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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2019 8:02am-8:31am CEST

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make a difference in buildings these teen wish people and hot springs and bob and bob are in germany southwestern border at the edge of the black forest. this barn festival town has been drawing guests from all over the world since the nineteenth century. and they take the waters and come away reinvigorated and. others gamble away fortunes at the casino. even today
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a spark in sector of europe's summer capital as it's known reflects the glory of the bell if you look at the turn of the twentieth century. splendor and luxury make a distant nation for rich people from all over the world i will mix with the tourists and take a look at the new but also at the bottom body luxury wellness and high culture is that something interesting for young people well i'm going to find out and we also have these topics on today's episode. we'll be rolling out for a little excursion in the black forest. our viewers' video gives us a glimpse of the beaches of mexico. and we accompany the fiendish as he looks around liverpool in eagle and.
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i'll start off my tour with the classic areas right around town. good morning good morning valerie accustomed grandy. shall we welcome to baton baton thank you. italian city guide valley area because i could not be made in her new home one thousand years ago and now she knows every inch of the town and. we were always in our own lift entirely and. this was the place to be in the nineteenth century when barton barton was so well known and cosmopolitan. and hot and it's still a hot spot our strolling avenue arts and culture spot among you might say the rich beautiful strong along here. precisely along with people just like us who love life
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in baton barden. really to see and be seen to see and be seen to this day hotspots lots of international guests. it's really a place for relaxation on one hand but also for excitement on the other. of the on the inside what what does bob have to offer younger people we are now i am we've got an entertainment program for younger people we have in clubs the club bernstein in the casino for example where international d.j.'s spin discs on the weekend. and we have a new concept for a bar and restaurant casual fine dining room is roof top bar room pool. so there's something for the hipsters to buy. it also is a bit exclusive and you need cash don't you. know what. i'd say it is exclusive
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but there's something here for every budget at about the right. now we've reached the end of entirely at least every. it is still a residence for nuns. from here we had on downtown. here here to the right we see the russian church. oh ok i've already seen lots of russians in town so why is it that so many of them come here. by bombarding barton has historical ties to russia. a beautiful princess from boston who weighs married the future saw xander the first . and then lots of russian alters came to. like dostoyevsky to go and you have tolstoy and gogol they all wrote about it in russian literature is the most often mentioned norm russian town off to paris that is there any friction between
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the coaches here between the russians and the people of bob bob. bob bob was just as i do everything is peaceful and we're an international town and everyone mingles . the carriage ride gives you a good first impression of the city it strikes me that bob was not only a magnificent spot in the past it still is today there are a lot of baths and. let's start with ancient bodden biden nearly two thousand years ago the romans were taking the spring water is rich in minerals and trace elements. they've built generous paving facilities the ruins of which may be viewed today. nearby is the magnificent frederick in the nineteenth century button button again emerged as one of europe's best known for most bars. to consolidate this status grand duke frederick the first of barton head of bathing palace built an italian high
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renaissance style it bears his name produced about. today's spot. culture is still balsam to the eye and the body. the seventeen bathing stations continuously alternate between warm and cold water and steam. available on request is a soap and brush massage was kaminey also. some eight hundred thousand liters a day gushed from garden buttons florentine hill to supply both afraid of spiders and the nearby car. the water emerges from the hot spring at sixty eight degrees celsius hot enough to operate the steam that's on geothermal energy alone. here and guess may choose from a broad array of santa types including forest and stove saunas with aromatic steam
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. many of the hotels also offer exquisite spa programs so if you're looking for a wellness holiday button button is just the right address for young and old. now i'm going to check into my hotel in keeping with bob and bob's exclusive atmosphere i'll dig a little deeper into my pocket this time a treat myself to special place the rumors and address this trinity with young people of particular they'll tell open to twenty sixty. executive cars are lined up in front of a lobby use huge jars are stuffed with freek and the and sparkling wine comes with through. the roof top bar all first of penn aramic view off the charm. it's popular with the
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younger crowd so i like them to tell me what they think bob bob has to offer for the millennial. generation. thank you is to much of our own quite a bit more recent years and i think rumors is a completely new spark concept to offer especially for young people five so you're going to be. being here once before and taken in the natural surroundings the basket rocks and the costal and so on it's really good for fitness enthusiast view office and great photo opportunities. i like that with a view of the people very kind and so sometimes as young people you want to come some wherever quiets. should hear that sort relic say she made sure in luxury never seem to age but let's see what else the area has to offer one of the top addresses and bottom bottom is the casino if you want to get him you're going
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to dress up and that's exactly what i'm about to do right now in the meantime you can take a look at our weekly the euro video. has been to the beaches and watch hockey in mexico well enjoy the clip i got to dress up. i.
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i'm all decked out for the casino to view it in the morning you don't have to observe the dress code but to gamble you have to be at least twenty one years old shorn id and wear a dress shirt and sport jacket. the casino is housed in the classical style spa palace it's really posh it's almost two hundred years old numbers among your specimen casinos and that's one of the richest traditions.
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inside as well the casino is a feast for the ice what fabulous architecture. the splendid halls modeled on ancient roman buildings. but enough sightseeing i want to gamble there is a poker and blackjack slot machines and will let the games begin at two pm no cameras allowed so high for arranged a private chat with croupy a yemeni but. since i've never gambled in the casino before he explains the rules first. this will be when the roulette has thirty seven numbers from zero to thirty six on the wheel hand and here in the layout where you place your bets the outside has better odds always covering eighteen numbers one to eighteen or nineteen to thirty six or red and black and no or even blocks of numbers here the payout will be one to one he gave
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the i was down the line so i know what is my groups today is my lucky day so i'm going to places. proper betting on red ok ok good luck made the game begin with a win. yeah that's a big wind right absolutely. and then let me i have to ask a third really really happy just now that must be pretty addictive isn't it i'm sure gambling addiction is a really big problem. in a traditional justice but ones of course it's a very very big issue for us here at the bug about the casino and other two companies stuttgart casino and constance can see you know the button button because he knows we have a social concept and if gets make statements to the effect that they're gambling money away that they can't afford to lose we tried that urge them to play more
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moderately and if that doesn't work sometimes the last resort is to ban that guest to protect them from themselves to do so. far are you trying to develop an eye for someone overextending themselves in your mind when that discount it's very noticeable often you have guests betting to euro's and five euros and they lose two or three hundred euros. and they want to win back their losses and start sweating. turners you start getting testy and then twenty one and eventually hundreds until they've lost so much and they just don't have themselves under control anymore this is the typical guest here in the casino do they come from germany or from abroad and this is. very very different we have a very international clientele but during the week when not much is going on we have the local guests who visit as regularly. but on the weekends we do see the
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tourists and what's interesting is that many people have just turned twenty one come here to see the beautiful palace every saturday we have all. most five hundred people who come here for the first time and they play for the first time for lloyd to do. it on the tradition. just skip it let's see if my luck will hold my first time at this is a sixteen read. well the sun doesn't shine every day mr copy. so i can leave in the black very small because. my tactic seems to be working. twenty three red. but i want to get one you want to get one. that
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was great it's typical beginner's luck or maybe i just played with a good strategy. you can play roulette with a good strategy which is very very lucky just now it's extremely noticeable for beginners because they get so immensely thrilled and like gamblers who come more often but the trick is of course to quit while you're ahead and that would open one plus one of. the casino is just one of many exclusive places and here's a brief overview of the places that contribute to bad image as a luxury city. a beautiful town richly appointed sponsors a casino luxury shopping what more does the place need to lure in the rich in fact that's. a growth over a if it's at hotels of course. the lifestyle hotel room is just one
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the hotel belle it is an embodiment of elegance. and the five star burners park hotel and spa is a well established classic the fine dining barden offers just as broad a selection the start restaurant leisure and a lot of france for example a total of thirty six of the town's restaurants are listed in the go may michelin guide. to the race track and if it's time is the place to see and be singing. extra vigilant he said being galloping there for a breads around the track for one hundred sixty years now while the spectators swing and lose small fortunes. barton baden's night life is just as bountiful the first real house host opera concerts and ballet performances by internationally famed artists and ensembles so
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bring lots of cash dress to the nines and splurge. and what about art the buddha museum unleashed intolerantly is especially interesting you can hardly miss it with its striking modernist architecture. famous architect richard meyer created in the soon building flooded with light to house feet of water our collection water a publisher and well the air is also a major or collector. there are some one thousand pieces of modernist and contemporary art here making borders collection one of the most important private are collections in europe the works are often rearranged for temporary exhibitions
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or used to supplement exhibitions on solo artists. a bridge leads straight over to the state art museum next door. and. it houses classical modernist and contemporary art. and now we meet bob and bob because our globetrotter steve has just sent us a new video he was travelling to liverpool than england. and the first of the little fool is on the waterfront and here i'm meeting up with my first local joe why is it so important to come to the waterfront when you're visiting the local i think it's impossible not to visit the water when you're in the pool all through it's history the water is being integral to the city so this is through its industry through its dogs it's the reason why the whole group is the
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city. and of course a trip to the food wouldn't be complete without paying a visit to the beatles story which is one of the most popular museums in town something check it out oh. my. gosh. i am now at the liverpool seadrill which is not only britain's largest can see two and a great place to see a little pool from above it is also one of the best spots to try the local liverpool dish which is a member called gallows. and funny cide not people of liverpool actually referred to as spouses because of this this. is no
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time to introduce you to be alternative sites of liverpool and for this. i met up with david and jack perhaps the fall of the triangle which is in a community in liverpool now where it's sort of so the place to be like you go filtering through the woods just send something from such strong just proper like readings of open field galleries as well it's a safe place. there's no visit to it it's there again without having a cup of coffee so we get it right which is a coffee and a bike shop. smashes a little listen on for the beatles it isn't on the sun here at the embassy of rhodes home to liverpool football club to the stadium to. it's nice to see the stadium on a tour but you know what i said. to you in a match. it was sam i was in there you know and it would be my
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look of the day i love you watching the games and a little going to run away because it means to me and it was a. whole list i just i mean public family and i mean we've gone a really special i'm still i can see him singing you know for preliminaries not anyone else honestly felix decent you know out of the series but. i. i i don't think you see. that same thing from the pool. if you travel to bob and bob it's worth taking a little time to explore the countryside to tell lies at the edge of the northern
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black forest. there are great places to go hiking and enjoy some wonderful scenery. it's all free of charge something of a relief after the expense of. the black forest as one of the most popular holiday regions in germany from north to south the low mountain range extends over one hundred fifty kilometers so there is a lot to discover and here are some ideas. meadows trees and hills as far as the eye can see the natural areas here of a plenty of space for all kinds of experiences but my tips you can get a fabulous panel remick view of the countryside from the tree top walk.
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and right nearby is an even more spectacular attraction the wild line suspension bridge. it stretches three hundred ninety meters in length and rises up to sixty metres in height supported on steel cables it's an impressive engineering feat and an unforgettable experience. my next tip will take you even higher the gone down menu on the felde bag the black forest highest summit held twice a year it includes a six course meal served in a cable car gondola that makes twelve trips up the mountain and down again. trees trees everywhere and not a signpost to show the way my tip is a survival training course in health a street the black forest is the ideal place for it. to give. any advice and most often its mushroom gathers who walk along with their noses to
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the ground don't look up and don't know where they are an immortal. this inattention it was it sounds familiar. it happens easily and when you leave your car take note of the compass points on the sun in the sky and then you keep in mind the landmarks comparable you can learn to shoot bow and arrow and throw an axe. it's fun and definitely useful should you ever lose your way in the wilderness. my next tip is a freebie. it's a tall through the national park at the northern end of the black forest. when the old isn't up play or a two red circles and that's the national park. whether on foot or in wales nature never gets boring in the black forest. what secrets lie behind these walls. find out in an immersive experience
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and explored fascinating worlds cultural heritage sites. w world heritage three sixty get the. luxury wellness culture and nature of bob and bob offers all of that so it's just the perfect place for a relaxed the cation most offers are aimed at an older audience i would say but if you're young money is not a problem for you if you just want to be pampered then you are in good hands here in.
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the finding a. reliable data. destined for the classic stanislav automotive.
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automotive industry. good shape. what's on your menu today here there's nothing. trendy again and dr carson is giving it a try. he's out to discover what it's good for. and how to do it right. in good shape in thirty minutes on. when the hour surprising fight for survival in the case on a budget because the budget when there's a flood of water comes up to our waist by your clothes faster every morning but.
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the lack of water is a good. dangerous. days and keep the people move south so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you couldn't write any up are going to fix not if you want and probably more think you'll come to. a climate exodus starts if thirtieth on t w. o and we're going to drive a deadbeat over your motor magazine. today's highlights out and about what a concept car we drive the out of each around los angeles small much spacious four hundred jazz dynamic.


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