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there's d.w. news life from berlin police in northern ireland arrest two men in connection with the murder of a young journalist lira mccain was hit by a bullet as she covered a riot and londonderry on thursday evening her death came on the eve of the twenty first anniversary of the signing of the good friday peace deal police have called her killing an act of terrorism also coming up. in egypt polling stations have opened in a referendum on constitutional amendments that would enable president topped off the top of sisi to stay in office until twenty thirty and go through the role of
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egypt's powerful military. the lengthy is that just turning ukraine's own take on its head incumbent president her stroke or shango fight for his political life ahead of sunday's election as the two engaged in a shouting match in a football stadium. thanks for joining us police in northern ireland have arrested two men and connection with the murder of a journalist who was shot dead during a riot on thursday evening the eighteen and nineteen year old suspects are now being questioned and londonderry hundreds gathered last night for a vigil in memory of later on mckee. standing together in grief.
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another young life lost to violence in northern ireland a family and partner devastated and it's left me with the woman i was founded rule we're all per for the loss of we are our hopes and dreams and all of her amazing potential with a single barbaric act. this cannot stand there is the most not be in vain because her life was a shining light than everyone else's life and her legacy will live on in the light that she's left behind. he was an acclaimed journalist author and activist for the l g b t community the police service of northern ireland released this footage of mickey shortly before she was gunned down on thursday night. the twenty nine year old was reporting on unrest in the city of derry the c.c.t.v. footage also shows the alleged gunman the police have described the killing as
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a suspected terrorist incident linked to dissident irish republicans the new ira and appealed for witnesses to come forward. i would urge those people to have conversations in their home. and their family spacious. in there as memory. and to urge the people a the right to step away from such violence to step away from such organizations. the new ira claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in derry in january and is the biggest of the dissident republican groups operating in northern ireland it's now being linked with four murders including that of laramie keyes since its formation earlier this decade political leaders have condemned this latest attack this was an attack on everybody in northern ireland doesn't matter if you're a catholic or protestant british or irish this is an attack on democracy they have attacked the community they've attacked the people of derry they've attacked the
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peace process and they've attacked the good friday agreement this killing has brought memories back of the decades long conflict in northern ireland known as the troubles between nationalists who support a united irish republic and loyalists who want to remain part of the u.k. sizes were killed before a peace treaty known as to good friday agreement was signed in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. but now twenty one years later the spike the tireless work of people in northern ireland to build a brighter future together the killing of larry mckee has highlighted that peace here remains fragile. i'm joined now by emmanuelle shies from our news room she studied modern irish history and minute we just learned that there been two arrests in connection to the murder of a key. do we know about what happened that night well she seemed to have been shot in industries by by someone who was rioting at the time
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you see those to us there are arrests of teenage people so that means people who were born before the trial but the troubles ended so they do not even belong to the generation which experienced firsthand the troubles and that it really is significant because that means that there was a whole generation which generation about which i wrote about that didn't know the trouble that you know witnessed and still that generations to participate as to. the violence that that to witness today dary. mcgee was a rising star in investigative journalism in northern ireland what can you tell us about her work well she rose to prominence in two thousand and fifteen when she wrote a block past it was a letter to her fourteen year old self. viro why because she was an activist she was an edgy beauty rights activist and she was she also did a ted talk on this on the topic in order to empower all those young people who
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might feel ashamed especially in northern ireland where it's very difficult to open it eve as a gay person still today so she was very. very vocal about dots and also she was writing she was an investigative journalism writing about the troubles writing about what she calls a lost generation and there's a quote on her because i think we should also remember her own words she said we were the good friday agreement generation destined to never witness the horrors of war but to read just boys of peace disposed just never seem to reach us and that's of course resonates very tragically today northern ireland has been at the heart of many discussions since the brics that referendum has played a role in the flaring up of tensions i think the fact that. that was the braces referendum continental europe became more aware of the troubles happening of the tensions the ongoing tensions happening in northern ireland however those tensions
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have been ongoing ever since the troubles began and even after the good friday agreement what the so-called real irish republican army wanted to do on monday was a commemoration of the easter rising and that's why we had ongoing tensions in derry so those tensions are unrelated to break that however of course when breakthroughs will be implemented then we can count on increased tensions in northern ireland thank you very much it depends have begun voting today on a referendum that could grant the country's authoritarian leader abdel fatah another term in office the proposed changes to the constitution would also give the former army general more power over the judiciary has more. this was supposed to be his second and last term in office but a gyptian president of the fattah el-sisi is poised to extend his rule until at
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least twenty thirty. years of parliamentary approval gyptian citizens will vote on constitutional changes allowing l.c.c. to run for a third presidential term likely without any real opposition. to the changes are also meant to give the former general more control over the military and judiciary which rights groups say he has used to silence his critics. the reforms are expected to pass by a wide margin. i believe the constitutional amendments on necessary and important to complete and cc's achievements because the constitution isn't the holy koran the constitution can be adjusted according to the situation in the country. but some of gyptian see the changes as foreboding but what. is that i strongly oppose the constitutional amendments because they consolidate the military and authoritarian rule. it's unreasonable to be different from the civilized world where the
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president sits in power for four or five years and can be elected for a second term and then another president takes over. in that you know what. i'll see if he rose to the top following a pro-democracy revolution that ousted long time autocratic leader hosni mubarak in two thousand and eleven l.c.c. led a military coup against the man elected to replace mubarak mohamed morsi and was him self elected president in two thousand and fourteen. since then l.c.c. has ruled egypt with increasing severity. human rights groups estimate he has jailed some sixty thousand people on political charges and staged unfair lections to remain in power. public criticism of l.c.c. has become nearly impossible. nevertheless l.c.c. remains a key ally for western governments keen on defending their interests in the volatile
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region among those interests fighting islamic fundamentalism. the egyptian leader was in washington just two weeks ago to discuss military ties and trade with u.s. president donald trump president thank you very much my friend because even for many egyptian activists however the referendum is a blatant power grab and the end of aspirations for a peaceful and democratic transfer of power. now to some of the other stories making news around the world an attack is ongoing in the afghan capital kabul close to the communications ministry and one of the city's main hotels so far no casualties have been confirmed we will bring you more on this developing story as we get it. infor rue a judge has ruled that former president pedro pablo kaczynski must remain in detention for up to three years while awaiting trial on corruption charges he's accused of having taken bribes from
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a brazilian construction company kaczynski denies doing anything illegal. in the libyan capital tripoli crowds have protested against the military offensive led by warlord khalifa haftar are who opposes the un recognized government this as news broke that the us president had called half to hour and a surprise show of support he already has the backing of egypt saudi arabia and russia. police have arrested hundreds of migrant travelling in a caravan and southern mexico a surge in migration from central america and pressure from washington have prompted mexico to take stronger action on caravans the migrants have been brought to an immigration. now one of them as the president and the other plays a president on t.v. on sunday voters in ukraine will choose between income and petro poroshenko and political know of as logo mirrors the lenski in the second round of the country's
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presidential election yesterday the two candidates made a final bit for support when they faced off in front of thousands of followers and olympic stadium. for. the toss of a coin kick things off. but this was not a football match it was an election debate on a scale ukraine had never seen before. in the country's largest stadium incumbent petro poroshenko until the challenger the comedian followed him is a lens made that cases. got to go first. reported to you i am not a politician. i am not a politician at all. i am just a person in ordinary person your caprice law schools come to break the system there i am the result alexia which. you are losing but i am the result of your mistakes and promises what will you be so because alinsky has made
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a career out of making jokes but his candidacy isn't one and just a serious other stakes the staunchly anti kremlin parra shanku assumed office in twenty fourteen shortly after russian forces annexed crimea and russian backed ukrainian separatists took control of parts of eastern ukraine the conflict in the donbass is ongoing which part of shankar used to go after his opponent. gives minutes of a killer to food fever how is he going to fill the functions of commander in chief . of the us conservatives if your team has already said that you are inexperienced certainly beats over the bill it would have just be tricky you should have started four years ago. in twenty fourteen when ukraine needed the efforts of all volunteers fear i would rather win the world than it was hiding from his conscription notice. history of the group some agreed with poroshenko as line of attack resources by military men and i can't imagine zelinsky as commander in chief
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a man that has never served in the army in his life you can you call him this is it not you but selenski supporters want china to voice their disapproval of the incumbents track record was still the shelling of the old partner shanku has only rob does the people created everything let's see what's elaine see we'll see we'll see we already saw what pershing quit date she had five years just as you know what a sham going your body badly as much selenski enjoys a healthy lead in the polls with ukrainians fed up with that political class sunday's vote may well prove that inexperience is not always a bad thing there you see and a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you. in northern ireland police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the murder of a young journalist on thursday lira mckee was hit by a bullet as she covered a riot and the city of london derry the violence erupted after officers searched a home in the area. you're watching t w news live from berlin wall
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stories the world and report next i'm nicole fairly thanks for joining us. in the. morning for some. when you sign up under me but i'm wondering when there's are flowing water comes our cold we're going to.


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