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make the invisible visible. violence against children. this is g w news a live from berlin clashes in central paris as yellow vests protesters reclaim the spotlight after the fire at notre dame cathedral police have made scores of arrests as protesters battled officers and set fires in the french capital it's the twenty third straight weekend of yellow vests demonstrations we'll
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go to our correspondent on the scene in paris it's also coming up. northern ireland police arrest two suspects in the murder of journalist and they were mickey she was killed while reporting on a riot in london derry on the eve of the twenty first anniversary of the signing of the good friday peace deal. i'm michael o'connor thanks for joining us in paris yellow vest protesters have taken to the streets once again to protest wealth inequality this time amid heightened security following the fire at notre dame cathedral several days ago. the protests quickly turned violent and french police say they have arrested more than one hundred people the protests in paris and other french cities are taking place for a twenty third consecutive weekend the yellow vests say they want to remind the
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government that france faces many problems besides rebuilding the fire ravaged notre dame cathedral. our correspondent rebecca rivers is in paris covering the story for us rebecca it looks relatively calm where you are is that the situation everywhere else. you know it is and i've actually had to be behind the police not the city i mean because it really was safe enough to. just be a third shot was fired. and they have been using against us that there's still a very big city that i was. inside the protests. that . really some are better i'm sorry we're going to have to stop you having some
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technical problems of where we apologize for that that was a rebecca riggers in paris when we get that line back up we will certainly come back to update you on that story let's turn to northern ireland in police in northern ireland have arrested two men over the killing of a journalist during a ride on thursday evening the eighteen and nineteen year old suspect serve being detained under anti-terrorism legislation hundreds gathered last night in london derry for a vigil in memory of lir mckee her death underlines the fragility of the peace process in northern ireland. the ceasefire babies was what they call does we were the good friday agreement generation destined never to witness the horrors of war but to reap the spoils of peace the spoils just never seem to reach the words of leader micky a young journalist who was gunned down thursday night in a city that's captured her heart a few months ago she wrote. derry is such
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a beautiful city i fold in love with it over the past year while falling in love with a woman who hails from aids here's to better times ahead and sing good bye to bombs and bullets once and for all. all of northern ireland's main political parties have condemned the violence which led to her day this was an attack on everybody in northern ireland doesn't matter if you're a catholic or protestant british or irish this is an attack on democracy they have attacked the community they've attacked the people of they've attacked the peace process and they've attacked the good friday agreement lee remick he wrote extensively about the decades long conflict in northern ireland known as the troubles between nationalists who supported united irish republic and loyalists who want to remain part of the she was working on her second big writing about the disappearances of young people during and since the conflicts in iraq was also a fierce advocate for l.g.b. to you right this is you don't have gaydar i'm gay and so are you going to have to
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ok. and i hear that myself for much of my life because of what religion taught me about people like me and when i felt here myself i started having religion. with an e.l.t. community and we have a saying we tell people we get better. and what i realized that it gets better for shove off it gets better for those of us who live long enough to see it get better . i friends and colleagues have set up a craig funding campaign to support leaving the keys family donations are coming in every other minute and will go some way to honoring her they can see. we've reestablished the line to rebecca readers in paris who's covering that story in the yellow vest protesters rebecca can you hear me. i can michael
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hello great great you were telling us before you were caught off about what the scene is there on the streets in paris are things chaotic as some of the pictures suggest or are they relatively calm at this moment. though they're certainly chaotic behind me i was mentioning before that i've had to move behind the police line because it just wasn't safe enough to be amongst the protesters they're throwing explosive devices and setting light to things in the center of this particular square just a moment ago authorities had to put out what was becoming rather a large fire and protesters were dispersed we have more tear gas so police are definitely not taking this lightly and things have definitely turned violent this afternoon rebecca as you're well aware yellow vest protesters have been voicing their anger for months now but from where i said it certainly appears that their voices have been muffled a little bit by the mourning for notre dame what are you hearing on the streets.
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well that's just it the protesters while they initially at least some of the the significant protests is that speak on behalf of the group and shared solidarity with the fire and with the raising of the money they feel that it really overshadowed because however this protest was originally planned to be a big one even before the fire in response to what was supposed to have been a speech by emmanuel mccall on monday that was obviously then postponed because of the fire people were already rallying to make today a really big protest because these protests in the last few weeks have been getting smaller in number and certainly less violent so there was a real rallying cry but today was going to be a big one then the frustration with not trigger and the crowd the yellow vest people saying that they feel it's overshadowing their cause and what about the poor people of france has only made it has only ignited things here rebecca we only have
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about twenty seconds or so can you tell us what's expected later this evening if anything. well it's expected to go on for some time well into the evening the interior minister has said he was worried because there is a benefit concert for not true dump later this evening and he has ordered that a bigger police presence be around that concert to have to stop protesters from getting anywhere near not true dom a near where the benefits being held the weather here is very warm it's a summery it'll be a summer evening and it will definitely be going on for some time that's de w.'s rebecca rivers in paris rebecca thanks so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world egyptians have begun voting in a three day referendum that could grant another term in office to president. the proposed changes to the constitution would also give the former army general more power over the judiciary final results or expect. it in about
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a week. officials in afghanistan say they have ended an assault on the communications ministry in the capital kabul all the attackers have been killed after an hours long siege the violence comes a day after peace talks between the government and taliban insurgents were cancelled and to talk. today marks twenty years since the columbine high school massacre in the united states when two students armed with guns and homemade explosives killed thirteen people on that tuesday morning the school in littleton colorado rose to tragic fame around the world a fate it today shares with other locations in the country like sandy hook in parklane but columbine is still remembered as the star of a modern era and gun violence in the united states. scenes that have become all too familiar played out for the first time on april twenty nine hundred
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ninety nine the students who ran from the horrors of the mass shooting at columbine high school in littleton colorado could hardly have known that so many others would follow in their footsteps twelve students and one teacher died that day at columbine as well as the two disaffected teens who executed the massacre. survivors brought shocking stories of random cruelty inside. of that is remaining grimy until i know not do you know me then so we got there growing. louder and that in front of me and you just the black kid we get he was blagged many of them in the way. they prayed it would never happen again the response from then president bill clinton became a script too often repeated by other leaders. i can only say that the prayers of the american people and with you. since columbine there have been more than one
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hundred deadly school shootings in the us an estimated two hundred thirty thousand children have experienced a school shooting incident students have had enough of politicians thoughts. i think the president and that is doing the same thing again this is. a stop. of the last years shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parklane florida set off a wave of protest against decades of political inaction over gun violence. students organized nationwide marches since then some states have haas tougher gun access laws in response but little has changed in washington president onil trump has banned so-called bumps talks that make semi automatic weapons fire foster but he has promised to veto a bill that would tighten background checks on gun bias. two decades
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on the name calling by and still represents an unresolved american tragedy. back to europe now one of them is the president the other plays the president on t.v. on sunday voters in ukraine will choose between incumbent petro poroshenko and political novice volodymyr zelinsky in the second round of the country's presidential election yesterday the two candidates made a final bid for support when they faced off in front of thousands of followers in kiev's olympic stadium. the toss of a coin kicked things off. of the but this was not a football match it was an election debate on a scale ukraine had never seen before. in the country's largest stadium incumbent petro poroshenko and his challenger the comedian followed him is a lansky made that cases the lansky got to go fast was your
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belief i am not a politician i believe i am not a politician at all. i'm just a person in ordinary person you caprice a lot crews come to break the system i am the result alexia which. you are losing but i am the result of your mistakes and promises was what your visa zelinsky has made a career out of making jokes but his candidacy isn't one and just a series of a stakes the staunchly anti kremlin parra shanku assumed office in twenty fourteen shortly after russian forces and next crimea and russian backed ukrainian separatists took control of parts of eastern ukraine the conflict in the donbass is ongoing which part of schenkel used to go after his opponent here gives minutes ago there were people who think that the how is he going to fulfill the functions of commander in chief of the conservatives if your team has already said that you are
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inexperienced their version of each other versatility or that just be tricky you should have started four years ago. in twenty fourteen when ukraine needed the efforts of all volunteers for the avid reader in the world that it was hiding from his conscription notice of a history of the group some agreed with poroshenko as line of attack was caused by a military man and i can't imagine zelinsky as commander in chief a man that has never served in the army in his life you can equal in this music you know but selenski supporters want shy to voice their disapproval of the incumbent's track record was surely on the old partner shank who has only rob does the people created everything let's see what celine see will see will see we already saw what pershing quit date she had five years just as you know what a sham going to a body bag leo's selenski enjoys a healthy lead in the polls with ukrainians fed up with that political class
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sunday's vote may well prove that inexperience is not always a bad thing there you see. you're watching t.v. news a life or. up next is a documentary on the nansen passport which helped millions of refugees after the first world war remember you can always get all the latest news on our web site that's. michael thanks for joining us. which of course is. the video. any time.


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