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to completely new things and talk of the ancient giants who had originally been its teachers even the. cultural out of the darkest villagers into a. history there's probably no place anywhere in the west things more authentic such quick succession of. the renaissance. starts april twenty second w. welcome to in good shape coming up. is social media addictive. sleeping for days on end the so-called sleeping beauty centering. around therapeutic fasting why going without food can be good
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for you and here's your host talk to cost and. hello and welcome to in good shape what's on your menu today here there's nothing because here at victim it in berlin people out fasting and i wonder how can they be happy giving up eating voluntarily for a few days all that yummy food well let's see what i consider. posting is on the shuttle head today but the vague general or middle way health foundation is about a whole lot more than bought the house two sentences in eastern germany that provide educational what shops until you stick treatments using traditional methods from around the world including yoga and fasting. patina but here is a yoga teacher and an instructor for therapeutic fasting. in.
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our testing model at victim it gives you benefits on our level. it used to be common sense that fasting helps clean your body to get rid of the waste products to get rid of all the toxins but no it is we know this is not true because your body does this by itself and this process is called a tough achieved so you don't need to fast but this is not true because insulin stops this process and instantly is produced when you eat so fasting makes sense. no solid food and steady diet of water. and clear soup for sun this kind of therapeutic fasting is unthinkable for others it's heaven on earth. after three days you get a high the annoying you feel reborn wart it's super if you have
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a lot of energy and feel good there is little doubt that fasting can be good for you although the long standing theory that it detoxifies your body has now been debunked. mortar and the feast days we understand a lot more than we used to the toxins that everyone used to talk about don't exist and hold everything to a body doesn't need is expelled by the kidneys and liver if you have a fasting does have an anti-inflammatory effect which improves the body's own repair mechanisms. to put says. it's a good idea to empty your bowels before starting a fast for instance with the help of glauber salt and enemas this helps to reduce the hunger pains but contrary to popular belief it has no other medical benefits. all the various cleansing measures that are available out there have no real effect picked it's not essential to do it. but going without food is in many cases
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beneficial after just one day the body enters a kind of fasting mode having used the last of its glucose reserves. blood sugar and insulin levels drop the body starts drawing on its fat reserves instead to produce its own glucose. levels in some cases cholesterol levels drop to a third of what they were it's the same with abnormal living levels which almost always normalize during fasting. this program includes moderate exercise to build up the muscles which would otherwise suffer during fasting your body needs protein if it's not getting any protein from food it draws it from the muscles instead which start to diminish after just two days of fasting. that's problematic for the elderly who would struggle to rebuild muscle mass afterwards and for people who are undernourished so you have to be careful with what was it he said. so they're
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reputed fasting is not suitable for everyone and people with chronic illnesses or cardiovascular problems should only fast under medical supervision. i'm here with. victor meter which is the middle way in english which is the health and education center in berlin thanks for having me today i think we're on the fasting cure but there's a soup in front of me so why soup. yes there are different kinds of fasting and the kind of fasting cures we do that they commit at the victim at the health center and close to good order and the ten day fast including the juices and vegetable broth that are freshly prepared to keep you in a good mood and to give you all the necessary minimum fasting is much easier for you and you have more energy so it's not all about just not eating anything it's more about fasting cure them there's much more to it actually and the way we do the
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fasting cures is in a holistic and integrative way we integrate benefit job sessions and massage and their screw up sharing their individual support by the past instructors and by the natural path think healing team of victim it people are supported professionally individually and mouth caringly right well i'm not fasting at the moment but i'm getting a little bit hungry because i'm sitting in front of a steam bowl of soup so how can a cope with that. and now you're having this soup so your this will this will help you. but generally there is there may be hunger pits if one wants to call it like that the first two days but afterwards the body gets used to fasting it's starting to use its own reserves that it has. made for four times that might come that's part of our evolutionary programming and the body is starting to use the
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reserves it has from inside and after thirty usually you don't feel hungry you are just very. yeah you. energy. you're if you're energy is coming back to you and your fear and adjust and mental clarity usually but there are critical moments during a fasting cure so how do you cope with those crisis there are a lot of things that can help that the first thing and yes of course and that was a transition period in the beginning you may feel a little dizzy some headache or so but there are very provan natural path a gravity can help and mark unhappy and a different kind of herb or teas and infusions that will help you in the talks if it cation process and where is the way in right this detox if occasion you're not just suggesting that your people you just don't eat anything they should not smoke
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of a should drink any alcohol and the shouldn't even watch t.v. which i'm a little scared of so why do you recommend this. we recommend people to reduce those things even before the passed thing because that will make it easier for them in the actual fasting period and the transition time especially ok so it's not just about the body it's about the soul and the mind as well but let's take a look at the body sort of what happens inside the body where you just don't eat. over the matter but there are a lot of metabolic changes first of all we can say that the digestive system and are the organs like pancreatic interest so they can rest and regenerate and work better afterwards and they're much of metabolic changes in the first days your body is using mother proteins and then it goes to using the fat that fat in the body but also one of the effects people are looking for some are they looking for when they
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want to have some weight loss bypass thing so i mean you see many patients one of my patients who should advice with the come to you. for a fasting cure first thing is very good for people suffering from all kinds of what what we call lifestyle diseases anything that is part of the so called metabolic syndrome which has high blood pressure type two diabetes. information. there's a lot of research being done lately and rather seeing very positive effects in cases of cancer and junk you must her pee for example with allergies and there are a lot of health benefits to be researched and who's not allowed to fast first thing is not recommended for children and under the age of twenty for pregnant women for
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nursing women for people who have just gone through so severe and generally generally with all kinds of severe have problems so fasting is good for your soul first things for my fasting is good for your body and if you like to fast but you things you cannot stand for a whole course of seven days you should try it intermittent fasting which is the next big thing. the idea of intermittent fasting is to make abstaining from food a part of everyday life long term. just before the research from recent years has shown that there are benefits from fasting even for just a few hours or for one or two days not like in the past where it was thought you had to fast for an entire week the effect kicks relatively fast. babbler conflict the sound of that she began an intermittent fasting program four months
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ago. my wife asked during eight hours of the day i can eat and then i fast for sixteen hours yesterday for example we had a light meal at five pm. so then i just add sixteen hours to the time and i established that i can have breakfast today at nine am. knowing. that's an example of intermittent fasting every day food is only eaten say between nine am and five pm. the rest of the time is reserved for fasting sixteen hours at nine am it's time to eat the next meal. i feel much lighter now and i think i'm sleeping better too because i'm not so bloated in the evenings i feel more alive. and for a few tallow. other options include the five to model you eat normally for five days of the week while on the other two days you consume just five hundred calories
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. but what are the benefits there haven't been that many studies on human beings but studies with mice show that intermittent fasting can prevent certain diseases diverse in the early stages of diabetes for example. intermittent fasting brings your metabolism back into balance. we found the mice are now much better at switching between metabolizing sugar and fat so the processes that normally happen after a meal they are able to do again. yet. and that has the advantage that the whole process of metabolizing fox in the party improves this. fewer toxins collect in the liver and the mice are more able to use the insulin their bodies produce both these factors help avert the onset of diabetes intermittent fasting can also help with weight loss. as soon as you reduce your energy intake by eating less as you do with
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intermittent fasting you lose weight. but that's not the main benefit the main thing is your metabolism improves often. people who keep to a program of intermittent fasting for three months like the five to program lose around six point five percent of their body weight. and that dish believes the benefits of intermittent fasting are written into our d.n.a. . if you think of our evolutionary development human beings are programmed to be able to survive lengthy periods of hunger. our ancestors ate well when they managed to kill a mammoth and then start for long periods when nothing was around. this constant snacking. but does our metabolism no good at all. and they asked me who practices natural pathic medicine also encourages his
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patients to take more breaks between food to allow their body time to regenerate and recover. when we get whenever we eat something the process of converting that food to energy begins the body has no time to switch to repair mode. when we fast we give the body time to carry out repairs in the cells and genes and to regulate what's not in order or can become is. studies are continuing as to whether fasting can actually prevent or even cure certain diseases. like cancer certainly feels good and plans to stick to intermittent fasting. what's your take on intermittent fasting we think it's a myth and fasting and scientific research shows that it's useful it's helpful for people to establish. healthy eating habits in their everyday life and
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it has very been it has been officially effect but we were to recommend people to after a regular past think you're to continue and to some intermittent fasting or continue with the surplus alkaline attrition but just also very useful in the long run and. you can eat other time as much as you want and that's great so so you learn a lot of things while you do a complete course of fasting cure so how can you take all the things you learned into your daily life we asked people to suggest that to to decide for some things to implement and their everyday life because if you want to change everything at once you won't feel a success so take one or two or three things we do so sugary foods reduce. something of healthier habits not also about food but maybe some other things people i'm a truth to them and go with your little steps and have
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a success with that. we heard a lot of bold mindfulness during the fasting cure so what is mindfulness anyway there's a lot of talk about mindfulness lately and we can say it's a state of mind of heightened awareness we can also say it's an ability billeted to focus your awareness in the present moment be aware of what is going on inside you and what is going on around you and with a sense of present presence to what is going on you can take more intelligent decisions maybe so what is your advice for people who know or become very curious about fasting how how should they start. we would advise them to get information first thing and we would advise them to when they're when they're fast for the first time to do it in the group and it's good to have instruction instruction to have a group that supports you when your fear demotivated sometimes and of
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course we are enthusiastic about fasting we would recommend people to fast but to do it the right way and useful for them and have lasting results thank you so much for this interesting talk and if you do feel very energetic after fasting your use of that energy and go to your computer and write a sim email. on an upcoming show we'll be looking at happiness everyone wants to be happy but how can we make it happen is there happiness formula sending your questions to you in good shape but d w dot com don't forget to write happiness in the subject line. we look forward to hearing from you. ok have you finished writing the email to us please turn off your computer now you know the situation don't you just wanted to write an email to your favorite g.p.
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and after hours you'll still sitting at your computers staring at the screen doing some research download videos of dinosaurs or something equally important to your life you know you can be addicted to your computer. many teenagers are online all day long typically using their smartphones to access social media a recent study in germany on the risk of addiction to social media found that eighty five percent of twelve to seventeen year olds spend hours every day on their devices with a chap platform whatsapp the most popular site. girls tend to use social media more than boys. young women between sixteen and seventeen years old spend nearly three and a half hours a day online that male counterparts are online slightly less just under three hours while girls use the networks for social exchange boys spend more time playing
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online games. psychologist treats many people with addictive behavior most of them are hooked on gambling but he's seeing more and more cases of what he calls addiction to social media. or such disconsolately basically it expresses itself just like a classic addictive disorder we have a loss of control in other words the patient isn't able to judge when their use is ok and when it's not. when is it appropriate to the situation where not and they have withdrawal sometimes when their use is restricted in the case of young people that can express itself in an aggressive tone and heighten if you were to belittle and they may also neglect other areas of life in favor of going online they neglect their friends hobbies leisure time activities and also tasks and duties. many experts now recommend imposing rules on smart phone use.
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when is it ok to take out your smartphone and at what time should you definitely not use it these are essential rules and parents have an important role to play there as do the schools and the teachers parents tend to be role models in terms of media consumption and we know that adolescents pick up a lot from them. it's very important to push away mobile phones at night they disturb your sleep which can result in poll concentration jaring the day . many schools have now banned mobile phones in recent years teachers have been training their students in media usage in the school even ten year olds take part in regular project days to learn how to use social networks responsibly. teaches an older student selected from the student body work together to get the youngest kids ready for the digital world. we want
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to inform the children and raise their awareness of the problems that can arise and give them a chance to reflect on their own usage behavior afflict. many students get their first smartphone when they're in the fifth grade it opens up a whole new world to parents to. try to find out when their devices are being used so it doesn't get out of control. there ought to be at least one more digital free day a week. social media only appears to fulfill the desire for friendship and recognition that's why it's so important to learn early on how to deal with whatsapp and other platforms and it's crucial to not let your smartphone be your constant companion otherwise you could risk getting hooked. i know right now you're thinking of sleeping beauty you know the fairy tale where the
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king's daughter fell into a long sleep and who was to blame it was an evil female and malicious fairy who was very met that she was not invited to a party but maybe there was no evil fairy maybe there wasn't even a party maybe the kid was just sick. and. yeah yeah are you getting up and for her at first we thought she was just being lazy and that she'd been up on her computer on late and didn't want to get up a typical teenager. it all began when yet i was fourteen without morning she suddenly fell into a deep sleep just like sleeping beauty for three or four days solid. but for the rest of the family it was more of a nightmare than a fairy tale. i was fed up i just wanted to sleep. and ash laughed off
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in one of her sleep faces her friends took her out. they were sure a party would wake her up so high so off they went. but an hour and a half later they were back they said it was useless. she just carried on sleeping at the party on a sofa. the episodes occur four times a year the whole time she's in a trance getting up only for basic necessities. while eating my eyes keep closing and i'm half asleep even though i'm sitting up it's the same while sitting on the toilet going to her parents consulted one doctor after another seeking help for yes it was excruciating i'm really afraid of doctors and i hate going to them and said that was the worst part for me and they consulted their g.p. an alternative practitioner a psychologist but no one could find anything wrong the problem was affecting the
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whole family so that's how we aren't a lot of course my parents kept trying to wake me up and couldn't understand what was wrong with me and for me but. they then consulted on a hide played a specialist for sleep disorders the description sounded to her like a condition called climb eleven syndrome or k.o.'s. sufferers regularly sleep for days or weeks at a time in extreme cases people have even been known to sleep for six months there are only about a thousand confirmed cases worldwide that makes it very difficult to do research into the causes it's possible the sleep episodes are triggered by inflammation in the brain. and that some people wonder whether it's caused by inflammation that keeps building up. if you say you have all this garbage that collects and then through this long long sleep the garbage is removed again. what but it's just
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a hypothesis that. the doctor first wanted to rule out other more common sleep disorders like narcolepsy a study of yes as normal sleep revealed nothing unusual but the doctor was able to observe her during one of her sleep episodes she recorded long deep sleep phases during the middle of the day this confirmed dr hyde later suspicion that yet a had less after three years the family finally had a diagnosis can't have it thinking mom suddenly we had a name for it it was very liberating we're much more relaxed now we know that she's not trying to annoy us and that it's actually an illness and. yet i could take medication for it but because her episodes are relatively short and occur only four times a year she decided to forgo the tablets sleeping beauty syndrome usually disappears as suddenly as it starts usually around the age of thirty that's what yet it is hoping for she doesn't want to be a sleeping beauty she just wants
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a normal life. that's it for today see you next week and i'm so then let's try to stay in good shape.
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good. to. see. where the real talent resides. i come from there at lots of people in fact more than a billion if you could lead the largest democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations i am a consultant. to finishing the book is fried chicken bone and after the fourth of
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the money in the morning i remember thinking at the time if the barley in bold going forward anything could happen to see her come together and unite for the courts. but i do the news i often confront difficult situations more conflict means just some us. i see despite my job to confront good speeches on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most. to security question martian isolation. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be a cock up solutions my name is on the fact sheet on and i walk into delta. so. what's the connection between bread but home and the european union dinos guild w correspondent at the baker john stretch this came in
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line with the words such by the team. shots no. smoking recipes for success strategies that make a difference. baking bread on d w. d to know that seventy seven percent of catholics are younger than sixty five. that's me and me and. you know what it's time no voice is part. of the seventy seven percent speech obama beat the shit. this is where you cut. the seventy seven percent this weekend on d w. cut.
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loose. move. move move move move. move move move move move. this is deja vu news live from berlin ukraine's limbers up for the final round of its presidential election and both candidates give blood samples to prove their sobriety to head of the vote on sunday it's all part of a unique election pitting a professional comedian against the current president. also coming up rioting in
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northern ireland to leaves one woman dead twenty one year.

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