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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2019 8:30am-8:45am CEST

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shifting power to the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nineteen the laboratory for the digital age. who are we following who do we trust to debate and shape the future of the global media forum twenty nine t. the place made for minds. ukraine is going into the final round of its presidential elections and it looks like t.v. comedian. is going to win by a landslide but does he have a viable economic agenda. and sleeping in the office professionals and dealing with high rents and long commute. this is the business i'm in. as ukraine prepares for the final round of presidential elections
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a court has ruled that the nationalization of ukraine's biggest lender bank was illegal the ruling and sent shock waves through the country's financial sector about bank is one of ukraine's biggest and nationalized in twenty sixteen after the current government discovered a capital shortfall of more than five billion dollars the fresh ruling is viewed as a setback for incumbent president petro poroshenko in this weekend's presidential race. is regarded as a supporter of his challenger t.v. comedian flow to me so let's. just. go straight to our correspondent nick calio who is in ukraine of course covering these elections naik. ease one of the one of the biggest supporters of the t.v. . zelinsky the challenger in this election and it looks like he's going to win by a landslide is this damaging him go. in
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a word no ukrainians are very used to what could only politely be termed as conflicts of interest or corrupt connections this is a country after all that comes in one hundred twentieth place in the transparency international corruption perceptions index only russia does worse in europe so there is an extraordinary amount of rizieq nation in terms of these kind of connections we've even had revelations in recent weeks that selenski traveled more than ten times to visit. who is currently living outside the country over the past year and a half. it was also the channels of belonging to him that made. household names by running his shows in prime time slots so there definitely is a whole host of questions that he hasn't yet and this decision is now being seen as a kind of act of politics by the legal system who have looked at the poll ratings
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that see the lansky way ahead and are trying to get on the right side of history. this t.v. comedian way ahead in the polls very popular does he have a viable economic agenda. well he's made lots of liberal sounding noises he's brought in a former finance minister his team of finance minister who then walks out of the. government he talks about fighting corruption stripping members of parliament their . freedom from prosecution of their immunity also of modernizing ukraine's government bringing in more digitalisation but he has been pretty short on the detail of how he's going to do that and there is some worry that this is window dressing ahead of the election and that as soon as he's in the presidential palace that could be forgotten in the incumbent. he's been president for five five years he has degree in economics what's his economic track record.
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his critics would say that he allowed reform to happen where it didn't endangered the interests of important backers of his of the big vested interests and monopolies so you've seen some positive developments there in terms of allowing freelancers to basically legalize their income is a big deal in this country lots of people working from home for international clients they had a tough time paying tax legally before that has changed the eighty returns lots of boring dry detail that actually makes a whole lot of difference but in terms of fighting corruption and challenging people in control they've been pretty precious little in the way of course corruption. charges and people actually going to prison so little progress on the really important stuff mcconnell in ukraine the thank you very much for this assessment. in those elections nick has just said it's corruption and low standards of living are the defining issues five years after the annexation of the crimean peninsula by russia's real income incomes are still lower than they were before the
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war millions of ukrainians are voting with their feet looking for work in the e.u. one industry that's bucking that trend is. posting double digit growth rates allowing young ukrainians to earn european wages while staying at home. it's not hard to understand why millions of tourists make their way to live in western ukraine every year inspires and cobbled streets a less than an hour's drive from the polish border a low cost flights connect the city to distant nations across the u. but tourism which is long dominated the city's economy is now getting a run for its money from an unlikely competitor i-t. . leaves home to more than three hundred eighty companies and most of their work comes from abroad one of them is n i x based in this soviet era factory complex.
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but instead of the television sets that were once made here and i.x. develops everything from accounting software to simulators for american for us. to show that you know this solution allows quarterbacks to practice on their own away from the football field this simulator also reduces the number of the injuries. what began as a startup with just three people now employs almost one thousand programmers and support staff is founder and c.e.o. and the public credits worldwide growth in the demand for outsourced id services is being the main driver of his company's success. but ukraine's twenty fourteen association agreement with the e.u. has helped the country's reputation it with a view to a level of trust towards ukraine has increased before many international companies wouldn't consider working with us but now they are much more open to doing business with us he associates and agreements is
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a signal that the country is moving in the right direction but of course what is it the ukraine brings to the table in the its competitors in other parts of the world . but if it will create what's unique about ukrainians is that we are always living through a crisis constantly having to solve problems just to survive our engineers brains are used to problem solving that affects how they work for the better. player why not boycott it but too many of and i exist programmers have returned to ukraine after working and studying in europe in america. back in ukraine they can still make comparable money working for international clients while enjoying a far lower cost of living and taxes a reverse brain drain the rest of the country can only dream of as millions of ukrainians leave the country every year in search of a better life. it's a trendy beef city government is keen to encourage from teaching coding in schools to providing free land to build housing for the city's growing population of
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programs. the head of the city's dedicated i.t. office is bullish about leeds prospects. this year getting into that there's a people are moving to the view from all over the country because it's a great place to live we have great coffee culture and competitive wages that's really important i.t. specialist can earn as much here as they would in warsaw or severe salvage of society. but this is not about charity the city calculates that each well paid i.t. job brings another three or four support jobs would. come with that hope that in years to come even ukraine could bring more of its citizens home with the growing number of opportunities to make a decent living. and after sobering statistics from the international labor organization has released a report saying that thousands of people die every year due to job related accidents and the problem is not just in the physical labor. this is one
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of the most dangerous jobs in the world every year fourteen thousand workers in the many global mining industries dying on the job many more succumb to illness and disease caused by the unhealthy working conditions the international labor organization has been investigating just how dangerous work can be to put seventy eight million people newly died because of their jobs and more than three hundred seventy four million people are living with different injuries and illnesses due to their job and most of the deaths are actually due to diseases that are attributable to work. but even the more humane conditions and flexible hours in industrialized countries have their own dangers albeit rather different ones the ilo says they harbor completely new risks for workers. this continued connectivity excessive working hours. are very bashing to the increase in circulatory disease respiratory
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diseases and other muscular skeletal diseases and psychosocial risk that includes the increasing use of industrial robots they can like in work tasks and improve safety but workers are often left feeling they have little impact on their own work the aiello says governments and employers need to look closely at standards here as well. why put yourself through the stress of commuting for hours every week when you can live near work in a dormitory for many young professionals in the philippines who don't mind the youth hostel feel it's become a viable option. this is a tale of everyday madness anyone who wants to get from a to b. by bus in manila needs nerves of steel traffic is complete chaos it's quicker to go by foot but then there's the risk of suffocation many people work in the financial districts of bonafide c.e.o. and mccarty most of them commuters. get to know spend almost as much time on the
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road to work as they do in the office the daily commute averages about sixty six minutes but can stretch up to two hours because of crumbling road infrastructure and a poor public transportation system now living spaces called dharma tales or a cross between college dorms and hotels are cropping up across the metropolis offering a way to shorten the commute to work. there's not much by way of pretty and it's not cheap either about costs around one hundred fifty dollars a month even young people starting out on the career ladder earning around six hundred dollars a month after rentier people like zero zero zero s. the bank workers shares a room with three other women but now she's only ten minutes away from work she used to have to get up much earlier. birthday am i one of the. pair and then i should be able to leave the house before six am.
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so. a lot of. pressure. would be almost six hours pick takes proper rest to build up a fledgling career which means more and more of the stormy tales are springing up there are now around ten thousand sleeping quarters in manila's financial districts . that's all from me the business team. is next.
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i know nothing. well sometimes i am but most and nothing with. and i think think into the german culture. ridiculous drama to you because it's all that. time rachel join me for me because i'm going to cover both what's the connection between bread. and the european union dinos. correspondent baker can stretch this line with the rules set by the.
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copts. swapping recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . welcome to our culture and today a lot of contrasts a look at how not cathedral can rise again and another house of worship where music is shaking the foundations. we need to put in finland who's not letting any of his congregation snooze metal mass the decibel count is high. and also in contrast the quiet realism of law. is on display here in the.
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after monday's terrible blaze in paris there's talk of a temporary wouldn't being a wreck today on the square in front of not tradition cathedral to accommodate the faithful that is one of the latest measures proposed while first the clear up and then the restoration on the way now this is not the first time that the historic gem has fallen victim to flame so let's see how it is possible for architectural masterpieces to rise again like a phoenix from the ashes. almost lost to monday's fire no two down cathedral still stands proudly over the river sand and with billionaires such as the owners of gucci retail and a out pouring in money to rebuild.


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