the dance the diplomats who started to study as a fellow sudanese on thursday european parliamentarians held
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a minute of silence for the victims. while three days of mourning will be observed in my dear. so the european parliament has held its final plenary session of face term and one member of parliament from slipping it chose to send his colleagues off with a message and the bit of assault. ok just. this. version of special.
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reports into russian interference sixteen presidential election it concluded there was insufficient evidence for the campaign. and did not. obstructing the investigation. with high unemployment and inflation the mood.
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