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right any kind of peace notice you want and probably most of them to come to. the clinics are this starts people thirty years on t w. this is g w news and live from berlin tonight america's moeller moment the much anticipated results of the investigation into russian interference in the twenty six thousand presidential election has been made public and it delivers a mixed verdict clearing the truck campaign of colluding with moscow but not of illegally obstructing the investigation the president claims he's been vindicated
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but the report tells a different story also on the show tonight press freedom under assault a new report says that journalists here in europe and around the world are confronting more hostility a journalist in exile who paints a grim picture of press freedom in her home country hunger. plus paris paying tribute to the firefighters who saved at notre dame if not for the bravery of these mitten women who risked their own lives because seadrill would have been a total loss. i bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin in the united states reading the moeller report special counsel robert rose investigation into russian
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interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election was finally made public today it concluded there was insufficient evidence that president drops campaign colluded with moscow but it did not clear him of having a legally obstructed the investigation as people poor over the four hundred page document president trump says he's been vindicated meanwhile critics accuse the white house of trying to spin the report's findings even before the report was released today. the long awaited munna report or interactive version of it is available for viewing. but hours before americans had their chance to read it president donald trump's attorney general had his say. after nearly two years of investigation thousands of subpoenas hundreds of warrants and witness interviews the special counsel confirmed that the russian government sponsored efforts to
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illegally interfere with the two thousand and sixteen presidential election but did not find that the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those efforts but what about the possible obstruction of justice by donald trump ten episodes were examined and the president took no act that in fact deprive the special counsel of the documents and witnesses necessary to complete his investigation. the president was quick to react and took to twitter to declare himself fully vindicated he later appeared at an event in washington where he expressed his delight i'm having a good day q it was called. no collusion no obstruction of the of. the never was by the way and never will be. but democrats criticized william barr for holding a press conference before the report had been released. the speaker of the u.s.
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house of representatives nancy pelosi currently on a trip to armand took to twitter and said barres partisan behavior had triggered a crisis of independence and impartiality she went on to demand that special counsel miller provide public testimony in the house and senate as soon as possible democratic senator elizabeth warren said it was a disgrace to see an attorney general acting as if he's the personal attorney and publicist for the president of the united states the report could not conclude that donald trump obstructed justice but it's not over yet for the president as congress can continue to investigate him. and someone who has been reading the reports has tried to barter right here a familiar face of one of our u.s. analysts and the veteran of the obama administration and now with the aspen institute so you've been reading the four hundred pages today like the rest of us.
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what struck me is that president trump after the release took place said he was having a great day as he read that report well i think he's having i mean the entire failings of advisers from the white house is out completely on the defensive today kellyanne conway has already come out and said that they're misrepresentations of what happened immediately after the firing of komi there have been a lot of gaps in the narrative filled in for example knowledge that if the trump and jared cushion or others hope pics were aware that they were dirt on hillary clinton being offered by the russians a lot of these these elements are being laid out especially on the obstruction of justice front and that's really where i think a lot of this is going to turn to well there were two cases in this report where we're mother says you know we were almost there in terms of obstruction of justice the report concludes that the only thing that separated from obstructing justice
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was the fact that the people he asked to do that for him always said. that could i read that and i thought well isn't this something that's impeachable that it's right there in black and what isn't isn't that a massive irony that in this a lot of the stuff is already come out in bob woodward's reporting from his book last year where he basically said you know a lot of trump's mandates to his staff rob porter apparently corey lewandowsky and others were just not acted upon because the staff knew that this would get the administration in extremely hot water so the irony here is that he actually has a staff that's really looking out for his best interest the question is a question of intent as as i think you have been and others you know. does it become a prosecutable offense and i think that what we're looking at here and this has been indicated in some of the footnotes in the report is that this is something that basically mohler said this is something for congress to look at is that what
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we're going to see now i mean motor is going to testify be today we heard the attorney general say he can do that right i'm not against that let's say he goes to congress and testifies and then it's up to congress to decide what to do i mean the document the report is no longer just a legal document it's now a political document right impeachment itself is political not legal right so there are two avenues that the so this is now going to take one is the political avenue which is going to have to do with congress and the other is going to be the prosecutions that could occur the further investigations that could occur for example by the new york state attorney general or in the southern district of new york the state of the national attorney there and those and one of the glaring omissions from the report has been trump's finances and the state of crimes finances so there is some speculation that a lot of the elements the evidence that has been found in the in these investigations was farmed out to others to further prosecute which didn't fall in the narrow mandate of the very very quickly the democratic presidential candidates
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are everywhere across the country have been saying that people are talking about this report they're talking about health care the the economy is this going to change that do you think in the us i mean i think it's similar to frankly if you think about back to nixon and pietschmann or excuse me and his resignation and watergate a lot of the basic facts of watergate were already available in one thousand nine hundred two before the one nine hundred seventy two election what happened was it just the temperature continue to rise through investigations and through the reactions of the white house itself and i think that's where where this could become much more pressing matter for the trumpet the destruction thank you very much for talking with you again tonight on the day thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world that north korea has demanded that washington remove secretary of state mike pump from any future nuclear talks a foreign ministry spokesman described mr pompeo as immature and reckless earlier
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north korean media said that the country's military had tested a new tactical guided weapon the first reported weapons test in six months. new york police have arrested the man who tried to enter st patrick's cathedral with eight leaders of gasoline police say the man told them that he wanted to use the cathedral as a short cut the incident came two days after the fire at notre dame cathedral in paris indonesian president djoko we don't know has claimed victory in yesterday's election quick counts give him fifty four percent of the vote his opponent former general vote has also claimed victory he says his campaign has evidence of widespread election cheating official results are to be announced may twenty second . the second phase of india's five week general election process has begun now one of the constituencies voting today is in srinagar the main city in the indian controlled kashmir region
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a security lockdown has been imposed on the city and several parties have called for a boycott. just one person turned up to this polling station in srinagar the capital of the troubled indian province of kashmir early on thursday most eligible voters have followed the muslim independence movement's call for a boycott these young people shunned the ballot box and headed to a fitness studio instead like most kashmiris they are muslims they say they are oppressed by india's hindu nationalist government work our army will come to in front of you and stop your god without any reason if you ask him why you start me he will beat you. without any reason without we have no right to hear ask any things or and we will. swear in a gar seems like a city under siege there is one soldier for every ten residents here the most militarized region in the world but even the army cannot prevent attacks in mid february a suicide bomber killed forty soldiers india has accused muslim neighbor pakistan
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of supporting terror and after attacks like this it goes after pro independent supporters with a heavy hand. all. being arrested. people feel free. to come out and vote but most kashmiris voted with their feet they lost faith in india a country that builds itself as the world's largest democracy. well germany is calling for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss a surge in fighting in the libyan capital tripoli forces loyal to libyan army commander khalifa haftar are trying to seize control of the city from the internationally recognized libyan government two hundred people have been killed since the offensive began earlier this month for. images of war intended to demonstrate the progress of khalifa haftar tars troops this may be propaganda but
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it does show that the battle for tripoli is escalating. this week the city center was hit by rockets for the first time emergency workers reported civilian casualties according to the u.n. at least one hundred ninety people have been killed since fighting began in early april. for libya's interior minister the conflict has reached a new level of illegality and this is a community. and. it is beautiful but you cannot believe one his people this is not the united nations evacuating migrants and refugees from camps in tripoli's south to rescue them from the fighting but two thousand seven hundred people are trapped close to the front and could get caught up in combat that they're trapped by the fighting so it's a race against time to try and relate them to safety because it's really
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a matter of life or death so it's really critical that we really get them to safety the bombs are getting closer worries that fighting may escalate even further are growing the libyan government is warning of a new wave of refugees with europe as their goal. it does not make for the best reading reporters without borders has just published its latest press freedom index it's based on access to information legal restrictions and the rate of violence against the media whether that's committed by the state or others so. at the bottom of the list first north korea and turk ministers are at the bottom of the table these are the countries where reporters without borders describes the situation as very serious at the top of the index we find the northern european countries norway sweden and finland but the picture is not so positive in other parts of europe european union member hungary dropped fourteen places to eighty seven w.
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news has been speaking with one hundred journalists who left hungary and now lives here in germany in exile. barely nine hundred kilometers separate berlin in budapest but for a journalist dora to sherry's work the two cities are worlds apart since viktor orban became prime minister nine years ago hungary's media landscape has changed radically. there i got her best when i was a child i always had that hungry was one of the most liberal countries in what was the eastern bloc and i grew up with this idea that it is depressing that specifically this democracy in hungary is slowly being deconstructed and that press freedom is being restricted. during the experience first hand how new regulations turn the broadcaster where she worked into state controlled media critical colleagues were fired she herself quit and went to germany in twenty twelve. bagnall is from back home two hundred journalists including doris
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former colleague were recently laid off and here t.v. station once critical of the hungary and government he reports that the broadcaster was taken over by a media foundation headed by a manager loyal to the government. as that kind of and. there are no long term opportunities for quality journalism in hungary. dora works at a nonprofit organization in berlin with its own news portal and aust is an agency that produces content focused on eastern europe she says you can find critical reports written in hungary and about corruption for example but they are mainly online yes get here propaganda you know there's a lot of propaganda in hungary the governing parties rhetoric has taken over it's only present the same militaristic choice of words the same formulations the same
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phrases that government speakers use. journalists who do not cooperate are denounced as traitors reporters without borders says this effects not only hungary and journalists up and lets. in recent years there have been several so-called blacklists in various media or on websites in which specific hungary and reporters or even foreign journalists as well were accused of being liars accused of being foreign mercenaries who want to destroy the country i mean. according to reporters without borders animosity towards the media leads to violence dora fears that this could also happen in hungary. for the city of paris today paid tribute to the brave men and women who saved notre dame cathedral from being completely destroyed by monday's fire they were on the road in ceremonies at the elysee palace and at city hall today investigators said that they now believe an electrical short
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circuit triggered the blaze for. francis grieving yet grateful despite one of its most treasured national monuments being seriously damaged it could have been much worse were it not for hundreds of heroic parisian firefighters on thursday many of the firefighters were received at city hall by paris mer on goal and then walked to not saddam cathedral where some of their colleagues are keeping guard and trying to secure some very unstable sections. of was if your next huge fire fight has a so you an auction so you limitless carreta and full terrain determination. we sowed a moment when you decided to take older risks to save not to applaud them. earlier in the day the fire fighters were received by president and back home at elysee palace where he called their performance exemplary. but
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a phone call from the world i think we're deeply touched it's also linked to the fact that notre dame is very dear to us and for all firefighters this is the type of sinners to repentance that we fear enormously could only occur in a limo and. indeed before the repairs and the rebuilding there's still the danger that parts of the structure could further collapse the culture minister said one gable in the north section and another between the two great bell towers were at risk he also said that figures in the southern bell tower could still fall apart and if they did this would damage the organs below the plan is now to remove the organs and investigation is now going on to find out how the fire started cathedral leaders had earlier asked repeatedly for more funds to help the ailing structure especially the wood timber roof made out of five thousand trees by medieval craftsman and which was severely damaged. through our correspondent rebecca rivers
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was at them ceremonies honoring the firefighters. as paris slowly returns to normal after the events of this week the focus will be on the securing the not true don making it safe for inspectors to fully assess the damage and beginning the very long road to recovery. others rebecca rivers there in paris today german chancellor angela merkel expressed her shock and sadness for the victims of a tour bus crash on the portuguese island of madeira all twenty nine people killed in that crash were german the bus plunged down a hillside wednesday night. a holiday turned tragedy portuguese authorities worked into the night to clear the wreckage the bus plunged into a house after the driver lost control on an embankment rescuers were able to pull some people out alive but for many it was too late the bus was full of german holidaymakers with families waiting for them at home.
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the german government is doing everything in its power to ensure that the relatives are well informed. the german ambassador and consular staff have already arrived on the islands to provide the necessary cash. but boy unofficial in charge of identifying the victims is already in place. germany has also set up a hotline for the victims' families. on twitter portugal's prime minister antonio costa expressed his condolences and reached out to german chancellor angela merkel the driver has reportedly survived authorities must now determine what caused the bus to veer off the road. from. the information we have from the company is that the bus was relatively new machine it was just five years old.
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apparently safety rules were followed and it's premature to talk about the cause of the accident because of was the dance the diplomats who study the studies of felicity's on thursday european parliamentarians held a minute of silence for the victims. while three days of mourning will be observed in madeira. a men's tennis now an update from the third round of the monte carlo masters a world number three germany's alexander was knocked out in a surprise straight sets defeat to fabio fognini meanwhile novak djokovic cruised past his opponent and will things a tricky task in the quarter finals. despite showing plenty grit and determination taylor fritz didn't stand a chance against novak djokovic it's playing in red jackets gave the twenty one year old american
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a sound beating winning the first set six three and then the second six mil i is well on his way to with good monte carlo title however the match still proved a struggle for both play is the high winds on the court i was not made it too many rallies a lot of unforced errors from you know from his side as well but they like this is just trying to hang in there and tactically do the right things to to to win. battling it out to face him in the quarter finals were done deal medvedev and greek rising star stephon also. the twenty year old foot back from a set down to draw level but medvedev came out on top in a close third set to secure progression i. but as you know there are more heavy metal musicians per capita in finland than anywhere else on earth heavy metal is played on mainstream radio stations they are in now words even accompanying church
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services in helsinki thanks to a heavy man heavy bed metal thing and you also happens to be a pastor now the lyrics that the band sings there from the hymn book but the music it is definitely not your everyday church or. that god himself could hardly help here it's the middle split the faithful headbang in prayer here in helsinki's come in teacher sitting in for the organist at this news or in service is the mentality message there. of course you have like a different kind of feeling for the music but it is like you feel the feeding and the art chest and stuff but you have a different connection to the songs it's them so actually i don't like any in the
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mid thousand years see but it was actually a good experience. lutheran pastor. has been touring finland's churches with the metal mass for over ten years he discovered heavy metal rock at the age of seven to him deep purple and black sabbath were almost a spiritual awakening. his love for god came much later take a lane and brought them together in his metal mouse. of course god loves head of my soul i'm sure actually it depends how we do it so because we have a strong word of god and we do it for god not for us so that's why. god loves us i think so.
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congregations can book pastor take a line and spammed as long as they're not worried about the plaster shaking off the walls a cd of the hymns even made it into finland's top ten and. the band keeps the hymns lyrics and melodies intact so the faithful can sing along as usual. take a line and has held about one hundred fifty metal masses all around finland since two thousand and six. we have all only hear from the hymn book all right jean metal lyrics are very strong faith meet metal music they really need it so that's why. it's wonderful together this. is music. the middle mass has provoked hardly any criticism in finland but then the country has more heavy metal bands per capita
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than any other country. metal can even have a therapeutic. one a guy planned to. be far i in the evening and he came to us and he liked it so much so he didn't. go so and he is alive now so. maybe we have a meaning. ok kalinin receives invitations from congregations the world over he's already looking forward to one day blasting his metal mass beats in churches everywhere. the european parliament has held its final plenary session of his term in one member of parliament from slovenia chose to send his colleagues off with a message
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a bit of a. step. co-workers that was owed to joy from beethoven's ninth symphony which happens to be the official anthem of the european union. thank you through the day team coverage of the. what does it mean for us president.
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the only order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting powers the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nineteen
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the laboratory for the digital age. who will respond knowing whom do we trust to debate and shape the future at the georgia village global media forum twenty nine t. the place made for minds. and you're responsible chain reaction of congress. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in fawcett enabled this mission that people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way. there was an outpouring of self. that happens i mentioned it's the first . architects. scientists. and artists. i think continues into completely new things and talk of the ancient
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giants who had originally thought and its teachers see the need. to keep europe out of the darkest milliliters into a new i think. it's the place and probably no place anywhere in the way things were intended in such a quick succession of. the renaissance. starts equal twenty second w. . the rejected report is finally there we would like some of you are reading through the four hundred page whole report on russia the trauma campaign possible collusion and obstruction of justice parts of it as expected our black del but we are learning a lot nonetheless according to the report the us president tried numerous times to interfere with the mother investigation almost obstruction of justice the only
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reason it never worked the people around trump refused to help i'm broke off in berlin.


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